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cold sore in new places on lip.. does virus migrate?

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Usually have outbreak on upper right side of lip, last winter started having them on bottom right side for the first time.. today i got a ob on the bottom left side of lip..

They are painless tiny blisters... Does the virus migrate? How after 5 years of remembrance do i have cold sores for the first time on the right side of my mouth?

I'm using the Herpotherm (hotkiss) and i'll let you all know how it works out.. It totally stopped one of my obs that i could actually feel the tingling of.

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I wonder if, when you stifled that outbreak, the virus got slick and decided to pop up in a new spot? Given that HSV travels down nerve bundles and the outbreaks occur at nerve endings, it is logical that a sore could pop up at a different nerve ending than the usual one. But I see your point about it not following it's usual pattern. Just goes to show this virus is tricky. I know for me I get sores in the same spots usually, but every now and then a sore will pop up on a different spot on my vagina or anus.


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      You are most contagious your first 6 months so you are past that.  Take your antivirals and I bet you never pass it to your girl even if you do not use condoms. Does she have a friend for me? JB
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      Oh okay I had it about 1.5 years
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      JB were the married couples on antivirals? And thanks for your time
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      Yes we are planning now to marry but Ace she is very sexually with me like I have run sometimes I make sure to stay on my meds but she likes skin to skin cuddle she seems intimately into me I'm flattered but responsible 
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