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  1. Keisha1234

    Herpes results

    If I get an igg test and the result for hsv-1 is out of range 29.80 and hsv-2 is out of range 11.50 what does this mean. I know I am definitely positive but is this a new or established infection
  2. Trying a poll to see if any corollaries exist and if any difference by type.
  3. Kurtisfleming

    Not sure if Herpes or not

    So I have tested positive for hsv1 but I knew that because I have had cold sores since I was a kid.. I have still tested negative for HSV2 and all other stds 3 months after protected oral sex.. My partner did not touch my penis with lips just saliva touched my scrotum. The day after i felt different. Lately my penis shaft look Like it has more veins than before and I have had itching anywhere I have pubic hair down there all day for over 3 months.. I have had warm feelings in the right side of my body. I have taken antibitotics and penicillin shot and nothing.. Doctors say I don't have anythin
  4. Hello guys, I had a possible contact with the virus on 3 september, I starded taking isoprinosine since 14th september, 6 tablets of 500mg per day. It is possible to get a false negative results 3 months after contact because of this? How does this drug work on herpes? It boosts the immune system by stimulating the antibody production or it decreases the viral replication and it makes it harder to detect? Thank you in advance, Regards, Liam
  5. Canitreallybe33

    Jock itch or Herpes

    I've had this for a while , just never seems to heal after my encounter, this actuall happened 2 months after my encounter. It kinda is chaffing, I rub it and it's like an open wound but then it starts to heal but being on the side of my groin with the walking, gym work etc it causes friction, so I guess it never heals. Could this be heroes, does it look like it? I put stress and sweat rash and it kind of looked similar but who knows. My testicle skin is also rougher and darker. When I press on it it looks reddish and delicate.
  6. I just found out on Monday that I tested positive for Herpes Type 1 and Type 2. As herpes Type 1 can be oral or genital, I am not sure which one it is and the drs said there is no way to know unless I have an outbreak. I was tested recently as well and was negative, so I know exactly where it came from. The only thing about this is, I have never had an ob. Never had a cold sore in my life or any genital problems. They said it means I might never have one but I am officially a carrier who can pass it along to others. This worries me because I have 2 small children. My daughter has HSV1 due to p
  7. I will start by saying I have not been diagnosed yet but have been suffering for the last 3 weeks with various symptoms. Suddenly today I’m having a very bad head ache and notice my hand/finger motor skills seem off along with feet tingling. Has anyone had similar during a first OB if either HSV1 or HSV2?
  8. happypath

    HSV2 - 4 weeks - experience

    Hi All, I have been a silent member reading posts here and am grateful for all the support. I hope this post will help someone in need: I was diagnosed with anal herpes (hsv 2) 4 weeks ago. I have had a few partners in my life and know all of them, have practiced safe sex, had them all tested (yes, the tests don't cover for herpes, and some had blood tests - but I am aware of the accuracy levels), and never had anal sex in my life (again, am aware that it can pop up in the boxer short area), and have not had sex in a long time also. What are the chances?. LOL. I first had some sympto
  9. NervousNellie

    Epilepsy and HSV-2

    I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2 after multiple recurrent outbreaks. I was treated with anti virals and my last outbreak cleared up a month ago...early this week, i noticed itching in the same area, and an underlying mild fever, that night I had a grand mal seizure in my sleep. I am a diagnosed epileptic, but haven’t had a Seizure in over a year, so this came as a surprise, but then again so did the full blown outbreak that followed the seizure 2 days later. I can’t find any research online about epilepsy and hsv 2, however I have found multiple articles about how the virus can cause seizur
  10. eitak90

    Well I disclosed

    Well, I disclosed. I can't tell how it went. He didn't run for the hills, and I made it through without crying (hugeeee feat for me). He asked my knowledge which I was happy to give. I guess my own paranoia is what's bothering me. I hope he can accept me. He's extremely intelligent so I know he will research extensively. I just can't handle rejection about this for a second time. For you ladies that never had a man reject you for it, how? How do you tell them? Besides "I get cold sores but not on my face"
  11. Hi all, It has been almost 3 weeks since my “exposure”. Roughly ~4 days after that day I started to notice the following symptoms: 1. Nausea (varying from mild to strong) that comes and goes. It wakes me up at night quite often. 2. Fatigue and feeling warm but not feverish (comes and goes). 3. Penis area feels tender but no obvious blisters. Urethra feels raw-ish at times. Possibly in urethra? No discharge or real pain during urination. 4. Tingling feet and lower legs (comes and goes). 5. Occasional dizziness and face muscles feeling weird. 6. Soft p
  12. Hi there, Can HSV2 cause eye twitching? Never in my whole life have I suffered from constant eye twitching, but since my diagnosis (3 months ago) I have developed a slight twitch in my right eye. It comes and goes, but I usually get it for at least 3/4 days out of a week...which is a lot! It's unnoticeable to a perceiver, but it's rather distracting and disrupts my concentration. Is this herpes related? and if so is there the possibility of it getting worse? Many thanks in advance, Jude
  13. So I just watched this Sci-Show video on just how HIV crossed the species to species barrier, how incredibly quickly it spread, and how a cure is on the horizon. After watching and seeing that HIV came from SIV and crossed into human blood from chimpanzees after the first human was infected in 1908 to over 70 million people (just a little over 100 years) it really makes one think how widespread HSV must be since it’s millions of years old. Fascinating stuff:
  14. I've seen multiple doctors over what was originally diagnosed as a staph infection. I've been treating this recurrent issue as a staph infection for over a year now, each doctor tested me for herpes due to obvious sores, but I was not diagnosed with herpes until just last week after knicking myself shaving and thinking I yet again had staph...a viral culture swag comes back positive for herpes. What I'm posting is 2 photos of the first time this ever happened last year, next to the most recent outbreak and asking if it looks consistent with herpes, and how on earth did other doctors miss that
  15. Hello, I am sure that I have genital herpes, I've never had a coldsore on my lips as far as my parents and me remember. I took an igg test at 7 weeks after my first sexual contact ever, the result came 13.05 for HSV1, (cut-off was 1), and 0.1 for HSV2, so this means an old infection generally. I took another test at 12 weeks, the results were 13.55 for HSV1, and 0.1 for HSV2. 3 days after contact I got a bump on my scrotum and 10 weeks after contact I had a severe anal burning that lasted for 2 weeks. Also, I had 2 fluid blisters: one near my anus and one on my butt cheek. I just touched
  16. I just wanted to write this post so that Honeycombers exercise caution while talking to people who come in to inquire if they have HSV or not. I think joining honeycomb ruined my life and made me actually acquire HSV. I joined this when all I had was a yeast infection but reading the posts here made me certain that I had HSV. This shot up my anxiety so much that it led to second exposure where I actually ended up acquiring HSV. I know what great deal of suffering the members here go through, and I am one of them now. But, please when someone new comes and says that he is having constipati
  17. Hi, im wondering how long an initial outbreak can last. I’m bouncing back and forth convincing myself that I either have herpes or some kind of bacterial infection on my groin/thighs. It started out as a rash on my right groin and I’ve had these pimple/blister things pop up. Since then it moved down further towards my buttocks, these pimple/blister things popped up down there about a week later. Two weeks later moved to my left groin, then a week later (now, four weeks after first noticing) it has moved to my left groin. If it is herpes how long can an initial outbreak last? And can lesio
  18. Month 1 negative hsv2 igg Month 2 and 3 negative hsv 1 and 2 igg Month 4 negative hsv 1 and 2 igg Month 5 negative hsv off Month 5 negative pcr cell swab inside and outside urethra. Most painful experience ever. How accurate are these pcr cell swab tests? Since I have no so sores or blisters that they could swab I went when I thought I would have an outbreak, which was when I was having urethral pain and inflammation and nerve pain all around , I went to get it swabbed. Kinda took some skin off, still painful. Asking since my symptoms don't go away. Could it all be i
  19. Hi all, I have a question- for people who had a primary outbreak after having protected sex. Is it possible for the lesions to appear only on the area covered by the condom, e.g. can a guy get lesions only on penis head, after having protected sex? Or do the blisters show up on the site from where the virus entered for sure? This is for blisters that show up within 1 week of the exposure. My second question is about asymptomatic shedding- do people shed asymptomatically from areas like inner thighs as well, or is it only limited to mucousal surface areas and cuts in the skin?
  20. Please sign this to support rational vaccines https://www.change.org/p/give-rational-vaccines-a-moment-to-speak-to-congress-about-the-burden-of-herpetic-disease
  21. Hi, ive posted here before about this strange spaced out rash that I have on my groin. It’s now been about 16 days since I first noticed one red spot. Then a few days later I noticed this blistery/pimple thing that popped up nearby and for two weeks they just kept popping up individually. On my last post I had comments from people saying it most likely looked like something bacterial. I’ve been trying to do some research on outbreaks with no prodrome but I can’t find anything! I had no tingling, burning, itching sensations in that area before I noticed the first spot. I literally just not
  22. Have you experienced blood blistees in your mouth during your first or reccurent ob? I had some blood blisters 10 days after the genital contact with the virus.
  23. Once a person get infected with herpes, the very first NATURAL CURE he try to find on is OLIVE LEAF EXTREACT as if within few days it gonna kill virus n turn reports in negative. Moreover human gets so much hasty that they don't even apply a single thought to it n just quickly run to buy it. so many products come by in store proclaim to have 30 percent oleuropein in there olive leaf extract or some even more than it, making it sound like a voo do magic going on, but in reality all making fool ( as I personally believe by reading some research) just tell me one question in layman term
  24. Beached4life

    High dose of Valtrex not working?

    I was diagnosed with HSV2 two years ago now. I take 1 g a day for suppression. But the biggest issue is that I still get outbreaks once every couple of months as well as chronic bacterial vaginal infections. Does anybody else have issues with keeping this virus at Bay?
  25. LiamG

    Herpes or pimple?

    Hello, amazing people, I feel an abdominal pain and I have 2 lesions. Should I be worried? Could it be herpes? Thank you in advance
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