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Itching while healing

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I've been diagnosed with HSV 1 on my genitals (female)/.

So just wondering.

Are you suppsoed to experience itching while healing?

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Singer- I experienced horrible itching while healing. My sores had been healed for days and I had bad itching for about a week. It was terrible, so I believe it is normal.

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It's now been 7 weeks since I was diagnosed. After I was totally healed up I itched like crazy, keeping me up at night. It never bothered me during the day. After reading on here I found out that things you eat can trigger it. I found that if I eat peanut butter or chocolate, that I itch. Just last night I was itching again and I remembered that I had eaten some chocolate yesterday afternoon. Those are the only two things that I personally have found trigger the itch.

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    • Michael McQueen
      OB After Sex
      Hello everyone. I'm new to this whole virus. I'm scared to death. I had herpes around my anus. Went to the hospital cause I was in so much pain. All I had to put on it was triple antibiotic ointment. It helped a little but not much. I don't want my partner to catch it, and I don't want him to leave cause I have it. The blisters or what ever are healed and it don't hurt down there any more.  Is it safe to have unprotected sex, we both think that I got it from my ex boyfriend. I first came down with it about three weeks ago. Two weeks later after using Acyclovir it healed good. I don't want to lose him. Sex is not the same with a condom but I understand he is scared.  Please let me know. Thank you all. 
    • WilsoInAus
      need some advice.
      If it is a false positive then neither of you may well have HSV-2. Has he had a test for HSV2?
    • WilsoInAus
      Which test to believe?
      HSV does not damage nerves, there is no evidence of this in any scientific research. Can you please provide documented evidence that nerves are damaged. If not then please desist or qualify with your comments that they reflect your opinion only.
    • KJS
      Does he have herpes too?
      I have type one in the gentials as well. I have never had another ob either since I found out almost 3 years ago. I sympathize with you on the first ob. Holy cow it was painful. That is odd you had another ob after sex.... Was it like the first? I'm sorry to hear this. 
    • CaliDream18
      Does he have herpes too?
      Just for some background, I was diagnosed with HSV-1 (in the genital area) about 2 years ago. I have never had an outbreak since my initial and horrific first outbreak. From what i read, many who have HSV-1 have a lower chance of outbreaks. Since then I have only had intercourse with 2 new guys. I have never been one to sleep around but it is one way we as adults express our feelings toward someone. That being said, I have recently started dating a guy the past two months. It was very new and unfortunately I let my body's wants over power what my mind was telling me. Yes, I know now it was wrong to have slept with him before discussing my herpes status and I am now having such a hard time preparing myself to tell him. I have a more important question... I do not know if he too has herpes, but oddly enough just a few days after we had intercourse I began a second outbreak. I am not sure if it is coincidence but is it possible for him to have herpes too and he also just never told me. The timing is just so odd for me to have my second outbreak ever, just days after intercourse. Please weigh in your opinions and refrain from judging the fact that I slept with him prior to explaining my situation..thanks in advance.  
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