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    • UprisingMadness
      I've never had any troubles getting guys to notice me, but it will just be different now. I feel like a vampire or something that can't have humans anymore.
    • fixme1
      Too true. Trust me everyone deep down supports you lot at rvx. We get the odd doubters but its because of upset. Lot of respect to you all for trying  to help the suffering. Alot here have tried to spread awareness, ive been posting on every site i can with the petitions and alot of others here have too. The best way is to get all the people out there to stand togther and push it forward
    • SnowAngel
      Thank you Agustin that was beautiful! Thank you! 
    • ts3002
      I'm current taking 800 mg acyclovir a day. but I'm still terrified I could pass this along. I just wanted to know if there is anyone else who is in a relationship and has been on suppressive therapy and have you transmitted? have you not transmitted? do you do anything else (other then using a condom bc I still do that) to reduce transmission?
    • Agustin Fernandez III
      The thing that needs to be done, is raise awareness. So that everyone can understand the magnitude of the problem. I fear that what sufferers can do, is the last thing anyone in this condition wants to do. Disclose, speak out, and demand new and better solutions to our problem. Because indeed it is a problem for all humanity. Imagine the civil rights movement if none of the afflicted wanted to be identified as minorities. Imagine any change coming about because the ones who require it most hid in the shadows. I know it is difficult to come forward, I do, but there is no shame in your conditions, you didn't do anything wrong. What each and everyone of you did, was be human. Humans love other humans, humans touch other humans. To be human is to love one another. If there is a painful price to pay for being human, then we pay it.  You don't stop falling in love because someone breaks your heart, and you don't stop living when the universe throws you a curve ball. You are all just as amazing today as you were the day before your diagnosis. No shame, no fear, life gives us scars, it always will, and we keep on living.  Do not be ashamed that you have lived life to its fullest. HOW DO WE BEAT THIS VIRUS, BY FACING IT IN THE LIGHT. Dr. William Halford, has spent his proffesional life openly discussing the solution to this virus, even provocatively. He isn't afraid of the controversy.  The universe didn't afflict him with Herpes. It Saddled him with Cancer, but my friend and partner, has never complained, not once, he has never hid in shame or been afraid to keep fighting. Never even worry about how much time he has left. He has used every second granted to him, and they may be limited, to help us ALL.  How do we honor that sacrifice? How do we all pay him back for that? We cant. But we can help him beat this virus... that's what i am trying to do. He never thinks of quitting, and neither should any of you.   
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