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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, After getting tested for hsv2, my results were “indeterminate” and I was negative for all other diseases. I had protected sex ~20 days ago. Just a few days ago, these bumps appeared on my chin and over the course of 2 days have disappeared. Are these herpes? thank you in advance
  2. Concernedteen

    Not sure if rectal herpes

    Hey everyone, Hopefully someone can give me advice. I’m a gay bottom (receptive) and hooked up on the 22nd of February (currently the 5th of March.) during sex, no condom was used, and the guy swore that he got tested regularly, and never had any STI’s. Thursday night (March 1st) I started noticing some pain when I was walking, around my rectal area. The area was really moist, and I had started going to the gym a lot that previous week and doing a lot of stair-stepper workouts, so I thought it was chafing or a rash associated with that. But the more I looked at pictures of rashes, I’m co
  3. Trying a poll to see if any corollaries exist and if any difference by type.
  4. PLEASE READ!! NEED ADVICE!!! I think I have herpes but the doctor says I have nothing to worry about!! I dated a guy for 2 years, we broke up and he had sex with a girl, who had sex with a guy, who has sex with a girl that 100% has herpes. Although I'm not sure, I believe the virus had been transmitted to all of the people involved. After my ex had sex with the girl who potentially has herpes, I slept with him (this may have been close to a month after they had sex). When I had sex with him after he slept with her, it was unprotected and I had noticed a small sore on his penis that was bleedin
  5. Hi, ive posted here before about this strange spaced out rash that I have on my groin. It’s now been about 16 days since I first noticed one red spot. Then a few days later I noticed this blistery/pimple thing that popped up nearby and for two weeks they just kept popping up individually. On my last post I had comments from people saying it most likely looked like something bacterial. I’ve been trying to do some research on outbreaks with no prodrome but I can’t find anything! I had no tingling, burning, itching sensations in that area before I noticed the first spot. I literally just not
  6. Hi, about two and a half weeks ago I had sex (protected) with a woman I slept with about a month and a half ago. This was on Saturday (14 oct). Fast forward to Thursday 17 oct I was on the toilet and noticed kind of a red circular mark with a crust around it (not on it) on my inner thigh in the groin area. I thought nothing of it as I sweat a lot and usually get itchy rashes around my Groin. Fast forward a few more days I noticed a large pimple that looked more like a blister a couple of cm from the original suspected sore. Up until now I have had these pimple/blistery things popping up f
  7. thisiscrazy

    Slide over, I need to sit down

    Hello everyone, I was recently diagnosed with ocular herpes. If you have it I feel your pain, if you don't I pray you never do. While I haven't experienced vision loss yet I know this is a possibility and devastating emotionally. I have kids, I can't go blind. I refuse to accept this disease and will fight it daily. I had many emotions as I endured the pain and light sensitivity but we must keep in mind that our diet is our greatest tool to defend against this virus. Currently I am on Acyclovir and healing from swelling and very tender eyes with a maint regiment prescribed. I must
  8. Snugglebuns

    Herpetic Whitlow?

    Hey all! Newbie here. I've yet to see a derma about this (smart huh?), but upon doing EXTENSIVE research, I've come to the conclusion that what I've been suffering from as a young child (9-10 y/o) is Herpetic Whitlow. Readings claim that people most prone to whitlow are dental assistants and children. Basically, every month or few months, I get a blister-LIKE bump on the sides of my fingers, or the pads of my fingers, or around my nail beds. Starts off as a painful bump, which then forms a small white almost center to it, under the skin. At this point of the outbreak, if I squeeze them, they j
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