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A place for people of Jewish faith to come together for guidance and support with herpes.

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    • Alexlara
      Yea  Really ? Yes I know believe me I am scared as hell right now to the point am like no more sex lol..just waiting for results now ..I always use condom even for oral But since me and her been messing around for awhile I went for it but the doctor just gave me fungus cream lol like wtf lol
    • Lisajd
      I can help with a uk one
    • Lisajd
      Does not look like herpes.  Its important to use protection or have mutual testing before sex.  You may just have caught her yeast infection or you had one and gave to her
    • Alexlara
      Had sex with a friend first time without condom and the next day she calls me to tell me she had a yeast infection..so I checked and now I have this ..I don't know if bad or not but I did go get tested for std etc but hoping it's not .. it don't burn nor itch but just never seen these rashes ..also we kiss but I have no bumps in lips .
    • valleynovascotia
      hi can i join i might be too old though
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