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Guest Anonymous

My Test Results???

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Here are the results from all the herpes tests that I have taken. I am so confused at the conflicting information/results of these tests. Please take a look and share your thoughts.......

Week 11 (Doctor #1):

Pockit test = negative

IgG type-specific Elisa (negative<0.9, positive>1.1)

HSV1= 0.54

HSV2= 4.14

Week 13 (Doctor #2):

Pockit test = negative

Week 15 (Doctor #3):

IgG type-specific Elisa (negative<.89, positive>.89)

HSV1= 0.20

HSV2= 3.44

Week 16 (Doctor #4):

pockit test = negative

Week 17 (Doctor #5):


HSV1 = negative

HSV2 = negative

If I was confused before, I am even moreso today. Please help me make sense of these results..

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These are all diff doctors testing you?? What made you do that , needed more opinions??

I wish I could help. Have the doctors offered any explanation?

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what symptoms have you experienced? after having an itchy rash for the second time, i had the blood work done, and received an answer of equivocal, and the doctor said i could assume i was not infected. they seem to have no clue. my symptoms: two occasions ("outbreaks"?), spaced apart by 18 months, with lots of itching and inflammation, but no sores or discharge. total insanity.

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    • EM424
      30 years of this. Pretty tired
      I'm new to this and I feel your pain. 
    • everywhereigo
      30 years of this. Pretty tired
      So, yeah, as I've gotten older, ob's haven't be as frequent, but the last few months have been like when I first got this. I mean 4-5 outbreaks in 3 months is pretty shitty. Hello, 2016? Still no cure. What's up with that? So I'm feeling a little depressed and in pain, and just plain miserable. I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days. Just venting. Thank you.
    • herpespg
      Malaysians Male
      Hi chat?
    • Kate
      Is this Prodrome or??
      The only way to truly know would be having the area swabbed to see if you test positive. If this is not possible, have a blood test done. Prodrome can have many symptoms. Usually tingling, redness, itching, irritation, nerve pain etc... hsv is different for everyone. Hope this helps. Much love, K
    • Kate
      Trying to heal
      Use Destin diaper rash cream to keep the area dry. It also helps with redness! Has zinc in it which is great for healing blisters. 
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