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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I was diagnosed with hsv1&2 earlier this year. I was prescribed 1g of valtrex (valacyclovir) a day for suppressive therapy. Valtrex helps greatly with my symtoms, but I recently had to leave my job for health reasons and will no longer have health insurance to get prescribed valtrex. Does anyone know where I can purchase valtrex (valacyclovir) online without a prescription?
  2. Anybody see this article out a few days back? sounding interesting... https://phys.org/news/2020-01-unique-antiviral-treatment-sugar.html
  3. Has anyone heard of this research? I did a quick search here and did not see anything. This article is from 2016, but it sounded promising for broad spectrum lipid coated antiviral potential. https://www.asianscientist.com/2016/01/in-the-lab/antiviral-found-within-a-virus/
  4. Looks like there is now a site that's in English selling Amenalief (amenamevir) for the rock bottom price of about $95.43 USD a day. ($668 shipped for 14 x 200mg pills at 400mg/ daily dose). Amenalief is one of the helicase primase-inhibitor class of drugs that has been around for the better part of a couple decades, but has just recently made it to market in Japan. Pritelivir is also a member of this drug class. For those that have less than stellar results from current antivirals, helicase primase-inhibitors are likely to offer a relatively impressive improvement in quality of life assuming
  5. All - Been in the club for a long time. Recently acquired the cold sores. A very good friend whipped up a mixture of chapstick, petroleum jelly, and acyclovir (capsule). I use this once or twice a day and have not had a recurrence. Made a youtube video. This will not work for all, but will definitely help some. Taking Acyclovir and Valcyclovir in my case offered no relief. This did. https://youtu.be/LEWjdoT7PzQ
  6. Hi there. I had already went thru my first genital outbreak a few months ago. Recently, I’m starting to feel itching down there and I’m afraid it’s an early sign of another potential outbreak. I would like to get anti viral medicine before it gets bad, however I’m not sure where I can get it from in Singapore. Does regular polyclinics carry them? Do I have to go to a woman’s clinic specifically? Where is the best fuss free place that is not too expensive? Thanks! ps. For my first outbreak, I only sought for professional help a week into the cold sores, it was so bad I couldn’t walk. I we
  7. I'm not sure if anyone posted anything on this topic because I am new here, but I hope you will find my post interesting. In fibromyalgia research they test antiviral combination IMC-1 on patients suffering from fibromyalgia. HSV is known trigger of this disease, so antivirals have very good effect on symptoms (see study results). I just wonder why we don't have access to IMC-1? I have nerve pain caused by genital herpes, so I would really appreciate that. See the article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5328426/
  8. Will the use of Antiviral meds affect IGG blood test results?
  9. Hi Everyone, I have a ton of questions I was visually diagnosed with genital herpes by nurses at a GUM clinic yesterday. Today is my third day since the beginning of the symptoms and the second day on AntiVirals. They gave me Aciclovir 400mg to take 3x daily for 5 days. After some research online I noticed that people are typically given a higher mg for 10 days. Should I ask for more medication? I am unable to walk properly and have been in bed the past 3 days. I am experiencing the typical burning sensation when I pee so I pour warm water over myself to make it more bearable. Luckily,
  10. Hsv2505

    Has anyone taken acyclovir

    I'm a little apprehensive on taking this antiviral medication. I don't like to take chemicals as it is. I would rather take a cream. Has anyone had experience in taking the medication and what can you recommend as a cream?
  11. I was reading another thread and came across an article that @YammyTea posted. Since we all love to read promising things and a good read in general, I think we should share it here in the main cure forum. There are of course more than 4 treatment strategies being researched, these are the ones the authors decided to mention. http://www.pharmaceutical-journal.com/news-and-analysis/features/oral-and-genital-herpes-four-experimental-treatment-strategies/20201735.article
  12. Hello! Long Story short, I've tested positive for a swab test with one doctor, a blood test with another doctor, I've had five outbreaks in the nine months since my first and I can't find anyone to prescribe me an anti-viral. Can anyone please, please recommend me a doctor in LA that will prescribe me the antivirals I need so I can live with the possibility of a normal sex life/relationship?
  13. In short, Herpes Simplex Virus is heavily dependent on its host having a good supply of Arginine. So basically they who conducted the study modulated the way Arginine is metabolised in the body, which did indeed inhibit HSV's ability to replicate. This first link is more or less only a tag line, and brief summary of the conclusions... http://www.mdlinx.com/infectious-disease/medical-news-article/2016/05/17/herpes-simplex-virus-arginase-arginine-antiviral/6676271/ This link provides some details of the study. Does anybody have access to papers on Science Direct, or want to
  14. I discovered an interesting article and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this or knows someone who has. What I'm talking about is someone undergoing chemo therapy, who has HSV, who at the same time is given antivirals. This article talks about HSV being reactivated by certain drugs (chemotherapy drugs). The hypothesis is that HSV detects the cells dying around it and then "jumps ship" to survive (this itself isn't news). It seems that it's not unusual to give those going through chemo antivirals to help them fight off infections while their immune system is compromised if they h
  15. Omg I have horrible pain tolerance and am having my first OB. My doctor confirmed herpes, put me on acyclovir, and Emla cream. Emla is great so that I can pee but OMG 30 minutes later it's excruciating again. How long till the antivirals kick in and no new sores?
  16. Omg I have horrible pain tolerance and am having my first OB. My doctor confirmed herpes, put me on acyclovir, and Emla cream. Emla is great so that I can pee but OMG 30 minutes later it's excruciating again. How long till the antivirals kick in and no new sores?
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