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Should I throw make up away?

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I have kept most of my makeup through some OB -although I wear no makeup during the actual OB. I usually throw away my toothbrush and buy a new one after an OB. Then I started thinking I should do the same with makeup? Sometimes I wear makeup during the day and then get an OB in the middle of the night. Does this mean the makeup I used the day before is "compromised"? Lipstick might be more easily replaced than, say, foundation or face powder.

Also, I didn't know before coming to this forum (but I know now) that there might be some shedding even without an OB. What happens to makeup then?

Any ideas?

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Unless it is your first OB where you don't have antibodies and you can infect yourself multiple places, OBs come from within. Somebody correct me if I am wrong but if the virus gets on your lipstick and "somehow" manages to survive, using that same lipstick later in the day or the next day will not "give you" an OB.

What you don't want to do is share lipstick with another lady in the powder room where it goes from your lips to her lips in a matter of seconds.

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Hi Pingu... everything I've read says the virus starts to die as soon as it leaves the body. I'm talking seconds. Though I've also read that it can stay alive up to 4 hours in extreme cases. Not sure what's classified as extreme. So if that holds true, toothbushes don't need to be thrown out and your makeup should be fine. But I've only been researching since Oct. 25th and diagnosed with OHSV-1 since about the same time. Going through first OB for me... thankfully it's mild right now.

So anyone else dealing with the same issues... please post too. I'd definately like to know if my knowledge is correct or misinformed.

Hang in there Pingu! :)

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Whether you have hs or not, all make up should be thrown away after 3 months - so I was told years ago by a make up artist. The dentist told me that you should get a new toothbrush every 3 months too.

You shouldn't share make up with anyone either.

As Mrh says you can't re-infect after the initial period.

You could use applicators instead of applying the lipstick directly.

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Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated! I remember a friend used to share with me lipstick and stuff -later I found she had herpes on the lips. Curiously enough I never develop a cold sore from that. I got it from an ex (but now I wonder if I did get it from my girl friend first! :confused:)

It is not only lipstick but primer, and foundation and face cream that go over your lips and chin.

I think make up artist like to throw away makeup because they do so many different people, it is just more hygienic that way. If I were to throw my makeup every 3 months either I re-buy only the minimum or else hubby will complain he's not made of money ;)

I think I will buy makeup in very small bottles from now on...just to be on the same side

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