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Clinical Trials Going on in Texas for Herpes Liabalis-Benchmark Research

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Clinical Research Study for Cold Sore Outbreaks

Do your cold sores make you want to run and hide? If so, you may be interested in a clinical research study of an investigational cold sore medication that is currently looking for volunteers. If you are age 18 or older and have had 3 or more cold sore outbreaks in the past 12 months, you may qualify to participate in this trial.

  • All study-related doctor visits, exams, and investigational medication is provided at no cost to those who qualify and participate in this study.

  • Eligible participants in the study will be compensated up to $640 for their time and effort while completing the trial.

For more information, please contact:


Benchmark Research

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    • Please help
      Long established oral HSV-1 infection, number was very solid, over 10.
    • 6 months later and still testing negative
      Doesn't sound like herpes ken. Also, keep in mind that transferring HSV1 from genitals to genitals is pretty rare, and the chances are even less because you are a guy.   You should see a doctor and actually figure out what this is. Let them diagnose you - don't draw unsubstantiated conclusions, thinking worst case scenario. Again, you probably don't have HSV1 on your genitals.   NOTE: IF you get coldsores on your lips, you are even more protected from HSV1 because you already HAVE HSV1 (on your lips). Chances are, you probably do have coldsores (75-90% of the world population has herpes...)
    • Please help
      Thank you for all of your help. You made me feel better about it. I will most definitely get checked again. Not trying to be nosy but when you first got tested did you have low score or was yours high to begin with? 
    • Please help
      Well that is ridiculous what they are saying. It does not matter whether you do or do not have herpes. Your life is no different whether you do or do not. Most doctors are indifferent as they see it as at the extreme mior end of what they need to deal with daily. Yes a low positive means there is a chance you do not have herpes. Most people with HSV-2 test in excess of 3.5, usually 8 and above.
    • Please help
      You are the first to tell me this, so thank you very very much. Just to be clear I have a low positive, which means there is a chance I in fact don't have herpes? I have came to be accepting with the diagnosis if i do have it. The people who have tested me so far just keep saying sorry, like my life is completely over. It's making me feel horrible about myself.