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What are your symptoms for herpes on back of thighs??

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I got diagnosed with HSV2 recently. The number of antibodies in my blood indicates I've had it for "a long time." I only got tested as part of a battery of STD tests, and I came back positive. I have been going nuts trying to find symptoms on my body since I never knew I had it before the blood test.

I had previously been diagnosed as having contact dermatitis (allergic to my soap) in my groin area. After putting cortisone cream on it, it went away.

I have also (in the past 3-5 years) started breaking out with pimples located in the following areas:

-- Lower buttocks where they attach to back of thighs

-- Back of thighs extending from lower buttocks to almost exactly halfway between lower buttocks and knees.

I had looked up these symptoms on the Internet, and they sounded like boils, not herpes. My boils do not heal without scarring as it sounds like herpes lesions do. They also seem to be chronic, as opposed to cyclical, and symmetric (on the backs of both thighs equally) as opposed to asymmetrical. In addition, the location coincides almost exactly to where my body presses against a chair while sitting (I sit all day at work). I am thinking my body is reacting to heat or soap allergies where my body is pressing against the chair(s).

My only concern is that I started taking Valtrex on Tuesday to decrease likelihood of transmission, with the hope that this guy I like will change his mind and have sex with me, and the boils suddenly cleared up (by Saturday)!!

I cannot find any discussion of the usual location and appearance of herpes sores on the "buttocks and thighs."

If you have these, where are they, what do they look like, and how do they behave?

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So, I had just finished convincing myself that the boils on the back of my legs were herpes when I read that herpes is usually on the INNER thighs, not the backs of the thighs...

I've been badgering my ex-boyfriend to get tested. I'm now convinced that he has HSV1, which I could not have given him, rather than HSV2. I found a clinic he can go to on Wednesday. There's a quick test he can take to tell if he has HSV2 or not. Don't know if he will elect to take that.

I'm beside myself waiting (I want to get the tests results back so I can convince a new love interest that I'm not so contagious that I gave my ex HSV2 on his face, which is extremely rare). My ex admitted that he didn't really want to get tested because he didn't really want to know, and he also admitted that he's not eager to set me loose dating and having sex with other guys, even though he dumped me on Valentine's Day (for other reasons).

It's making me crazy trying to figure this stuff out. I'm very analytical and want to know everything anyway, but this H stuff is so elusive and confusing, and the medical establishment is so horribly misinformed that I don't know what to do..l.

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While herpes is USUALLY on the inner thighs, it technically can be anywhere. I saw pictures once of someone with it on the side of their thigh. It's not random though, it's just wherever the virus touched, which is usually more on the inside of the thighs, but if you were getting creative with your positions, it could very well be on the back of your thighs. Just be careful with new partners, and really enjoy that you don't get typical outbreaks. It seems like I get them every time I have sex, and they always take a week to heal. I get them sometimes right around my anus, and they always look like a little mesquito bite that you itch too much. And the ones I get on my labia always look like a cancer sore would. Good luck. :)

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Thanks very much for the info!!

The Valtrex is no longer "working" on the breakouts on my thighs. I think it's because I tried on and bought four new pairs of pants. I washed them before wearing them, but I think I have a sensitivity to detergent and other chemicals in clothes. So, I'm still thinking these are not symptoms of Herpes.

My ex-boyfriend has now broken out with cold sores on his face three times in eight months. I'm almost totally convinced it's HSV1, not HSV2.

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    • XIC
      If I can do it so can you
      With the relative anonymity of the internet, I'm comfortable sharing this. My story sucks. Always considered myself a really good looking guy, and always very sexual, with everything going for me as I was told by my family, friends, teachers, fellow students, coworkers, you name it. Every day I woke up with mixed feelings ranging from how I was somewhat disappointed in the results I was getting in life (no dates, no sex, no decent jobs at a significant number of days) to excitement that it's a new day and I'm gonna make something of it (going to college, applying for jobs, finding cute women to talk to) and over time, it started going more to the disappointing end. I was finding myself dateless, wondering how I could be so charming, but so perpetually single. I graduated from college a virgin. There were times I was shallow, and there were times I felt I had a serious connection and the other person just somehow was oblivious to it. I hired someone at age 25 to end it. About a week later I had my first outbreak. ... So this sucks. A lot went through my head. Why me? I'm meant to be single. Now I still have basically no experience in dating or sex, which I still considered my favorite hobby the whole time even though I never even experienced it, and yet I have this unknown disease causing me to feel and look unpleasant in an area only one person touched intimately. What does it count for to be someone who has some potential and yet I'm working a horrible dead end job with a college degree and the economy sucks etc? Then there were times I was unemployed, had no one to talk to besides family, but no friends who were still around driving distance etc. I always stayed physically fit, addicted to exercise, rarely ever get sick...but dang the outbreaks were horrible, and I kept trying to deal with them and hoped they would stop because that's how I normally dealt with sickness. After about 2 years of this I changed my mind and went to planned parenthood to see what they could do about the outbreaks. They wondered how the hell I dealt with this for 2 years, having outbreaks, no medication to suppress it. I was not having a good day, so I just said something like "Well life sucks and so does this virus. Shit happens and I just ignored it." They actually seemed surprised and prescribed me acyclovir. Well, after taking it for a while, I started wondering why I didn't. No side effects, and I could drink coffee, consume chocolate milk, etc without worrying about it. After some time of this, it started setting in. Herpes is not a big deal, actually. I started genuinely believing it, and more importantly, fully knowing it for a fact. Cancer sucks. Herpes with proper treatment, is no longer even affecting me anymore. And I'm still desirable to the right person even on the off chance that somehow, a now asymptomatic virus would somehow pass through to another person. I went through some pretty crappy jobs, and finally found one that was reasonably permanent (it still sucked but at least I could pay rent and car insurance and food) and life came together again. Except for the dating thing. But at least I became open to it again. So I started talking about a lot of these issues (except having HSV2) to a neighbor of mine. About working crappy jobs, liking to exercise, cooking and food in general, frustrations in dating because people aren't genuine, sometimes we'd have a beer or smoke cigarettes (I switched to ecigarettes which definitely helped cut back on the outbreaks btw) and this became a pretty daily thing. We went out to the bar with another friend of ours and at one point she told me "Only because you're so charming." She hinted at how she's looking for a guy who gets her situation and such. So one night I was working and figured I'm gonna see her when I get home because she's always there. So I better make out with her. Well, she really liked me. I told her about my condition one night after about a week of us somewhat officially, but not officially together, dating..about my condition. How the odds are that it won't be transmitted but there are no guarantees. She didn't bat an eye. When I said the H word she said "Ok." So we had our conversation about it, she said she had a friend with that condition and understands it doesn't make you who you are, and there's a good chance it won't be transmitted. I did not tell her the exact timeline or anything about how I caught it exactly. Actually while we were friends I gave her a different story about how I was with 3 women in the past, lost my virginity at a later age but gave a different number than the real one. I told this to anyone when it came up to keep the details relatively private so that wasn't a personal thing towards her. Well, one night we were cuddling, I got a bit excited. So we took things further. Really further. Like, we now live together as husband and wife, what's mine is hers and vice versa further. I also cleared things up at one point about the actual story, apologized for lying, and she understood. All she said is that "it happens don't worry" and we've been having some seriously mind blowing sex on a routine basis. Like, so good I ended up researching something called "simultaneous ejactulation" which I never even thought possible, or considered the possibility of, before I was with her. She still does not seem to have HSV2. She was tested about a year ago, and is due for another test. But at least we both know if she catches it we know what to do. I was initially really worried about giving it to her when I was uh, well, giving it to her, but that fear passed after a while. Anyone still reading this might be in the boat I was in wondering how they'd meet someone else or find love. Well, it's beyond the physical stuff like what you look like, what you drive, what you do for a living, how much is in your bank account, and let's not forget "Through sickness and in health". Don't focus on the negative. Think about what you have going for you. You know someone who accepts you is a genuine person and you obviously have their interest. You've been through some hardship like I have, dealing with an overrated stigma. I know after all the crap life somehow put one person through and that person happens to be me (some of my hardest stories aren't even in this post) I ain't the weakling I once was. HIV, cancer, schizophrenia...those are diagnoses that change everything. Even a flare up didn't stop me from going to the gym and squatting over 300 pounds or going to work for 10 hours. All I know is, when we're together, there are no dark secrets; only dark stories. And it doesn't matter to us, because it's us.
    • Iverlee18
      My fiancé has never seen me with a cold sore
      This may sound ridiculous but it's a genuine fear I have. I'm about to get married in a few months however my fiancé has never actually seen me with a cold sore. I'm concerned of his reaction.  He does know I get them. One night we were at my parents' house and my parents brought up my embarrassment whenever I do get cold sores. He didn't say anything. I didn't see his reaction due to the fact I was staring at the ground hoping for some kind of escape from my awkwardness. I acted like it was no big deal but on the inside I just wanted to crawl under a rock.  Hes a great guy. Hence why I'm marrying him however I am scared of his reaction the first time he sees me with a cold sore. I'm not scared of him rejecting me and calling things off but more so just being grossed out by me. I'm clearly very insecure.  Do you think maybe if I let him know how insecure it makes me feel that he would be more understanding? I'm not even sure how to bring up the subject.  So he knows I get cold sores but has never actually seen me with one. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation and can offer advice/support?
    • WilsoInAus
      Which test to believe?
      That's all fine, but it is critical to add that you have never tested positive by blood or swab for HSV. I think that's an important point to raise.
    • Sanguine108
      Which test to believe?
      @suptalife And no difference? So I have hsv1 oral and genital.   SJW worked amazingly well in the beginning but it seemed like it only worked so well after a certain point.  And I would still get occassional outbreaks on my philtrum, which was kind of annoying.  I don't really like having a mustache but I sported a mild grizzle of facial hair. One night people were posting stuff and I was researching ingredients.  Someone re-inspired me about homeopathics and I was going to try some of the higher concentration homeopathics like 1M and 50M, as well as buy some more obscure homeopathic items.  I found a distributor site for practitioners and became a member.   In the midst of the homeopathy remedy searches, I decided to just type herpes.   This homeopathic product called Herpetic Nosode by Professional Formulas popped up.  Nosodes are, for lack of a really involved explanation, like a therapeutic vaccine.   I bought it.. It had a lot of herpesvirus nosodes in it with varying concentrations.   I got it, took a dropper of it and I felt a little tautness in my left side (spleen/immune/adaptive-learning immune)...  I usually wake up with a few bumps on my lips that go away after a few hours.   I took these nosodes and I haven't had an outbreak since.   ...Ok, I have had very minor ones but only because I try to push how long I can go without taking it.   At first, I took ~10-15 drops for 2 days.  Things cleared up so strongly that I just stopped to see how long it'd last.  My outbreaks stopped, healed fast and it feels like it helped isolate the activity at the nerve roots.  Instead of feeling tinglings at my tailbone, crotch/perineum, scrotum and shaft, I just felt an occasional, faint sensation at my tail bone.   Oral, the sensations are more apparent.   I feel them at my brain stem/back of my neck. ...Trigeminal nerve root is at the brain stem (*sigh).   But at least the outbreaks are suppressed. I got into taking the nosodes 1x every 5-7days and things are nicely chilled.   After 2 months, I found another product by the same company called HRPZ Drops that only has HSV-1 and HSV2 nosodes, along with homeopathic chill symptom items.  The concentration of nosodes in HRPZ drops is much lower, 12X, whereas Herpetic Nosode has 60X, 100x, 400X concentration of nearly every herpes nosode.
      If you're a health care provider, you can setup an account and order the nosodes for $8.  Otherwise, it's $16 online, which isn't bad.    I have gotten into the habit of taking a lysine supplement and I think that does help chill the prodromal/tingling.  I use that Super Lysine Plus as a lysine supplement taking 1pill (500mg lysine) a few times a week or so.  There's another product that has lysine and monolaurin, sometimes I'll alternate between them. Lastly, the thing that has really helped me mentally feel normal is a product indicated for inflammatory conditions of the nervous system. And it specifically states Herpes Simplex Virus, CMV, Lyme's... We all have pre-existing constitutional conditions that make us more vulnerable/sensitive to things.   So a stressor like herpes comes along and exposes vulnerabilities.   Chinese medicine is a medical system that supplements, nourishes and strengthens one's being rather than the Rx carpet bombing technique. But ya know, it's hard to play doctor on yourself, which is why we seek outside opinions.  But there aren't too many competent practitioners out there.  Or, once we taste the field, and are treated by one person and have a bad experience then we dismiss the entire field.   But health care practitioners, all over, don't know what will 100% work.  I used to work in a pediatric clinic and was blown away by all the kids that came back with adverse reactions to meds for the doctor to say, "Oh, ok well cross that one off the list and let's try this one!"   We can get cerebral all we want but if the patient disagrees with the book/studies/research then listen to the patient, not the book. And treatment is part of diagnosis.
    • WilsoInAus
      should I get retested?
      If you have a full printout of the results then that may tell us a lot more. Often people told they have 1 & 2 have actually had a combined test for HSV1/2 come up positive. This means the person has 1 OR 2 most likely, only possibly both.  Where are you? Can you get the test results? If you need to retest, make sure you get IgG antibodies, type specific for HSV-1 and HSV-2.
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