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Do sores always hurt?

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I was diagnosed with genital herpes in July. My first outbreak was quit painful and lasted several weeks (my GP didn't believe it was an STD). Since then, I've had two mild outbreaks that were accompanied by mild fatigue and a few red bumps. They were gone in a week. I've been coping pretty well, and haven't allowed this to beat me down. I take lysine everyday, but I drink coffee so I haven't adjusted my diet completely.

This past week I developed a nasty sore on my thumb that I believe to be herpes whitlow. This sore actually looks worse than my first genital outbreak. Since the sore appeared, I've been very careful not to touch my face. I can cope with having genital herpes, but I think having an oral outbreak would send me over the edge. So my question is, today I noticed a small white bump just above my upper lip. I must have popped it while washing my face and now it's just a red mark. It doesn't hurt at all so I am wondering if it was just a pimple. Could someone who has experience with cold sores tell me if they always hurt?

Thank you. :)

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      You both have immunity against the virus, so it's highly unlikely that you'll get outbreaks as a result of being intimate with one another. If there are no sores present, you're good to go.
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      I'd suggest little to lose. If the test is negative, provided it is the IgG test, then you will be negative and not have need for further testing with WB.
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      Quick question, I'm requesting STD testing at my doctor's office. He wants me to get their in-house herpes 1&2 tests. I'm planning on getting another Western Blot because we never resolved the paired test I requested last February that they mistakenly sent in as unpaired. Should I not bother with the in-house test? I don't see the point in getting a test where false positives are so common.