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  2. WilsoInAus

    Could it be true.

    @Tone123 that looks like a simple abrasion, pinch, ‘boil’ point or fordyce spot inflammation. Most guys will get a few of those a year.
  3. Blurne ..sorry but you are getting boring to.me.. you are predictable. And I thought you were going to block.me. oh well. Until next time that you lie and misinform. And be careful where you pack that thing. Wouldnt want you to lose it in case you finally come around.
  4. Okay, I get it. You have no proof or ability to explain why Bob's story is bullshit. You said it was, but cannot provide evidence. You are spineless and not worthy of continuing a conversation with.
  5. Im.not the one trying to.prove I have something when I dont. That is what you are doing. Pack it up and put it away. You will not be needing it for awhile.
  6. You can't answer it without acknowleging to the forum that you do not have hsv2 which you do not have. I dont think you have hsv1 either. But ant remember all of your changing symptoms
  7. And provided no evidence at all other than his opinion. Did you even check to see if he is right? Did you read the thread? What proof do you have that it's "bullshit" as you said. Either own up to your opinion or stop responding.
  8. I dont need too. Wilso has already addressed that one appropriately enough. Next.
  9. Are you going to ever explain why you think Bob's story is false? I am not answering anything anymore until you explain yourself.
  10. Very low positive for hsv1. But the WB trumps that . And never did you ever test positive for hsv2 Is that true or false, blurne?
  11. You still have not answered why his story is bullshit and fake.
  12. Makes me wonder why they aren’t conducting the study in the confines of the United States. Regardless, fingers crossed.
  13. You are pathetic Blurne. Pack it up and put it away. You are done.
  14. Also had two positive IGGs and two doctors tell me I am positive.
  15. Bob12 was also asked to accept his negative WB, then tested positive. There is an entire thread about people having a negative WB and swabbing/culture positive. Until someone can explain to me why I match symptoms of herpes sufferers after I had unprotected sex, then I'll stop posting. Look through his posts, https://honeycomb.click/profile/35259-bob12/ I've seen you use the fake profile excuse many times before.
  16. Yes read the responses from myself and others, the whole transgender child issue was enough to confirm that the profile was most probably entirely fake.
  17. I'm not worried about his story dont care about his story. You are negative. You have had 2 negative IGG and 1 negative WB. And multiple DRs and specialists telling you you dont have herpes. They wont see you anymore because they are tired of you we are tired of you. When you add it all up.uou are negative. That would be zero. Cant get any better. It's up to you on how you handle the infomercial I got 2 negatives and I'm negative. I dont need to go through your hypochondriac stuff.
  18. Blurne - for the love of peace accept the WB result. I'm tired of seeing your myriad prevarications and what-about-isms. We have no idea what you're suffering with, but the WB proves it isn't HSV related. Let's all just agree to put it to bed? Cheers and good health to you.
  19. I am still waiting for you to show me the proof of this.
  20. Then what are we to believe on this site? How are we to tell which stories are right or wrong? You believe in test results, but you don't believe Bob12's positive results. Why? What exactly about his story do you find to be untrue?
  21. The hell with Bob. Some guy tells a story with outlandish details and we are supposed to believe it because he is " Bob from the internet" You are not only whacked but gullible too! Time out? How old are you. You need a safe space? Why? so you can spew your herpes misinformation unscathed. You have nothing but negative test results, all Drs have told you you dont have herpes yet you are fixated like a little girl that you do. The only safe space for you is to get off this forum and go to reddit where they will accept your make believe bullshit. No insults here buddy just basic truths told with tough love.
  22. Again, what about Bob's story makes him a liar? You claimed it's BS, but won't you explain why that is? @StayingUpbeat, can you please send Muscha to timeout for continuing to insult me? Don't forget my two positive IGGs!
  23. I would have had I seen it. Just like I'm questioning your dumb negative 2 igg and 1 wb negative ass self
  24. Hi. My first symptoms recognizable as a HSV infection were a group of painful blisters on my butt. I got touched there, as well on my penis, without me wanting that Blisters didn't develop on the glans. The blisters got unrecognized by an incapable doctor in a clinic for sexual diseases, which took a swab without even warning me that the test for HSV was not available at that clinic. Around 1 or 2 months later my glans started to get dry with patches of red skin. The skin was badly dry that it looked like a dried mushroom and it was peeling off. I started going to dermatologists and urologists and I heard things like: it's normal / it's balanitis / it's yeast / you jerk off too much. A circus of idiots. Believing in them, I started thinking that it was just a transition and it would have changed. But it was not getting much better. The skin was always dry and it didn't have the elasticity typical of the glans. Especially, after erection, the skin was like if it was breaking up in many small pieces, but without peeling. It was red especially on the meatus with skin with a different consistency. On the sides of the glans I could see many tiny veins under the skin, as if there was an inflammation/infection. Inside of the urethra, on the 2 sides, 2 white flat patches of skin, which firstly made me think of HPV. In the middle a red inflamed patch and occasionally some red dots also on the sides. Sometimes I have a mild pain, like a mild burning sensation, deep inside the urethra. 1 year after the infection, I got swabs for HSV, HPV, yeast, gonorrea, clamydia, ... No blood exams. Only HSV1 came back positive. The condition never changed. Since I never had visible blisters on the glans, I started thinking that herpes was not being much of a problem for me and those symptoms were probably given by something else that did not get diagnosed. I tried different things: Aldara (which gave me an awful immune response and development of sort of blisters on my glans, skin breaking and bleeding, completely inflamed glans) Coconut oil (which manages to keep the irritation less visible, but the skin gets dry again as soon as I stop using it) Tea tree oil (similar, but irritates more the skin) 1 consecutive month of valtrex (not much effect on those symptoms) 1 month of 3mg daily lysine (I'm doing it right now, but I can't see much changes) Now I'm starting to believe that those symptoms may be a reaction of my immune system to the infection or maybe it's caused by a damage of nerves / oil glands due to herpes. I don't have any certainty, beside the only positive diagnosis that I have had. So I have also been looking what other people write about their symptoms to see if someone else who had a diagnosis of genital herpes had a constant dry skin.
  25. Link to that evidence. Show me that other people besides you said he was wrong.
  26. Im still waiting for you to accept your results. All negative. Are those not the facts Blurne? You are negative. I've never seen someone that insisted on having herpes so bad. You are wacked!
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