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    What will be the first real HSV solution?

    I contacted Keith Jerome from Jerome’s Lab (part of Fred Hutch) asking whether he was attempting to cleave the latent virus or suppress replication. He replied saying “Yes, we are working to eradicate the latent virus. We are already doing studies in animals.” This is great news for everyone as he recently posted a short clip stating that he was possible to eliminate small amounts of the latent virus but now with the new CRISPR he feels that a cure could be on the horizon. Exciting stuff ahead!!
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    Email Albert Einstein College

    I just emailed them. Here's the email I sent: Hello, I've read articles related to your discovery of a possible prophylactic vaccine based on deletion of the gD2 viral surface protein. So far, you've provided proof of concept with testing in mice. The next step would be animal studies, followed by clinical trials. I realize clinical trials are several years away. Could you specifically tell me where you are with animal studies? i.e. Are you doing them now as we speak or are they also several years away? I also realize you may not be able to provide any exact timelines, but I'm trying to get an idea on where you are. For example, if you're not presently doing animal studies, do you expect to start in the next year or two? Further, is funding one of the main issues with the lengthy time it takes to proceed, or is it simply that there are other (higher) priorities? I'm on a herpes website and many members would like to have a better idea on what's going on with this promising vaccine. Thank You
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    Just diagnosed, how do I tell someone?

    First of all, you are NOT disgusting. I can relate to your feelings, but a friend of mine recently put it to me this way: we all have sex and put ourselves at risk of contracting these types of things. You should not feel ashamed for having a sex life, and if you are to move forward with your life, it's not helpful to fixate on WHERE the virus came from. Your diagnosis is NOT life threatening. It is something that happened along the way, but this virus does NOT define you. Once you believe in these facts, kind of preach them to yourself and believe them, disclosing this personal information about yourself should be easier than expected. I recently had a similar experience to yours. I've been dating someone about 6 months and we have strong feelings for one another. We were DEFINITELY intimate BEFORE I realized I was HSV2 positive. When I received my diagnosis, I told him the next time I saw him in person. The opening conversation went something like this, "I went to the doctor to get my annual lady screening, and while I was there, I was tested for everything else, as I usually do. This time was different, and I was diagnosed with HSV2, more commonly known as the herpes virus." I ripped off the band-aid, and the information is now out there. I mentioned the stigma behind the virus and the fact that it's not a death sentence, but I FEEL negative emotions about myself, such as self-doubt and decreased self-worth. BECAUSE we had established feelings for one another already, similar to your case, he was very receptive, albeit probably shitting himself in fear that he also has it. In that same initial conversation, I suggested that he get tested at his earliest convenience. A lot of my tears were shed, but the more open we were about discussing it, the better I felt, and the easier it became. It was difficult, but if this person really cares about you, then you will do research together, and talk it out, and figure out the best way to make it work. Keep your self-doubt to yourself, and you don't want to project YOUR negative emotions on the other person. They have a right to feel however they feel, but TRY TO STAY POSITIVE. APPEAR STRONG, though you may feel weak. BE THE LIGHT, even though you may feel like you've fallen into darkness. You are not your virus, and there is a reason why this person has feelings for you that has NOTHING to do with sex.
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    Redbiotec Clinical Trials

    Hi all! I’m new to this site. I have a call with Redbiotec on the 29th. We are supposed to discuss their preclinical trials, my personal experience with hsv2 and answer any questions I have for them. I will post the outcome of the conversation after I talk with them.
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    HSV wont break me

    Hello all, Since my diagnosis 7 months ago, it has been an uphill battle. I was the type of person pertrified getting any std, even the curable ones. Never had one night stands and only had sex in long term relationships. That didn't stop me from getting this from a cheating ex. I made an effort to let 2017 be left in the past and not hsv control my thoughts. My ex would say to me there is something everyone has to go through--that's life. It really makes me sad to see the disease control us and cause depression. I do believe many members on here should seek therapy or counseling in how to better cope with this. I am a symptomatic individual but am doing everything in my power to suppress without antivirals. I still dream of a cure and given the right situation would donate money to expedite one. However, it can become very unhealthy to obsess over this. Shit happens. Anyone who went through anything knows that. Ill initially smile at a hsv joke but turn it into saying the only way to never get it is to never have sex, or kiss! Thats the reality. I believe if you want to be proactive in protecting others, do some random pcr swabs with a symptom diary, use topicals with antiviral properties, take valtrex (if you really wish) prior to any activity. Know your body. Be confident on what you bring to the table beside a contagious virus. Go travel to countries where there isn't stigma, become cultured, educated etc. While we wait for something better than valtrex, I will be finishing with my graduate degree, losing some weight, finding love, and continuing with my unique way of handling hsv...hope you do too.
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    I disclosed, like to share my story

    Hi guys, like to share my story of disclosing to a very special person. First like 7 moths ago i was diagnosed with hsv2. I felt depressed and focussed on my kids and my new job..not thinking of love because i was trying to block that. I was already sure that nobody could ever love me again. After a few moths i met somebody in town. I knew his face and person a long time because he is an artist in my hometown. we never met in person but i saw him and liked him a lot... we got in contact and we met on a official date.. i was blown away by this man. we talked on the phone every day and felt i got attached already and worried. so i told him on the phone that the next time we see each other i needed to tell him something that he was not going to like and that maybe everything was about to change for us. he liked me, and he told me that i could speak, and maybe it would be easier on the phone. of course he was courious and he promised me that everything that was said would stay between us. that was very important because half our town knows him.... it scared me a lot. i took a leap of faith and told him about what happend to me. He told me that everything was ok, he was amazed by my honesty. He told me that it spoke for my personality. he asked of course how life was since i was diagnosed. This man has been amazing for me ever since. He is not scared of my body. He is not worried.. we enjoy each other. I told myself that 9 out of 10 would walk away...this was the first man i disclosed.. he looks at me as the person i am.. we tend to make te virus take over everything. i hope we take matters into our hands and start building the life we want and deserve...
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    Krystal Biotech Gene Therapy

    "Krystal Biotech, a gene therapy company advancing “off-the-shelf,” treatments for dermatological diseases, today announced that the United States Patent Office (USPTO) has granted U.S. Patent No. 9,877,990 which covers compositions comprising herpes simplex viral (HSV) vectors and methods of using the same for providing prophylactic, palliative or therapeutic relief of a wound, disorder or disease of the skin in a subject." Although in the very early stages, great to see another company going after HSV with some form of gene therapy. Article below: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/01/16/1289713/0/en/Krystal-Biotech-Inc-Announces-Granting-of-U-S-Composition-of-Matter-Patent-Covering-Herpes-Simplex-Virus-HSV-Vectors-and-Methods-of-Using-the-Same-to-Treat-Skin-Diseases.html
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    Watch it buddy; I'm 63
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    One more thing to add. Obviously a cure would be amazing. But I’d settle for an effective vaccine. This would remove the stigma and the huge barriers this creates . Then this virus would die with us. What I won’t settle for is this continued complacency and these bullshit partially effective suppressive therapies. We need real solutions.
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    Yes, it's likely that in your lifetime it will be cured, at least functionally.
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    Email Albert Einstein College

    Hello, Dr. Jacobs, I am writing this e-mail to you to let you know there are many people impatiently waiting to see your work succeed on the Herpes Simplex Virus. I thank you for being one of the few researchers actively leading the fight against HSV. I plead you to continue your research and help the sufferers as well as preventing millions others from further acquiring it. If you have any updates on your work or if there is any good news, please do let me know. Also, if you need anything from the community of HSV sufferers, please let us know and we will all try our best to help you. I look forward to hearing back from you.
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    What happened

    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone as vulgar and bashing on people as much as you before on here. It’s appalling. Why do you keep doing this? If you have a point which could be valid, then let us all see when your documentary comes out. That will speak for itself. You’re only making yourself look pathetic and less credible by plastering insults on people on this site. This site is for supporting members and helping those who are afflicted by this virus. Almost every single one of your posts that I’ve seen have done nothing but either insulted people or bringing down the hopes of others. Help the newcomers with kindness on here if you really want to do something that will benefit someone.
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    Life with Herpes (New life)

    I have been married twice, had children, and had several girl friends ... all while hsv2 positive. The entirety of life is still there for you.
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    The topic of Asymptomatic Shedding

    If we were able to self-administer swabs of some sort to tell when we are shedding and when we aren't, this could theoretically cut transmission rates significantly. How difficult would it be to create a highly sensitive swab that measures this in real time?
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    I recieved a phone call an hour ago

    You are definitely not alone. I was just diagnosed myself, I'm in my late 30's a therapist, have my proverbial "stuff" together, and have been serially monogamous. I'm in a "low risk" catagory and still acquired it... This is a life altering event in many ways, but there are things that haven't changed like wonderful things you've done for others, your capacity to love, and your ability to adapt. You still have blessings to share. All that said, how you're feeling is important and deserves attention. Feelings provide important information for moving through difficulty. You don't deserve to be punished. What you need and deserve now is to feel loved and cared for.... you are worthy of healthy self love. Hang in there, kitten. I'm hanging here with you, as are all the wonderful people in this community.
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    Why eradication over functional cure?

    I think most of us would be happy with either.
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    Excision Bio HSV CRISPR gene therapy

    Based on Editas's comment, I went to their website where they show that comment in the "News" section. I then emailed them the following: Hello, I recently read a news article on your website that stated the following: "Two additional programs in early research for the treatment of recurrent ocular herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) infection and Usher Syndrome type 2a (USH2a). The Company is reporting today that it has achieved proof-of-concept in vivo in rabbits for its HSV-1 program...." My inquiry is a technical one. HSV establishes a latent infection in neurons and is the reason why it persists for a lifetime. Some researchers believe they will be able to stop the replication using CRISPR (i.e. a possible functional cure), but none of them have been able to eradicate the latent viral pool in the neuronal body where the latent virus resides. Jerome Labs has shown very minimal success by eradicating about 3% of the latent viral pool using the older editing technology, zinc fingers. Not sure if that was achieved in vitro or in animals. Of course, fully eradicating the latent viral pool would be a sterilizing cure; the ultimate goal. Based on your above comment "The Company is reporting today that it has achieved proof-of-concept in vivo in rabbits for its HSV-1 program", are you suggesting that you have proof of concept of a sterilizing cure, or is your success more of a functional cure where viral replication is severely hindered? Thank You
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    Newly diagnosed - so what?

    So I was diagnosed with genital herpes. First I was freaking out. After reading up about it I really dont care anymore. 60% of middle aged women in Colombia, the country I currently reside, have herpes. 1/2 in Costa Rica and Brazil, 1/3 in Denmark and Mexico, 1/4 Sweden and Finland, 1/4 US, 1/5 Belgium and Germany. The chance I slept with people who had it without knowing or contracting it is very high. Herpes is part of being human. It is probably the virus best adapted to the human body. Except for the small minority that have serious symptoms, most people live in perfect harmony with it. Until the invention of antibiotics it was syfilis and other diseases that were the reall danger, not herpes. Syfilis killed millions. Herpes almost none. Because it (mostly) lives in such perfect harmony with its host it is not considered serious enough to find a cure or even to test for during routine STD screanings. The worst thing (for most) is not the disease but the stigma. We should all see this is irrational. We dont freak out about HSV1 althoug some people develop cold sores on their lips which can be painful. Some very very few people even get inflamed brains and die from HSV1. Yet it doesnt stop us from kissing our relatives and loved ones. We should just have the same attitude about HSV2. Its the same virus just on another part of the body. Lets all just chill out. If a future partner runs away fom me, good ridence. I will keep having sex (with condom) and just abstain during an outbreak. I feel as guilty as kissing a baby uninfected with HSV1 about that. If you have sex you can get herpes. If you get herpes there is a small posibility you might experience discomfort. This is biology. Nothing more. Dont blame the person who gave it to you. I dont do that anyways. Blame nature. I am hopeful there will be a cure for the people who are suffering from genital herpes soon.I hope the same for any person who caught a disease from normal human contact and had an exceptionaly bad reaction to it: shingles, smallpox, hsv1 etc. But I dont think we should make the exception the rule. Herpes is normal. No need for shame. No need for changing your life (if you are mildly affected like the vast majority of people). No need to stop having sex. If we should change anything it should be societal perception of herpes, not our own self-percetion. And push the medical community to finally find a cure for the people who are suffering instead of letting them sit it out alone and in shame.
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    How I felt better about having hsv2

    I have ghsv2 and when I first found out I got it I was like... Oh. Well crap. I didn't feel much. But I told myself that this is what is and im going to have to adapt to my situation. Until maybe a couple weeks later I had one day that I completely broke down sat in a tub full detox crap and drank a bunch of vodka while singing along to loud depressing songs at the top of my lungs. Not my proudest moment. I look back on it, even the next day and had to laugh at myself. At least I'm still healthy. I was having a pitty party for the year I had dealing with my collapsing lungs x4 and two lung surgeries and then ending 2017 getting diagnosed with this. But I did so much research and found this site and it made me feel way less alone. I'm not nervous about having to tell someone like a potential partner anymore either because the way I think about it is if you have the right attitude and care about the other person and they care about you why should it matter ? I believe there is someone for everyone so how could someone pass up on a one of kind person that could be their "one" ? If they are not accepting then they are not for you. Maybe it is just because that is how I would think if I met someone with herpes. If I thought I might have a future with this person or actully feel a connection why risk losing that??? NOT why risk getting herpes especially with someone you may want to spend your life with anyways! And maybe that's a way to explain it to them as well! Even going through an outbreak right now I still go to work and I feel perfectly myself because that's the way people treat me because those are the signals I put off. Like nothing has changed. Because to me it's like have a uti or yeast infection that might be embarrassing and might be uncomfortable but you don't tell people those things and you act as normal as possible while doing your best to treat them. And that is kind of what herpes is. It just has more stupid stigma around it.
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    Holistic Health Professional just diagnosed

    Hello everyone, Such a kick in the teeth being in a professional Holistic Life Coach, yoga & fitness professional and having a BS in Alternative Medicine...here I am 2 weeks after finding out I have hsv2. I'm not going down without a fight! I've researched holistic remedies and have read alot of testimonials, so began protocol of heavy dosages of anti viral and anti microbial herbal remedies and oils. Coconut oil 1 TBS 3x daily OIive Leaf Extract 3x daily Neem Leaf 3x daily Oil of Oregano 5x daily Heaps of fermented foods, staying off red meat, restoring gut bacteria, rebuilding immune system. Anyone have personal experience to share with any of the above?
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    harmed by 0ΔNLS

    Precautions for my son

    I know of one case of it being transmitted after sharing a straw from a drink. Sadly, the girl is no longer with us. Immediate contact with inanimate objects can transmit the virus but luckily we don't usually have this immediate contact. It never hurts to take reasonable precautions though, We cant pretend to know everything about it when there are so many variables involved.
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    Biohackers Disregard FDA Warning on DIY Gene Therapy

    I contacted this company about 2 months ago. I was also told they would be creating an HSV2 vaccine. Hope this provides some reassurance
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    What would you pay for a cure?

    I thought it might be taken as silly. But we individually assign our own value to things. Even in this hypothetical and implausible scenario, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to think about what it would be worth on a monetary level to be rid of this. For me, personally, it would amount to a substantial percentage of my net worth. But I'd rather part ways with a substantial amount of my money than live a reduced quality of life. The stigma and socio-psychological issues far outweigh the disease itself. Because this STD does not have immediate and dire health consequences in people, the implications of this disease and their correlation to quality of life seem to be overlooked by those who aren't afflicted with it.
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    Please help

    You may be very lucky to have gotten HSV1 which does not like to live in the genital area and get few OB's. You still need to know the necessary information of how to be aware of impending OB's and when to avoid the areas infected. Good thing to do the research about what is known to care for yourself but not to over react as this is very manageable. The most important thing I read here is you dodged a bullet. This guy definitely sounds like the wrong type for anyone, unless you are an ass! I am sorry you were hurt by someone else but you have just had the biggest eye opener ever! His type has no sense of responsibility and would put you at even greater risk. If he is willing to accuse you of lying about everything what are you missing? People can be very mean it is up to us to learn to "read" people better. I used to believe when I got "the butterfly's" when I met a guy that meant I was sure he was right for me. Hindsight tells me exactly the opposite. Some people come with a warning, listen to it! Take the time to get to know them the best possible. Pay attention to how they treat you. If you are not being treated the way you want then you are giving him permission not to treat you well, why should he if you accept crap. Of course it is a two way deal. Treat as you want to be treated, if not move along till you find what you deserve. I say deserve with intent. We all deserve to be treated well. I found that having hsv made me date wiser. I had to take the time to find out if they had enough character and interest in me to trust and respect me as I did them. I spent years with men and never fought so no not every relationship has fights if it is based on respect and love.
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    Excision Biotherapeutics updated pipeline

    Well, I suppose we could say, that would be eradicating the disease causing aspect of the virus by stopping it from replicating. It depends how we want to use the word "eradicate". When I use the term "eradicating" I mean eliminating it's existence from the neuron. From what I've read, I interpret "stopping replication" as being different from what's called a "sterilizing" cure. In the former, the virus still lives so to speak, but can't replicate. In the latter, it's so chopped up so that the cell disposes or absorbs it. I'm just guessing of course. A biologist may say that doesn't make sense. The bottom line is that if CRISPR permanently stops the virus from replicating, I would assume that's as good as it not being there since I can't imagine what harm it could do. I mean, it's not like some event would occur to reactivate it's ability to replicate. Excision Bio's discussion on their current research is a bit confusing. It's hard to tell if they are stopping replication fully, or mostly. Further, I initially assumed they meant that they were stopping the latent virus from replicating but then someone several months ago pointed me to an article that made it sound like they were actually destroying the replicated viruses in the cell. In other words, the latent virus still replicates, but CRISPR destroys those new particles while still in the neuron. So I really don't know at this point exactly what they have been able to achieve. But overall, it sounds like a functional cure or something very close.
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    Suicidal thoughts

    I've had ghsv2 for 35 years. Has had virtually no affect on my sex life. I can't imagine wanting to end my life because of a viral infection. Is that how little you think of yourself? Will things get a bit tougher? Sure, but that's no reason to give up. And stop feeling GUILTY. I hear this all the time, mainly from women; i.e. they're ashamed, guilty etc... Ashamed and guilty about what? By the way, there's a lot of hope that there will be at least a functional cure in the coming years.
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    What we can have in near future ?

    Cas9 is right. The future doesn't look terrible, though it will take some patience for HSV sufferers. While no new treatments have been approved in quite a while, important progress is being made. Scientific knowledge builds on itself, and even builds off the "failures". More is known now about the virus and more is known about medical science in general. Its because of such cumulative progress that CRISPR may even be a potential treatment in the future. Meanwhile, I believe other treatment directions, such as ones that focus on the latency cycle, might become viable targets in the future. If you are distressed from symptoms, I'd first focus on that. Try to understand your triggers and work with that. Increase the dosage of antivirals if you have to. Know that, for many people, the illness decreases in severity over time so each day that you make it through, you are making progress just with time. One additional advice: since you can't cure herpes right now, focus on the things that you can improve in terms of your health and general well-being. Over weight? Do some exercise and get in shape. Eat healthier. Go see a dentist. Treat yourself to a spa or massage. Improve your looks to boost self esteem. HSV won't kill you. Learn how to manage it and take care of stuff that, potentially might kill you. By increasing your life span, you'll maximize your chances of benefiting from a new treatment or cure, once it becomes available, and sooner or later, something will become available. I'm pretty sure of it.
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    Realistic timeframe. Access to Prophelactic Vaccination and Theraputic Vaccination 5-10 years max. Possibly before outside of US/FDA. Discovery of Complete functional cure / removal from system through Crispr or similar syatems 3 -7 years. No idea in regards to access due to being new tech but probably 5 - 7. Check redbiotech much better than geneocea Excision will smash it and all the labs using crispr can merge the tech quickly and easily. It'll transform society very quickly when its mainstream. Best case 3 years Reasonable Estimate 5 years Conservative 7 years Worst case scenario - Max 10 years
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    To me, if we can't "eradicate herpes" this is my order of preference: A functional, sterilizing cure (herpes dies with us) A preventative vaccine for non-infected (herpes dies with us) Better tools to stop the spread!!! Creams, things like Viblok, things to measure shedding. We are NOT symptomatic when we are not shedding or having an Outbreak. MOST of the time we wouldn't pass this virus on. We need better tools than a 30 year old drug. Any one of these three things would make a company a lot of money. But we run in circles.
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    I've given up hope for a cure. I'm looking out for a Viblok type product. A cream or spray that could greatly reduce transmission with condom. Doesn't seem like rocket science to me. sigh
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    Email Albert Einstein College

    In my opinion, Dr. Jacobs and his vaccine being developed at the Albert Einstein College has the best chance of success. For those of you that don't know, they have taken a different approach and actually deleted the gD-2 protein . Glycoprotein D is essential for entry into host cells so many past vaccines have focused on this...however by deleting the protein, their models developed "killer herpes cells" that provided complete protection against challenge. An email communique that I had with them roughly 6 months ago indicated that they're also working on a therapeutic as well. If you have a moment, please email them asking for an update as well as letting them know that we have their back and if there is anything we can do. Email address below, thank you! sciencenews@einstein.yu.edu
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    @cowpoke02 I like reading your posts sometimes, but can you please write in complete and coherent sentences bro? It would help me understand what you’re saying instead of me trying to put together a puzzle.
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    2020 cure hype
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    They might cure it in 50 years so if you are 20 Now then you will be 70 When they cure you. Just in time to chase the old ladies at the assisted living homes.
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    Will We Ever Be Able To Eradicate Herpes?

    We have to ditch the victim mentality, come together and be proactive about it.
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    What happened

    until the admins remove the clear abusive people then no, if they remove me for defending the good on this site then so be it, aslong as the trolls go too
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    I made something topical that works really well!

    Hi! So I have ghsv2 and I have had this big stupid blotchy sore thing on my left butt cheek for almost two weeks now and I was using my mixture of eucerin cream and tea tree oil on them because it seemed to work well on my tiny spots that just looked like little skin tears but not on this big one. So, I had ordered propolis ointment, propolis is a powerful natural antiviral, antibiotic,but it hasn't come in the mail yet. I have propolis capsules that I am just starting to take (hopefully a preventative in place of rx antivirals, so we will see how that does) so I broke open a capsule of that (500 mg of propolis) and mixed it into my eucerine and tea tree oil mix and put on the sore and covered it with a bandaid, and a few hours later HOLY CRAP! IT WAS LIKE 5X BETTER AND FADED !! propolis is a bee product and like honey it's super healing! (Make sure your not allergic to bee products )
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    Dr Halfords Studies- links listed below

    He is trying to say that people in the St. Kitts trial had also received the vaccine in 2013 which is not true. There a many things that he assumes or makes up. Just ignore. There are future plans to study the vaccines in FDA approved trials anyway that will most likely have the same results. We shall see. For future reference, I have Harmed, Glitter, and OMFDH ignored. I have better things to do than argue with them and I also won't be on here much for a while as life is going to be a bit busier.
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    Dr Halfords Studies- links listed below

    From my understanding that was halfords main goal to create a preventative , and a theraputic was just to help people suffering badly. People are hell bent on destroying rvx but a preventative is clearly possible there like many other live vaccines we have keeping us safe.
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    Novel Nanoparticles Designed to Bind to and Destroy Viruses

    Good to see new approaches emerging with a design of antiviral nanoparticles that bind to and kill a range of viruses, including herpes simplex virus. https://www.genengnews.com/gen-news-highlights/novel-nanoparticles-designed-to-bind-to-and-destroy-viruses/81255287?q=HSV
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    Dating after long-term herpes relationship

    Stop having sex with him. If you haven't contracted it yet you don't want to get it now. Move on and get tested.
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    The topic of Asymptomatic Shedding

    I saw a conference talk on YouTube with experts talking about more recent discovers in regards to viral activity. It was assumed that the virus lays dormant, but the latest research shows that the virus is actually continually active, with the immune system constantly suppressing it. The researcher also stated that the amount of virus reserves within the nerve cells was mostly highly correlated with shedding. The second most important factor was the individual's immune system.
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    Dislcosure of Herpes, why does all the responsibility fall on us?

    I'm recently diagnosed with GHSV-2 from a one night stand. My Giver was asymptomatic and unaware of her status. During that night we had a talk about sexual health, and both of us thought we were healthy. We had unprotected sex twice and I got symptoms 4 days later. My doctor gave a visual diagnosis on the 11th day. Lab results negative for HSV-1, positive for HSV-2 a few days later. She got positive HSV-2 result the day after. And in the interim (before I realized what was going on), I passed on this "gift" to another partner, not knowing I had contracted it. She also tested positive for HSV-2. Since then I have done hundreds of hours of reading about this. One of the most rattling things about this virus is the complete societal failure on so many fronts in regards to this disease. One thing that angers me is the burden we carry now. So the responsibility is on us, but who else is taking responsibility?? What is the medical field doing to stop the spread of this disease? Standard STD panels don't even check for HSV-1 or HSV-2. You have to specifically ask for this test. Even my doctor was reluctant to do the swab and bloodwork for HSV when I specifically asked him to do it and had open lesions on my pubic area! How ridiculous is that? Why is not checking for HSV-1 and HSV-2 an acceptable medical practice? To me, this is a damning commentary on the outright neglect of the medical field discovering/educating/stopping/preventing this disease. Or how about this gem: Wait, so there's this huge cohort of people out there, just bumbling around, spreading this virus like wildfire. One of whom i was unlucky enough to sleep with. And if any one of those infected persons went to the doctor for an STD check, they'd come back with a "clean" bill of health, sans HSV testing. All the while infecting more and more of the population. It's a known fact that so many sexually active people have this disease, yet the medical field completely neglects this on standard STD panels. If so many people unknowingly carry this disease, there would be millions of people in for quite the surprise when they get tested. ProjectAccept breaks it down: What is the government doing to research/fund/educate? STD's are common and widespread. Yet, somehow even legislation around these issues have become politically charged. Abstinence-only education (proven a million times to not work) is still prevalent in parts of the United States, especially the South. Trump just disbanded his entire HIV/AIDS council. In a word, the government is doing effectively nothing except collecting data. While spending hundreds of billions a year on a bloated military budget. Even $1 billion/yr toward research/education/eradication around STDs would go so far. What are the asymptomatic carriers doing? They don't know they have it. Yet we have the data to show that Herpes is incredibly widespread, so what is being done to detect and educate those with this virus? Why aren't those who are sexually active and non-monogamous held to some requirement for regular testing? They aren't just a danger to themselves, they are a danger to others too. What is the state of Sexual Education in our country? In the most politically conservative states, the problems with STDs are the worst: Wildly inconsistent and politically/religiously motivated legislature impedes the conversation and education around sexual health. The education system in America is a joke when it comes to this topic. I will admit i was misinformed and uneducated and made mistakes to protect my own sexual health. Partially due to lack of education, and partly to my own ignorance. I was sexually active for 14 years and never contracted an STD until recently. What is being done about the stigma? I've found myself on both ends of this. Having a Herpes scare in a relationship three years ago showed me how the stigma really did have a profound affect on how I viewed the person and the relationship. I was not confident in the relationship moving forward so I wasn't willing to risk "exposing myself to Herpes". But I was also uneducated and under-informed about the disease and the preventative measures that could be taken. The stigma was also at least partially created for profit and greed. The stigma is unfair and omni-present. So who takes responsibility? Of the 1 in 6 who have genital herpes, we are the 1 in 5 of those who are unlucky enough to have symptoms but happen to know our status. So suddenly this enormous societal issue becomes our "problem" because we are the 1 in 5 people with Herpes that actually knows we have it. We are morally, ethically and sometimes legally obligated to disclose the "risks" to all future partners. Who fucking cares if we become social pariahs? Nobody cares that it is a Scarlet Letter on our existence. We aren't human anymore, we are an incurable virus. We are left alone on Herpes island. Stigmatized. Rejected by society. And yet, with complete and total failure on so many fronts, we as the "knowing carriers" are expected by ourselves and society to disclose our status every single time. We face the real possibility of rejection every time we go into the dating world. We face humiliation if the news spreads that we have this condition. 99.8% of the conversations I've read about this are pro-disclosure. So, suddenly, we are thrust into this role where we are responsible for everyone else's sexual health? I wasn't given a choice, but I should give the next person a choice. And if I don't give them a choice, I am a sociopath. Cool. Where is the accountability? Where is the education? The medical field doesn't care. Government doesn't. Our Sexual Education is a joke. Asymptomatic carriers spread this virus like wildfire. Why the fuck should we care? If we take all the precaution, using protection, taking anti-virals, keeping pubic hair, reducing skin-on-skin contact, and having partners wash after sex, the likelihood of transmission is extremely low. I would never not use protection, to protect myself and my partner. To be clear, I have not yet had sex with an uninfected partner, nor do i have any immediate plans. Just like anybody else, I'm afraid of disclosure and rejection. I know I'm not the first person to try to rationalize NOT disclosing. I'm coming to terms with the reality of this new situation. What is bothersome to me is that I'm highly disillusioned by the handling of this disease and feel it is completely unfair that I am now saddled with this burden, forever. I am not at a point in my life where I want a sexually monogamous relationship. I've read HippyHerpes disclosure thread. I'm glad he's had success. I know one of the main counter-arguments to non-disclosure is this: This is where I have mixed feelings. Of course my Giver didn't know and felt terrible. But all sex has risk. Somebody who is educated about their condition can take many preventative steps to stop transmission. While those who don't know they have it pose a much greater risk. I would feel awful if somebody got it from me. Which is why I believe I will spend my life disclosing. It is the logical and moral conclusion. I don't want it on my conscience. But my point is the handling of this by society is both illogical and immoral, and the burden falling on us is unfair. Those of us who get this disease and are unlucky enough to know about it get hit with ALL the ramifications (social, physiological, psychological, relationships), while society as a whole turns it back on us and this issue. I can see how there would be a rather large faction of people who carry this virus and just say "fuck it, I'm going to do my best to prevent the spread of this, but I'm not going to let it affect my life or my casual relationships." You won't find those people on Herpes disclosure boards.
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    Chris Taylor

    What happened to chronic pain sufferers?

    I guess they decided to continue with their lives and are hopeful that one day this virus can be eradicated. Also think about it , when was the last time you felt normal ? During new years , my friends wedding , Christmas etc I was distracted and I felt no pain , no discomfort , it's only when we allow it to enter our heads we begin to start feeling the sensations, the pain and everything. Not saying it's in our heads but if we focus on other things such as @Scooby2112 has mentioned and now what I've gone through and am experiencing myself , I can say with all honesty that we can somewhat control it by just being distracted. I assume those who have left found something better to do , found someone , or just don't care and that's why they're gone. The only reason why I'm here and still asking questions it's because I test every month (6 months so far) and continue testing negative, I have nothing to swab so I come to look for answers or just vent.
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    What are you most looking forward to in HSV treatment news in 2018?

    I would love to hear some positive news on a viable treatment for preventing transmission. Nobody really gives a shit about herpes, only that they that it’s contagious. And that there is no known cure. A preventative would really break the stigma imo.
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    The toxicity levels were so ridiculously overblown it's hard to take that seriously. Pritlivir was suspended for negative effects of 70 to 900 times the reccomended dosage. This is why people wear tinfoil hats about the FDA, because they do moronic things like that. http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1301150#t=article Respectable publisher with research by Dr Anna Wald on the efficacy of Pritlivir. The only in-study issue that occurred was pancreatitis and it was shown that the individual had experienced alcohol induced pancreatitis in the past and was heavily suspected to still be ingesting that level of alcohol while on Pritlivir, making it unlikely the drug was the cause of the issue. This paper also mentions the 70-900 times issue as well.
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    Dumbfounded 321go

    Anything good to come in 2018?

    My money is on a vaccine. They've already got one for VZV and associated shingles. It's all the same family. Soon enough there will be a vaccine for HSV and associated outbreaks and no one will care about HSV anymore. Just like chicken pox it'll be a thing of the past.
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    Anything good to come in 2018?

    I understand what your saying. I feel the same. I have to believe a cure is possible to make it through the day. But honestly I have my doubts.
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    Ok ppl stop lying

    Essentially, you don't know what you're talking about. The vast majority of people (approx 80%) with hsv, are asymptomatic. Perhaps you should educate yourself on the disease before accusing people on this website of lying. Furthermore, what does hsv type 1 have to do with you not passing it on? hsv1 can most certainly be passed on. How do you think YOU got it?
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    Halford was right ! A mutant herpes for vaccine development !

    I dont know which one would be earlier but as you know there is no guarantee that crispr will work so more researches are better i dont want people to postpone their lifes cuz of hsv. As soon as possible a cure will be available sufferers will reborn and will be more optimistic for future relationships. Halford was right or not if chicken pox vac worker for people this can also work. We dont have any solution rather than valtrex etc. we should have at least a preventative so we can protect partners.