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Found 11 results

  1. June 3rd I may of been exposed to Herpes. Performed oral and vaginal sex with a one night stand. A few days later, "felt off" and got tested on the 7th (negative for all stds, but not tested for herpes) Took a round of Doxycycline the following week around the 14th for a few days as I was feeling extremely Hot and urinating frequently. It seemed to help for an instant, however still feeling off. Tested again n the 28th - Negative for all stds including HSV igg however positive for HSV igm with an index of 1.14 (Positive being anything greater than 1.1) *approximately 26 days a
  2. finallysomeanswers

    urinary retention

    hi all. so my first outbreak was around two weeks ago, and as if that experience wasn't traumatizing enough, i am now sufferring from urinary retention (cannot pass urine at all). let me give you a little backstory: 3 days after my unprotected sexual encounter when i got infected, i began noticing symptoms. it started with a strange tingling/burning feeling in my vagina. this started slowly progressing into bumps, sores, ulcers--everything you would never want to see on your vagina. so i went to the dr and she prescribed me with valacyclovir for 10 days. the first few days on the meds wer
  3. This week I went to an Urgent Care with the complaints of vaginal itching.. Today I just so happened to look at my visit summary and noticed that Herpes Virus 8 DNA Real-Time PCR was ordered. Is this test normally used for genital herpes??? I’m confused
  4. Hello, I have noticed that most people who suffering of daily nerves pain are mainly male and have mediteranean background: turc, arabic, spanish, jew, (indian, pakistanese are obviously not mediteranean but they might have some ancestor ).. It's also my case. I want to confirm this hypothesis. Among people suffering of nerves pain, can you post if you are/are not with mediteranean background? It could be interesting to understand the virus and adapt a cure for us. Thank you
  5. mconcerned1986

    Sensitive scrotum

    Has anyone experienced sensitive scrotum? I have been feeling like very sensitive on my left scrotum area. Have applied corticosteroids during the last few months in my groin and only few times on my scrotum. All of a sudden from last Monday I have been feeling very sensitive on my scrotum and anything touching it feels tender like my shorts or underwear or my thighs. I am trying to keep it as dry as possible but this is not going away. My 10.5 weeks of result came back negative for both hsv1 and 2. Should I be worried of any infections? I am not knowing what to do. Any thoughts? No cracks or
  6. My long story March 27 had sex with a new partner for a very long time condom broke 2 days later outside vagina was itchy felt like pins and needles and was redo also had a few pimple like thingd on my buttocks.... where i had shaved got cream for focullitis within hours pimples were gone and no itch. Few days later itchy vagina and it was swollen and red had mild yeast infection took medication noticed it was itchy at night. Middle of April started to get buttocks pain right underneath tailbone it went out to the side of my bum and disappeared by this time i had cleared the yeast and had a wa
  7. I think I might have Genital HSV (yet to be confirmed by a test, I have to wait couple more months for a definitive WB). Has anyone experienced burning like pain in different parts of the body, which quickly moves from one spot to another ? I feel pain in front of my knee of my left leg for a few seconds or a minute which they moves to my left leg thigh or calf and then moves to my hand fingers or arms. I also feel pain behind my shoulders, and lower and upper back pain. I am also observing almost constant Tinnitus, which seems to have gotten worse tonight. I am seeing an ENT tomorrow fo
  8. So I have tested positive for hsv1 but I knew that because I have had cold sores since I was a kid.. I have still tested negative for HSV2 and all other stds 3 months after protected oral sex.. My partner did not touch my penis with lips just saliva touched my scrotum. The day after i felt different. Lately my penis shaft look Like it has more veins than before and I have had itching anywhere I have pubic hair down there all day for over 3 months. I have not had a lesion or outbreak. I have had warm feelings in the right side of my body. I have taken antibitotics and penicillin shot and nothin
  9. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone out there had similar experiences. I have had GHSV for almost three months. Aside from the lesions, in the beginning the tip of my penis was burning but now that feeling has turned into a irritating sensation of the meatus. The tip of my penis feels overly sensitive and the urologist looked at it and noted that it looked inflammed. My penis is sometimes more pink than usual at certain times of the day and this has been going on for at least 2 months. I can still jog and work out but it just irritates the hell out of me throughout the day. The urologist pr
  10. Hi, ive posted here before about this strange spaced out rash that I have on my groin. It’s now been about 16 days since I first noticed one red spot. Then a few days later I noticed this blistery/pimple thing that popped up nearby and for two weeks they just kept popping up individually. On my last post I had comments from people saying it most likely looked like something bacterial. I’ve been trying to do some research on outbreaks with no prodrome but I can’t find anything! I had no tingling, burning, itching sensations in that area before I noticed the first spot. I literally just not
  11. Good Day, I was diagnosed with HSV-1 Jan2013 through blood work, and subsequent tests have confirmed. I assumed I had oral HSV1 because I always used to get a small red patch above my lip as well as small swelling on the lip from time to time treated with abreva. Sept. 2015 I had what I would identify as a small coldsore with 4 little blisters on the corner of my bottom lip with the usual tingling I have heard described. No scabbing, treated with abreva to numb area. My question stems from an experience I had Dec2014. I woke up with a sunburn feeling, Ive heard it described as, on
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