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    • Cure Coming Soon
      Hello from NM also
    • LucyLevi
      Hi Jan Welcome to Honeycomb and I hope you will find the support you need here. It also sounds as though you will be a great member for supporting others too!  The chat is a great way to get live conversations going and there is often lots of people around at different times of the day. It tends to be busiest around 8pm EST withe those folks who are in the US. I'm from the UK so I'm often in a bit earlier. Hope to here more from you soon and welcome again! Lucy 
    • oldgal
      A lot of informative and positive responses coming in here.  Some things I didn't know too.  Sorry I jumped on the negative bandwagon so quickly with my suspicious mind.  It sounds like there's a good chance my thoughts were premature.  I hope you find the answers you need and everything works out happily for you and your husband.  Thanks the rest of you for the info!  (What is IgG and IgM please?)
    • Jmula
      Ok hope it's not too long! It all started with what I thought was a cut outside my female area. I figured it would go away but after a few more painful days of trying to use the bathroom I decided to go to clinic by my work.  I was able to be seen and the doctor told me it  I had two small lesions that looked like similar to herpes. She did a swab and had a sample tested at a lab   The following week I got a call back to tell me that I needed to come back in for antiviral medication, because it was indeed herpes.     Im hurt, emotionally drained and frustrated because I don't know how long I have had this.  Or from whom. lived with my boyfriend for 7 months. He was the only one before that who I slept with unprotected.   i did date other people before him and had relations but I made sure to get tested. I never had one night stands or hooked up with any one random everyone I slept with I had a long relationship with.    The doctor suggest that this is the first ob and should be the worst.    But after I had time to think, I now realize what I once thought was some  rash inside my butt checks late last year was actually an outbreak! I had two prior ob  before I went to see a doctor visit now    I am on another ob shortly after  my first diagnosis a few weeks ago- and   I'm assuming its because I've been extremely stressed still. This ob is back to the same location as the original location from last year.  And I've noticed I've been sick and tired for the past month even feeling nauseous not sure if this is the virus  It doesnt help my coworkers are constantly Coming in coughing and being sick themselves I just feel weak Normally Im active and healthy I just so happen to be  going through the ups and downs of a failed relationship. I'm wondering is the first year the hardest it's about to be a full year now   I'm so new to this and I am looking for any information or tips on how to control the ob  The first 2 were worse the third only had the two lesions but I had developed flu like symptoms now this current one is only 1 lesion. And I'm still feeling sickly   So in total I've had 4 outbreaks The doctor said I might have a high virus load because of the amount I've had within the year -  I don't want this virus to control me   That being said can anyone help me with anything like what are the best natural  supplements that I can take to control this  I just want my health back.   Oh yeah and apparently I don't know if this is H1 or H2 when I went back and asked they said their clinic doesn't test for which type they just test to see if you have it.  I'm thinking it's. H2 
    • WilsoInAus
      What is the relevance of this? There are 5 billion people on the planet and you think 30 stories, most unsubstantiated, somehow proves that neuralgia is common and exists? Dr Halford does not believe conclude nerves are damaged by nerves, but does refer to signal disruption as resulting in pain. PHN from VZV has been proven through physical examination of nerves. Your argument makes no sense regarding HSV as nerve damage has not been observed and isolated to HSV 1/2. Your statements are just so grandiose. No book of knowledge is complete and this hence doesn't mean that things exist or do not exist. You can only go on what we know and the probability of it being right.and help people with this data and slavishly follow some personal belief in such a low probability event affects everyone who comes to this site talking of nerve pain. 
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