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  1. Okay... so about 2 weeks ago I went over to my friends house and he preformed oral sex on me. That's it. In the last 5 days I've noticed changes in my vagina lip. At first it was a hard pimple looking thing so I didn't think anything of it. All of a sudden it was making my vagina lip swollen, then started hurting. I'm not having pain with urination at all though. Then my bum started feeling dry and itchy but when I looked I noticed what appeared to be tiny cuts around it and it's kind of swollen and hurts to go to the bathroom. Really my bum is the only thing that's super painful... feels like
  2. Okay... so about 2 weeks ago I went over to my friends house and he preformed oral sex on me. That's it. In the last 5 days I've noticed changes in my vagina lip. At first it was a hard pimple looking thing so I didn't think anything of it. All of a sudden it was making my vagina lip swollen, then started hurting. I'm not having pain with urination at all though. Then my anis started feeling dry and itchy but when I looked I noticed what appeared to be tiny cuts around my Anus and it's kind of swollen and hurts to go to the bathroom. Move done a lot of internist searching and everything'
  3. HopefulGirl04

    Receiving oral sex

    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with ghsv1 about a month ago, and I have a quick question about oral sex. I am aware that the chance of transmitting ghsv1 from genitals to genitals is low, but what about receiving unprotected oral sex? If it doesn't shed often, would that mean that the chance of transmitting that is low too? Also, I have been quite depressed since my diagnosis, so if anyone has some tips or information, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  4. taurusgirl18

    Can I give my boyfriend blowjobs?

    So, I've been getting cold sores about once every other year since I was a child, usually due to stress + a poor diet. I've met this amazing guy in college, and we've started dating. I told him upfront about getting cold sores, because I know from extensive research and my parents being doctors that it's transmittable to genitals. He's fine kissing and making out, but we've been using condoms during oral sex, which I completely understand. However, both of us dislike this, and would really rather not be using a condom during oral - it's one of our favorite sexual activities, and he can barely
  5. I’ve been diagnosed since a year and 4 months with Herpes type 2, I haven’t had any outbreak since my intial one. I have been testing my IGG level every three months and it’s always a low positive (sometimes it’s slightly higher when I’m stressed out). Which technically means that the virus is not that active in my body. Anyway everytime I would suspect a sexual activity with someone, I’d take valtrex before days. This guy gave me oral sex, what’s his chances of contacting herpes?
  6. Ok - so I gave unprotected oral and had protected sex with two separate girls throughout October. About 2 1/2 days after seeing one of the girls I had a painful lymph node pop up on the left side of my neck under my jaw. This was basically my only symptom for the first week. Three days later my ear hurt a little bit as well so my Doctor prescribed me antibiotics and said I had drainage in my throat. I got no better and seven days after the initial lymph node a second one popped up on the other side of my neck and the one on the left side went down. This is when things got strange. I had a low
  7. I have a question that has been hard to find an answer to, so if you can answer my question please do! Or if you have experience with a similar situation, please feel free to share! My partner and I have been sexually active for a while now. He has HSV 2 and I have genital HSV 1. We are at the point where we would like to begin having oral sex, but we have an unanswered question. Even though my partner has HSV 2, if he performs oral on me (I have genital HSV1) is there still a possibility I give him HSV 1 orally?
  8. Lisa777

    Incubation period oral

    Is it possible to develop oral herpes symptoms 45 days after unprotected oral sex? I developed a sore throats which tested negative of strep 45 days after and the bumps are still in the back of my throats and they get inflamed on and off? It was burning of the lips and throats tightness the first day which I thought was from eating too much pineapple... then I got hit with Pharangytis the next couple days after....also I had pimples above my lip not on my lip
  9. I recently made a mistake and hooked up with someone after a night of heavy drinking. Two days later she informed me that they tested positively for herpes (type 2).They said they got exposed on the 21st of October and displayed symptoms on the 30th of October. I was extremely freaked out to say the least we did use a condom during penetrative sex but stopped using it later on. After finding this this out I immediately scheduled an appointment. The doctor was not helpful at all. He basically said that it's too soon for a blood test, and that I could already be a carrier anyways,
  10. So I just got diagnosed, and really I feel like im dying, this is the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. Idk what hurts more, my ego or my body. I feel like shit. Im waiting to find out if its type 1 or 2, praying for type 1. I literally cant walk. I dont have cold sores outside my mouth, but I have cold sores (they look like canker sores, which i get often, inside my mouth) they're making my lips puffy and I think its easier not to talk. I never thought this would happen to me. Fml
  11. I met a guy, while I was experiencing my first outbreak , and had recently come upon a positive swab test resulting in HSV1 genitally. They guy and I texted for weeks, but didn't see each other (I work 60 hours a week, and he's a grad student) But after two months, my outbreak had cleared and left no scars, he had a free afternoon and I had a day off. So we met for Vietnamese food. We got into the car and talked for hours, conversed very well, held hands, and looked into each other's eyes. Until I finally leaned in for our first kiss. We engulfed ouurselves into some ""heavy p
  12. Hi I had unprotected Oral sex 3 months ago. 4 days later I noticed a red mark on my penis but thought nothing of it as It looked like something I've seen before and put it down to the heat and it went away after 4 days, A month later it came back in the exact same spot (Which made me think it's herpes) and from the pictures I have included this was a 3rd time it came back (About 3 weeks ago, has since gone) There is no pain or itching coming from the area. I have had cold sores since I was a kid (Now 34) Does this look like Herpes to anyone? I went to the doctor 5 weeks af
  13. Chris Taylor

    Does this sound like herpes

    I had protected oral sex, but three days later I felt a tingly sensation on my penis head. Quickly I went and took an STD panel, all negative. I thought herpes was in the panel bit it wasn't. I then had to wait 2 months to get tested, so I went in and gota negative on hsv2. Waited for another month and which made it 3 total months from possible day of exposure. I also received a negative test result. I'm at the 3 and a half month from possible exposure and my thighs, buttocks and lower back hurt at times. But it's an ongoing feeling, I got these small red dots around my thigh and have been
  14. I received unrpotected oral about 4 weeks ago with 2-4 days, I started to feel a burning sensation on my penis. I took Cipro for five days ( 500mgx2 a day) for five days and it stopped it for a couple days but then it came back. 3 weeks after the encounter I noticed a single or two red bumps that would appear on the head of my penis ( just red, not white, no liaisons, no puss) then they would dissapear. I also developed a fever, tiredness and muscle aches. Now in the fourth week the red bumps are all gone and the fever and muscles aches are going away. What could this be??? I am worried sic
  15. How many days after the act did you symptoms appear? What were the symptoms? What tests help you find out? how do you manage? are there laws
  16. Ok, so here’s some backstory. I’ve been aware of my HSV1 for a while now, so the cold sore I had about two weeks ago was no biggie to me. But, when my cold sore was in the red bump stage (not open sore yet). My boyfriend and I made the drunken mistake of engaging in oral sex. A few days later my boyfriend and I noticed a few pimple like bumps on his penis near his pubic hair. He showed no other symptoms and when they were squeezed, puss would come out along with blood. His bumps have since gone away. Now onto me. For as long as I can remember I’ve had irritation, allergic rea
  17. Chances of receiving ghsv 1 while wearing a condom and partner had no sign of cold sore. Can saliva drip and cause ghsv 1 in scrotum if it landed nearby?
  18. If my BF and I both have ghsv2, then we can have oral sex and other sex, without the use of condoms, anytime we want, even during Obs (assuming we want to and it doesn't hurt ) ? Or can we infect other parts of our bodies doing that , making things worse, causing new OBs in new locations? I contracted it from him 9 months ago and I will see him soon and we haven't had sex since Feb. I don't think I could stand an oral HSV2 infection on top of the genital one. But my time with him is limited and I am sure the stress and sex we will be having will cause genital Obs for me. I don't
  19. I have spoken to many on here before mostly via chat. For anyone not familiar with me, I will give my brief introduction: My BF has HSV2 and I Negative. He fully disclosed to me before we had sex. I feel that brought us closer if anything, we can talk about anything and opened up the lines of communication for an honest relationship. We have been together for over a year. Many people share the same opinion that most Doctor's that diagnose, don't know what they are talking about. I was told after a few months into my relationship when I requested blood testing that I was HSV+(Jan 2017) and to g
  20. Summer17

    Risk questions

    I recently was diagnosed but the doctor said it didn't matter if it was 1 or 2 (and would not divulge which one I had) they both caused the same problems...? This is through the VA hospital, so hard to get a 2nd opinion. So, if I have had an outbreak in my genitals, and am with the same partner who has it as well, can I give oral sex without it spreading to my face or mouth? is it possible to spread it to other parts of your body once exposed? Meaning can we have sex and not worry about turning every area of our body into OB's my initial OB lasted almost two weeks, symptoms a
  21. Hey everyone, so I am recently diagnosed with hsv-2. I am a female. I have been wondering if it's possible for someone to have oral sex with me again? The doctor said when I don't have sores I'm not contagious. So when I don't have sores is oral okay? please help, I am confused and don't want to give someone this.
  22. Hi, You know, I really don't know how to word this in a polite way and this may be too blunt/TMI for some...So, **Warning. I have facial herpes, yay. It's been a year. I miss giving blowjobs to my husband and haven't because I feel like it's taking a chance of spreading it to both of our nether regions. Now, I'm pregnant. Intercourse is sadly not comfortable for me right now...and I want to make my man happy and me too. Is a BJ with facial herpes too risky? I hate you Herpes.
  23. So I had performed oral sex on a guy and noticed he had a sore after i had already started. I stopped immediately after i saw it and was wondering if I were to catch herpes would it only be on the mouth since I was giving oral? Or is there a possibility I could get it on my thighs/genitals as well? All I performed was oral.
  24. I am a newly diagnosed (<1 year) HSV2 positive female. For the first time since my diagnosis, I started to hook up with a guy and things got heated. Being the fact that I didn't tell him about the situation, no intercourse happened however, at one point he fingered me and in the heat of the brought his fingers to his mouth. Although no direct oral sex from him to me happened, we are worried about the rate of transmission. I am on valacycolvir daily had no sign of an outbreak and no prodrome pain from shedding (I've experienced nerve pain in the past). I also went down on him and, even thoug
  25. I recently met a guy.. we have an excellent connection. Great communication.. good vibes.. physical and sexual attraction. It hasn't been long since we've been dating but I'm anxious about how I'm supposed to break the news. I honestly feel like I want to run away and I'll never be happy again bc of this virus. I dontnknow how I'll ever feel comfortable enough to have sex again when I continue to have recurring outbreaks. I've tried every holistic remedy and I also take my anti viral 2x a day as prescribed. It eases and then it's back with full force. It's been over a year already. I stayed si
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