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Found 10 results

  1. How do you strike a balance between remaining unemotional in delivering a disclosure speak and any subsequent questions and being honest about how it has affected you emotionally? For me, the emotional fallout of dealing with HSV has had a huge impact and I find it hard to rationally think about how I would deal with this and all the stress of worrying about transmission without letting on how much I am thinking about it – to not scare the other person away and make them think HSV is something to worry about. I would want to inform a partner yet enable them to think about it with as
  2. Hello people well let me start by saying I've suspected that I've had HSV for years now me and my wife. But I've been to afraid to come to her with it. She's had fever blisters as she calls them and she gets huge painful bumps and clusters of blisters at the top of her butt crack and she has major irritation down there often. Which makes me believe we have it. I dont usually get anything but itching and as of lately I have irritation inside my penis and on the head but never had an outbreak. Well I had an encounter with a sex worker I used a condom but for some reason she decided to put l
  3. I don’t even know where to begin. But I had unprotected sex with somebody which all his test came back negative today. (Still waiting on my results) so i went to the urgent care this Wednesday and they told me I had vaginitis which I really don’t know Much about it I just know it has something to do with bacteria and yeast that grows cause I have some inflammation at the bottom entrance of my vagina and I have a lump on my perineum and around my anus there are spots look like white heads kinda I don’t know I also had anal sex which after me and partner was done with that I was bleeding cause i
  4. Yesterday I found out that I have both HSV2 and hsv1. I’ve never had an out break so this is catching me completely off guard. I’ve been with 1 man only in the past year. I told him as soon as I found and I’m beyond scared that he’s going to leave me. He’s going to get tested ASAP. I’m so lost right now. I feel dirty. I have no desire to live life at the moment.
  5. Hey so don't know if I post this here but whatever. I have had genital h for a some years now, take my meds, been monogamous with my now husband and he has never contracted it. He is 1 of 2 ppl I had to disclose this personal diagnosis to, the other person decided not to see me anymore...which of course hurt me, but just getting to the point, while I'm young, is there any chance of having a no strings attached threesome after disclosing this diagnosis to prospective attractive lovers or am I being unrealistic? I can't shake the shame I felt after telling guy #2...
  6. Hey, I’m new here, diagnosed in 2013 with HSV I get both oral and genital outbreaks (I think I have HSV1, I have oral outbreaks more than genital). I’ve been on Valacyclovir for the past two years. Haven’t really had any long term serious sexual relationships since my partner who gave it to me. After being mostly single for 2 years, I’m dating someone who could possibly be something long term. I’ve already disclosed, he was supportive and did some of his own research afterward. Now that we’ve started having sex I’ve been so anxious about passing it to him. I’m on anti-virals, but I keep g
  7. Hi Everyone, I am a 21 year old female who was diagnosed with genital herpes after two postive igM tests, and 2 negative igG tests. I had unprotected sex numerous times with a new partner, and after our first encounter, I immediately felt like something was wrong. I was tested and came back with a positive igM, at the time of about a 1.3, negative igG, and positive chlamydia test. I took the medicine for chlamydia, and hoped the herpes test was a fluke because I know sometimes they are unreliable. When the symptoms didn't go away - itching/burning/discomfort, I went to several diff
  8. Hi everyone, I just found out yesterday that I have type 2 herpes. I've been in monogamous relationships, with the most recent one being 3 years. I had a drunken night (first time since the breakup) and had unprotected sex. Symptoms showed up immediately after and here we are now. One night, one mistake, changed my whole life. I cried at the doctors office and have been feeling ashamed, sad, and depressed. Thank god i have a close group of friends and family who have been extremely supportive. However, no matter how many times they try to tell me "it's going to be alright", I can't s
  9. Let me keep this brief; 1. I'm 99% sure I'm crazy; might as well throw that on the table. 2. I had sex with someone with G-HSV2 about 4.5 months ago. I tested negative at the 3 month mark and had two swabs done of little, potentially alarming bumps done at different times that both came back negative. I'm being tested once and for all next week and then I'm fucking done with this, for realzies. 3. I should say- I have a lot of skin problems/hair growth problems "down there" for unrelated reasons so I get weird bumps and lumps and puss-filled things VERY frequently- there is alw
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