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One single bump on pubic area below the skin. Do I have herpes?

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About a year ago I had a single different bump on the shaft of my penis beginning at the bottom of my foreskin. It hurt like a pimple hurts and eventually went away. I have not had any other signs until about two days ago. I have a single bump under the skin at the top of my pubic area about three inches below my waistline. The bump is pinkish in color and there doesn't appear to be fluids inside it. I have no itchiness, sore muscles, flu-like symptoms, headaches, lower back pain, and my lymph nodes are not swollen. I'm planning on being tested next week but I am very scared about this. I have never had more than one bump at a time and it is not a blister. Can this be genital herpes?

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Pretty much anything could be herpes but this doesn't sound like it. Go get tested right away and hopefully a negative result can put this out of your mind.

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I would agree, it doesn't sound like herpes. Herpes lesions are small and filled with fluid. Also they tend to appear on the same spot every time. And usually the other symptoms (swollen lymph nodes and flu) only appear when you first get infected. But herpes is a sneaky virus, the symptoms can vary a lot individually, which is why only about 1 in 10 realize they have it. Also, herpes can be quite difficult to diagnose. You should go see a GP while you still have the bump so they can take a swab. It's not unusual to get a false negative, because the lesion needs to be "fresh" enough when you get tested. You can have a blood test if it's been more than three months, but the test won't tell where on your body the herpes is. It's possible to get HSV1 on the genitals too.

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    • JustMyType
      Asymptomatic or no outbreaks
      IgG of 6.3 is likely positive --- the lab that did the test should have done a reflexive confirmatory test such as Western Blot or ELISA / Inhibition test.  IgG is more "accurate" than IgG from all the research I've done.
    • Rosebud24
      Finally went to the doctor
      try the dynamiclear site you will like the results. the liquid burns at first but I am telling you, you will be amazed at the results.    
    • Rosebud24
      Finally went to the doctor
      try the dynamiclear site you will see a difference in your symtoms. ok. and its pretty cheap. the liquid cost 100.00 dollars but it last about 6 months to a yr. the pills are pretty cheap.
    • Rosebud24
      Finally went to the doctor
      look on the site dynamiclear its a realy good site. its all natural and cheaper than the Valtrex I know I am a witness to using it it's great stuff. the liquid does hurt at first but it gets better in time. and heals faster.  
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      try the site dynamiclear. this stuff realy works I am a witness to it ok.  
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