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  1. I went overseas for about a year, during one of my trips we went to a village and had food with the locals. During the meal one of the elders passed around a drink in a bowl, I was the third one to take a sip, but before I did I did hesitate alittle because I thought it was unsanitary to be sharing a drink like this. Regardless I did take a sip out of the bowl, which I regret deeply. After the incident I did get body aches and sore throat(I checked my throats and I never seen any sores)but other then that I never got a cold sore. Idk if I got body aches/sore throat because I've been traveling,
  2. ZaidaZassin

    Newly diagnosed

    Was diagnoed with a cold sore. Local gp says that herpes testing was not warranted. Im not a promiscuous person. Exposure was 2 months ago. No penetrative nor oral sex. It was just body kissing and a handjob. There was accidental frenching during the session. Questions posted to other forums suggest paranoia and nothing more then that. What luck, millions of people out there having unprotected sex and not getting any sicknesses while im stuck here with a cold sore pfftt. I feel that it has put a dampner on my life in general, let alone my sex life. Whats worst is coming fro
  3. I haven't had any cold sores or herpes looking blister appear on my mouth. However, Ive been getting better a lot of pimples due to the heat and sweat while I sleep (hot country). the other day I was sitting down and relaxing when I suddenly felt a strong tingling feeling over the left corner on my lip. It wasn't on the lil but in the space over it. The feeling lasted maybe thirty minutes or longer but in that span of time that area went from clear to a singular, pimple. The next day it was a white head with a dark center. It was not in a cluster, but another singular pimple appeared ove
  4. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my situation/predicament. I'm hoping for some advice or feedback. I'll try to make a long story short.. I'm a 33 year old guy. About 3 years ago I caught oral hsv 1(cold sores) from some one. I had a pretty rough time accepting it, and I got one every month or so for a long time. The doctor put me on valacylovir for six months which helped, and I started eating really healthy and getting more sleep. they're getting less frequent now, but its only been 4 months since my last 1, and that feels like a long time. 2 years ago I started dating a girl,
  5. K_Sock

    Cold Sores are an STD

    First off, I got oral HSV-1 at the age 24 from a 26 year old lady. I had previously kissed over 20 girls but got HSV from that girl at the company Christmas party. She got the virus at age 9 from non-sexual contact as I understand it.... So, STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. Clearly the kind of kissing that took place on my transmission was sexual in nature. That is, it was not a baby being kissed by her aunt and contracting the virus or anything. So, I have a virus that was sexually transmitted to me and thus an STD. Further, if you're not sold, most people do suck ding-dongs
  6. JP0315

    Had Shingles at age 28.

    I got my fist Cold sore at age 27. I have only had two Outbreaks since then. (I'm 29 now). I did however, got a Shingles outbreak at age 28 (About a month or two, after my second Cold sore outbreak). I know its rare to get a second Outbreak of Shingles. Since getting the Shingle outbreak. I havent gotten a cold sore outbreak. Is it possible that my body developed a stronger immune system cause of the Shingle Virus? I also heard that some people get two Cold sore Outbreaks their whole lives. Just wondering if anyone here have dealt with these two different Outbreaks. Thanks J
  7. Ive known that i get cold sores for a while now, i make sure to not be intimate when im having an outbreak. Me and my partner have been together for a while. First as an openrelationship later on turning into a monogamous relationship. Recently with a current outbreak i told him that i get coldsores. We are now working on being more careful. I told him that i hope this doesnt affect our Intimacy, he said the same and said that he doesnt think it will. But i am afraid that it will. I am a really affectionate person. Now that ive told him and he said he doesnt think itll affect our intimacy kiss
  8. I just found out about a month ago that I got HVS2 I'm 32 years old and I was using a condom SMH. Any how I've already had two out breaks and as much as I want to be like out of site out of mind this shit keeps coming back for the rest of my life I don't even know how I'm going to date or talk to women any more.
  9. Attaching a picture of what I think may be my first cold sore (I was diagnosed by a blood test). Can this be swabbed so I can be sure it's a cold sore?
  10. I've been getting cold sores for over 20 years now and have been concerned about accidentally passing them onto others. Obviously kissing someone while I am experiencing an outbreak could pass it on but what about if I'm having an outbreak and I sneeze on someone, or if I sleep face down on my pillow and then my husband then uses that pillow, or if my hair (which is kind of long) touches my lip and I accidentally brush it across my baby's face when I'm holding her? I basically become a nervous wreck every time I have an OB because I am so worried about all of these "what if" scenarios.
  11. Gorillaglue

    Better late than never

    With my recent outbreak I was open to my partner that I get cold sores. We have been together for a while. I contracted cold sores from my mom. So I was aware that i get them. I am careful to not have any contact when i have an outbreak. We are going to work to try and be more careful. I love my partner very much. I am hoping that this wont get in the way of us being intimate, i am an affectionate person and i love love. Trying to stay positive. But whenever i have outbreaks i feel horrible, discusting, gross and ashamed. Intimacy and coldsores. Can they coexist?
  12. A couple of weeks back, I had a sore in my mouth and my GP felt that it could be a cold sore. He recommended Acyclovir which I took for 3 days and then stopped as I had serious side-effects. It's been 10 days since and I have persistently had dry eyes/dry mouth: Dry Eyes -- Red, Feels like there is some dust in them. Dry mouth - Feels dry, Chapped Lips. I have never had either of these before. I have visited the ophthalmologist who said that the eyes look dry but doesn't see what the exact cause could be. (Ruled out Ocular Herpes) I have been screene
  13. I put about 2 or 3 drops of this stuff on my toothbrush with regular brushing. No outbreaks, nothing, nada....
  14. I have HSV 1. I have been getting cold sores for about 3-4 years but at first they were not that bad or that often. Now, the outbreaks are more frequent and I am quite ashamed of the sores. A lot of people who get cold sores say that they only got "really sick" the first time they had an outbreak. It is getting to the point that every time I have a cold sore, I get swollen glands, headaches, fever and tiredness (not to mention the painful sores). Does this happen to other people who get cold sores? Most other people who get them say that they just have the sore. They don't have the whole body
  15. So I recently got a cold sore not this Sunday but the last one. By Monday it was a blister. I put peroxide, vanilla, and deodorant to dry it out fast. By this Monday it was a brown scab. All that is left is red skin but no feeling to it, not even when I apply vanilla. Now last night I got drunk and made out/ had sex with someone I like. We gave each other oral. I was drunk and not really thinking about my cold sore. What are the chances I gave them HSV-1? And what are the chances I gave it to myself on the genitals through their saliva? I am really freaking out, any respons
  16. Hi! My name is Michele from seattle,wa. New to the site and I have Hsv 1. ( Cue audience "hi michele") I joined the site to chat. I was getting irritated with the ddf posts i see on dating sites and cl that everyone thinks they are ddf and only looking for same. So, yeah..... Hmm, well, not sure where to go from here. Feel free to ask questions :-)
  17. throwaway123445678904

    Do I have cold sores?

    I don't have time off from work until next week to get tested. I had sexual relations on Saturday. I noticed these on Monday. It felt really itchy and painful. I decided to pick at it. They started to bleed and then a clear looking discharge came out after it bled for a bit. The clear discharge came out with the blood. They sores don't hurt anymore. It appears the one above my lip has a long hair growing out of it. The one near my nose has a hair right to the side of it. The hair placement makes be think it is an ingrown hair, but i haven't shaved in sometime. However, the clear discharge make
  18. How common is it for herpes from the same strain to occur at the same time (for example oral and genital HSV2 or oral and genital HSV1)? or do they follow each other in short time? If one had a strain in both places would the primary outbreak be more likely to occur at its place of preference (for example having an oral HSV1 outbreak before a genital HSV1 outbreak or having a genital HSV2 outbreak before an oral HSV2 outbreak)? Is one more likely to have an outbreak down there first more than in the mouth with HSV2 if they have it in both places? Thank you for any responses and your time
  19. Can you get it on Your cheek? Like if someone with a cold sore kisses your cheek and you have a bunch of acne could you catch cold sores or catch it on your cheek? It was like close to my ear. Almost at my ear and I'm not 100% sure if they had an active Cold sore cause it was dark but I know the person gets cold sores. I hope I'm not sounding ignorant. I don't want to ask friend myself because I don't want him to feel offended and I thought this would be the best place to ask.
  20. Hello everyone, This is my 3rd post on his website. I thought of doing it simply to share my story, in case anyone may want to see what I've been through with Oral herpes and it very varying symptoms from a person to another. I was completly in the dark regarding this virus and despite still feeling a bit like that still, time does provide some answers. Maybe those answers can be of some help to other readers here. So here a psychological AND physiological update about my story. To resume my first initial infection happened on september 1st. I got in direct contact (fren
  21. blistering love

    cold sore in mouth

    Does anyone get cold sores in their mouth? If so how do i treat it? Will i ever be able to kiss again? Thanks in advance:)
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