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    Jerome labs still working on crispr treatment

    Not really. This article is not new information. Kieth Jerome has been working on this for a while. I believe he used older gene editing technology to get the result that he did, which was 2 - 4% eradication of the latent virus. I assume he will be using the newer technology (i.e. crispr) but not sure because the older technology may have some advantages for the way he's trying to do it. But that's just a guess. I'm not even sure if he has even started animal studies yet. There's a lot of work to do but it's good to know that they've had some success killing the latent viral pool. It will be many years if and when he is successful. His approach, if successful, will be a sterilizing cure; i.e. herpes eradicated from the neurons. In the mean time, Excision is working on a functional cure. This would not eradicate the latent virus but it would stop viral replication in the neuron OR destroy the newly replicated virions before they can exit the neuron. Not sure which is true. I assume you're pretty young. There's a lot for you to look forward to. So focus on your condition because you're certainly going to have it for while, and just know that there's some very good work being done over the next 10 years. If that was the case when I got hsv many years ago, I would have been jumping for joy.
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    Article about CrispR talking about HSV

    Hey guys thought id share this article with you all. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/can-we-gene-edit-herpes-away-180968551/
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    I just got diagnosed with genital herpes and Im suicidal

    Thank you all so much. The support you are giving me is truly bringing tears to my eyes because I have felt so alone the past few days. I am making my appointment to get antivirals today, and im hoping they help my flu like symptoms because to be honest, it is more painful than what is going on down under.
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    The one and only thing that bothers me about this site

    I want to make this as short and sweet as possible. The one and only thing that bothers me from this site is a mass majority of users want a cure or functional cure but they don’t do the legwork. I hate logging in and seeing people talk about new treatments like they’re the new rage, when we’ve had a company working on a functional cure for 10+ years! No not Rational Vaccines, I’m talking about Aurx, Inc. Aurx worked. Plain and simple. Aurx’s vaccine worked way better than Valtrex in Phase 2 studies and they were interested in making the vaccine even better for the 3rd Phase. “In the first finding of its kind in the history of the treatment of genital herpes, the AuRx therapeutic vaccine reduced the number of episodes three fold (P<.001) versus the previous year. In addition, recurrent HSV-2 episodes were completely prevented in 37.5% of vaccinated patients as opposed to the patients given placebo, all of whom had episodes during the trial period. These patients had previously had 5-24 outbreaks per year. In statistically significant results, vaccinated patients had 50% fewer recurrences and 45% fewer illness days (p=".028)" than the placebo. A reduced severity of the herpetic episodes in vaccinated patients was observed as lesions were 4.8 times more prevalent in untreated patients, pain was 2.9 times more prevalent in untreated patients and itching was 3.7 times more prevalent in untreated patients. The trial continues by tracking for clinical outbreaks over a two year period. AuRx plans to run additional studies in larger groups with higher dose levels and additional vaccinations. In guinea pigs which were first infected with genital herpes and then given the same dose schedule used in the human clinical trial, 70% of the animals had no recurrences. Higher doses and a different dose schedule in animals resulted in over 90% prevention of recurrences.” The Phase 2 trial was a safety and efficacy trial of a low dose of their vaccine. Phase 3 was supposed to be their high dose, high patient count, long term monitoring Phase. They needed 10 million dollars to do this. They didn’t reach their quota. No trial was conducted. Had their trial been conducted they would’ve finished it by now. They would’ve had more results, most likely more promising results. They were interested in testing high doses and booster shots. When Aurx had stopped experimenting, they were having 90% of their mice outbreak free. With human trials heading that as time when on. This site has 64553 users, so let’s call it 64500... 10,000,000 divided by 64500 equals (rounded) to 155. If 64500 people donated $155 you could’ve had a possible functional cure. And there are millions of hsv sufferers including wealthy sufferers, political sufferers, celebrity sufferers. Money talks. Ask yourself now, do you want an actual treatment or are you fine with antivirals? I don’t know about you but I can comefortably donate $2500. Majority of people have family that would also donate a dollar or $10 here and there. The herpes community needs more doers period. I see everyone get upset about Theravax but honestly where is the data, when will it come out? Soon is always the answer. Yeah well Aurx had the data. I see everyone upset about Gen 003. They had the data. Aurx rivaled their data and Aurx would’ve been more cheaper to push forward than Gen 003. Aurx patents are going to be done soon if they aren’t already, after that there’s no doubt the vaccine will be gone for good locked down by “new and better” treatments. http://www.evaluategroup.com/Universal/View.aspx?type=Story&id=256325 http://www.aurx.com/index.htm If you are the slightest bit angry or annoyed reading this you should be.
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    Constant Diplomat

    Can you have unprotected sex with a partner who is HSV-2 negative?

    Yeah the above post is true- but I would like to add that contact does not automatically mean transmission. It would depend on how much you shed. The studies show average shedding rates, I think its like 15%-30% percent of the time, though I may be wrong. I suspect that the details of each patient would likely reveal that those who have less frequent (or no) outbreaks, probably shed much less. Valtrex was shown to reduce shedding in 'asymptomatic' patients by up to 70%, as opposed to the older studies on symptomatic patients which showed about 50% reduction in shedding. Condoms are more effective for an H+ male to protect his H- female partner, less so for protecting an H- man from an H+ woman, I think this is owing to the surface area and mucosa flesh of a Vagina... but sex without condoms and it's risk, I think you are the only person who can probably answer your question accurately. We can only give average risks and rates, and our own experiences. Do you get frequent outbreaks? I've just come out of a year and a half maybe close to two year relationship and she is still H-. Tested recently. We mostly used condoms, probably had unprotected sex ten times, and there was always a bit of rubbing of genitals without condoms (which always made me a little nervous to be honest). I used valtrex daily for the majority of our relationship, condoms 90% of the time or more, I've never had a real breakout, but I've had the hot skin tender feeling probably three times in the last three years since I got herpes. I would say my experience is minor, and I probably don't shed on the higher side of the average. I learned to use condoms. But the feeling going in without one, the very few times i've done it in the past three years, was amazing. Thats my humble opinion.
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    For People Who Puts Genital Pictures

    We are adults talking about a huge issues in many peoples lives and maybe people do respond who have some of the same things they see in the pictures. Most people say there is a picture, so just skip their thread if its says with picture, so I don't agree. You never know what is going to help somebody and may take a little stress away. There are many in the world who cannot afford to see a Doctor if they just think its something or they may not be even close to a doctor or people from some countries where the Doctor may call their relatives and the only thing they have to compare with is pictures on here. I still remember the days when it was a huge fight to talk about condoms when people were dying from AIDS ,so I strongly believe in doing whatever needs to be done and there is no time to be shy.
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    Halford was right ! A mutant herpes for vaccine development !

    How can you possibly be so presumptuous as to state that no one would ever consider or commit suicide due to HSV? You realize there are people on this forum who live with immense physical suffering caused hy HSV, right? And that's not even mentioning the emotional and psychological trauma. People need to realize HSV affects different people in vastly different ways. Just because it's a minor disease to most does not imply anything about its potential for destruction in people with immune system and/or genetic disorders, etc.
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    Some more CRISPR news https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610726/crispr-may-not-cause-hundreds-of-rogue-mutations-after-all/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_content=2018-04-02&utm_campaign=Technology+Review
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    I just got diagnosed with genital herpes and Im suicidal

    Lots of people felt like you here because its bothering. But its not something to stop you from living. There are lots of people who are trying to survive in this cruel life with bigger and more serious problems. Be sure after sometime it will be a minor problem for you. Only thing you should do is to learn how to live with it. I have my own way some others have their own ways. Dont think about you will be alone, you will not have family and etc. There are lots of people can be together and can have kids with a partner hsv negative or positive. My suggestion to you is calm down. Focus on something else live your normal life. If that blisters would be on your arm would you care this much ? Its bothering because you are afraid of that your sex life is over. Its not over you can do. And we are here a big family whenever you need to talk you can talk with people here. It will make u feeling better for sure
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    I just got diagnosed with genital herpes and Im suicidal

    Elaine, this is a common virus so you're far from alone. I've had it for 35 years (December 1982), and it didn't stop me from having sexual relations. Yes, at first I was devastated. It took me about 6 months before I stepped back out into the dating scene. Then I dated that first woman post herpes and I told her when we got back to her apartment after going out to dinner. It didn't phase her, to my surprise. We went on to have many nights of sex. There are women on this forum who are in great relationships from what I recall. @LillianPanos @xxxgirl Do you honestly think that all the people who have ghsv are alone? Believe me, many of them (probably most) are in relationships. You'll just need to manage it a bit. You'll be fine. And we are all here to talk to you. By the way, they are getting closer and closer to treating this virus and developing a functional cure.
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    Yeah seeing how some people react over HSV1 on this forum is very weird to me. Tainted mentioned that its some kind of massive failure that HSV1 can be as wide spread as 80% among adults in several western countries. Lets just be very clear here, it wouldnt be worth the loss of freedom to avoid spreading HSV1. Who gives an actual fk if its incurable? Im pretty sure I got HSV1 as soon as I turned 18 and went to Night clubs. And it was so fking worth it. Of course u should avoid oral sex during huge OBs but other than that, there is noway that humanity would gain happines from try to avoid letting it spread. Thats up to vaccines and functional cures to solve. Im sorry but it almost makes me angry to see people crying about HSV1. Yes your nerves can tingle a lot or give away a kind of pain pressure feeling sometimes. If you think problems like that are worth whining about then maybe u shouldnt judge people for not accepting to live in eternal celibate, just maaaaaybe.
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    For People Who Puts Genital Pictures

    Let people be! Don't look if you don't want to see, god dam! These are people who are freaking out and are asking our opinions base on our symptoms. There's nothing sexualized here. And nothing new to what we have. People like to just complain for no reason. PLEASE keep posting your pictures and don't be ashame. It would be my pleasure and others to help give our opinions.
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    y'all don't give up hope!

    hey guys.. newbies especially. I was a newbie a few months ago, and let me tell you it sucked!!!! but I'm here for anyone who wants a little light at the end of the tunnell. I have been diagnosed for a few months. I just randomly started out with this guy, he was cute I didn't think much about it. Then we started to hang out more and more....... well I just came out with it, I HAVE HERPES!!!!! he looked at me and was like, so what? tell me about it..... I did, and he did his own research, and the next day he literally took my head in his hands and told me it didn't matter at all he liked me so much. NOW i made a post about being afraid, I still cry in his car, tonight I did, but the boy continues to tell me I'm beautiful and he likes me sooo sooo much. we even talked about if he were to get it.. his response "I will risk anything to be with you, we are doing everything we can to protect me, and for that I respect you...." guys..... I'm battling tears and happiness. He look at me with so much love. I am so so so so so happy! trust me it happens guys, it does. I'm falling head over heels with a guy that likes to touch my butt! not my herpes
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    Dislcosure of Herpes, why does all the responsibility fall on us?

    I'm recently diagnosed with GHSV-2 from a one night stand. My Giver was asymptomatic and unaware of her status. During that night we had a talk about sexual health, and both of us thought we were healthy. We had unprotected sex twice and I got symptoms 4 days later. My doctor gave a visual diagnosis on the 11th day. Lab results negative for HSV-1, positive for HSV-2 a few days later. She got positive HSV-2 result the day after. And in the interim (before I realized what was going on), I passed on this "gift" to another partner, not knowing I had contracted it. She also tested positive for HSV-2. Since then I have done hundreds of hours of reading about this. One of the most rattling things about this virus is the complete societal failure on so many fronts in regards to this disease. One thing that angers me is the burden we carry now. So the responsibility is on us, but who else is taking responsibility?? What is the medical field doing to stop the spread of this disease? Standard STD panels don't even check for HSV-1 or HSV-2. You have to specifically ask for this test. Even my doctor was reluctant to do the swab and bloodwork for HSV when I specifically asked him to do it and had open lesions on my pubic area! How ridiculous is that? Why is not checking for HSV-1 and HSV-2 an acceptable medical practice? To me, this is a damning commentary on the outright neglect of the medical field discovering/educating/stopping/preventing this disease. Or how about this gem: Wait, so there's this huge cohort of people out there, just bumbling around, spreading this virus like wildfire. One of whom i was unlucky enough to sleep with. And if any one of those infected persons went to the doctor for an STD check, they'd come back with a "clean" bill of health, sans HSV testing. All the while infecting more and more of the population. It's a known fact that so many sexually active people have this disease, yet the medical field completely neglects this on standard STD panels. If so many people unknowingly carry this disease, there would be millions of people in for quite the surprise when they get tested. ProjectAccept breaks it down: What is the government doing to research/fund/educate? STD's are common and widespread. Yet, somehow even legislation around these issues have become politically charged. Abstinence-only education (proven a million times to not work) is still prevalent in parts of the United States, especially the South. Trump just disbanded his entire HIV/AIDS council. In a word, the government is doing effectively nothing except collecting data. While spending hundreds of billions a year on a bloated military budget. Even $1 billion/yr toward research/education/eradication around STDs would go so far. What are the asymptomatic carriers doing? They don't know they have it. Yet we have the data to show that Herpes is incredibly widespread, so what is being done to detect and educate those with this virus? Why aren't those who are sexually active and non-monogamous held to some requirement for regular testing? They aren't just a danger to themselves, they are a danger to others too. What is the state of Sexual Education in our country? In the most politically conservative states, the problems with STDs are the worst: Wildly inconsistent and politically/religiously motivated legislature impedes the conversation and education around sexual health. The education system in America is a joke when it comes to this topic. I will admit i was misinformed and uneducated and made mistakes to protect my own sexual health. Partially due to lack of education, and partly to my own ignorance. I was sexually active for 14 years and never contracted an STD until recently. What is being done about the stigma? I've found myself on both ends of this. Having a Herpes scare in a relationship three years ago showed me how the stigma really did have a profound affect on how I viewed the person and the relationship. I was not confident in the relationship moving forward so I wasn't willing to risk "exposing myself to Herpes". But I was also uneducated and under-informed about the disease and the preventative measures that could be taken. The stigma was also at least partially created for profit and greed. The stigma is unfair and omni-present. So who takes responsibility? Of the 1 in 6 who have genital herpes, we are the 1 in 5 of those who are unlucky enough to have symptoms but happen to know our status. So suddenly this enormous societal issue becomes our "problem" because we are the 1 in 5 people with Herpes that actually knows we have it. We are morally, ethically and sometimes legally obligated to disclose the "risks" to all future partners. Who fucking cares if we become social pariahs? Nobody cares that it is a Scarlet Letter on our existence. We aren't human anymore, we are an incurable virus. We are left alone on Herpes island. Stigmatized. Rejected by society. And yet, with complete and total failure on so many fronts, we as the "knowing carriers" are expected by ourselves and society to disclose our status every single time. We face the real possibility of rejection every time we go into the dating world. We face humiliation if the news spreads that we have this condition. 99.8% of the conversations I've read about this are pro-disclosure. So, suddenly, we are thrust into this role where we are responsible for everyone else's sexual health? I wasn't given a choice, but I should give the next person a choice. And if I don't give them a choice, I am a sociopath. Cool. Where is the accountability? Where is the education? The medical field doesn't care. Government doesn't. Our Sexual Education is a joke. Asymptomatic carriers spread this virus like wildfire. Why the fuck should we care? If we take all the precaution, using protection, taking anti-virals, keeping pubic hair, reducing skin-on-skin contact, and having partners wash after sex, the likelihood of transmission is extremely low. I would never not use protection, to protect myself and my partner. To be clear, I have not yet had sex with an uninfected partner, nor do i have any immediate plans. Just like anybody else, I'm afraid of disclosure and rejection. I know I'm not the first person to try to rationalize NOT disclosing. I'm coming to terms with the reality of this new situation. What is bothersome to me is that I'm highly disillusioned by the handling of this disease and feel it is completely unfair that I am now saddled with this burden, forever. I am not at a point in my life where I want a sexually monogamous relationship. I've read HippyHerpes disclosure thread. I'm glad he's had success. I know one of the main counter-arguments to non-disclosure is this: This is where I have mixed feelings. Of course my Giver didn't know and felt terrible. But all sex has risk. Somebody who is educated about their condition can take many preventative steps to stop transmission. While those who don't know they have it pose a much greater risk. I would feel awful if somebody got it from me. Which is why I believe I will spend my life disclosing. It is the logical and moral conclusion. I don't want it on my conscience. But my point is the handling of this by society is both illogical and immoral, and the burden falling on us is unfair. Those of us who get this disease and are unlucky enough to know about it get hit with ALL the ramifications (social, physiological, psychological, relationships), while society as a whole turns it back on us and this issue. I can see how there would be a rather large faction of people who carry this virus and just say "fuck it, I'm going to do my best to prevent the spread of this, but I'm not going to let it affect my life or my casual relationships." You won't find those people on Herpes disclosure boards.
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    Jerome labs still working on crispr treatment

    Full page https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/can-we-gene-edit-herpes-away-180968551/ In Jerome’s research, molecular scissors enter a cell and look for a specific sequence of DNA that is only found in the herpes virus. Once they find the herpes-specific DNA, the scissors cut it in half. This disrupts the virus so that “it’s no longer able to reactivate, cause lesions, transmit to a new host, any of those problems,” he says.
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    Young Woman Ted Talk

    @Micah It's easy to criticize.. It's very very hard to have done what she's done and she should be applauded. I'm even on the other end of the spectrum as i've raised $124,000 for hsv research via DRACO. Granted it hasn't accommplished anything but I tried to build upon the 'success and fund other researchers and was similiary criticised by the 'arm chair' critics. Short of the long is that it's the bigger picture that matters and all of these petty personal critiques don't help. There are only two key missions in the bigger picture and we should all support both. 1) "Stigma-fighting" - this is about education. 2) "Cure - finding" - this is about getting better treatments and/or a cure
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    I just got diagnosed with genital herpes and Im suicidal

    Believe me Elainie, all of us have gone thru what you are going thru right now! I had this disease for 6 years now and it wasn't until recently that I decided to do something about it. I thought that if I just hid from it, it would go away magically. I was so tired of being depressed and sad and feeling like I was a worthless piece of shit that I decided I was gonna fight this! For many, many nights I researched and learned everything I could about herpes, if I was gonna fight this I wanted to know what I was up against! I came up with a plan for myself and in doing so it greatly improved my state of mind! I no longer let those feelings from the past ( depression, anger, sadness ) run my life, I run their life! ( And they no longer have life because I simply do not allow them into my thoughts ) You can do this Elainie, you to can fight this!! Empower yourself by learning everything you can about herpes and then come up with your own strategy to fight! JimmyJimmy is right above by saying to try out Olive Leaf Extract, I have been on that for 3 months now and went from having insane itching and OB that lasted for 2 weeks to itching that is so slight i could barely feel it and OB's that only last 2 days!! There are so many people on this site that will lend you support so please, if you are ever feeling like suicide again come to this site and talk to all of us!! I, myself, will try and help you get into a more positive mindset!! Being positive will take you a long way!!
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    I just got diagnosed with genital herpes and Im suicidal

    You’re not alone, and you’re not going to be alone. There are thousands upon thousands of people just like us. I’m married myself and my wife is negative. You’re going to go on to have a full and wonderful life with plenty of babies of your own. I’m praying for you.
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    H2O2 hydrogen peroxide therapy

    I will be trying it soon in 2 weeks time or so, if I get any good result I will defenilty update you. Thanks
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    Create our own Vaccine based on research

    How do you expect to do this? Viruses are not easy to treat people this disease has been around since the cavemen roamed the earth in all that time no one has come up with anything. The scientific minds on this are not stupid please let us be realistic i know you want to be cured but let’s be patient and see what everyone comes up with.
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    The one and only thing that bothers me about this site

    You're making the same mistake everyone else makes when it comes to this issue. First of all, where in your rant do you devise a plan to take advantage of contributions from the 65k members? Give us at least an outline how one would proceed. Then other members can look at your plan and ask questions or provide challenges to the process you've devised.
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    Jerome labs still working on crispr treatment

    The latent virus is the root of all evil. Jerome Labs is attempting to eliminate the latent virus. That's sterilization.
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    Has anyone tried the SHINGRIX Vaccine?

    I received shingrix vaccination for $163. on March 10 2018. sore arm for 3 days. so far, noticed no effect on hsv2. been told optimum benefit is to wait 4 months for the 2nd shot , so in june I'll receive & pay another $163.
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    For People Who Puts Genital Pictures

    Given the fact that herpes can present itself in many different ways and many doctors only acknowledge classic symptoms, I think it's reasonable for people to want to post photos on here and get an opinion. As long as they know it's not a diagnosis, it's really not that big of an issue. The photos I post aren't very graphic but because my skin is doing unusual things it is helpful to try and see if anyone has experienced something similar or knows what the cause could be. Just don't go into the "Could I have herpes?" section and then you won't have to see it.
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    For People Who Puts Genital Pictures

    I don’t mind. And I think people are smart enough to know others are merely giving opinions based on their experiences. Most of those posts start with something obvious like “is this herpes?” so just don’t click...