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vitamins for cold sores

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do vitamins help anyone who gets cold sores? what do you take and how often? does it help?? is there anything that is fast-acting to help speed up the healing time once a cold sore is out? Thanks for your help! I'm new to the site.

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Vitamins can help your immune system which in turn fights this virus. There are other supplements you can take that go more directly after this virus. Look into taking lysine and kelp. Those both attack the virus.

Good luck!


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I do a lot of intense training for triathlons. When I do, my body gets run down and I tend to get a cold sore. Pretty much every picture of me coming through the finish line is me with a beautiful looking red crusty cold sore. I would load up on lysine to try to fight the virus before a race but it never did anything. I think it was because I needed something to boost my immune system too. I always got a cold sore when my body was run down. I found a product that has both immune system boosting vitamin/minerals and virus fighting ingredients too. I take it a few days before a race and haven't gotten one since. You can check it out online at kisuhealthylips.com. That is where I get it. I haven't found it in pharmacies yet. My last picture of me crossing the finish line was without a cold sore. It is now on my desk at work in a frame. Good luck.

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I was just recently diagnosed with cold sores, and I have felt so frustrated since I found out! The thought of having these ugly blisters pop up on my lips for everyone to see makes me so stressed!

I have been researching the best vitamins to take, because I don't want to have to depend on meds! I found an herbal supplement online called Prevasure, and the herbs they use have been studied and proven to fight off the herpes virus. I take this stuff twice a day, everyday, as a suppressent. So far, it seems to be working.

I also heard from another guy on this site about a product called cold sores begone. Your only supposed to use it when you feel the tingling sensation, but I always have the tingles, so I use it everyday as a preventative.

I would also suggest taking 2-3,000 mg of Lysine daily.

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      What are my chances. I'm scared
      So, I can't necessarily say I'm newly diagnosed. My first and only outbreak was 2ish years ago. The first time they just swabbed the sores I had and told me they came back herpetic. That's all I knew. So I just assumed it was HSV-2. But I just had a blood test done. I've been reading online that HSV-1 can cause genital outbreaks, so now my hopes are up pretty high. And I'm so scared that the blood test is going to come back positive for HSV-2. What are my chances that it actually was HSV-1 that caused the outbreak? I know I'm silly for asking, because who can really know the chances. But I figured what could it hurt.  Does anyone have any stories about their genital outbreak being from HSV-1?
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      genetics is a funny term. Epigenetics is a really fun term to identify with that really includes the idea of karma in it (however you may feel about karma is another thing). Sure there may be a genetic or karmic past type of alcohol-affinity aspect within you.  Doesn't mean you can't keep walking away from that.   We are what we practice (from programming ourselves).  We talk trash and whatnot then it's harder to step away from that.  We hang out with other alcoholics or people who drink and indulge in lavish, lusting behaviors then it's going to effect us.   One universal spiritual tenet is considering the type of company we keep.   Another one is to seek the company of Light... In the Indian culture, they call it Satsang (literally, sitting with Light).  So some guru, sage, devotee, holy aspirant is traveling through and giving a talk then usually they'll advertise it as Satsang with "........".   Those are always great and I try to take advantage of them as they arise. But for meditation.  Personally, I do mantra meditation.  After several rounds of reciting a mantra I sit in silence.   It's the most practical and effective method (for me at least) to meditate and receive a noticeable benefit.  Sure, some people just sit quietly with a timer.  There's more with reciting a mantra that really cleanses things deeply within, but that's one of those things that you'll figure out and feel as you recite more sounds.  Getting some prayer beads (mala beads, japa beads, mala garland).  They're a few bucks.   You can get a bag so they're contained (japa bag).   Each garland has 108 beads.   108 is a special number of occult/mystical significance.  You can start by doing 1 round a day. Maybe work up to 2-3 to start your day. Some mantras to consider.   ...Of course you could just recite single syllables like Om but the phrases are more effective. -The Tibetan Buddhist mantra for peace, wisdom, end of suffering etc...
      Om Mani Padme Hum (google and youtube) -The Krishna Maha Mantra
      Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna
      Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
      Hare Rama, Hare Rama
      Rama Rama, Rama Rama You could also just find your local Buddhist center and they'll most likely engage in group chanting and meditation. I'd say chanting/mantra meditation is a lot like understanding herpes.  You don't really understand it until you do it.  Talk about it, read about it, still makes no sense.  Oh get herpes, you understand.  You chant, you understand.  
    • Natalie M
      Just found out yesterday
      I never really got my question answered. Since I just found out 2 days ago, I guess this is my first official OB. I'm having terrible flu like symptoms. I read that it is sometimes apart of an out break. How long does this typically last? Or is it different for everyone. It's been brutal. I haven't gotten out of bed for 2 days.  
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      love and relationship future
      Aces and Honda you are inspirational, thank you for sharing. I treat the situation the same as you did. It is very nice to take time to truly meet a person and get to know them other than sexually. The "talk" does not get easier but your partner has had a chance to meet the real you. Your knowledge is your strength. Love does conquer all, cliche or not!! Love yourself, everything else will follow!  
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