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      How has herpes or cold sores affected your life? Share your experience with us for support and encouragement.

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      A discussion about herpes transmission. Talk about the possibilities and share your thoughts and experiences.

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      A special section to discuss how herpes and cold sores affect your sex life and physical affection.

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      Talk about your current situation, finding and keeping love, avoiding sex during outbreaks and everything related to dating with herpes.

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      Get a different perspective. Giving the herpes talk to someone can be nerve-racking, but we've got your back. You can do this!

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      A discussion about pregnancy, childbirth and having children when herpes is involved. Ask questions or share your story here to inspire others.

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      Support for partners, friends and relatives. Ask questions and share your experience - we would love to hear from you.

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      What works, what doesn't. Discuss anything related to managing and treating herpes and cold sores.

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      Discuss the latest developments and what is being done RIGHT NOW to bring an end to herpes.

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      Discuss legal issues, laws in your area, precedents and the BIG DEBATE about whether TO sue or NOT to sue for herpes damages. Join in...

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      Technical and Scientific questions and contributions relating to the herpes virus.

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    1. Could I Have Herpes or Cold Sores?

      Discuss issues such as herpes symptoms and commonly confused conditions. Post your questions, experiences, advice and more.

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      Talk about different herpes tests and their results, your experiences with Doctors and clinics, the accuracy of herpes tests and more.

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      A special segment about mental attitude, successful relationships and the silver lining to having herpes. No negativity in this section thanks! Share your wisdom, random thoughts and positive stories here.

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      Need to let off some steam? If you want to get something off your chest we're listening!

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      Talk openly about having herpes in respect to your religion or faith. Is herpes accepted? How do YOU feel? Discuss your religious or spiritual point of view here.

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    4. Rainbow Resource

      A place for our gay, lesbian, bi and transgender members.

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    5. Art & Poetry Corner

      Express how you are feeling by sharing poems, songs, artwork and pieces. All contributions welcome.

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      You don't have to look on the bright side of life! This is a place to vent your doom & gloom and be the pessimist if you need to. Positive contributions are welcome but not necessary. Stink it up people!

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      Connect here with teens and young adults. Tell us what you're up to, ask questions and get help in moving forward.

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      If you are in your 20's please come on in and say hi! Talk about dating, meeting people, friends and other challenges of our generation.

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      This is the senior 'distinguished' section of our Herpes Support Forums. Post a message and say hi!

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      Connect with peeps in your region and help others realize that no-one is alone with herpes.

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    • Pie71
      Its free to wink at others but costs to message, like PS.  I agree that PS sucks, but it seems to be the best option we have outside of maybe OKCupid and looking at the questions people answer for the one "would you date someone with HSV2?"  Not a lot of people actually answer it, but I do see a few yes's once in a while.
    • Rsrch
      Excision biotheraputics is looking into nanoparticles for delivery that are capible of passing the blood brain barrier. Depending on the nanoparticles they are using, there may be no immune response.
    • Luvtwinkie
      I went overseas for about a year, during one of my trips we went to a village and had food with the locals. During the meal one of the elders passed around a drink in a bowl, I was the third one to take a sip, but before I did I did hesitate alittle because I thought it was unsanitary to be sharing a drink like this. Regardless I did take a sip out of the bowl, which I regret deeply. After the incident I did get body aches and sore throat(I checked my throats and I never seen any sores)but other then that I never got a cold sore. Idk if I got body aches/sore throat because I've been traveling, I'm prone to getting sick . Also I can't remember if anyone had a sore on their mouths because the place was dimly lit. It's been a year since that incident and I still haven't had any outbreak but it still gives me anxiety. I read extensively about getting hsv-1 through a cup and it's been 50-50. So my question is anyone here that received their FIRST cold sore after drinking after someone? P.s sorry for any grammatical mistake, i typed this question on my phone
    • finding my way
      Hi.   Just a follow-up. Thank you for the information.  It is very appreciated, and helped out immensely. I sat her down and just came out with the info.  It was so hard to do, but I told her the circumstances of my infection, how long I had it, that she was at risk even if I didn't have symptoms, and that all I wanted in the wold was to keep her safe.   I told her that I would start taking anti-viral medication right away - and she asked me not to do it.    I assured her that I would and had no problem doing so, and she again said no, and told me not to waste the time and money, or risk possible side effects. She told me that nobody is perfect, and she accepts and loves me as I am, and if I know my body enough, I will keep her as safe as she needs to be kept. She asked "The medication you would be taking would be Valtrex, right"?   I said yes, and she said "I have that at home.  I take it for my oral outbreaks.  If you need any, let me know". We had amazing sex after. Something in the back of my mind tells me she might be HSV positive genitally already, and was embarrassed to have not told me, because my condition and her safety seemed of no concern to her.   She told me she appreciated my bravery and honesty, and she knew it was very difficult for me to tell her. Thanks again.   I'll be back if there is any more info I can share. Finding My Way.
    • Clunk
      Hahahahaha! Positive Singles sucks ass!! It's bad enough having herpes but to make you pay money to get in contact with others is a sick joke!! It makes me so mad they hock their site as a "support site!!" No it isn't! It's purely for dating (And from what a few women I chatted to on there told me; It's full of sleazy old guys messaging women waaaay younger than them and guys that think they can get laid cause chicks on there have the "same thing" they do). JB is correct! Positive Singles hate people telling others about other herpes support sites. God!! How dare you!! They don't give a shit about helping or supporting you through a tough time.... They just want your money!
    • Lj2099
      Thanks for your input...
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