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Question about epsom salt baths

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Hello all,

I'm in the middle of my first ob, and it's quite horrific, as we all know. I have so many sores on my lower regions that they stick to eachother and reopen every time I move, thus preventing any kind of drying. I've read that taking a bath with epsom salt can help with the pain and help to dry the sores. However, I am wary of putting anything related to salt on open wounds. Does anyone have experience with this method during this stage of the ob? Thanks.

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I tried it


I had heard that epsom salt baths could help the sores heal faster, so I took my first epsom sald bath tonight. It was incredibly painful, but I'm not sure if it was the salt that hurt, or the soap, or even the water I rinsed with (from the tap, no salt). I'm not even diagnosed yet, but I'm convinced that I have this disease, so I'm looking for ways to treat it in conjunction with suppressive therapy. There has got to be something that we can put on these lesions to reduce the pain! I'll let you know if the epsom salt bath helps any. Mostly it just hurt bad enough that I almost passed out.

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my help

I've been dealing with this now for 8 months..I've tried many many things so perhaps my excperiences can help you. For topicals..i've tried

many..(hbalm/ Peroxcide/Tree tea oil/ Chorofor..etc..)...the one and only thing that has helped me so far is 1 thing.I've been on acyclovir suppressivly and was still getting constant ob's. I was really getting to the end of the rope.... I exercise..eat healthy..take all sorts vitimins/supplements etc.. I had ordered some red marine algae supplements (after reading about other peoples good experiences on internet) and when I did they also had an red marine algae ointment..which i thought what the hell..I'll order that too at the same time.Well..as for the red alga supplements ..I'm not really sure if they helped me in any way ....but the ointment!!! It's been a godsend. Within 24 hrs my ob was basically gone!!! It helped tremendously with the itching/pain...that was gone in a few hours. How I wished I had known about this stuff when i had my initial ob or recurrent ones after. So far the only downside has been after applying it(I had been getting obs always on same area..my scrotum :( .... ) I have gotten an ob at the base of my tailbone...somewhere I've never had an ob before.From what I can see the virus does not like this ointment at all...so since it does not like the treated area..it found another spot :( at least at the base of my tailbone it is far less discomfort than on the scrotum!!!!! I've started putting ointment on tailbone area. Anyways...I have found this the most helpful to me as a topical by FAR!!! If you do try it...post your results...I'm curious if it was just me...or it works as well for others.I know others have had great success with hbalm...but it did not help me at all...I guess sometimes diffrent things work bette rfor others.The stuff was called rma healing ointment...I beleive it is made my Vibrant Health..but I did not order it from thier site...you can find it cheaper from other sites..just do a google. If you read thier site about it..they claim it has some antiviral properties...anyways...sorry for the long post...hope this helps...and I hope things get better for you soon..i know what it's like..i've been there

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thanks so much for your reply and the information! I'll be looking for the red marine algae ointment as soon as I get off work today! That's another thing I'm dreading, first day back at work with these damn lesions. Anyway, I'll let you know if it helps!

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      I have held back but every time I see this question being asked I want to scream what I know. I cannot continue to read posts from people who believe this is not worth mentioning to someone you are going to share your body with!! Not trying to scare just WAKE UP those thinking only of themselves and believing this is just a skin infection! I do not have the medical papers to show you but I could include a picture of a 59 yr old friend with a feeding and breathing tube who had an inoperable throat tumor that was pathologically traced back to HSV!!!!!!! Yes this is very rare but I am sure he would rather have won the lottery than have his harmless skin infection attack his body this way. You have NO WAY of knowing how this is going to affect change in your later years. No amount of math or wishing can offer that. I am 60 now and my harmless skin infection has morphed into a full blown attack where I cannot eat most food without it becoming a sacral outbreak. I admit I fell off my health wagon for 4 yrs due to a life altering event I could have dealt better with so I guess I brought this on myself. I am talking real food like vegetables and fruit, never mind dairy and wheat. I can only eat about 5 different foods and that gets boring fast. I am working with an exceptional Naturopath and this is a very difficult symptom to treat because it is systemic. He does have another patient like me so this is not particular to me. This is why I have constantly said to go after this virus with everything you know how to do. I thought regular outbreaks were painful but sacral outbreaks have kicked it up a special notch! Good News though, My friend did overcome the tumour with soft chemo and the ability to eat 6 lemons a day through his feeding tube. Not going into his story of healing as that was his personal journey he was forced to take. I see I am not the norm here on this site as I fight Holistically and most seem to want to take a pill and make it go away. For those this works for, Bravo for you, but never assume this virus will be the same for the unlucky person you make their life choice for!  I know this is going to scare some readers but turning a blind eye to this virus is dangerous! I will be stepping back from this forum and stop inserting my 2 cents about Holistic care because it is not as easily accepted as going to the doctor for a script. I admit when I read posts about how some will continue to put others at risk it upsets me too much because of what I know about this virus through life experience, not internet!!!!   You now know what I know to be fact about this virus. Make your own choices not choices for others!  
    • sp13
      Don't do the math for other people. Let them make the choice. Some people suffer more from GHSV1 than others. You cannot just say after the even, "Oh, sorry, I did the statistics and you should have been fine".  
    • EM424
      after 2mos..
      Sanguine108, I ordered the Lysine Extra from Vitanic.  How much do you recommend taking per day?  During outbreaks?  I notice that 2 tablets are only 800mg. Should I take more than 2 per day?  I was taking 1,000 mg previously.  Thanks EM
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