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Found 7 results

  1. Little Star

    STD Documentary

    I was watching a documentary online the other day about one of the busiest STD clinic in London UK, there wasn’t even one mention of the word herpes, not once. I can understand why people dont want to come forward and admit that they have the virus but as it was almost like it didn’t even exist, they talked about every other STD apart from herpes, I mean wtf! This virus is suppose to be rife but it never gets mentioned in tv dramas, films, anything here in the UK. How can this be? How does a virus that turns your normal daily life into an absolute living hell overnight not even get a men
  2. Bhbr2018

    A poem: Death to the CDC

    “I was tested, I’m clean,” he said on the phone I said “Are you sure?” I didn’t like his tone Can I see your results, in plain black and white? Cause something feels off, I know it’s not right “My blood tests all negative, I’m in the clear”, I said “Where is HSV bloods, cause I don’t see it here?” We both seemed confused, and picked up the phone It’s not included in the panel? How should we have known? Did I give it to him? Did he give it to me? The CDC doesn’t test for herpes? HOW COULD THIS BE? Did he cheat? Was it dormant? Did I pass on a d
  3. I just gotta say that I absolutely hate some people out there. I have been reading some forums on reddit, honeycomb and others. So many of you people want to believe that your risk to transmit is so low or non existent because of pills or the years you have had this bullS*it virus, and especially the asymptomatic ones. BULLSH*T !!!!! You do infect people and you need to do other people the service of not screwing their life over by giving them a fair chance. I was infected but a real estate lawyer in Denver. This B*tch lied about her age by 10 years, saying she was 43 years old a
  4. Hi, I just found this site, and want to say hi, and just find out if you all felt angry, sad, depressed and scared, as well as feeling a bit unclean and like used goods too? My partner of three months only chose to tell me he had herpes after about a week of having sex with him. I feel angry with myself for not using a condom, but also, really angry with him for thinking it wasnt a big enough deal to tell me straight away. He said he got it when he was twenty from a back packing travelling friend, and had not had any symptoms since then (thirty years). We do love each other very mu
  5. Thank you for the post on the top. I know you are right but to be honest with you, I hate having this s***, and mostly because of the stigma and risk to pass this on and then having them deal with the same issues that I am dealing with. I feel that my only hope will be to find someone who has this too but the numbers are so much more limited. You never know 100% but I'm very very suspicious that I got this at the end of last year and had another outbreak in January. It was horrible, not because of the blister but because I got super sick from 2ndary infections for 3 months. And I'm still n
  6. YammyTea

    Anger and Herpes

    We have herpes and it sucks big time. It changes how we interact with people and many other factors in our lives. I see there is so much anger. I am there as well, trust me. Here are some questions. When we decided to get involved with these individuals who infected us with this virus, did we wait 6 months to a year to get tested with them? Did we know about the different types of testing? Did your doctor or nurse tell you that the blood test would only tell you if you were "exposed" to the virus? How much did you really know about herpes? Did your doctor inform you that he/she doesn't test fo
  7. TXhopeless1986

    Mother#$#@#!$ (and other profanities)

    Ok, I'm having a bad day about this. A REALLY bad day. Fuck my fucking life. Fuck. Here goes all the things that I have been trying not to let myself think, but today I'm giving in... I can't stop going back and forth between anger and depression these last few days. Either I'm crying or a raving bitch (not outwardly, but I would tell someone off very easily today for a small offense). As you might be able to tell, I'm in raving bitch mode at the moment. Why the fuck did this have to happen to me? I have done nothing but try to cultivate good relationships with men that end up screwing me
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