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Do sores always hurt?

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I was diagnosed with genital herpes in July. My first outbreak was quit painful and lasted several weeks (my GP didn't believe it was an STD). Since then, I've had two mild outbreaks that were accompanied by mild fatigue and a few red bumps. They were gone in a week. I've been coping pretty well, and haven't allowed this to beat me down. I take lysine everyday, but I drink coffee so I haven't adjusted my diet completely.

This past week I developed a nasty sore on my thumb that I believe to be herpes whitlow. This sore actually looks worse than my first genital outbreak. Since the sore appeared, I've been very careful not to touch my face. I can cope with having genital herpes, but I think having an oral outbreak would send me over the edge. So my question is, today I noticed a small white bump just above my upper lip. I must have popped it while washing my face and now it's just a red mark. It doesn't hurt at all so I am wondering if it was just a pimple. Could someone who has experience with cold sores tell me if they always hurt?

Thank you. :)

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    • Acesheart
      when to disclose
      Hey heartless, if I thought that way I would have never found my guy, partner in crime and best friend I've ever had  ! If I thought the way you described i would have missed out on being a Mother and wife and lover. I could never deny any man the privilege of being with such a lovely human being As myself! He gave me everything I didn't have when I was herpes negative. He gave me my life back when I was blinded by hurt, shame and drowning in my own head. He renewed my trust and faith and he saved me. God gave me a hard life but with every challenge I've successively moved forward stronger than before. If you don't challenge yourself you will never learn from experiences. Every lesson I've learned from has been my growth as person. Truly Aces xo 
    • Terrell
      I have HSV2 he doesn't....
      Hello ladies I am a male I had an outbreak on my lower left base of male parts the condom don't cover therefore I use lemon balm and coconut/oregano oil topical and MMS to clear blood. I also take olive leaf extract authentic herb, antivirals daily, mens vitamins, If I pull a hair I get irritated in the location then I apply application and goes away. I have used condoms since I before diagnosed and never unprotected that's almost two years wow! If only I could experience it again. I never take advantage of a woman despite their adamant demeanor about wont it unprotected they are just not educated on have they don't believe cold sore can become std. I don't believe in multiple partners no way I could if I had a male ego but hell no. So my question is I have feelings as deep as the sea for a woman who has HSV 1 I have 2 I believe despite doctors say in I don't after visual but culture said I do she wants a child but I'm too scared to transmit and I would never want anyone to suffer as I do help please. 
    • thistooshallpass84
      Can someone please HELP ME
      Glad to hear that. That hip pain is related to kidney because lack of water. Drink enough water you will be fine.
    • SheIsBlue
      What I really don't understand.
      I agree with Free, people will flat out lie or "omit" this very important fact just to have sex.
    • Sanguine108
      Which test to believe?
      You're cured! Sorry sorry. but seriously... blood is a bit more dynamic than what we would hope.    If you needed more proof then get another lab test but the symptoms speak loud and clear. There's anylabtestnow.com that, if they're in your area, offers hsv1,2 testing for $40.
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