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  1. So recently I've been having some urinary problems. I noticed that it only hurt after I'm finished peeing, not during. No discharge, no lesion and the pain was moderate at best. I went to the doctor and did a urine sample for stds like gonorrhea and chlamydia he prescribed me with antibodies and it did get a little better, but there was no trace of any bacteria. So then I went to the urologist and they didn't find any bacteria either. So i went back to the original doctor and got a blood test for all stds including hsv1 and 2. So a week later the doctors office called back and said that i was
  2. Senior members, I found this interesting post on Terri Warren's site of hsv1 transmission with an existing and established hsv1 infection. Anyone know this expert Deborah Gold and whats you take on it. Terri Warren's response is at the bottom. " In July of 2016, I asked you the following question and you replied as follows: ME: If my partner is Oral HSV-1 +, can I give him Genital HSV-1 + through vaginal sex? YOU: I have seen this only once in 33 years – very very unusual I am now with Kaiser and asked them the same question and received this reply:
  3. Hey guys, can you guys tell me if I have symptoms of oral herpes? I have not developed a cold sore at all outside my mouth, however, I have small bumps all along the inside of my mouth. I have tiny, peach/skin colored bumps on my gum that connects the top and bottom of my jaw, kind of near my cheek. On the arch/top of my mouth near the uvula, it's very red with tiny tiny white dots, that look like pimples but even smaller. On the back of my throat, there's orange-like bumps that are pretty big compared to the other bumps. I can't tell if any of these are normal or a sign of infection. My lips
  4. Hi everyone, I have SO many questions. As of yesterday I found out I have HSV1. My boyfriend spread it to me through oral after he recently had gotten over a cold sore, yet it is still on my genital area. I found out yesterday what it was and I have not stopped crying since. Neither of us had any idea the virus could spread like that and he feels extremely guilty, yet fully supportive. I love him so much, but I'm only 17 so I think everyone can agree we most likely will not be together forever. I'm extremely nervous for my future. How do I tell a potential partner I have HSV1? When do I
  5. I'm reasonably new to this forum and wondered if anyone has actually met up with other members to talk about what's going on in their lives. I know it's hard feeling like you having no one to talk to and I still to this point have only told my partner about what's been going on with me, I'm from Manchester in England and wondered if there is anyone else from our community here? Or elsewhere for that matter!
  6. Domicile Films and Purfekt Storm Entertainment announced the production of an insightful documentary that focuses on the life and challenges faced by Dr. William Halford, scientist, researcher and inventor of Theravax™, the vaccine that holds the power to eradicate the herpes simplex disease. Four billion people around the globe are infected with herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) and/or herpes simplex virus (HSV-2), and every week more than one million people are newly infected. Dr. Halford's groundbreaking research and dedication to stopping the spread of all forms of herpetic disease has become a
  7. Peace_and_love

    Is this another OB?

    Heya I'm back and need some advice! So it's been a couple of months since I've posted and need some support. Just experiencing some tingling sensations and am worried it's another OB and I have a big event coming up soon and really don't want another OB now Can anyone relate? My lymph nodes on the right side of my groin feel slightly inflamed and I have a small pimple on the pubic area near the clitoral hood, it's not an open wound that's leaking but it feels sore like an inflamed pimple I am also feeling sensitive on the the labia minora area (no visible pim
  8. Hello I'm looking for some advice, I'm really struggling to recognize if I'm having an outbreak or not. I've had previous skin conditions of red dots and itchy skin as I had severe eczema as a child which has now thankfully cleared up. However, now being diagnosed with HSV1 gential about 10 months ago, I experience my primary (quite severe) OB and my secondary OB of only one minor lesion, I now find myself mulling over every red dot I find on my genitals. Currently I have a few red bumps under my foreskin which have left me wondering again whether or not I'm experiencing an OB I w
  9. hey, i'm a 21 year old female and i was diagnosed with hsv1 over a year ago through oral sex, i've only ever had the one initial outbreak and felt completely normal since. I have a few questions i'm hoping someone could help me out with, i'm having a hard time finding a clear answer to a few things... So, typically i'm having this debate in my head whether or not i should disclose to one night stands because the extremely low risk with my case (i have not had sex since i've been diagnosed btw) I just literally couldn't imagine saying it to someone, especially when i would probably NE
  10. StupidNo1


    Hi all, Pls advice ,,,hs anyone tired quickclear herpes product for virus elimination. Pls guide.
  11. I've been getting screened for HSV 1&2 for more than 10 years. 7 years ago I had my first outbreak and was diagnosed via a swab with genital HSV1. A couple of years later I got my first oral outbreak and continued to have negative blood tests for HSV2. One of my partners' partners was recently diagnosed with oral HSV2 but it sounded like she got it after the last time he saw or had contact with her, but my partner and I ceased contact anyway so that he could get tested again after 3 months. I have had an outbreak since then but it looked, felt, and was located in the same place as, all
  12. BadThingsHappen2GoodPpl

    Atypical Presentation, Constant Symptoms

    So I contracted ohsv 1 about 2 months ago. It's always been atypical for me. I had a really bad reaction and don't seem to handle the virus well. When I first started showing symptoms, my face didn't break out with the typical lesions. Wherever the virus was at, my face would break out in hives. It's started in my lip then worked it's was up my cheek to settle right by my ear. My entire mouth, chin, and left cheek were covered with hives that would blister and ooze. So much to the point that my face would drip at times. Gross, I know. The itching was horrible. I went to see a dermatologist who
  13. Beachguy

    HSV Journey

    Here is my story hope it helps someone out here. I usually don’t make long post. Had gHSV1 for many years but last year had a really bad ob and was placed on suppressive therapy I get few outbreaks but lots of nerve pain and other symptoms. I did a ton of research including on Terri Warren’s resources. Tried lots of supplements and went to a ton of different doctors. A few times I really felt this was a losing battle. I had really strange symptoms like twitching and random body wide nerve pain. I don't get many ob though just pain and twitching. Many so called experts said it can
  14. After eleven months of discussing herpes with many people, I though I'd drop a little fodder. Like many viruses, when one is initially infected, the immune system has the ability to identify microrganisims ( viruses ) that do not belong. They see them, make antibodies, cytocaines, memory cells (for later) and attack. One of the issues with herpes is the initial infection is not usually a large amount of viral load ( herpes also has other sneaky abilities to avoid detection as well ) so this ability of not being detected is one of the reasons some people's immune system cannot get a grip
  15. hey, i'm a 21 year old female and i was diagnosed with hsv1 over a year ago through oral sex, i've only ever had the one initial outbreak and felt completely normal since. I have a few questions i'm hoping someone could help me out with, i'm having a hard time finding a clear answer to a few things... So, typically i'm having this debate in my head whether or not i should disclose to one night stands because the extremely low risk with my case (i have not had sex since i've been diagnosed btw) I just literally couldn't imagine saying it to someone, especially when i would probably NE
  16. Hey everyone! Having "survived" my first outbreak in August (sounds like I'm discussing a zombie outbreak, oh how I wish it was just that...!) and being told that my HSV1 genital herpes was highly unlikely to reappear (low recurrence rate), I'm now facing outbreak number 2. The way I'm feeling begins with a P and ends with an -issed off! I know the first time is the worst (because it really was, oh my god.), and I've heard that the severity of it reduces with each outbreak... but by how much? Does it differ for everyone? I'm at the stage where the bumps have just come out, and if the
  17. I would appreciate some help with this. My school age son recently got a cold sore when he was sick though my husband and myself have never had an OB. I am now at a point where I am struggling to cope with this. We used to be the type of family that would share drinks and give pecks on the mouth for bedtime but now we share nothing and only peck on cheek and forehead. I feel awful as a mother but am so afraid of this, I literally can't sleep. I can't stop thinking the rest of the family will get it and have been obsessing over my lips for weeks now. Any tingle or dryness I freak out. Please he
  18. I am having trouble understanding my symptoms because they are very mild (but still very annoying). The only symptoms ive notice would be redness, but like under the skin, and it would be itchy. And sometimes a pimple or two in buttox area. Which i think sometimes itchess but not really. Also ive had swollen lymph node near groin area, and left armpit. So weird.. anyone with ghsv1 please tell me your experience or what happens! Very confused
  19. Peace_and_love

    HSV internal sores!!! HELP!

    Hey girls, Sooooo I'm in a bit of distress now! My Second OB is finally calming down and I'm coming to the end of my Aciclovir medication. During my OB I had so many open sores and it was unbelievably uncomfortable and painful to sit, urinate and even just wipe myself or clean myself. Now that it's calming down I'm able to check myself properly and I still have some open sores on my clitoral hood, labia minora and the opening of my vagina, the sores on my labia majora are starting to dry out, yeahhhhh!!! Yes finally. However I'm freaking out, I was cleaning myself with Te
  20. Hello everyone! Ok so I'm new to all this and normally don't do forum chats but here goes... So 5 months ago I got my first major OB, went to the clinic thinking that I've had too rough sex of just being a bit reckless, but was feeling more uncormoftable than usual, so as I do, I done a little self examination to find some red sensitive lumps (at this point I was freaking out that I have some sort of STI but didn't really sink in) until I was at the clinic and the dreaded words left the nurses lips after my checkup up: I'm sorry to say that you have contracted HERPES! My heart sank
  21. luvurself16

    Major Dilemma

    My ex-husband in the past have tried to reconcile with me and I've always been cold or plain mean to him. I never wanted to let him know that I contracted this virus. If I didn't have it I would be with him in a second. I do still love him and always will. The reason we divorced was because his family never liked me and I eventually grew to resent him for it. We separated and I became depressed and vulnerable. My giver came into my life and cursed me. My outbreaks have gotten better but I will be contagious for life. If hurts that my ex-husband hates me and I am thinking about telling him abou
  22. Dr. Halford believes the two-decade period to test and bring an FDA-approved vaccine to market is constraining serious scientists. “There are a lot of really intelligent people out there,” he says, “but when we make the barriers too high, they don’t have a voice.” He suggests a six-month time period for testing and total trial costs below $1 million could make the free market a force for positive change. http://www.siumed.edu/pubs/aspects/40-1/coverstory.html
  23. Hi there, if someone could PLEASE shed some light on this topic and help me it would be appreciated greatly, my head is in overdrive right now. While on vacation my boyfriend of 1 year come up in genital herpes. When it first appeared, we originally thought it was an ingrown hair. We had sex, many times, until one morning he woke up with a cluster of angry, red pussing sores. By the time we had made it home it had cleared up and so when the area was swabbed by a nurse at a clinic unfortunately the results had came back a low positive for herpes so unable to tell what type. When this
  24. Apologies if I am repeating a thread, but for those of you who think genital HSV should be disclosed (either type), do you also think that oral/facial HSV (either type) should be disclosed, and if so, just for sex or for kissing also? Based on the facts, I think if you know, either type should be disclosed wherever you have it, in a sexual situation (and ideally before a kiss (if you wouldn't have sex with someone without telling them but you would kiss them, it's reinforcing the idea that HSV doesn't matter if its not on your genitals). Not everyone has HSV1, so I think people should
  25. I know I've asked this before but I don't remember the answer so please help About 4 years ago I both got oral and gential type 1 herpes at the same time since then I never have had another outbreak and been healthy. My questions are the following: how many days would I be shedding it roughly both genital and oral I assume genital is less I'd like a rough number? Is gential hsv1 easily spread? Is it essitial to disclose both as it is the same virus and oral type can pass to genitals through sexual contact ? would I be very contagious after no outbreaks after 4
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