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anybody having facial pains from herpes

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Im new to the forum. I was told I have some kind of herpes. I been having extreme pain on one side of my face. I started to take medicine for 10 days and pain, burning would go away. this is been happening for at least 3 to 4 years now. At one point they thought it was some type of TMJ but have been seeing a chiropacter, he thinks it's the herpes virus.

Recently the pain is not going away and the doctor placed me on veltrax everyday. When i'm on medicine, the pain is almost at 5-10 percent from 100 W/O medicine.

I do not have visible sores on mouth area but inside my inner thighs, I do see reddish marks that are very itchy, but the medicine makes it less itchy and goes away.

My question: is anybody out there having similiar reactions.. sometimes I don't think it's herpes but I'm really confused.

It's not the end of world and I feel good on medicine.

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Hello :wavey: Like you I'm new to this forum... I don't have GH but get cold-sore outbreaks on my face and chest on the right side of my body. I suffer a great deal of pain from them even when they're not there or I have an outbreak. Doctor seems to think it's neuralgia. sometimes the pain is so bad I have to take Amitriptiline sedatives and the glands on the back of my head all swell up...

the doctor told me that the neuralgia is something completely different and not linked to cold-sores, however, I now think differently as I never had a problem until I was diagnosed with cold-sores and the pain only comes on one side of my face and head where I get the outbreaks!!

So yep I know how you feel an the pain is horrible too.. Sedatives should help whilst the outbreak is really bad but strong pain killers will do the trick too xx

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      Newly Diagnosed with Whitlow for Primary OB
      Just got my blood test results... The doctor said that I did just contract the virus but did not have the antibody levels to give to me. My OB has scabbed over by now but I've broken out in a rash on my feet, hands, and elbows after finishing the antiviral prescription. Any idea if this is related to contracting the virus?
    • JustOne2
      I just need help dealing
      I agree with what everyone said before. First of all, I'd like to say that I'm proud of you for sharing that info with him and giving him the time to think things over - but it definitely seems like he missed out on a wonderful person.   Little things like reminding yourself that this diagnosis doesn't define you, or that numerous people are infected and may not know what herpes really is, and just that everything will be okay,.. Does help, it takes time. If anything, it's teaching me and other people with herpes that the guys/girls that do fall for us value us as a person, and not just the things we can do in the bedroom. If you ever need to talk, message me
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      Hsv IGG test at 145 days!! -bad anxiety
      I have also read recently that some people test negative out to one year! Should I consider my 4.5-5 month test conclusive? I don't know if my sanity can hold up waiting till the summer to re test 
    • Jwhite
      Will I ever feel normal
      I am so thankful for this site and your guys advise .. thank you!!
    • Herbfresh
      Will I ever feel normal
      Most likely you will feel normal again, but it depends on what you mean by normal. Most people get occasional symptoms and occasional outbreaks. 

      Although, TONS of people have fairly consistent nerve pain to varying degrees. So there is a very good chance you will indeed never feel normal.

      ANd I am sorry to say your vagina indeed will never look the same

      At least it's not so obvious like it might be for a male. I am not pristine and perfect like I once was, but no one has ever noticed. Most peoples junk is kinda weird anyway, a little HPV scarring and disfiguration is not really noticeable by anyone. Not even doctors! So don't worry too much about it.  
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