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    Chip Clark

    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    All, I've tried to address your individual comments and questions but let me make some general comments: - My team and I care deeply about your suffering. It is for you that we've been busting our asses for the past several years. And I do understand that there is emotion behind your reactions to our announcement. - We are heartbroken and angry not to have found a way yet to advance GEN-003. We have not given up - in other words, a deal may materialize - but we had to "take our medicine" Monday to let people understand clearly that no deal was imminent because we were running out of money. - There is no conspiracy. If pharma or investors believed in GEN-003, it would be moving forward today. Lack of belief or interest, not a conspiracy to hold it back, explains where we are. - I accept my responsibility in this. And I'm going to keep fighting like hell to find some way to advance GEN-003.
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    Excision bio gearing up to eradicate all latent hiv

    This is exactly what I've said before. If hiv gets cured or if crispr even drastically improves hiv patients. They will get the green light to go after hsv. And that will be a main focus. It's close. We're almost there. We will get to see if crispr can save us. This gets me excited for the future. Fingers crossed. http://www.fiercebiotech.com/biotech/artis-funds-excision-to-test-whether-crispr-can-cure-hiv
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    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    @Chip Clark There has not been an advancement in HSV treatment in over 30 years. And then, your company develops a vaccine that leads to a 50% reduction in symptoms....and you're telling me you can't raise money for this?????? How in the world are you not able to make a deal to provide funding for this research that has proven to be safe and effective?? 50% reduction is enormous and the vaccine will greatly reduce the stigma of HSV. Hundreds of millions of people suffering...you have an effective therapeutic...and you can't get funding....Come on Chip. I greatly appreciate your interaction with this forum and your time to answer questions...but this doesn't add up.
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    Agustin Fernandez III

    Hoping to clear things up

    Hi All, There has been much confusion around Sales of this vaccine. It is true that some doctors have reached out to me with the desire to offer this experimental treatment. I have met with Many of them, but as of yet no one anywhere is making this vaccine available. RVx continues to push forward with the studies. We are hoping to run a new trial soon. I am happy to talk and meet with Any Physician that wants to learn more about our products. I just want to be clear with the patienst on this site, who are the people that matter. So far, despite many conversations, There isn't anywhere that has satisfied all of our requirements for offering Theravax under a compassionate use program. Please don't loose hope. The science is advancing and we are pushing very hard for the community. If there is any new updates I will let you know.
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    Possible Treatment Vaccine

    I am not writing this to get everyones hopes up. I am very well versed on HSV and have been lurking on these boards for almost 10 years now. I have tried everything under the sun for this virus in hopes that I could put it behind me. I was even part of the Gen-03 trial and received the vax at its highest dose with the adjuvant. It seemed to work temporarily but that was 4 years ago now and think it is a flop. With that said I have probably researched any possible alternative option we have for this virus. To be honest with you through vitamins and supplements I have pretty much put the virus into remission compared to where I was years ago when it was constant. I have still not been satisfied with that as I still get the zings, and zangs and nerve pain from time to time. I have to alter my life around this virus to keep my sanity. I actually had a tiny sore pop up a couple weeks ago after months of nothing. It was quite depressing. Well all of these trials and tribulations have brought me to where I am today. I do believe that I have come across a treatment that could act as a vaccine. It could be a potentially dangerous out come that could make things worse but I am going to give it a try. It will entail activating the virus and then treating it with an off label drug to enhance the immune system to the viral antigen. I am not going to get into specifics at this time on exactly what it is as it could be potentially dangerous. I am at the point where I am willing to take the risk to try to put this behind me. I will be doing a 4 week treatment after I am able to induce a sizeable outbreak which has proven difficult the last month. After this I will follow up with a 30 day pcr swab twice daily to check my results and see if my immune system is now able to banish any reactivation/shedding. I am so in tuned with my body and triggers that I will know if it has been able to banish the virus into complete latency. I will embark on this journey here in the next week or so. I promise to return and provide more details as things progress. I am really hoping this could be the answer for not only myself but millions of people that are suffering mentally and physically from this disease. Wish me luck and I will be back hopefully with some positive reports.
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    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    Question is - how much were you bribed by big pharma to cease? This is fucking bullshit so many people have been waiting years for this. The results were good and the durability was excellent.
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    Bet on Excision Bio

    Excision bio is the only company that is moving fast and has promise in my eyes. They intend to fully cure HIV. CURE. it was previously thought that crispr could only lower the viral load. So that people could come off ART's. But they speak of a 100% eradication. And they say HSV can be too. Amongother diseases https://www.specialtypharmacytimes.com/news/curing-aids-the-time-is-now-gene-editing-technology-may-eliminate-hiv
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    Keep this board OPTIMISTIC

    Hello All I have noticed that certain people keep trying to find something wrong with all and any current research for a cure. They are also very negative or pessimistic about whats going on. Let me remind you, there has been NOTHING I repeat NOTHING in the past 30 years with Medical professionals and Scientists finding a cure or functional cure like there is today. Instead of giving your own negative review why you personally think it won't work, back it up with updated documented proof by a medical professional or scientist. I am not going to call anyone out because we all have enough troubles to deal with including why we are on this board. We should all be thankful and stay optimistic with the current work that is being done. We should stay positive, hopeful and optimistic and all the above. Anything less is not helpful. We are all here for the same reason. Lets not try to discourage or find any more problems. People come here for good news and hope. Stay hopeful everyone.
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    90% of new drug approvals by the FDA; in 2017, were supported by trials conducted over seas.

    The Chicken pox vaccine was made in the 70's in japan. FDA didn't approve for the U.S. until the 90's. That's the kind of beuracracy were dealing with. The American government likes it that way. Halford couldn't advance his work because he'd die before they approved anything. He did all he could before dying. He spent less time with his family in his last year on earth because he had a mission to help us. AND HE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE HSV.
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    New troubling article featuring RVX -

    This journalist (Marisa Taylor) is a hack, and she publishes a lot of politically biased articles. Everyone should probably assume that her interest in RVX is mostly driven by the opportunity to link controversy over the allegation of a "trial gone wrong" to "Trump supporter" Peter Thiel, and then by extension, use this as "evidence" for her fight against the Trump Administration's "dangerous" deregulatory healthcare agenda. For example, she writes: "At a time when the Trump administration is pushing to speed drug development, the saga of the St. Kitts trial underscores the troubling risks." And, "Thiel, a PayPal co-founder who has excoriated the FDA as too bureaucratic, declined to answer questions." The rest of the article is biased toward painting the RVX trial in the worst possible light, in an effort to make the Trump Administration's deregulatory health policies look "dangerous." I am not defending the RVX trial, the way it was conducted, the RVX vaccine, deregulation, or the FDA, or the Trump administration, or those that oppose it - just pointing out the overt political bias of this particular journalist. Nothing in the article even attempts to discuss the technical merit (or not) of the particular vaccine in question, or the harder questions about "how much risk" is justified in pursuing medical advancements. CRISPR and many other technologies all have the same issue holding them back - billions in costs and decades of delays due to the FDA's insistence that virtually "no risk" be taken in terms of human testing. China is likely to bypass the US in terms of making medical advancements, all while the FDA pats itself on the back for never taking any risk. I simply find yellow journalism distasteful, and the author of this article engages in one-sided sensationalism in an attempt at crafting a storyline that advances her political agenda. Many of Marisa Taylor's other articles are also aggressively in opposition of Trump Administration healthcare policy and efforts to loosen FDA regulatory restrictions, and that's mostly the "purpose" of this article . . . Many "first in human" medical trials reveal some safety or efficacy issues that lead to further refinements - in dosage, formulation, or materials - after "phase 1" information is gathered. Where does RVX rank in the history of trials that have allegedly "gone wrong" in phase 1? With all due respect to anyone who was "adversely affected" by the RVX vaccine, it's not even on the list really - at least assuming the list were to include all the clinical trials that have resulted in death and/or serious injury to human volunteers (and it's a pretty long list). RVX is most notable for bypassing the FDA and for not having a review board - not for putting anyone in the hospital, and not for "curing" anything (which is different than having "some efficacy"). Halford may have cut corners due to his terminal cancer diagnosis, but that doesn't mean that his criticisms of the FDA are invalid, or that the vaccine doesn't have any scientific value, in some form or other. And if Halford did cut corners, beyond what the law permits, then it's up to regulators to deal with that (or trial participants, if they are feeling sufficiently litigious about it). A yellow journalism political "hit piece" doesn't seem like the right way to go, but it's a free country, you know? Maybe that's just how we do things these days, since almost everything is politicized. There ARE many examples of other "first in human" trials that have gone far worse than any alleged consequences of the RVX trial . . . Take the UK trial of TGN1412 back in 2006, for example. No one died, but the 6 (otherwise healthy) people that participated (in a fully regulated and supervised trial, btw) unexpectedly ended up in critical condition in the hospital. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theralizumab if you are curious enough read about something really "going wrong" . . . The company involved even went bankrupt as a result. But do you know what else happened? The drug itself didn't die. Someone else bought it and they figured out the problem (the drug worked very differently in people than in animal models, requiring a significant dosage adjustment). And now the same drug is back in human trials again (as treatment for arthritis) . . . In any case, we should all be thankful that Peter Thiel hasn't invested in TGN1412! Just imagine the headlines Marisa Taylor would write if that ever happened: "Aggressive Trump Supporter Peter Thiel Invests in Dangerous Drug Known for Causing Catastrophic Organ Failure in Trial Participants; Continues Push to Decimate 'Vital' FDA Regulations That Protect the Public"
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    Redbiotec HSV2 vaccine

    Yesterday i was in contact with the ceo of redbio. He answered to my email. We will speak within the next weeks. I will keep you informated.
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    Shingrix , could it be the next cure for hereps ?

    I'm going to try it for sure! I hope I will bring good news.
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    Life with HSV2 partner. I'm negative

    Just wanted to update everyone. We are still doing great, well over a year now and he is still not passed it. I know that doesn't mean we are in the "clear" but I fall more madly in love with him every day and I don't even talk about H anymore. really. Our sex life is fantastic, fulfilling and trust. I think starting this relationship on a foundation of trust and honesty has made it my best one ever. I hope everyone is well xoxo
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    Hope4herpes. Video link

    Let us know if you want to be involved @crackedor myself can help.
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    The time is now. New project

    This forum has long discussed banning together to make a difference. Myself and another member are doing just that. @Cracked and I are starting a project to inform people of the disease itself, the amount we suffer both physically and mentally. As this has never been told on a proper platform. Our goals are to get the word out there and to show that this is a serious matter. We hope to also raise money in the future for a cure, and any and all money will be donated to Excision Bio and Rvx among others. Helps support us. The time is now.
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    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    Thank you Monique. If I live to 100 hopefully HC will no longer be needed and we wont have to listen to Wilso tell us that re-infection is impossible and that nerve pain has nothing to do with herpes and that we are all delusional and that we should take the IGG test and blah blah blah
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    New troubling article featuring RVX -

    Marisa Taylor's email is mtaylor@kff.org for anyone who has something to say. I doubt that she is anywhere near done with her smear campaign. She is clearly writing with a destructive mission and will not stop until RVX is old news. Looks like she'll be busy for years to come should that be the only point at which she would end her attacks. Anyone who claims that RVX is a lost cause is simply mistaken. They're making progress on a daily basis. A bit of trollish speculation fueled by a crooked journalist isn't going to change that. Marisa Taylor will eat her words and will serve as the face of corporate opposition in this story. Shame on her; she is a disgrace to journalism.
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    New troubling article featuring RVX -

    I no longer have symptoms but there wasn't enough money to test for shedding. So I may still shed virus. I don't know. As long as I don't know if I no longer shed virus then I cannot say I'm cured. My symptoms are gone but I may be able to infect someone else. One of the reasons Thiel got involved was to help with future FDA approved clinical trials and testing for shedding was going to be done. The main goal for this vaccine is prevention though. If we can reduce ore eliminate symptoms and prevent partners from contracting it, then it's as good as a cure. I have been looking at this for over 7 years now. This vaccine is our only hope for the next 15 -20 years. I tell people there is hope but it's going to be a while. Get your symptoms under control if you can and live your life. But I hope this vaccine will move forward and be available to the masses asap. Not 15 - 20 years from now. I'm just not sure how that's going to happen when people won't advocate. The documentary is about Dr. Halford's life and quest to get the vaccine to market. I'm in it discussing my experience with it, using my real name, and advocating for all of us. If that make me an asshole to LatentBloomer then I'mm proud to be one.
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    New troubling article featuring RVX -

    Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself. I went so far as to contribute the the documentary coming out with my real name to advocate. I played guinea pig and got this vaccine and I'm so glad I did. No more suffering for me and the company is moving forward. You naysayers just wait and see.
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    Rational Vaccine Article - alot bad news

    It will work for the majority of people. There were 17 other people in the trial that are doing quite well. I got Theravax and I'm doing quite well. No symptoms and I'm healthier now then I was then. RVX will keep pressing onward. Oh, and I'm going to be public about my experience in the future. It's already been recorded. I'm not letting the stigma stop me from helping stop this pandemic. If you want better treatment options or a cure, you have to advocate. You can't advocate by hiding because of the stigma. So I'm out. Be sure to check out Patient Zero when it comes out next year. This patient had a lot to say. Oh, and if Dr. Halford went rogue, well so did Dr. Jonas Salk and I'm so glad he did. Polio would really suck. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonas_Salk
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    Hope4herpes. Jane's story

    4th vido
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    West Texas Guy

    I am taking the Theravax Vaccine. My story, as it progresses.

    I moved through much of the process to receive Theravax. All that I needed was wiring instructions for the money and the waivers to sign. While making preparations to make the trips to St Kitts for Theravax, Minerva Laboratories (the party handing the administration of Theravax) went silent. They have stayed silent as well. I have heard through other channels and the press they encountered some issues from the St Kitts regulatory agencies and they are working on getting them fixed. I know a little more than that confidentially, but the result is still the same. It is on hold for now. I am still interested in proceeding when that time comes. I believe that time will come.
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    Latest Crispr news 10-2-17

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    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    I take no pleasure in writing this post, but this is on Chip Clark. For years, he's asked us to believe in him and support him. Hell, some individuals on this forum that I respect a lot even invested their own money and bought stock in the company. As CEO, it is his responsibility to secure funding for his product. He is responsible for making the case to investors. So, how do you not secure funding when you have a viable product that reduces symptoms by 50%?? A product that is safe and effective. A product that is one of the first major advancements in the field in over 30 years?? Every single person with HSV2, whether they have no symptoms, mild symptoms or severe symptoms would pay for the vaccine so that when they disclose, their pitch can include that they were vaccinated. Chip, you asked us to believe in you and Gen-003. Well, here we all are...still believing in you and waiting for you to make this right. The buck stops at the CEO...make it right Chip!
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    Does this site have an intimate encounter section.

    @diablo604 It's insane that we're more cautious than our doctors. It's their nonchalant attitude towards hsv that has allowed it to spread. As common as HSV1 is there's no way to know whether or not someone already has it unless you've seen them with a cold sore. And even then, they might have ohsv2. Personally, I do not believe that having ohsv1 protects you from ghsv1 as there are different strains of each type. Another member posted a few studies indicating that people can carry more than one strain of the same virus in the same location. It's rare and usually only occurs in immunocompromised people, but it's still possible.
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    Spider man

    Does this site have an intimate encounter section.

    Maybe we just need to start sleeping with cdc members then things will be expedited
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    New troubling article featuring RVX -

    I genuinely believe halford was out to help sufferers and not cause pain, he was just a dieing man trying his hardest to dobest with all his time he put into hsv research. The people on here that actually went to a corrupt journo ... What do they actually get from it, it won't take the fact they have hsv away ha. There was no way in hell this was a scan or profit based, if the FDA over see trails of a live vaccine i think it will be made safe and give the world what it needs.
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    New troubling article featuring RVX -

    The people who have fed Marisa this info are all on this forum I'd say , why would you five some corrupt waste of oxygen journilist any shred of info to give a meaning to her shit postings haha.
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    No, there is no requirement to edit brain cells. The point of the video was to show that scientists can now do this editing on non-dividing neurons. Therefore, that technology should apply to any non-dividing neuron, including the ones at the base of the spine and behind the ears.
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    If Theravax so successful, Why has no one continued research?

    I have read a lot about the success of the Theravax vaccine. Supposedly, it greatly reduced symptoms in extreme cases. My questions are the following: - Is Theravax a cure? In other words, will we be able to copulate with others without transmitting the disease or does it just reduce outbreaks? - What does it take to call Theravax or anything else for that matter a "cure"? - If Theravax was so successful, why has there been such a fall off on coverage? - If Theravax was so successful, why are others not attempting similar techniques / methods as Dr. Halford? Everything else continues to fail and Theravax appears to still have some legs - What can we do to help? This disease has changed my life and I'm tired of hearing, "if people don't accept you with herpes, then they are jerks..... it is common, 1/5 people have it" No -- both of these coping pillars offer no solace. These people are not jerks and only 3/100 people KNOW they have herpes. Why would anyone knowingly put themselves at risk of an STD that puts you in such a highly stigmatized and hopeless group of the population? These success stories of a young hero/heroine finding love and acceptance are the exception, not the rule. I have no idea how to cope. I have no idea how I am supposed to find love. Honesty will lead to rejection. Lying has eaten away my soul and sense of self. I don't want to be a bad person and would never want to give this to someone else. I feel like we have 2 paths: Isolation or dishonesty. Please tell me there is a 3rd! I need hope!
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    Hoping to clear things up

    Hey Augustin I actually just made a video referencin your company. Check it out. Cracked and I are trying to get the word out there for all hsv related research
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    Call John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) to raise HSV awareness!

    I just got off the phone with someone from Avalon, who is the management company for John Oliver, the host of the late night show Last Week Tonight. I particularly chose him because they accept viewer suggestions and he covers issues and events that are not talked about or have little coverage and has a massive audience. I told the person on the phone to relay a message to the show’s team to do a piece on raising awareness for herpes and the lack of research and treatment for this disease and how the only available treatment is expired patent pills. I plead to each one of you reading this thread to bombard their phone lines with a message asking for a piece to be done on herpes and its lack of funding for research and how it affects people, including you, and how badly it needs a cure. This is one of the best ways we can actually create awareness if enough attention is received. I am leaving phone numbers for Avalon’s various locations and all you have to do is tell them you would like to leave a message for John Oliver. You can remain anonymous if you’d like when calling. Avalon for John Oliver: New York: [+1] 212 400 4822 Beverly Hills: [+1] 310 424 1700 London: [+44] 020 7598 8000
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    Denying the correlation between HSV2 and nerve damage.

    Denying The Correlation HSV-2 and Nerve Damage The internet helps us everyday in many different ways. Most recently bringing unprecedented awareness of ALS, a disease that destroys the lives of thousands of Americans each year. I believe all ailments, diseases or viruses that compromise quality of any human beings life should garner the same attention in hope of ending misery and suffering. However, there is a particular virus that nearly everyone is aware of that is stigmatized in America more so than in Europe that almost no one seems to want to talk about openly and that virus is herpes. Specifically HSV-2 commonly known as genital herpes. 1 out 6 people ages 14-49 are believed to be infected with HSV-2 or roughly 536 million people worldwide. You have most likely been made aware of the basic symptoms of HSV-2 but here is a much more accurate list of symptoms starting with sensitivity to light (often the first symptom can occur less than 24hr after infection), burning or tingling feeling at the sight of infection on the genitals, burning feeling when urinating or urine feels hotter during urination, painful blistery outbreak (appears 1-2 weeks after infection blisters will break leaving open sores that will reform blisters accompanied with yellow discharge heals in approx. 1-3 weeks), flu like symptoms (day of initial outbreak can last for 1-2 weeks), headache (reoccurring and becoming more frequent after infection), thigh pain or tenderness (persists beyond flu like symptoms reoccurring throughout hosts life), buttock pain or tenderness (persists beyond flu like symptoms reoccurring throughout hosts life) , difficulty passing stool or feeling that your bowels are not completely empty after passing stool (persists throughout hosts life, lower back pain (occurs during the initial outbreak lasts throughout hosts life), pins and needles in extremities especially when standing or laying for extended periods. Many foods and liquids you enjoy will act as triggers for HSV-2 outbreaks and headache. Alcohol is a known outbreak trigger yet alcohol intolerance developed in those infected with HSV-2 along with chronic headache. Let me be clear that HSV-2 is not directly causing this, but rather the damage HSV-2 does to the nerves causes a domino effect. Now you may be familiar with most of these symptoms or perhaps only a few, but let's slow down for a moment and ask, why? We know that after initial infection, the virus enters the nerve roots and spreads to the sensory nerve ganglia which serves as the home base for the virus. The ganglia are the nerve junctions which nerves from different parts of the body come together. For the genital area, the ganglia are adjacent to the spinal cord in the lower back. So, already we have a factual connection between HSV-2, your nerves, your spinal cord and your lower back. Yet, the stigma focuses solely on those pesky painful genital sores that come and go and those other symptoms namely lower back pain and nerve damage are dismissed, forgotten or not even acknowledged. Contrary to popular belief there is no "latency period" once you are infected. The virus is alive and awake every moment of your life reeking havoc methodically on your nerves. It borders the realm of sheer cruelty to deny the correlation between nerve damage and HSV-2. The virus enters into the nerves and does severe irreversible damage over time yet people are led to believe that the herpes virus is just a pesky epidermal menace rather than the internal terrorist it actually is. Many are also led to believe that nerve damage experienced coincidently post HSV-2 infection is a direct result of your own incompetence and not the virus. I urge anyone who suspects they are infected with HSV-2 to go to a virologist and get tested. I urge those already infected to stand strong and fight for the truth to be told about the dangers of HSV-2. So little is being done about the herpes virus while pharmaceutical companies and doctors are making millions off the misrepresentation of what this virus is actually doing to your body. I regularly witness once healthy men and woman suffering with HSV-2 struggle with herniated discs in their spine, compressed nerves, chronic headache, sudden headache after alcohol consumption, pain and numbness in their extremities all occurring within 1-2 years after initial infection. Many of these people have been dealing with these debilitating effects due to HSV-2 for many years left hopeless and struggling with the psychological effects this cash cow of a virus is doing to millions too ashamed to speak up for themselves. Physical therapy does very little for these people as the virus never stops doing damage to the nerves in the body. Just because your genital sores are not visible or outbreaks are seldom does not change the fact there is a virus doing terrible things inside of your body. Stand up for the truth about herpes and bring attention to this virus. Enough with the social stigma. This is a debilitating virus and the world needs to know. I urge everyone to deny their doctors prescription meds for herpes. Herpes is a huge money maker and it's time to standup for truth. If your only concern is reducing outbreaks here is a homeopathic regime that will work take the following every morning before breakfast or your first meal. 1000mg L-lysine 25mg Aloe Vera soft gel Oil of oregano four drops Reishi extract liquid form 1mL Take the following in the evening or before dinner 25mg Aloe Vera soft gel Oil of oregano four drops Reishi extract liquid 1mL I have the utmost respect for doctors and all those who dispose of the ego and devote their lives to the well being of strangers. Taking knowledge earned and gained to improve the lives of others is heroic and fundamental in a progressive and peaceful society. However, there are too many that willfully cause harm to others for personal gain by not disclosing the truth and it is time to dig these cancerous moles out from society and bring their thrones crashing to the ground. Please, spread the truth about herpes it's not just a reoccurring blemish on your genitals it's a debilitating virus that terrorizes the body more so than the world and general public are led to believe. Develop a strong voice and destroy the stigma. I found this on another forum. It describes many of my chronic symptoms perfectly. I included the suppressive supplement protocol although I can't speak for its efficacy- I haven't tried it. I'm considering stopping antivirals, but for those with HSV2- glutamine is more effective than lysine. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-study-glutamine-suppresses-herpes-mice-guinea-pigs
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    This site has honestly helped me

    Im 12 days of living infected and yes im depressed and angry and a few other feelings i cant even make into words but this site had helped me understand what i am living with now. Because of this site i know the facts of what can happen, what to more or less expect, how to help ease things abd maintain then. The hive has welcomed me with open arms and is the only place i even feel comfortable bringing up things thats going on with this new life!
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    How do I know my life is not over?

    I do weight training. Just kidding. I'm a grizzled veteran of ghsv2; 35 years. There is some physical discomfort albeit it's less than when I got my first OB. But I know you are concerned about how it will affect your romantic life. Everyone has different experiences. Personally, I was never rejected because of H, and you'll find that that is not atypical. So don't feel like no one will ever want you again. So you have it now and you'll despair for a while and that's OK. But focus on overcoming your despair rather than allowing it to dominate you. The happier you are, the less happy the virus, because it thrives on negative emotions and stress. Eat well, exercise moderately, and get plenty of restful sleep. In other words, do all the things that all people should do. There's a lot of research going on right now and a cure is getting closer. So given your age it's not likely you will have this issue for the rest of your life.
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    How do I know my life is not over?

    Hey Curly, You know your life is not over because you have gotten viruses before. They may have been inconvenient at times, but did not change you as a person and certainly did not make you disgusting. Herpes is just like those. At first you might find yourself getting caught up in negative thought cycles, worrying a lot, washing your hands too much, crying....and, you know, that's okay. It's fine to have feelings, go ahead and feel them out. Maybe do some nice things for yourself like reading, taking a long bath, having some tea, etc. Perhaps find a way to stay busy for a bit so you aren't beating yourself up in your head. In time, you will probably find that herpes is not a big deal for you. It isn't for most people. Many have no symptoms or mild symptoms, and after a year, transmission rates are very low. I am glad to hear you have been looking to reach out, and I hope you find some people in your area. We should be getting a new chatroom here soon, which is another great way to socialize. I got genital herpes when I was 19, and I was very upset. Turns out, it's been almost nothing and I only really think about it because I moderate a herpes support site. Hope that helps, looking forward to seeing you around! <3
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    Is there any remotely immediate hope left? (RIP GEN-003, Theravax)

    Your maths is all wrong. There is way, way more money to be made in vaccinating every school girl with a vaccine than rely on the fraction of people with herpes that use antivirals - with an expired patent.
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    Excerpts from selfhacked.com articles regarding HSV

    I saw this website (selfhacked.com) mentioned in another topic elsewhere on this forum and dove right in, looking for articles that contained snippets of info regarding HSV and natural remedies that combat this virus. I found MUCH more than I was initially looking for but jotted down the most relevant parts of the articles that had to do with HSV. Below are my findings. If you decide to buy the products mentioned here, please chose your own source as I'm NOT affiliated with the website linked on this post in any way, i simply provided the link to a generic herbal store (the same one website provided) to demonstrate what the product looks like. Lithium Orotate/Aspartate Lithium increases the production of IgG and IgM antibodies (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0090122982900575) Lithium decreases the frequency and duration of recurrent labial and genital herpes infections, and reduced the occurrence of common colds (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2155671) (https://jhu.pure.elsevier.com/en/publications/suppression-of-recurrent-genital-herpes-infections-with-lithium-c-4) https://www.iherb.com/pr/KAL-Lithium-Orotate-5-mg-60-Veggie-Caps/70121 Berberine Berberine acts against the Herpes Simplex Virus (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24913175) https://www.iherb.com/pr/thorne-research-berberine-500-60-veggie-caps/46113 Resveratrol Resveratrol has shown to inhibit Herpes simplex virus-1 and Herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) (https://www.hindawi.com/journals/av/2015/184241/#B26) https://www.iherb.com/pr/Doctor-s-Best-Trans-Resveratrol-200-200-mg-60-Veggie-Caps/21366 Andrographis Two Andrographis extracts (Andrographolide & didehydroandrographolide) show anti-viral properties against herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Wiart+C%2C+Kumar+K%2C+Yusof+MY%2C+et+al.+Antiviral+properties+of+ent-labdene+diterpenes+of+Andrographis+paniculata+Nees%2C+inhibitors+of+herpes+simplex+virus+type+1.+Phytother+Res) https://www.iherb.com/pr/paradise-herbs-ultimate-andrographis-60-veggie-caps/4235 Pregnenolone Synthetic pregnenolone derivatives act as antiviral agents against Herpes Simplex Virus (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26259812) https://www.iherb.com/pr/Country-Life-Pregnenolone-10-mg-60-Veggie-Caps/1732 Ashwagandha Water extract of Ashwagandha showed activity against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1) cell cultures (http://www.scielo.org.za/scielo.php?pid=S0038-23532007000500003&script=sci_arttext&tlng=pt https://www.iherb.com/pr/paradise-herbs-organics-ashwagandha-60-veggie-caps/4619) Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) Eleuthero extract is considered “possibly effective” for treating herpes simplex 2 and relieving symptoms of the common cold following review of studies which used a standardized extract for this purpose (Needs Citation - Missing) https://www.iherb.com/pr/Imperial-Elixir-Siberian-Eleuthero-Royal-Jelly-Extract-Alcohol-Free-4000-mg-30-Bottles-0-34-fl-oz-10-ml-Each/16485 Astragalus Astragalus (A.membranaceus) has an inhibitory effect on herpes simplex virus type 1(HSV-1) (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14724098) https://www.iherb.com/pr/paradise-herbs-astragalus-120-veggie-caps/15487 Arabinogalactan Aqueous and alkaline extracts of Arabinogalactan from the leaves of Stevia plants (Stevia rebaudiana) showed antiviral activities against Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV-1) in cells. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23544526) Lactoferrin The bovine lactoferrin was more efficient than the human version in stopping the herpes virus in human cell culture. However, both types were able to stop the virus from entering the cells (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21847071) https://www.iherb.com/pr/Jarrow-Formulas-Lactoferrin-250-mg-60-Capsules/134 Zinc Zinc exhibits similar efficacy in treating Herpes genitalis (genital warts caused by Herpes simplex virus (HSV) 1 and 2) (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22064530) (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23919052)
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    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    Every day is like a roller coaster of emotions on these forums and specifically research and cure topics. When will all this desperation end and we be free to go to a doctor and get a vaccine and end all this depression, stress, regret, pain, and anger?
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    The only reason to follow FDA regulations, it to have the goal of producing and selling a medicine from within the United States. EU law ( in European countries ) is much different. The FDA does not control the world. I dont know why everyone is assuming this. Im sure that when RVx is ready to perform a trial in the US, they will follow the FDA regulations that are required. Peoples arguments and bickering over this does not change the facts nor the science of the vaccine. It also doesn't change where the first trial took place.
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    RVX Patient and Investor

    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    i don't think any of this is funny for HSV sufferers. i certainly don't believe @Cas9 that losing any money is funny at all! i apologize for mismarking some posts, my mistake. i actually don't know how it happened, but i did have a few drinks last night, not that thats a good excuse. sincerely, my apologies. however, i have been saying from the beginning that investing in subunits is BAD science. this just bears it out. in addition, people are claiming that RVx is "raising prices" and other nonsense as a result. not true. its crazy to me that people are so sad about Gen3 which is nothing more than AVs at best, and yet still throw all kinds of hate and nonsense at RVx. subunits are NOT the answer for HSV. it is too complex. HPV is wimpy by comparison, thats why subunits work on that. HSV needs the power and strength of a live vax. the haters should support RVx, and stop tearing it down at every opportunity! its nonsensical to hate on RVx!
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    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    I lost a lot of respect for RVX Patient and Investor today. I stated I lost money on Genocea now that their stock has dropped, and he thinks that's funny. What decent person reacts that way? Pretty bad.
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    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    Impossible to understand - getting Award for Best Therapeutic Vaccine , and finishing in this way 6 months later. Need to have a great talent Really looks like bribery from big pharma.
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    Pritelivir got fast tracked by the FDA !!

    "The results were decisive on the effects of Pritelivir. The study shows that those on Pritelivir had genital herpes outbreaks only on 1.9 percent of the days compared to 3.9 percent of days while on Valtrex. And further analytsis revealed the herpes virus in 2.4 percent of swabs from people taking Pritelivir and 5.2 percent of people on Valtrex. This shows that with Pritelivir, victims of genital herpes were less likely to spread the virus." Halving the number of days the virus is detected in swabs sounds pretty nice to me!
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    Shingrix , could it be the next cure for hereps ?

    I confirmed that the vaccine is available now.
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    New diagnosis - went from his potential wife to nothing in a matter of days!!

    Sorry for your situation. Just can’t figure folks out anymore. I’d kill to have someone as open and honest as you were. Consider it a warning. A man that age shouldn’t behave so weakly.
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    Trivalent - is this new?

    trivalent vaccine. So I emailed the company and this is the reply I received!! Thanks for your interest. Our vaccine is primarily aimed at preventing herpes rather than treating it. We are working on treatment, but that approach is further behind. I think we are still at least 1 year maybe 2 from human trials. It is costly and we need to find a corporate sponsor. We are in serious discussions with one at this time.
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    Did Genocea just announce that Gen-003 is dead?

    Actually, 40s is a great place to start over. It represents the start of the 2nd half of your life. Why are you assuming that because you'll have H in your 30s that you can't do all the things you want to do? A lot of people with H get exactly what they want. The issue is simply that it's "possible" that you wont because of H. Until you carry on with your life, you'll never know. I was 28 when I got it. The first woman I told didn't bat an eye, nor did the second woman etc... So you meet a woman in the next few years, get married, have a couple of kids, and do what you need to do to lower the risk of giving it to her. Then when you hit 40, a cure is available, and for the next 40 years you enjoy carefree sex and no more worries. Sounds good to me.
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    Crispr cas9, Excision bio. (Hard to find article)