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Found 8 results

  1. https://ibb.co/hVc7NVs https://ibb.co/NSQGtFB Hi the above pics are of my tongue and bottom lip. I'm concerned that I may have some sort of allergy or virus happening. The tongue feels quite irritated at times and you can see the red dots visible on the front of it. Also my lip (bottom) is always dry and cracks if I open my mouth quickly without thinking about it. It has been like this for some time now and seems to be getting worse. Is this a sign of something bad or could my constant stress and terrible diet be causing this. I will be seeing my doctor really soon so I just w
  2. thissucks31

    Non-Stop outbreaks. 🤯

    Hey guys, Has anyone experienced recurring coldsores every 3 weeks, externally and internally. I have had HSV1 since 2010, so 9 years. At some point I started having outbreaks on the roof of my mouth. Now at roughly 9 years, I'm getting them every 3 weeks, Roof of mouth and bottom lip. Any advice. I take 2gm Valtrex at the start of the break out then 1 grm every 12 hours after. I take lysine, escherichia (however you spell it) vit c, vit a, t cells booster (antacid med). Nothing is changing. Any advice. Its seriously depressing in a shitt
  3. Hi there friends My name is Katie and I have been brutally embarrassed and bullied by the cold sores I get since kindergarten. I used to get them every time the seasons changed like clockwork and they would continue to affect me into my adulthood, restricting me from wanting to go to school/work/out with friends/etc. To help empower me, I made this video parodying "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande to embody embracing your true amazingness despite your cold sore. It includes the tips that I have learned over my 23 years to zap the sore before they get worse and my roommate/bestie designed and cre
  4. Confusedmw


    Still unsure if I’ve contracted Genital herpes. (Hsv1, and I already have it orally for 20+ yrs) Everyone is saying no but I just am not convinced. Just a question for people who have hsv1 orally and genitAlly: do you have outbreaks in both places at the same time?
  5. Confusedmw


    Confused by a recent diagnosis. I have always had coldsores since I was a child and I've never run into an issue sexually. Recently I was having a burning feeling but no sores or outbreak, just uncomfortable. I decided to get tested. Everything came back negative. All stds, and any bacterial infections. After that I decided to get blood work for hsv. I tested negative for hsv2 but positive for hsv1 which I had figured I would since I had the coldsores. The part I am confused about is the doctor said I was igm positive between 1-40. Not sure what that means. I'm reading that igm means a new rec
  6. Hey everyone, I had a quick question for you guys. Do you think that it's morally wrong to refer to genital hsv1 as cold sores? I've had ghsv1 for almost a year and have disclosed to 1 person. I simply told him that I've had a cold sore down below the belt and that I haven't had one since (which I haven't) but there's always a chance of giving you a cold sore too but the chances are the same if not smaller with a cold sore on the lips. In you're opinion, do you believe that's a justified disclosure? He reacted positively and didn't care about it at all. Technically, oral H is the s
  7. kat76

    coldsores for lesbians

    I was curious if, when you have had oral herpes and you put your mouth on a girls vagina of that automatically would make them have a herpes outbreak? or if just because you have cold sores sometimes you should worry about having bad outbreaks ever?
  8. Sounds silly, but if i were willing to move to a different country to study, which would be ideal now that i have this condition? Which country would i have a higher success rate in meeting a potential partner my own age etc? I tried googling it but wasn't very helpful! Cheers!
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