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  2. Cutting out oats helped me MASSIVELY! Sometimes food can be a trigger x
  3. theuniversesucks

    Pritelivir Buyers Club?

    Are you saying there are people on this forum already using pritelivir ?
  4. Just want to move on.

    Pritelivir Buyers Club?

    This is interesting. https://hsvupdate.blogspot.com/2019/01/could-pritelivir-be-approved-based-on.html?m=1
  5. Swallowing charcoal wouldn't do a thing. the whole tech is designed to work as a topical treatment or gel.
  6. I finally finished bit an it was awesome, thanks!
  7. RNY18

    Positive singles

    That's even more depressing....
  8. MikeHerp

    Prime and Pull : Latest Vaccine Info

    One of the things that we could do, is contact prospective companies that have been developing an HSV vaccine, like RedBiotech etc., and alert them of this and encourage them to collaborate with Iwasaki and her team, to make their vaccine a prime and pull vaccine. It seems to be suggested that, this method could work for any HSV vaccine and improve its efficacy. That is what I'd suggest. There are several HSV vaccine development companies that are kind of on the fringe.
  9. Been having a burning sensation in my urethra since late June. And this all happened after a sketchy 20 second unprotected oral sex. Every sexual health clinic dr told me it’s nothing. I got the usual std tests for chlam and gon and all negative. Urine tests came back with nothing too. I really have no clue what it is. I’m really worried it’s herpes in urethra but I heard it’s super super painful when peeing where as for me it’s just a slight burn Saw a urologist last week and he checked my prostate and said that he gets many people with these symptoms and said I had prostatitis. So I’m on antibiotics for next 30 days. Hoping its just that! i was a bit worried this week as I’ve been having groin pains and cramps and weird hot/cold flashes on my skin all over my body. I think it’s just my stress and anxiety.
  10. Thanks! Will keep everyone posted on my results. I'm trying to stay positive but my stress levels are also through the roof 😖
  11. You too buddy Have you had symptoms?
  12. Honestly if you’ve tested negative after that many weeks post exposure, I’d feel good about it and move on. Also, hang in there Roxanne, I’m sure everything will be okay i too am waiting on 12 weeks to get tested for peace of mind. It’s been 9 weeks now with my anxiety through the roof. I tested negative at 6-7 weeks. Good luck guys. Rooting for y’all
  13. I mean I’ve thought I had it for 4 months pretty much, but now I don’t know at all. And if I’m honest I don’t want to get the wb. I just want to hold onto the negative result, I know that’s so cowardly tho
  14. I know it’s easier said then done but try not to stress :(. Trust me i understand about the anxiety of it all, especially when you’re constantly like well fuck i can’t believe this is happening to me. I totally get it :(.
  15. Yeah I’ve heard that too. That’s what makes me so nervous The thing is, is that I think my symptoms might be going away
  16. Western Blot is a great option for you - definitely go for that! I've heard that IgG may miss HSV1 in 30% of people and HSV2 in 8% - that may be the case for you? I don't know... go for the western blot, which is deemed 99% accurate, so you can get some closure
  17. No I never swabbed them. If another outbreak comes back then I’ll swab it. Or if nothing happens in the next couple months I might get the westernblot. I don’t know if I can act like I don’t have it tho. I mean I’ve had symptoms twice, so if it wasn’t herpes then idk what could have done that. The first was worse than the second, and I got sick the first time which makes me think it’s definitely herpes. (But then again that could have all been from the rainforest maybe?) If anyone else got a 19 week igg negative they would think they don’t have it and continue life, but I’m not sure if it’s responsible for me to do that and put someone else in potential harm.
  18. That sucks! I haven't had any typical herpes symptoms though and anything that ended up not looking right to me I always went straight to the docs for a swab - all came back negative. Did you swab your lesions? Assuming you had some after you've said you had all the symptoms? I think the best case for you now is to see if you ever get another outbreak and get it swabbed immediately. I've had many people and doctors tell me that a blood test at 12 week post exposure is conclusive or 16 weeks if you are absolutely worried. Yours is 19 weeks out!! But I can't comment on your symptoms... what were they specifically?
  19. Hey, I’m in somewhat of a similar situation. I’ve had all the symptoms (twice in 3 months). but I tested negative after 19 weeks on the igg. It’s all so stressful
  20. James12

    I don’t know

    Yes the reason I think I have herpes is because the week before I had unprotected sex with someone who absoloitely could of had herpes (slept with 3 people over the course of that trip). However, I had also been in the Amazon for that week, so it could have been anything?
  21. Hi Wilso - thanks again. You're right that the reality and truth are the same. After reading your post I went to draw my blood. I know you have been doubtful of my IgM and believe I'll remain negative IgG (and others as well from forums and doctors) - I hope you are right, it would be such a relief
  22. WilsoInAus

    I don’t know

    Hey there @James12 the first step here is to make sure you have an open mind. What you might think is not relevant. What is actually going on for you is relevant and you use science to determine which amongst the numerous possibilties is the reality. First it is best to understand exposure. What happened sexually in the week before the first outbreak? What happened with the first outbreak, exactly where and what was it? After 16 weeks, yes, over 95% of people who were infected test positive. Also a positive swab is typically not too difficult to obtain for recent infectees. Unless you have been taking antivirals continuously since the day of your first sore, then the ability to have influenced the test is essentially zero.
  23. James12

    I don’t know

    Hi, i have thought that I have had herpes for the past 4 1/2 months and it has been horrible. I have had 2 outbreaks and have had the tingling and some prodromal symptoms but nothing for 7 weeks now. i tested my igg (after 19 weeks post exposure), and it came back negative? can someone please help shed some light on this. I suppose it could be Scabies or contact dermatitis but I truly think it’s herpes. i have been taking a new medication which is meant to “cure” the virus (I don’t want to get into if you think it can be cured or not), and perhaps that has suppressed the antibodies? i thought that after 16 weeks pretty much everyone would have antibodies if positive?? please reply, thanks
  24. Yesterday
  25. Whether you test or not, the reality and truth are the same. You will either have it or not. There will also be no real issue as to whether you have herpes or not. Life will go on just as before. The sun will rise, the same issues will be there in your life and the same joy to be found. The test is just a bit of paper that will provide you with guidance. In your case, I have little doubt it will happen to be negative.
  26. Oh god!! I've been waiting for this day to draw my blood but I don't know if I can do it. I'm sitting at work with high levels of anxiety! I'm sorry if I am sounding dramatic but I'm just not sure what to do?!?! I need closure because I obsess over this every minute of every day but I'm not sure if I can handle knowing I'm positive... To make things worse I have a bright red spot on my outer labia this morning!! Do I or don't I re-test? Feeling like I'm going to have a panic attack 3 negative swabs on red spots to date and no other symptoms. No pain, no lesions, no flu like symptoms - surely I can still be negative even though my IgM said positive?? Does anyone know what the window period is for an IgM to stay positive? Equivocal 21st March and then positive 2nd July - that seems like a hell of a long time for something that apparently is only meant to be present for a couple of weeks? Someone, please help any further support would be appreciated. I'm terrified.
  27. mconcerned1986

    After 11 months and 12 doctors telling me no - I tested positive

    https://westoverheights.com/forum/question/inhibition-assay-negative-test-result/ this post shows that that even higher value of igGs sadly cannot be trusted up on.
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