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  1. Hi, I am a 22 year old male from West Virginia, recently I've been going under a lot of stress and anxiety because of cancer tests. All test came back well and now I think I might have herpes. A month ago I had oral sex with a girl then 3-4 weeks later (while I was undergoing stress and anxiety for the cancer) I noticed my lips and mouth burning. The burning stopped after afew days, I also have had a on and off burning tingling sensation in my hand and sometimes I can get it throughout my body like legs, arms, hands, feet, mouth, tounge. NOTE(1): I have NOT experienced any sores or any o
  2. _Garden_girl

    I still want oral sex-H2 Female

    Recently diagnosed, literally caught H2 a few weeks ago from a guy I was dating (has since stopped talking to me because of it, fucking asshole). One stupid night of unprotected sex and two weeks later BAM! I am taking it better than I thought I would, thanks to blogs and support sites like this one. My burning question (pun intended) is: Can I still receive oral sex? I LOVE receiving oral and the thought that I can never get it again without a dental dam has honestly been the most upsetting reality of my diagnosis. I am on medication which I take twice a day and will not be jumping
  3. So my boyfriend has oral HSV 1 and I have genital HSV 1. It's up in the air who had what first, because I showed initial symptoms first, but he's always had really bad skin. Anyway, besides the point I suppose. We had sex including oral this weekend Friday/Sunday. On Monday he had shaved his beard and I noticed he seemed to have a spot on his lip. Tuesday I broke out genitally. I am usually more attuned to my OBs than he is, so I avoid having sex with him if I think I am getting one. TLDR; is it possible to cause your partner to have an outbreak if you both already have HSV1?
  4. hi everyone, i don't really know anyone else personally that herpes & I was recently diagnosed so i don't even know who to ask my questions to or anything. BUT one question that i've been wondering about is: once you start a new relationship, after already being diagnosed with herpes before meeting this person, what was their reaction when you sat them down to tell them you have herpes. i'm not so much worried about getting rejected or not bc of herpes because i have a secure sense of self and that would just be evident to me that they weren't the right person for me bc everything happens
  5. I have just met an amazing guy who I totally adore and he has admitted to me that he has HSV2. He was diagnosed last year and has stayed single since then. It was a massive thing for him to disclose and he had been thinking about it since the day we met. I have told him that I accept him the way he is and I want to be with him whatever we have to deal with. I have done a little research on what we can and can't do together but I cannot find a concise list that describes specific sexual acts and the advice that goes with them. Can anyone help?
  6. Kristenmjp

    Freaked out my partner?

    I've had a grant total of one sexual partner and from him, I contracted genital herpes. I made sure to tell him immediately upon being diagnosed, but just recently (it's been a few months since the diagnosis) we had our first real discussion about my herpes. He started to freak out a little bit, and he was scared since we had sex without a condom, that now he has it, and he's wondering how the heck he got it, and just generally he was bugging about it. He never even knew he had it until I contracted it myself, so I guess he's still coming to terms with it? Anything I could do to help him?
  7. I am a 28 year old single female who is moving to a new city in a month. I just found out two days ago that I tested positive for ghsv1 and I am trying to make sense of it all. Talk about caring a dark cloud with me on my new adventure. I am overwhelmed with tons emotions, understanding the research, the confusion of how it happened, how to not feel ashamed or unclean, how will this influence any future relationship, how will I feel comfortable being intimate again, everything really. I have spent every waking minute researching and I am confused by some of the information. I have ghsv1
  8. It has been 9 months since I had the encounter that has resulted in my infection. After numerous negative Igg tests, I finally get one that is positive for HSV 1. The index value was 2.86 and .09 for HSV2. I was also positive via Western Blot at 17 weeks for HSV1. My main worry was not being able to get confirmation that my HSV2 test were also accurate. So I finally feel like my testing is getting me answers that I need.
  9. Wondering if anyone knows this answer ...... My partner has Hsv-1 and I have contracted ghsv-1. If my partner performs oral sex on me now that I already have the virus in my body can that cause outbreaks?
  10. Hello all, I was diagnosed in late May/ June of this year. I would like to know when will I be able to have sex again? My doctor said no sex for 4 months. Its been over 4 months but i think I should wait longer. Is oral sex an option? I have been taking my anti virals without skipping a beat and my outbreaks have become less freguent and less severe. I can also always know when I am going to have an outbreak. Anyone else gets a tingling sensation in the middle of their back like almost on your spine? I don't have the crawling sensation on my genitalsite any more though. I'm still new to t
  11. So I recently got a cold sore not this Sunday but the last one. By Monday it was a blister. I put peroxide, vanilla, and deodorant to dry it out fast. By this Monday it was a brown scab. All that is left is red skin but no feeling to it, not even when I apply vanilla. Now last night I got drunk and made out/ had sex with someone I like. We gave each other oral. I was drunk and not really thinking about my cold sore. What are the chances I gave them HSV-1? And what are the chances I gave it to myself on the genitals through their saliva? I am really freaking out, any respons
  12. Hi all! It's great to find a resource like this on the web... Dr Google can be a frightening friend. I haven't been diagnosed with HSV yet. But basically I gave a CSW guy a BJ and kissed him some 7 weeks ago and since then my tongue has been burning (mildly) pretty much constantly... And today I have noticed a red spot on the tip of my tongue. I've been having regular checks for all other STDs and so far nothing has come up. I am pretty confused because for what I gather HSV2 rarely happens in the mouth, and it wouldn't cause weeks and weeks of a burning sensation with no other symptoms... and
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