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Found 46 results

  1. I have been trying to figure out if this is gHSV. I get really sensitive especially after shaving, I get the occasional tingling in my vagina but I've never had a sore or at least known of one. Last night my vagina was hurting after shaving and then I poured aloe on it and it nearly all cleared up. I have gotten 2 swabs and am waiting on a blood test, but both other blood tests and swabs came out negative for gHSV. Also I get cold sores.... -Does this look like herpes? -I am having trouble knowing the signs and symptoms because I'm always tired from college so its hard to tell -I've never had a scab, but I've had times when my vagina has straight up ached. -Or is my vagina just super sensitive to tight clothes... idk it all feels and looks like herpes, but the tests say no and they can be un-reliable due to the lack of liquid from the herpes.
  2. Hi, hive mind, I was diagnosed with genital herpes Oct. 2019 (HSV 1) and have been on antivirals since. This week, I’ve had a minor weird sore on my lip line (no prodromal symptoms) and I’m wondering if I contracted oral herpes at the same time. This would be helpful to ascertain, as my husband is HSV negative and we’re trying to keep it that way. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I am wondering the following specifically. (1) If you have multiple sites of infection, how does an outbreak work? Do you get an outbreak everywhere you’ve been infected? Or just one site? (2) I’ve only experienced the initial outbreak (to my knowledge), so what can a “regular” outbreak look like when you’re on antivirals? Many thanks, kjs
  3. I got my HSV diagnosis yesterday and coped spectacularly...for about 24 hours. Now I’m freaking out, alternating between moderate anxiety and despair. I don’t currently have health insurance, my right eye feels weird, and it seems possible, maybe even likely, I autoinnoculated. Does anyone have any experience with this and/or advice for me? I’m assuming I should suck up the cost and see an ophthalmologist pronto because there must be some advantage to starting treatment sooner rather than later. (Of course, I could also just be making myself crazy....) All words of wisdom welcome, and thank you..
  4. So I was diagnosed with GHSV1 about five months ago. Even though I ended up disclosing to four of my amazing friends, I was dating a guy prior to finding out that I was a carrier of HSV (he’s not the guy who I got it from) and let’s just say he didn’t take it as well as I thought. Recently, this summer some guy who I’ve crossed paths with on multiple occasions over the last couple of years have come back into my life and we fell in love really quickly. Sadly, we ended up having sex prior to me telling him about this new chapter in my life. Thankfully I did end up telling him (just telling him that I get cold sores but not where because I haven’t had any outbreaks since my initial) and surprisingly he was still very willing to continue what we had going on. He recently got checked and surprisingly he doesn’t have it. How can I go about making sure I don’t transmit it to him? I do see us being together long term and want to do everything in my power to prevent him from getting HSV. Hoping to receive advice from women who have ghsv1 (and 2 I guess) and have been in long term relationships with a male partner.
  5. Please help I'm going see my doctor but yesterday's I woke with a itch but nothing was there but throughout the day I got red and well look at the pic could this be a outbreak https://ibb.co/7kGsFQX
  6. Jennifer1994

    Do I have it

    I got a 0.15 on my test should I be scared?
  7. Learningtolivewithhsv

    Advice for GHSV-1

    So I made it to month four without a visible sign of an outbreak. I had a really bad outbreak in the ending of April and was diagnosed with GHSV1. My initial outbreak took about a month to heal and left scars (a lighter pigmentation from my overall complexion on my genitals). Sadly I have been ridiculously paranoid to the point I have taken two 7 day treatments of Valtrex. More than likely it was probably just yeast infections (I get them way more than I should, even before getting hsv). I also take lysine twice a day and three times a day when I feel like an outbreak is coming on. I’ve been applying tea tree to my genitals everyday since getting diagnosed to dry out any potential outbreaks that are present that I possibly mistake for an ingrown hair. When does the worrying stop? How often have anyone on this forum with GHSV1 get outbreaks? What’s are some good tips and tricks?
  8. Learningtolivewithhsv

    First disclosure. PRAY FOR ME

    So I am new to the herpes world. I was diagnosed with ghsv-1 on May 17th. I was dating two guys at once (one I was sexually active with and someone else). The last person I had sex with, I am pretty sure he’s the one that gave it to me. I did disclose to all of my sex partners using text free because I was too embarrassed to reveal myself. But anyway, today I disclosed to the other guy I was seeing when I found out that I was gHSV-1 positive. We have been seeing one another one to two time a week and have planned basically our whole summer out. Even though he wanted to take it slow we are most definitely sexually attracted to one another and planned on having sex somewhere along the lines. This morning I decided to disclose via text that I have ghsv-1. I gave him some fact/transmission rates and have left everything in his hands. He’s currently at work and asked if it’ll be okay for him to call me when he gets off. Let’s see how this turns out. I am prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best. I will keep you guys posted.
  9. Hello everyone, so I have this issue with my girlfriend. To make a long story short we've been dating for a about 8 months now and told her I had hsv2 after we had a night of drinking and and getting physical in the sheets with out protection , something I wasn't completely thinking about or in the right state to even think about it. So about 2 weeks after I started feeling really guilty about it and told her that I have hsv2 , at first she was pissed...well for a while and I really like her a lot. Of course we are still together and use protection every time but my problem is she goes through fazes of being really pissed off about me having it and the possibility of giving it to her and dont know what to do . During that faze she doesn't like to talk to me and pushes me away and I stay away for a few days and this has happened a few times . And when I ask her if she wants to stay together and if she cares about me, she says she does. ITS REALLLY CONFUSING AND HEART WRENCHING not knowing during that time if she just wants to leave me . Shes been tested right after I told her with negative results but sometimes it can take a while as you k how to show up and now shes convinced that she has it and is determined she does and doesn't want to go back to see that she does or doesn't on paper . What do I do about the relationship issue and fazes she goes through?? And any other advice is appreciated, thank you for reading and feed back :)
  10. Learningtolivewithhsv

    Traveling with initial outbreak. HELP!!

    So I have recently been diagnosed with ghsv-1. I am traveling to Mexico soon tomorrow and my outbreak hasn’t completely healed as of yet. It’s been a week since taking the medicine and about a week and a half before noticing the outbreak. Even though it’s not painful to pass urine anymore but I’ve been pooping a lot and feel like I’m getting another outbreak inside of my anus. Are there any essentials that I should pack in order to subside the pain? Whilst home I’ve been taking epsom salt baths and adding tea tree oil to my sores.
  11. I was just recently diagnosed with HSV1 but the outbreak is on my vagina and I do not have any cold sores on my mouth. I thought it was ok to kiss the man I've been dating and give him oral since I don't have any sores on my mouth. But now both he and I are panicking that I may have passed it to him unknowingly. What exactly is the risk? What should I do? What should he do? I just started taking the medication today and we were kissing last night. I feel so stupid for not knowing it could still present a risk.
  12. TaylorNicks


    Hello! I’m new here, I found out about 8 months ago that I am living with Herpes. I have been dating my boyfriend for 10 months. I was infected last January. I was out with friends and went to an after party at a mutual friends, friends, party. I ended up getting drugged and raped. I woke up the next morning, covered in my own blood and in an unfamiliar place. Once I got home, I realized I had the worst pain in my genital area. Later to get tested and be positive for herpes. It’s one thing to have herpes, it’s another to have received them through rape. Anyway, When I found out, I didn’t tell my boyfriend, I was unsure how he would react. It came out one night when I was drunk and he was so angry with me. We are still together and moving to a new state together. But he continues to bring up the fact that I have it and he is terrified he’s going to get it. How can I comfort him, how can we get our relationship back to how it was before he knew? We used to be extremely sexually active (twice a day), now it’s like twice a month, with a condom. My boyfriend could not cope with the fact that i had it and that he still has not gotten it, he made me get a third test done for his satisfaction. Ive now had 4 tests done. Two came back slightly positive, like .2% over the “ inconclusive” results, one completely negative, and one positive. Help?? What does this mean? I have done research for a black market cure, has anyone else? I found one that is being studied in the Caribbean and Mexico. Has anyone else seen anything else about this? Or know any homeopathic cures? Thanks for your help. And for reading this long post!
  13. I've known him for less than a month. I model &he is a young, handsome assistant photographer with whom I was in Mexico with for 5 days. I have been diagnosed with HSV2 for over a year now, but I have only had an outbreak twice within that year& I do take antiviral medication for it. He &I did not know eachother prior to Mexico, but we hit it off& as a single-mother who doesn't get out much I am guilty of making the first move by asking if it was cool to cuddle. I was actually really surprised he said yes, with that being said I do remember thinking to myself,"but I have herpes... okay, we will just cuddle, if he wants more, I will stop it, if I can't stop it I will just give him head." &though that may seem like a naive thought, I am 22 years old& he is the first guy I've ever "hooked-up" with. I've never had sex outside a relationship or several dates, before him. To add, I also do had a friend that I cuddled with, without sex, but I should have noted that I'm not attracted to that friend which is why that probably worked with him. So we did the deed, I didn't stop it, I let it happen because I selfishly wanted it so badly. I even forgot about my herpes for a good couple days after the act. When I looked in my cabinet to get something& saw my prescribed antiviral medication,I realized what I had done. I told him today, it's been 16days since the act. I was calm& explained to him that because he used a condom&I do take my antiviral medication there is only a 1-2% chance he could have gotten it from me. He didn't seem too upset,& he said he will get back to me after he gets tested &does some research. I promised to pay for the testing &anything else he is troubled with from this incident&at the end of the call he thanked me for telling him. I don't know if I should just back off for now to see how it goes, or if I should be checking-in on him often &sending him links to help him find accurate information on HSV2. I will be working with him again this Wednesday, for a collab photoshoot, but since I'm the one that hired him, I told him I understand if he decides to call it off, he said he won't let this affect his work. Only time can tell, but if there is anything else that you think I can do to ease whatever he may be going through at this time please be gentle with your suggestions. I know what I did was very wrong and I will never do it again, but it doesn't change what happened, I can't take that night back. Honestly, the sex was amazing, one of the best I ever had, and afterward we decided to start-off again as friends and I was okay with that. I felt normal for a moment, and I was extremely happy, but now I remember that I am not normal, and am extremely guilty for putting him at risk without his consent. I don't know if we can continue to be friends, but I do need advice on what I should do next. He said he will get tested next week and that he will also still do the photoshoot, but he also said he doesn't know how he feels about all this new information because he hasn't done the research on it. I know he will do the research, but with all the stigma I'm afraid his friends will only freak him out if he goes to them for advice, or that he may type the wording wrong in google to get negative results. I told him the facts, that it's common, that he has nothing to worry, but he should get tested, that it's less likely for women to transmit it to men, and even more unlikely with the medication and protection involved.... but what if he gets tested and it is positive? I asked him if he has hooked-up before, he is 24, and he said yes he has a few times.... so in reality, the thing is that he could have had herpes prior to meeting me, and not even had known it, but I didn't bring that up at all.... I'm not a promiscous person, but my relationship before this hook-up was with a promiscous man, which how I got this... I remember how I felt after finding out, I felt extremely betrayed because I trusted him and even after I knew 100% how I got and asked him about it, he still pretended he was clean.. He is not a good man, but this young man I hooked-up with for one night is a wonderful person, I can tell even if I hadn't known him the year I've known the other. I feel truly awful for what had happened, but I'm worried I may have played it too cool when I called and he may think I have no remorse for what I'd done, but I'm also worried if I text him now with a follow-up apology it will freak him out about the situation... What is my best option now?
  14. SillyGirlMel

    Getting a Labbox??

    Should I send a link to the labbox testing for the guy I hooked up with? I told him I have HSV2 after the deed was done and of course promised to pay for any expenses for testing. I found the link to labbox through honey, but I’m worried if I send him the link the horrific description about hsv2 beneath the merchandise will give him a heart-attack. What should I do? I messed up and I’m trying to help without making it worse.
  15. https://imgur.com/a/Wj2dETS Hi all, about 2 days ago I started to feel intense pain on my labia majora, looked down and saw 2 rather large open sores( 1 on either side). The pus (normal looking yellow) from the sores have stopped this morning. A day later, there was a blister that formed in my pubic area. In addition to this, there is skin shedding whenever I wipe after a pee ( it doesn't hurt when I urinate, I don't have a fever). My only sexual activity has been with a virgin and it was oral (started April 27th and ended June 8th). I've never seen a cold sore on this guy's mouth so I am unsure of what it could be. I'm on holiday for the next 2 days in a humid tropical country (indonesia, where the hygeine levels are appalling) so I don't know if the climate (dust, shower water) could have irritated the skin, as I've been here for 2.5 weeks already. I have been sweating excessively and I forget to immediately take off my sweaty clothes after a day out. Could that be the cause? Somebody please help this is urgent.
  16. anon2018j

    Next Outbreak

    Hello, so I have recently just been diagnosed with herpes type 1, I had a Cold sore on my face and it also spread my genitals. I was wondering where is my next outbreak likely to be? genitals or around my mouth?
  17. Hi all. I’m so glad I have found this forum. I have just been diagnosed with genital herpes. I’m currently so damn sore and itchy. I feel ashamed and skanky. I was with my husband for 17 years. We split up 4 years ago. There was a gap I had a few sexual relationships but always used condoms. I then met my boyfriend and we’ve been together nearly 3 years. I am still friends with my previous sexual partner and contacted him and said he doesn’t have it. And has had a sexual health check in January all ok. So is it possible my current boyfriend is the carrier? He has no symptoms. Again we use condoms but he performed oral on me. I’m finding the whole thing very confusing. The dr seemed adamant it was my most recent partner but I think cos I was in so much shock I didn’t take all the information in. If anyone could help that would be great. I’m going to go and have a read around the forums now for advice on pain .
  18. I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes 18 months ago and it just doesn't get any easier.. I'm still just as angry/upset about this whole situation. It weighs me down that little bit more every day like a tonne of bricks on my shoulders. I don't even know who I am anymore, I have pushed the closest people away from me without even realising I just don't know what to do I need help.
  19. Hi there, Feeling very lost and worried about the constant outbreaks I’ve had since my initial diagnosis 3 months ago. My first outbreak was terrible, lasted 3 weeks, after my first round of valcyclovir I had about four clear days then immediately had another outbreak. Took another round of valcyclovir and went on suppressive therapy. Started at 500mg/day and was still having constant outbreaks, I spoke to my dr and he upped the dose to 1g/day and also tested for HIV to cover all bases (came back negative). My outbreaks are becoming increasingly mild and I hardly notice them but I ALWAYS seem to have the bumps. The longest I can go completely clear is 4 days. I take every vitamin-C, D, E, magnesium, B, Lysine, OOO, OLE, zinc on top of my suppressive therapy. I avoid all the arginine foods, I eat pineapple, I’ve tried it all and nothing seems to work. It’s expensive and frustrating and so disheartening. I understand that the first year is the worst but my doctor feels that the frequency of my outbreaks isn’t normal and it’s really challenging to stay positive and feel good about myself. I am 24 & female if that helps. Most sites I read say 4-6 outbreaks/year is the normal amount and I’ve easily tripled that in 3 months. Anyone else experience the same thing?
  20. On Halloween, I got drunk (I this isn't an excuse) and slept with this guy I've been talking to for about a month now. I now feel completely guilty I didn't tell him that I have the herpes virus (I've only been recently diagnosed only about 1.5 months ago). I don't know what to say to him, or how to bring up that I have the virus in a conversation. Need help! Has anyone done this before and have stats/information I can tell him while trying to tell him.
  21. HarrisonIs

    Spread to mouth? Please advise!

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could answer some questions for me. I currently have GHSV-1, and am aware of the rarity of the virus spreading to another area, however I've developed an ulcer/sore in the back of my mouth, this happened last week also! In the exact same spot... the few red dots above the sore also are something that I'm pretty sure aren't normally there. Me and my partner do engage in a reasonable amount of oral sex however I would've thought if I was going to have it transmitted to my mouth it would've shown on my lip not in my throat/back of mouth. Has this happened to anyone else? Also any ideas what I can do to get it checked? Should I go to my GP or a sexual health clinic, not sure if they'd do anything about a mouth sore or not... Any advice would be massively appreciated as I'm not sure how to proceed H
  22. Berry101


    Hi, I've been to my doctor today, expecting to be told I have a urine infection. Only to be tested for herpes and told I probably have the virus. I'm beside my self, I can't even function. How does everyone deal with this. I wish I could honestly just curl into a ball and die. I keep reading and reading, and coming to the conclusion that it's just a virus that comes and goes, gets better and worse like a cold almost. But I feel like my life is over. I just need some form or reassurance that if it is positive my life will still go on.
  23. Raeschk

    HSV+ partner

    Hey guys, I’m new here! I’m a 21 year old female, and I’m not HSV positive myself. A guy I’ve been seeing told me tonight that he is. His ex didn’t tell him that she was and they had sex without a condom. He was very respectful about it and told me before anything sexual happened, and I could tell he was expecting me to run for the hills when he told me. I didn’t run for the hills. We’ve only been on a couple of dates, but he is an absolutely incredible guy and it breaks my heart for him that someone could do this to him. After he told me, I asked where he sees this going. I don’t normally ask that kind of question so soon, but circumstances are circumstances. If this was going to be a one and done sort of deal it wasn’t worth the risk. He said that he wants me to stick around and thinks this has the potential to become something serious. So he put on a condom and we had at it. ...am I an idiot?
  24. Hello, New here but hoping for some help. I've been really stressed for the past two days. Background - I'm with a steady partner (have been for almost a year), have previously always used condoms. After both of us had a complete sexual health check (including serology) we decided to not use condoms (just the pill). Noticed this yesterday and got it checked at the clinic. I shaved two days ago and I normally have quite dry skin (chronic dermatitis) so it's not unusual for me to get a bit of redness when I shave (irritation). But i've never seen something like this before - I've had folliculitis in the past and it doesnt seem like that either. I don't have any symptoms - I'm pretty well other than being a bit tired (but exams are around the corner and I'm pretty anaemic atm). No burning, pain or itchiness at all. The nurse said she thinks its probably irritation but could be herpes and swabbed it. I find out sometime next week but I'm just struggling right now as I've always tried to be really safe. The bump has all but gone now - no signs of a scar or crust or anything at all. Just hoping for some second opinions?
  25. So around the forth of July I started getting itchy bumps that were very tiny and spread out. Before that I had in and off bacterial vaginosis. Anyways all of the bumps disappeared painlessly except one. I then scratched that bump and it bled. The next day I started itching inside my lips and I noticed there were more bumps. They're painful to pee on but they were never blisters and I never had flu symptoms. I've been with the same person for 3 months HOWEVER my groin lymph nodes are swollen. Please help. PS the bump on the far right is a razor bump
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