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Found 6 results

  1. thissucks31

    Non-Stop outbreaks. 🤯

    Hey guys, Has anyone experienced recurring coldsores every 3 weeks, externally and internally. I have had HSV1 since 2010, so 9 years. At some point I started having outbreaks on the roof of my mouth. Now at roughly 9 years, I'm getting them every 3 weeks, Roof of mouth and bottom lip. Any advice. I take 2gm Valtrex at the start of the break out then 1 grm every 12 hours after. I take lysine, escherichia (however you spell it) vit c, vit a, t cells booster (antacid med). Nothing is changing. Any advice. Its seriously depressing in a shitt
  2. Hi there friends My name is Katie and I have been brutally embarrassed and bullied by the cold sores I get since kindergarten. I used to get them every time the seasons changed like clockwork and they would continue to affect me into my adulthood, restricting me from wanting to go to school/work/out with friends/etc. To help empower me, I made this video parodying "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande to embody embracing your true amazingness despite your cold sore. It includes the tips that I have learned over my 23 years to zap the sore before they get worse and my roommate/bestie designed and cre
  3. Itiswhatitisiguess

    Ohsv1 primary?

    I’m sorry this is gonna be long, I’ll try not to ramble. On feb 12 I had my first ohsv1 outbreak. I’ve been in a suuuuuper stressful situation since October (which is almost over). Starting at Christmas I was having regular panic attacks that led to (what I presume to be) hives all over my neck, that lasted about 6 weeks. No marks just angry, red, itchy skin all over my neck, cleared up with hydrocortisone cream finally. Then I got that horrible flu that was going around, tested positive for influenza b, took 17 days to feel normal again. So clearly my immune system is shot at this point plus
  4. thehumanrace

    First things first...

    Hello everyone, I am pleased that I finally made the jump to join you all - I am an on and off reader since 2013. First things first, I need your help: Is this photo oral herpes? The lesion appears half inside the mouth along the permanently wet part , and half outside on the dryer oral mucosa - recurring always between my top and bottom lip, resting on the bottom one and never along the vermillion border. In reference to the midline, it has been slightly to the left side approximately 4 times over the last 3 years and at least once slightly favouring the right side. Again, it is
  5. Hi, Would appreciate some advice. I have anxiety and particularly health anxiety. On night out I tend to relax too much because Im so uptight sober. I kissed around 6 people briefly! I know, 6?!? I can't remember much from the night but I would have not kissed someone if I saw an obvious coldsore. I was wondering what would be the likelihood. I know primary outbreaks are more common in children and rare in adults. It's day three and not a lot of symptoms. Burning/tingling around my mouth which surprisingly fades when I have a diazapem. No sore throat, swollen glands or headache. My teeth
  6. Good Day, I was diagnosed with HSV-1 Jan2013 through blood work, and subsequent tests have confirmed. I assumed I had oral HSV1 because I always used to get a small red patch above my lip as well as small swelling on the lip from time to time treated with abreva. Sept. 2015 I had what I would identify as a small coldsore with 4 little blisters on the corner of my bottom lip with the usual tingling I have heard described. No scabbing, treated with abreva to numb area. My question stems from an experience I had Dec2014. I woke up with a sunburn feeling, Ive heard it described as, on
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