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Found 22 results

  1. Looks like there is now a site that's in English selling Amenalief (amenamevir) for the rock bottom price of about $95.43 USD a day. ($668 shipped for 14 x 200mg pills at 400mg/ daily dose). Amenalief is one of the helicase primase-inhibitor class of drugs that has been around for the better part of a couple decades, but has just recently made it to market in Japan. Pritelivir is also a member of this drug class. For those that have less than stellar results from current antivirals, helicase primase-inhibitors are likely to offer a relatively impressive improvement in quality of life assuming you can afford the ongoign cost of using them suppressively (needless to say they are NOT a cure). As a side note, the FDA blocked further testing of Pritelivir back in 2013, so in case you're wondering why you cannot buy this class of drugs as a consumer at your local pharmacy for a more reasonable price using your prescription drug plan, you owe a large thanks to the FDA for your being forced to weight your physical and emotional HSV-related damages against the cost of this treatment. If anyone out there is independently wealthy, willing to order an antiviral drug from a Japanese company, and would be so kind as to report back with their experiences taking Amenalief suppressively, I'm sure many of your fellow sufferers would be extremely thankful! https://www.mimaki-family-japan.com/item/detail?item_prefix=TF&item_code=705711&item_branch=001
  2. Since May I have been taking Valtrex. At first it was 500mg once a day then it increased to 1000mg once a day in June after frequent outbreaks persisted. I've had a total of 9 outbreaks since May and was diagnosed with hsv2 in March of this year. The past three weeks I've had severe dizziness, especially when lying down and getting up in the mornings. Today my doctor suggested taking acyclovir 400mg twice a day. Has anyone switched from acyclovir to valtrex and experienced better results/less breakouts?
  3. Hi, does anyone know how long you need to take acyclovir for it to become effective at suppressing asymptomatic shedding? I have had hsv2 for 12 years, no OB ever, never transmitted to any exes despite no protection or med usage (their choice of course). Now I am with a new partner and we want to be very careful despite my "good" history. So I said I would take acyclovir as a preventative measure. The thing is we don't see each other often cus he lives out of town. And any visits are planned well in advance. So I'm wondering when in advance of his visit I would need to start the twice daily dosage, to be at full effectiveness at time of intercourse. I can't find any info online about this. Can anyone advise? Should I start taking 3 days before sex? 1 day? 1 week? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hello people well let me start by saying I've suspected that I've had HSV for years now me and my wife. But I've been to afraid to come to her with it. She's had fever blisters as she calls them and she gets huge painful bumps and clusters of blisters at the top of her butt crack and she has major irritation down there often. Which makes me believe we have it. I dont usually get anything but itching and as of lately I have irritation inside my penis and on the head but never had an outbreak. Well I had an encounter with a sex worker I used a condom but for some reason she decided to put lotion on the condom I only received oral from her no sex. After doing some research I found out that can damage condoms. But it didn't tear. But I've been feeling very irritated down there like I described earlier. Is it possible to be re-infected with a different type of HSV or do you guys think that it is something else going on? I've been so depressed lately and having major anxiety. I want to get checked so bad but I'm afraid she will accuse me of infecting her. Also I just want relief I've bought acyclovir online and have been taking them for a day now hoping to make the irritation go away. My friends says it's all in my head. I've been tested for most STDs and all negative.
  5. Link to nice description of the 3 main antiviral drugs and chart below. http://www.emedexpert.com/compare/herpes-antivirals.shtml
  6. I used to get outbreaks maybe once every 2-3 months. Recently, as soon as I get an outbreak, I've been taking acyclovir tablets (200g 3 times a day for 4 days). It helps clear up the outbreak fast, which is great! That said, now I seem to get outbreaks every 1-2 months, and twice now I've had an outbreak only a couple weeks after a previous outbreak! Not much has changed from before. I'm less stressed. Diet is pretty similar (I have tried taking 2g lysine a day, and eating high lysine/low arginine foods, although that made little difference). I am having a lot more sex, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's playing a role (my partner, as far as we know, does not have HSV, although she may have it but not show symptoms). Overall pretty healthy! My wonder is that if the pills are making it easier for my body to fight off the infection, and as such my body's defences are getting weaker, and so I'm getting more regular outbreaks. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? This time I'm not going to take the pills, see how my body reacts.
  7. Lucy29

    Prodomes on acyclovir

    Hi guys I haven’t posted in a while since I started my supressive therapy in may.. it seems to be going okay I haven’t noticed any sores since I started but what I do get a lot of is prodomes and itchiness it was quite bad when I first started taking the tablets and I actually thought it was the tablets making it worse. About a month in I felt funny down there so went to get checked out and was told there was nothing there.. now that feeling I get often and I really don’t know what it is I’ve examined myself a lot and I can never see anything there but it feels like something is.. sometimes I can notice a tiny tiny break in the skin and then the next day it’s gone but if I walk somewhere far or exercise it becomes irritated again and seems to come back. I get tingly feelings alot in my legs my back and my bum I see a specialist for hsv who monitors me on the tablets and she said I shouldn’t get that whilst on the meds’ And it could be non hsv related so I should see a doctor. Righr now as we speak I have burning in both legs but no active sore and I can sometimes feel it in my arms but rarely.. I haven’t thought about hsv as much since on suppressive as in general it has eased my symptoms alor as I was having monthly OBs for the last two years but I’ve never had prodomes as much as this in all them 2 years even when an OB was coming it would be tingly and sore in the genital area I wouldn’t get leg tingles now I get them a lot. I take Extra meds when I get these feelings to try and stop it if it is one coming but it literally has no effect and the prodomes if it is hsv continue. Has anyone experienced this ?
  8. Almostcertain

    Help with Neuralgia and Valtrex

    I think I was exposed 7 weeks ago to the virus, and even though I have not been diagnosed yet, I am sure I have one of the two types of Genital Herpes. I My original post is this one: ( I went on the 19th to read the second set of results. The sample was taken on the 12th (4 weeks after exposure). The test they performed was once again the IgM test, and came back negative. But as many of you have read, that test is unreliable and an IgG test is the one that should be perfomed at 12-16 weeks after exposure. So, I have to wait until that time to get that lab work done. The female in question showed me her IgG Herpes select for HSV1/HSV2 and they came back negative, and states that she has not had any symptoms. That left me a little perplexed with what exactly is going on. Did she contract it closely before my encounter with her, passed it on to me, but has not developed antibodies for it yet? I have started to take daily suppressive therapy with Valtrex 1g, twice a day, because I don't want to have an actual OB, nor the incredible pain I endured during the first week after exposure.(I did react positively to Valtrex, symptms subsided considerably during the inital course treatment) My biggest concerns are that I live every second of my days with what seems to be prodrome symptoms, my genitals are constantly burning/ tingling. My thighs sometimes burn as well. I developed what I would call is nerve pain along my left leg (from upper thighs to ankles) and my genitalia as well. I started to take gabapentin 300mg 2x a day for the nerve pain but that has had a very minimal effect on the neuralgia. I also started to take Lysine and B12 Vitamins daily. I was reading thru this post by @Seeker1960: http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/7680/how-do-i-manage-hsv1-related-neuropathy, and saw that some people switched from Valtrex to acyclovir. Do i need to switch to acyclovir for the constant burning to cease? Has any of you had these kind of symptoms from genital herpes? If so, did they ever subside? If so, when? If any of you have expierienced them, how have you treated this symptoms ? Again, any input is appreciated.
  9. Recently diagnosed with genital herpes and started taking acyclovir. I got my first cold sore since starting the medicine. It began to blister but never opened but the little white dots that would eventually go away( or turn into the outbreak) are still here and tingly but its been 2 weeks. Ive been taking the antiviral 3 times a day, as advised for breakouts. Any advise or anyone else have this issue or any info please???
  10. Hi people, I'm particularly reaching out to those who are affected in malaysia or Singapore. Due to not many support is there in our region and talking about sex or STDs is a taboo. I've just contracted HSV2 more than a month ago due to my negligence. It was really a tough and rough time I had at the early stages. I didn't know who to look for and talk to. Google wasnt helping either. It was just scaring and killing me at almost every search. I know it can be very lonely and frustrating. But I would like to help the community in my region. Which the topic Sex is a taboo and not to be spoken easily in public. ********************************** So, anyway If you think or know that you have contracted this virus. Know the signs. Nerve pain : burning sensation on the skin / itching or pain Tiny bumps (cluster) on your side of lips or around your genital area. Ulcer on your genital area or anus. ************************************* Ultimately, go and speak to your most trusted doctor. Which is very important. Or if you would want your check up to be anonymous. You can kindly go to http://ptfmalaysia.org/v2/hiv-sti-info/ For anonymous & confidential STD check ups. ************************************ Make sure to get the right medication prescriptions. The most common meds in Malaysia are acyclovir. For affected skin area, you can get the brand Virless which is for external use. Extra Virgin coconut oil does help to ease the skin. But it won't help much of killing the ulcer or bumps. It is available at most pharmacies. For antiviral pills, (acyclovir) it comes in 200mg 400mg & 800mg. Please do not simply take these without getting a doctor's advise. There might be other types of antiviral pills out there too. Normally the doctor will prescribe you to take it in a 5 day course. Do not abuse these meds unless your doctor says that you need more meds. As you need to let your immune system to build up and fight against this virus to dormant. ********************************* Start a healthy lifestyle and diet. Drink more water, more fruits and veggies. Stay away from fried, spicy, or sour food. It triggers it. Take more vitamin and supplements. Vit C, B, E and L-lysine ********************************** Treating nerve pain A traditional method and doesn't cost much. Electro-acupuncture I can't guarantee it helps. But everything is worth the try. It doesn't cost much either. RM22.00 for first timers. RM15.00 for next https://m.facebook.com/pages/Wan-Seng-Acupuncture/149149815156558 ************************************* Thai Herbal Sauna Also, I can't guarantee it works. But what the heck. Just give it a try. https://m.facebook.com/pages/Wat-Chetawan/142272705785737 *********************************** And don't feel alone. We're here to kick the H Ass! Sorry for my not so professional English. Love, Faulty Correct me if I'm wrong in certain areas.
  11. Hsv2505

    Has anyone taken acyclovir

    I'm a little apprehensive on taking this antiviral medication. I don't like to take chemicals as it is. I would rather take a cream. Has anyone had experience in taking the medication and what can you recommend as a cream?
  12. Hi guys, i have just started suppressive therapy with acyclovir 400mg twice a day today so yes very early days. ive had ghsv2 for 9 years and was symptom free for 7 of them years till the past two years I started having almost monthly OBS. suppressive therapy is really my last resort and just want to know if anyone has any experience taking the same as me ? Will they start to work within a few days or will I have to be on them for weeks or months before I see any change in symptoms? Atm I have prodomes very often and sores come around every two months
  13. Hiya, I just wanted to firstly say how relieved I am that I found this community. The work you all have put in over the years is so impressive and you have collectively created an incredible resource. THANK YOU! I was wondering if I could reach out to all of you and ask for some help. I have been recently diagnosed with gHSV-2 but my first OB was two years ago. Each OB after the initial one took place while I was travelling and I could never get to a Dr in time for a definitive test. In a a way I am now relieved because at least I know with certainty what I have. In the last two years I have had at least 12-15 OBs. From what I have been reading on this forum my OBs are mild and not too painful. Having said that they are a major cause of stress for me. They usually occur between the head of my penis and the foreskin but recently I have started developing OBs on my upper thigh/below my butt. Now that you have read my longwinded backstory I will cut to the chase ;-) I am scheduled to see my Dr in London to talk about the choices I have going forward. I am seriously considering a suppression therapy because even though my OBs are "mild" and painless they do last for many weeks. With so many outbreaks a year I am hoping that a suppression therapy will minimise the stress I go through and make the OBs less frequent. What do you think is the "best" suppression therapy available out there? I usually take Acyclovir during OBs and that seems to be working well. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on a possible long term suppression therapy and the side effects it might have. Is there a preferred and proven medication I should discuss with my Dr? I apologise in advance for the probably redundant post and than you in advance for reading this and pointing me in the right direction on the forums. Cheers James.
  14. Srsly.Ovr.It

    Mama's Got a Brand New HSV

    I feel like I'm going a little crazy and I have no one to talk to so this might be a little long. My apologies in advance... So, I went to the urgent care on Oct 4th because I had a deep vaginal tear and two tiny blisters, one on each side. The Doc swabbed them and sent me for blood and urine tests. About 4 hours later the blister the Dr had popped erupted into an agonizingly painful colony of blisters. For the record, I have an incredibly high pain tolerance. Seriously, for me, even labor and child birth without meds was no big thing. Anyway, over the next two days I became feverish with a sore throat, my asthma started acting up, and more places began to hurt with searing hot pain: my entire left leg, my lower back, my arms, my neck, even my heart rate spiked as if I'd been out for a run. Fitbit was logging my HR in the high 90's instead of my usual low 70's. The worst by far though, my entire vulva felt like it'd been hit with a sledge hammer. I was miserable. On Oct 6th the blood and urine tests came back negative for STI's but I begged the urgent care for an antiviral anyway because I was pretty sure (after countless hours of Googling and crying) that this was HSV. I had hoped that clearing up the blisters would stop the pain. Started a 7day course of Acyclovir that night. The next day, the swab test came back negative for HSV so they had me return to the urgent care. The RN who saw me that night had the worst bedside manner EVER. She looked at my little oozing blister farm of fun (while quickly backing away from me) and told me that it was probably "just shingles" because HSV "doesn't clump like that." I argued because I've had shingles and this was definitely different. The woman then said that "it really didn't matter anyway" because I was on Acyclovir so it'd clear up either way. I was dumbstruck. I'd been crying and in utter despair for days thinking my life may as well be over because no one will ever love me again. But, it didn't matter?! Reluctantly, after much debate, the RN agreed to do a new swab test. Unfortunately, she wielded said swab like a scalpel; literally digging it in till I screamed and nearly passed out. Then she left without a word. How's that for making me feel like even more of a leprous monster? Ugh. Over the next few days the blisters slowly dried and started to shrink, revealing deep-seated purpleish blue bruises. The pain also lessened ... until the Acyclovir ran out that is. I took the last dose on Oct 13th, the same day the new swab test came back positive for HSV2. I was unsurprised when the urgent care Dr called, and perhaps a little emotionally numbed by that point. On the evening of Oct 15th, the pain began to return and the healing progress of the blister farm seemed to have halted. The pain and general malaise continued to build by the day. Fast forward to last night, Oct 18th: I started having random bursts of sharp needle stabby sensations ALL OVER my body - hand, head, foot, knee, buttock, finger, earlobe, etc. This went on for about 2 hours. Then, the sledge-hammer-to-the-vagina feeling returned with full force accompanied by a fancy new sensation - hot lava pooling in my left hip and piriformis muscle! I lay awake all night certain that I'd have a brand new shiny colony of blisters come morning. I didn't. There hasn't been much change to the blister zone since Oct 15. And as I sit here now, typing this dramatic and overly long post, my entire body feels like it is literally vibrating with alternating needley stabs and claw-my-skin-off bursts of itchiness. I'm left wondering: When will the pain stop? Is it this painful for anyone else? Will I ever be able to masturbate again? How much hand washing is enough? Is it safe to touch my face? Will I ever feel comfortable taking a bath again? Will shaving or waxing cause an outbreak? Will I ever be able to go to the Korean Day Spa again?! My inquires to the Great Gods of Google have been many, though, not always fruitful. And so it goes.
  15. Hello! Long Story short, I've tested positive for a swab test with one doctor, a blood test with another doctor, I've had five outbreaks in the nine months since my first and I can't find anyone to prescribe me an anti-viral. Can anyone please, please recommend me a doctor in LA that will prescribe me the antivirals I need so I can live with the possibility of a normal sex life/relationship?
  16. Hi all, I had my first outbreak almost 8 months ago and have had prodromal symptoms and *lighter* outbreaks almost twice a month consistently since then. Though none of them have been as bad as the first outbreak (thank goodness), I still experience a lot of discomfort for about 5-8 days each time. I've been taking acyclovir/Valtrex (depending on what I have on me) 3X/day for 7 days during each of these mini-OBs but am worried that my body is becoming immune to the meds since that means I'm basically taking 42 pills/month. My doctor hasn't given me a clear answer on if I should be taking the antivirals as a suppressant (1 pill/daily consistently). does anyone do this? does it help? I typically get an OB right around my period and then usually a week and a half later... not currently sexually active because the last time I was I contracted this lovely little infection ANY advice about the antivirals is much appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I want people's opinions (or facts) on the use of suppressive medications long term. I have been diagnosed with HSV2 about 4 months ago while I had my first and only OB. Since then I have been using Acyclovir 400mg twice a day. (even though my doctor advised to only use the medication when I have an OB). My logic is that I would rather take precaution and make sure I can do everything I can to keep the virus inactive and reduce the outbreaks. Also, I am single now, but dating and feel like when disclosing to my future potential partners, telling them that I am taking suppressive medications would be more ensuring and comforting for them that I am responsible and doing everything I can to minimize the likelihood of transmission. That's why I personally (with no too much research) thought that the benefits of taking the acyclovir long term far outweigh the costs. What do people think? Has anyone seen any side effects? Related, but separate question - Can acyclovir cause short term memory loss? I do feel that I have trouble recalling and remembering things, nothing too drastic but I did notice a difference. Then again, it may not be acyclovir, I smoke weed sometimes which can definitely could be related. Then again I smoked way more often in college, and never had any memory problems, and its just weird that I start feeling this when this whole thing came about. But wanted to see what other people taking acyclovir have to say. Thanks!
  18. A couple of weeks back, I had a sore in my mouth and my GP felt that it could be a cold sore. He recommended Acyclovir which I took for 3 days and then stopped as I had serious side-effects. It's been 10 days since and I have persistently had dry eyes/dry mouth: Dry Eyes -- Red, Feels like there is some dust in them. Dry mouth - Feels dry, Chapped Lips. I have never had either of these before. I have visited the ophthalmologist who said that the eyes look dry but doesn't see what the exact cause could be. (Ruled out Ocular Herpes) I have been screened for Sjogren's (but all the tests were normal). Did any of you have similar experiences with dry eyes and mouth? Best.
  19. Oooohhhsparkles

    My doctor sucks

    So when I was first diagnosed with gHSV1, I had been seen by a nurse practitioner (who I had been seeing) and not the actually gyno. Well, the LPN has since left, and I am with my primary gynecologist (who hasn't said anything about the herpes) I was originally prescribed 400 mg acyclovir 3x daily then after 10 days it wentdown to twice daily. I was also given 2 refills. So I took the first set as prescribed. The rest I took as needed because no one really told me what to do or how to do it. So it took me about a year to run through the two refills because I have minor OB's every couple/few months. Anyway, what I'm getting at is this: how were you told to take your meds? I feel like I was supposed to take all three refills at once and didn't...oops. And I need to get more, but I'm wondering if I'll have to go back in or if they'll just prescribe me more of the original stuff. I've come to terms with my herpes and I'm not necessarily a fan of talking about it with the Doctor, especially when it's not usually much of an issue.
  20. Omg I have horrible pain tolerance and am having my first OB. My doctor confirmed herpes, put me on acyclovir, and Emla cream. Emla is great so that I can pee but OMG 30 minutes later it's excruciating again. How long till the antivirals kick in and no new sores?
  21. Omg I have horrible pain tolerance and am having my first OB. My doctor confirmed herpes, put me on acyclovir, and Emla cream. Emla is great so that I can pee but OMG 30 minutes later it's excruciating again. How long till the antivirals kick in and no new sores?
  22. Has anyone experienced heavy vaginal bleeding after starting Acyclovir? I did the ten-day, twice a day course of Valtrex a few months ago and it did nothing for me. I'm still experiencing symptoms everyday so I just started Acyclovir twice a day for suppressive treatment. I took my first pill yesterday and had heavy vaginal bleeding for a while. I continued the meds and the bleeding started up again and got even worse today. I'm going to talk to my doctor and probably stop the meds, but I'm wondering if this is normal? Is this something that goes away once your body is used to the drug? I'm so sick of having severe symptoms everyday, but Valtrex didn't help me and I don't want to keep taking something that could do more harm than good. (And I know for a fact that this is not related to my period, sex, or an injury of any kind)
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