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    • Mike Donovan
      Thank you, guys! I talked to him, on week ago. I was like "I care about us! Is that why I'm telling you that"  Okay.. I cried. hahaha I was super scare! But he was so cozy, and I showed him that I'm okay living with that, and I didn't wanted him to feel sorry about me, I wanted his love and company. So... We are okay and I hope we date soon! And I believe what hitkid said. When I found out about my herpes, the exams said that I already had it, for a long time. I realized that I was okay all this time, so nothing is changing. I just know myself better.  Again, thanks! And lucky for all of us!
    • Winthrow
      I was first diagnosed almost 2 years ago with HSV2 by taking an IGG test. At that time the results came back 17.8. I just recently took another test during some other routine bloodwork I had done and now have an index value of 23.8. Has anyone else seen or heard numbers this high? I know they essentially don't mean anything, but just curious why they're so high. I rarely have outbreaks and when I do they're pretty mild. I also had them test for HSV1 and that came back negative.
    • Nicoli
      Hey Guys, Been a while since I've been on line. I recently read a post here where someone was having success in preventing an OB at the onset of podrone by using a 'heat' treatment where he applied a heat to the area in question using heated water at 122*-127*. He claimed it stopped symptoms and prevented outbreaks if he cought it early enough. If he is too late, the OB was smaller and healing was faster. So, I did some google searches and I found a product that is available in Europe, Canada and other countries but not The US. So, for some of us, this could be a win. And for the US peeps, it's something we can try to McGyver up ourselves at home. Check out the reviews. Pretty encouraging I think... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Herpotherm-Heat-Treatment-Cold-Sores/dp/B002G8JRBM
    • bayern77
      Moderators please  close this thread down.  
    • OFMDH
      Earlier investors are selling stock on the positive news. 
    • OFMDH
      There is another paper published this year using Bill's vaccine mutant and it showed significant CD4/CD8 increase in mice. Which is why someone like Rich has no apparent OB's while his Ab levels are decreasing. Bottom line what you want is both B and T cell to be high for a long time.   See Halford's vaccine with the live vaccine and antibodies produced . Figure 5. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0116091  - "Past studies of HSV-2 dl-529 or HSV-2 cJ2-D2 offer qualitative evidence that HSV-2 viral vaccines may elicit antibodies against many unspecified HSV-2 proteins in Western blots" -- In Bill's case the antibodies were directed against ICP8, RR-1 (aka ICP10 in HSV2) VP1-2, VP5 and not the main glycoproteins which a lot of people have been focusing on for protection in other vaccines. Why on earth should they do that? On average 21 days. T memory cells last a lot longer.  You're confusing proteins and antibodies. There such things as antibodies which can be produced in a lab and there is an antibody treatment already on the market for arthritis. However for us its a really bad idea. It would suppress your natural antibody production to almost nothing thus making you completely dependent on antibody injections. If you missed a dose it would be like a primary OB - bad. What you want is for your immune system to respond to the viral proteins from a vaccine and make its own antibodies and make a pool of memory cells to reactivate every time HSV reactivates.   You can add a soup of numerous proteins and inject it but the human body is not going to recognize them all equally. It's not very effective doing it individually. Which is why live vaccines have such an advantage with the antigenic breadth. But there is another problem, as the virus enters, the cell transfusion it alters protein structures to do epitope masking to block antibodies attaching in the same place. Which is why Bill's vaccine has very low gD2 glycoprotein response in the attached graph [http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article/figure/image?download&size=large&id=info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0116091.g005] even though its strongly correlated in subunit vaccines to reduce symptoms.
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