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  1. My wife and I have hsv1 & 2, no symptoms...only worrying about what to expect. We both are 46yrs old and we may have had five partners between us. My wife is my 3rd and I’m her 2nd person we’ve ever been intimate with. We keep waking up thinking this is nightmare. We haven’t had sex since the diagnosis...February 2018 scared that we would hurt each other worse...we discovered that one of us carried it for over 20+yrs...(married 15yrs) and gave it to the other, and just recently found out during normal yearly physical.. We both had the igg test... mine was 3.2 hsv2 and 2.8 hsv1 and my wife
  2. Waiting4newlife

    Any info about RVX

    Hi anyone have any info about rational vaccine's theravax? After Dr.Bill's demise no news from them. Are they shut down? Are they conducting clinical trials anywhere? Any from illinois? Please help
  3. Hi, I’m looking for some help/advice please: I made a massive mistake just over 4 weeks ago and received hand to genital masturbation from a female stripper. I was wearing a condom. This was the only sexual contact. 2 days later, I experienced a tingling sensation in my penis which followed a rash on my inner thigh, knee, chest, and also a fever. I then started to feel unwell and had a sore throat and blocked up nose. This coincided with me developing a red shiny blotchy rash under my foreskin on the head of my penis and peeling of the skin under the foreskin. I went to my G.P who
  4. a little over 3 years ago I was dating and living away from my home town with an ex bf (I am female) and started experiencing some very uncomfortable symptoms down there which i thought was an intense yeast infection or bacteria infection. Since my OBGYN was 3 hours away in my home town, I went to a local urgent care. The physician at the urgent care gave me a visual diagnosis of genital herpes and took a swab for testing. I was completely destroyed, suicidal, and believed my life would never be the same. In the next week while I waited for my results, I started telling friends and family abou
  5. t56890


    have been dealing with vaginal sores for almost 5 years i started getting them when i was 15 after a sexual encounter with really bad yeast infections since i was so young my mom didn't even want to grasp the fact that i was having sex so it went untreated for a while plus the childrens obgyn in my area was only open on fridays so it was very hard to get an appointment by the time i finally saw a doctor the sores had went away but everytime i went i tested positive for yeast and or bv and when i told them about the sores they immediately said herpes so they'd order blood tests and each ti
  6. I don’t even know where to begin. But I had unprotected sex with somebody which all his test came back negative today. (Still waiting on my results) so i went to the urgent care this Wednesday and they told me I had vaginitis which I really don’t know Much about it I just know it has something to do with bacteria and yeast that grows cause I have some inflammation at the bottom entrance of my vagina and I have a lump on my perineum and around my anus there are spots look like white heads kinda I don’t know I also had anal sex which after me and partner was done with that I was bleeding cause i
  7. mconcerned1986

    Is this bump herpes?

    Can someone tell me what this is?
  8. Curious1998


    So I have been diagnosed with Ghsv 1 and I was wondering far as sex goes should I use condoms for now on ? I know I shouldn’t have sex during any breakout of course. But after everything heals (far as breakouts) will I still need a condom ? Can I still receive oral or what? I tried looking up things online far as Ghsv 1 goes but didn’t get the answers I was looking for.
  9. Hello, I am new on here. (19F) I was diagnosed with HSV2 on March 4th this year, since then I have flared up twice (One flare-up lasting about 2 weeks). My sex drive crashed and burned as soon as I was diagnosed and I lost my appetite too - felt like rubbish for a while but kind of slowly accepting that this is part of my life now and I need to get over it. After telling my current partner that I have HSV and him being fine with it, my last flare up had FINALLY healed and we were going to have sex again but it hurt that much that he couldn't enter me fully. He is quite big but I have had
  10. So this is what appeared on the membrane of my anus 2 days ago: https://flic.kr/p/26h2p3c Today it is more like this: https://flic.kr/p/24V4H7T Here is another picture from today: https://flic.kr/p/26h32jR Do you think this appears to be herpes or something else (if so, any ideas)? Here's some additional information: Showed up 2 weeks after sex It does hurt. And the first picture is when I noticed it and that was 2 days ago and I included a recent pic from today. It just straight up appeared this way over night and there were no blisters. Thanks
  11. So I have just been diagnosed with Ghsv1 and I’m curious far as sex and oral goes can I still perform these actions after my OB Heals? If I use a condom is there still a risk of passing on this virus? I need help lol
  12. is this herpes ? last time i had sex was 3 years ago and i never noticed any symptoms like described in multiple forums , about 2 months ago i noticed this and i do not know since when its there , under my penis head are also sores or idk what they are, they feel small and hard you can see them in the picture , they neither hurt nor itch , in my country there is no specialist for this i consulted a doctor they sent me to a skin doctor i will visit him tomorrow , i am prepared that i have herpes i just wanted to ask you guys what you think about this and also they said that there is no spec
  13. Hi everybody, So... there is something I simply haven't been able to figure out and have not had a chance to talk to a doctor. 1, If I've never had an initial outbreak (I had brief flu-like symptoms for a few days which could also have been a (side-effect of medication) but nothing more. No lesions, certainly nothing itchy, scabby that lasted several weeks) can I infect others? My partner's doctor said that before an initial outbreak has occurred the virus can't be transmitted, this seems to align with anecdotes from married couples who did not infect each other after decades of sex...
  14. stevewilson90

    Does This Resemble Herpes?

    Hey all... Sorry for the graphic pics. I need to know if this looks like common genital herpes. I have a red rash developing around the base of my penis and slightly up the shaft. There are bumps, but they do not burst and do not ulcerate or scab. I also have red dots on the head of my penis. These symptoms have been consistent for approximately 3-4 weeks and the rash seems to come and go a bit. I’ve been applying neosporin and aloe to see if it is a rash that could just be from shaving or dermatitis. I have an appointment scheduled for a physical and blood exam next week with my doctor,
  15. thunder

    Do I have HSV1 & HSV2?!

    I have been struggling with bad pressure headaches in the back of my head since september, and in january found out I had Lymes, was put on antibiotics, got a little better and headaches came back. Got tested for lymes again and my neurologist said I probably don’t have it anymore so he tested me for West Nile and Herpes 1 & 2. West Nile was negative and my herpes 1&2 blood test came back positive which was taken on February 28th. And the blood test showed I recently contracted it. Now I have never had sex, or have been given or received oral before. But the first weekend in february I
  16. I told the guy I'm dating last November that I have genital HSV-1, and he said it wasn't a big deal (he gets cold sores). So today it gets to the point of almost having sex, and he makes a comment about being skeptical about getting genital HSV-1. I told him it's hard to infect another area, because you body provides some sort of protection. Right? I felt pretty bad about what he said. You have herpes too, but because mine is in a different area it's worse? He said he needed protection so I don't get pregnant (STD's checked and clear, and I've been on birth control for the past 2 years, and he
  17. Xxosoccergurl

    Not sure what this is?

    So... I recently have been depressed. Afraid I was raped while blackout drunk at a party. Woke up with a white stain on my black skirt. Asked numerous people if they Saw me be followed or pulled in somewhere by someone. They all said I didn’t. Woke up the next day and it kind of hurt to have sex w my bf but I was starting my period in a week- so maybe it’s all a coincidence. but I HAVE been so sick to my stomach I have been taking NyQuil and Xanax and masturbating a LOT to fall asleep. Monday. I felt these- the doctor said they don’t normally look like that.. but it hurt a little when pee wen
  18. I had unprotected sex January 28 2017, 3 weeks later 21 of February I tested positive for Syphilis 1.16 primary Syphilis , on February 26 (4 weeks) I got the rest of the STDs test including clymidia, gonorrea, HIV (4tg gen combo test), and HerpeSelect 1 & 2: all negative, can I trust my test?, I’m planning on retesting on the 3 month mark, what are my chances that my tests will change ( it’s been almost 2 month without any symptoms) I now that it may take time to create antibodies but my body did produce the Syphilis ( all do they are different diseases) really fast and dint have to wait t
  19. Hi yall, so I got tested for HSV and I had my index show up .10 for both 1 and 2. Then my buddy got tested and he's index were .35 for 1 and .20 for 2. My question is why are there different ranges of the IgG testing. Both are negative I understand that but why the ranges in the test results? Can anyone help explain this to me.
  20. LostinTranslation123

    Second Oral HSV2 Outbreak

    Hello everyone! Im kinda flipping out because I got my second Oral HSV2 outbreak in a little more than a month from being exposed after the doctor said that I would not see another Oral HSV2 outbreak since they are rare. How many recurrences do such Oral HSV2 outbreaks have? The doctor told me that since I have had two Oral HSV2 outbreaks in a month (the last one following a major cold that he had along with major stress about this whole ordeal), that he is fairly certain that I did not contract anything down there since the HSV2 virus is forcefully coming out of an "unpreferred" location al
  21. Heydoll

    I’m so angry

    I’ve just signed up here as I have NOONE in the real world to talk to. I feel so disgusting. My child’s father has given me herpes and I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel so icolated. I’ve no friends my only friend was my partner and now we don’t work anymore. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Or how I’m supposed to cope. I’m lonely. Really lonely and I’m so so so fed up I feel damaged. I don’t know if this is an emotional outburst or what. I just need someone to talk to
  22. Hello, Sorry to drag this out but at the moment I'm really quite worried that I may have contracted genital herpes and if I'm honest wanted some advice. I'm a straight male who had unprotected oral and vaginal sex with a girl 6 weeks ago. I hadn't had any symptoms up until a month after when I noticed some yellow discharge from my penis and pain when peeing. Upon discovering this I immediately went to my local GUM clinic on Monday the 12'th of March to be tested for Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea & HIV all which came back negative on the 18'th of March. I also had a swab test but the
  23. So recently I got these strange bumps on my penis. I had unprotected sex and went to gym after , I noticed them when I was in the shower in the same day. so I got them between 4 hours. I need help also went to go see a doctor in the morning and he said they look like herpes but the actual results will come in within 4 days . I’m worried sick Picture after a warm shower
  24. JustCruisin

    Did I Receive the Gift?

    Hi there. I’d appreciate any guidance you can give me regarding my test results. I had unprotected sex sometime July 2017 and the last time December 29, 2017. I have had no typical symptoms, but did have skin sensitive that was sporadic and would occur in different places on my thighs, waist and hips. This only happened for few weeks between July and December 2017 and has not happened again. Below are my test results. 2015 - <0.90 negative for both HSV1 and HSV2. 2/22/18 - HSV1 - 0.94 positive. HSV2 - 1.96 positive. Quest Diagnostics. Test performed HSV 1/2 IGG. type
  25. Carmen354

    Is this an outbreak?

    This is on the back of my thigh. I remember it itches like crazy and then nothing. They didn’t burst or ooze they’re kinda just reddish brown patches now. Also I’ve been getting random rashes on my arms plus I’m a hairy woman so idk if it’s just hair bumps, folliculitis, or an outbreak.
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