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  1. Jayday


    What’s up community! Ive had HSV 2 via IGG blood test for about 7 months now and only had one minor outbreak (2 small lesions that did not hurt at all). My question is I don’t have lesions or blisters but do have some discomfort in the urethra but it doesn’t hurt when I urinate, I don’t have any tingling sensations but that discomfort in the urethra. Is that considered having an outbreak??? Please let me know thank you!!
  2. Trial and potential vaccine sale information Click on the link below for the full article Rational Vaccines: A case study in pharma deregulation. As the debate picks up steam in Washington, Rational Vaccines is fast-tracking its live attenuated vaccine for the herpes simplex virus (HSV) to the market — wherever that may be. Enrollment will soon begin for trials in Mexico and the Caribbean, following a single Phase 1 study of 20 patients in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. “Mexico has about a four-to-five year window for sales if the trials go
  3. I just had what seems like a good idea in my head. Billboards are expensive, a march for HSV is hard to organize, and most other methods are difficult to make happen because people don't want their identities to be exposed. I'm sure most of you have seen vehicles such as cars or trucks with ads on them, right? What about raising money to have a message or slogan placed on trucks and other vehicles which would be willing to be paid for that? Those vehicles travel long distances and more people would see the message every day without us having to do anything extra and they wouldn't be stationary
  4. Dear all, I have created a group on Facebook called Theravax HSV1 & 2 as a platform for people to share their experiences from the Theravax Trails. This is a closed group. Please avoid any negativity as we already have enough of that in the outside world and we don't need it here on this group. You can share your experiences on the consultation, pre and post travel as well so that it helps every one make better decisions. Members of this group can also help each other to travel together to get the vaccine (Not necessarily by means of funds) but just support as it's not always easy to go
  5. Hi everyone, I haven't slept with anyone since the man who gave me HSV-2 I'd love to hear everyone's tactics and best things to say when disclosing that they have genital herpes, tips, and word-for-words, please!
  6. There’s an open sore at the bottom of my butt almost where it meets the crack, and one on my groin. Since they’re in high sweat areas i’m not sure if herpes or some type of bacteria infection such as jock itch?? I did shave the gentinal area about a week and a half ago. Please share opinions https://ibb.co/ggE0MJ https://ibb.co/ehA1Ty https://ibb.co/fvhLMJ https://ibb.co/hO1x1J https://ibb.co/bMugvd https://ibb.co/jr8Voy
  7. Hi, does anyone know how long you need to take acyclovir for it to become effective at suppressing asymptomatic shedding? I have had hsv2 for 12 years, no OB ever, never transmitted to any exes despite no protection or med usage (their choice of course). Now I am with a new partner and we want to be very careful despite my "good" history. So I said I would take acyclovir as a preventative measure. The thing is we don't see each other often cus he lives out of town. And any visits are planned well in advance. So I'm wondering when in advance of his visit I would need to start the twi
  8. So I had a rash on my vag. Peeling skin, burning and swollen. Two doctors confirmed it was an allergic reaction to clyndomyacin. While they were checking, they ran an STD test which showed I was positive for chlyamidia. I took meds and cleared that up. My urgent care doctor said I should do a follow up visit and check for syphillis and HIV because those are sometimes connected with Chlamydia. I then went and got tested & my primary care doctor also put on a herpes IgG blood test. All my results were negative except HSV2 I tested as follows : HSV1 negative .02 & HSV2 positive 8.0. In my
  9. Scenario, I had a sexual encounter with a person in early January, I was afraid of any STD did two weeks after i got a full panel test. All results, except HSV1 were negative (I've had HSV1 for a long time). I got tested again (independent anonymous lab) 5 weeks 4 days post exposure and this time the IGG results forHSV2 cane back as 1.03. Scared, the next week I went to my doctor AND to an anonymous lab (just for comparison). My Dr results were IGG 1.08 and other lab was 1.06. My doc said positive and I stated daily valtrex. Now, 12 weeks and 2 days after exposure, my HSV2 IGG is
  10. Yes, its time to be realistic. I come to visit website to see is there any new vaccine news or cure news but unfortunately there is no. Yes almost all vaccine trials failed. There are new candidates but even if they start to their clinical trials this year it will be years at least to be on the market. Crispr is a different method i dont know about how would be its clinical trials because if they can eradicate the virus from body, the trial process should be different than a drug. If they eradicate the virus from body they will not wait 10 years to prove its effectiveness i think. Anyway in ne
  11. cracked

    Western Blot Results

    I have exceeded the attachment capacity for posting, so wasn't able to attach the results in this post. Here is the link to the report instead: https://ibb.co/dECGEx 1) Initial IgG (August 16; 13 days post unprotected exposure with someone that I found out was asymptomatically HSV-2 positive and 2-3 weeks later she had her primary outbreak): *HSV-2 = 2.00 *HSV-1 = they never tested me for it Took Valacyclovir for 10 days (did not help with any symptoms) (August 17-26, 2017) 2) Retested IgG (November, 2017; 4 months post exposure) *HSV-2 = negati
  12. Hi all. I was diagnosed with Hs2 when I was 26 and I'm now 54. I get outbreaks infrequently and they're generally diminishing with time. To my knowledge I've never passed it on as I generally know when an outbreak is about to occur and do what is necessary. I'm in a new relationship and my girlfriend is wanting to have sex without condoms. Given the amount of time I've had hsv2 (nearly 30 years) how does this affect shedding, especially asymptomatic? I can't find any posts about this. Many thanks.
  13. Hello, I recently broke up with my ex in late January because I found out he’s been cheating on me with a lot of people. Between January 13-21 we had unprotected sexual intercourse everyday. On February 1st I got a blood test out of paranoia that I might have gotten something from him. (At the time of this blood test it’ll be almost 3 weeks from “initial exposure”). The test result came back and my HSV 2 IgG value was 0.95, equivocal. But my incompetent gynecologist told me I tested positive for genital herpes and just told me to go back if I ever get any symptoms. I have a pr
  14. Is one worse than the other?
  15. John John

    A nervous wreck

    Hello So roughly 5 days ago I had a one night stand with a female who told me she was positive for HSV 2. She had been diagnosed about a half a year back but said she had an outbreak a month back and was on a daily medication. At the time of intercourse she said she had no symptoms at all. Anyways, we had intercourse in which during this time the condom did break I put another one on we finished. I immediately felt regret but didn’t want to make the lady feel bad but I washed my genitals off with hot water and soap, also plenty of rubbing alcohol and peroxide as I was in a frenzy. I do ha
  16. Hi yall, so I got tested for HSV and I had my index show up .10 for both 1 and 2. Then my buddy got tested and he's index were .35 for 1 and .20 for 2. My question is why are there different ranges of the IgG testing. Both are negative I understand that but why the ranges in the test results? Can anyone help explain this to me.
  17. LostinTranslation123

    Second Oral HSV2 Outbreak

    Hello everyone! Im kinda flipping out because I got my second Oral HSV2 outbreak in a little more than a month from being exposed after the doctor said that I would not see another Oral HSV2 outbreak since they are rare. How many recurrences do such Oral HSV2 outbreaks have? The doctor told me that since I have had two Oral HSV2 outbreaks in a month (the last one following a major cold that he had along with major stress about this whole ordeal), that he is fairly certain that I did not contract anything down there since the HSV2 virus is forcefully coming out of an "unpreferred" location al
  18. I developed a small red spot between the rim of my penis and the neck of the glans. This happened last night a few hours after I had sex with my gf. This morning after a warm shower ive noticed more around the area below my glans later in the day some on the head. They don't hurt or itch when i touch them and they look like pictures of male Thrush and yeadt. Those this potentially sound like hsv2? I haven't felt any tingling or pain or burning or any nerve issues. Does reccurrent herpes appear in waves or is it more an all at once thing? I went to planned parenthood before and they said its li
  19. JustCruisin

    Did I Receive the Gift?

    Hi there. I’d appreciate any guidance you can give me regarding my test results. I had unprotected sex sometime July 2017 and the last time December 29, 2017. I have had no typical symptoms, but did have skin sensitive that was sporadic and would occur in different places on my thighs, waist and hips. This only happened for few weeks between July and December 2017 and has not happened again. Below are my test results. 2015 - <0.90 negative for both HSV1 and HSV2. 2/22/18 - HSV1 - 0.94 positive. HSV2 - 1.96 positive. Quest Diagnostics. Test performed HSV 1/2 IGG. type
  20. DonnaG


    Hi. Two weeks ago I felt like I had a yeast infection coming on and when I showered I found two "pimples" on my outer labia. I made an appointment, mainly for yeast. The NP looked at the pimples and said "they aren't anything to worry about but we'll test them." She said they even had definitive heads like pimples. I got nervous about testing and she said "I'd be surprised if there was a positive diagnosis." I took a duiflucan and had some relief from burning. And the places she popped were practically gone. Well, last week I got the call... She said I was positive for HSV2 and there was no
  21. I have hsv2 and I’m having a outbreak literally 2 days before I leave. Does the base have antiviral a on hand since it’s on my file would they have some for me I’ve already processed through meps and they weren’t worried about it but they are aware that I could have an outbreak while in boot camp. Please help I’m going on 6 months of having it
  22. Hey all, Hope you’ve had a great start to the year. I’m not too great! After suffering from catching a travel bug which caused me to have a weakened immune system resulting in a start of an OB. I’m currently abroad in Indonesia and won’t be leaving for another 6 weeks. I’ve been trying to build up my immune system again but I feel as if my OB is going to get worse and now my anxiety is starting to kick in. I have found two open sores and have been keeping the area clean and applying Tea Tree Oil to the lesions to keep it disinfected. Back home during previous OB’s I’ve taken Aci
  23. Thanks for the add. Currently experiencing my first outbreak on my lip which has made me a downer. Will visit my doc to get tested in a day or two.
  24. I'm unaware of where viral shedding occurs in relation to the OB site? I have a unique situation, where my OB's occur on my upper outer thigh, nowhere near my genitals. Is it still possible to have viral shedding in and around my vagina, or does the shedding take place at the OB site? TIA
  25. Can someone have BOTH HSV1 & HSV2 in the same location, i.e. orally?
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