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  1. Hello, I found this website when trying to figure out if a rash I have is herpes or not. The reason herpes came to mind is that my boyfriend got "diagnosed" with genital herpes last summer. The reason I put it in quotation marks is that there was no swab taken. He described a mild rash to a nurse who ensured him it was herpes, and didn't even want to take a look at his genitals. He convinced her to look and she took a quick glance and said again that it was "hsv type 2." So just a very unprofessional response, based on little evidence. She gave him a short course of antiviral and that rash q
  2. hello, i was here in june with what I thought was maybe an oral ob. At that point it had been post exposure by 4 months and i ended up testing neg 1&2 igg. i just tested again and was neg for both, no new contact. Monday night my nose all of a sudden became EXTREMELY itchy in just one nostril. the next morning and day all of these white bumps popped up all over it. I put abreva all in my nose. this morning i woke up and it was irritated but all the white bumps were gone. I calmed down but then i just looked and it looks like there's little erosions inside my nose now. The
  3. Hi guys first time posting on the site and would really appreciate any advice or real life examples Im male..i had a unprotected one night stand..whilst having the beginning of a cold sore i gave unprotected oral sex to a female which proceeded to vaginal intercourse..within a day i had a burning sensation on the head of my penis which turned into lots of painful burning red dots..this was four months ago..ive had a igg blood test which come back neg for hvs2 but positive for hvs1, Ive suffered cold sores for over 20 years so hsv1 coming back positive was no suprise..but im terrified
  4. I had sex with a girl and then I started over thinking it. I think it might have been due to irritation but I don’t know. I’m stressing does this look like herpes?
  5. Hello, So I recently went to my doctor after noticing some spots on my inner thighs, and general genital area. She looks at the spots, and said that they didn't look like herpes and not to worry, but that she would swab one just to be safe. The one that she swabbed was closer to the vaginal entrance, in an area that I thought was a small tear after some rather rough sex. She also gave me a 7 day course of antivirals, that would help if it was herpes. The meds didn't do anything to the majority of the spots, and the one that she swabbed did eventually heal, whether from the medication or
  6. lilyray123

    Conflicting herpes results

    So i thought i had genital herpes and i still might, my doctor said i did but my blood test came back negative. i had all the symptoms and have been taking the medicine and feel much better. but now idk what to do. so i’m not going to know my results for a little while because of the swab and the person i’m alsmot positive gave it to me is my boyfriend of 3 months. there’s no way i could’ve got it anyway else on my genatils. but i don’t know what can cause what meaning can i have oral sex with him? i wouldn’t let me to me but i would to him and i’m confused if i should or not
  7. https://imgur.com/a/Wj2dETS Hi all, about 2 days ago I started to feel intense pain on my labia majora, looked down and saw 2 rather large open sores( 1 on either side). The pus (normal looking yellow) from the sores have stopped this morning. A day later, there was a blister that formed in my pubic area. In addition to this, there is skin shedding whenever I wipe after a pee ( it doesn't hurt when I urinate, I don't have a fever). My only sexual activity has been with a virgin and it was oral (started April 27th and ended June 8th). I've never seen a cold sore on this guy's mouth so I am
  8. Hi there. I just got my hands on my test results, but I have 5 different papers and they all say something different (I'm guessing for different test types?) but I'm confused by what I should go by. I'll attach the different pictures in the replies. 1
  9. Hi there. So I went into the doctor after getting a rash on my genitals that got a little irritated. I thought it was just from an infected razor burn. I had no other symptoms except the bumps and a little bit of swelling. The doctor took a swab and told me it didn't seem to be herpes, but she took a blood test to be sure. She put me on antibiotics for another infection I had, and it cleared everything up in less than 48 hours. I got a call about a week later and they told me over the phone (which are they even allowed to do?) that I tested positive. They gave me no other information or anythi
  10. Okay I will provide a brief back ground then would just like opinions or advice. I had been extremely ill with a bad head cold for about 3 weeks that antibiotics were not helping. Even now 5 weeks later I still wake up with mild throat pain. I started feeling burning in my vagina and automatically assumed this was a yeast infection as I have been with my daughters father for 9 years now and have had 0 other partners during this time. About 4 days after the original vaginal symptoms I noticed small white ulcers inside my Labia (looked exactly like a canker sore but on my vagina). I immediately
  11. I'm going to start this thread with several posts that contain a summary of my HSV experiences and observations. I've broken this down due to the length and the number of related topics I feel need to be covered. However, I feel the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, so hopefully people with invest the time to read each section. I've tried to make this less of a rant and more of an informative depiction of my experience. My purpose in posting this is to hopefully help guide others who are confused about what is happening to their bodies and to cope with the implications (in my ca
  12. ConfusedLocation

    HSV-1 Genital? Or Yeast Infection?

    Back in December I received unprotected oral sex. I also entered the girls vagina for about 3 minutes when she said "we can't...im....not on the pill" so she continued with the oral sex. It was pretty rough oral and lasted an extremely long time. I noticed almost immediately (including during the blowjob) some discomfort in my urethra. That continued the next morning when I urinated but it was very slight. It persisted somewhat during the week and I noticed some pain while ejaculating. Pain isn't really the right word - more discomfort which would be somewhat relieved while ejaculating but res
  13. Hi all. I’m so glad I have found this forum. I have just been diagnosed with genital herpes. I’m currently so damn sore and itchy. I feel ashamed and skanky. I was with my husband for 17 years. We split up 4 years ago. There was a gap I had a few sexual relationships but always used condoms. I then met my boyfriend and we’ve been together nearly 3 years. I am still friends with my previous sexual partner and contacted him and said he doesn’t have it. And has had a sexual health check in January all ok. So is it possible my current boyfriend is the carrier? He has no symptoms. Again we use cond
  14. this just surfaced and i constantly look at pictures on the internet of herpes and like they look nothing like what ive seen on the internet. can someone please help me? im so nervous and its been making me wanna cry. im so scared and i just dont know what to do
  15. Valstic

    HSV 2 exposure

    Can you test positive by blood work for HSV2 , a week after exposure ?
  16. Geeez


    I recently received positive for hsv 2 test of 2.05. I have never had any symptoms but did have Folliculitis that was diagnosed as Folliculitis and treated with success. I had an interaction with a women protected and was negative on all std test 3 months and 7 months after. I have been with the same woman for the past 2 years and she is clean with no symptoms. So two years later I show positive on the test. I’m currently taking Diflucan for a skin issue on my back. Could the Diflucan throw off the test and show positive at 2.05 or could this possibly be a false positive. I’m very confused on
  17. Confusedmw


    Confused by a recent diagnosis. I have always had coldsores since I was a child and I've never run into an issue sexually. Recently I was having a burning feeling but no sores or outbreak, just uncomfortable. I decided to get tested. Everything came back negative. All stds, and any bacterial infections. After that I decided to get blood work for hsv. I tested negative for hsv2 but positive for hsv1 which I had figured I would since I had the coldsores. The part I am confused about is the doctor said I was igm positive between 1-40. Not sure what that means. I'm reading that igm means a new rec
  18. This is going to be very very long as I want to mention every detail and hope at least somebody will tell me what is wrong or I'll find someone with the same problem.To begin with I just turned 17 in November. I'm in my first real relationship with my boyfriend for 7 months now. As for the intimacy I wanted to wait as long as possible because I was a virgin before and wanted to be 100% ready to have sex. He was accepting and we waited 6 months. For the record we have done some stuff before but it never included vaginal or oral sex. So our first time having oral and PROTECTED vaginal sex with c
  19. Berry101


    Hi all, so I've been to my doctor and she told me she thinks I may have herpes. The reason I went was because I had a stinging pain while urinating. I'm trying my hardest to convince my self that I have genital herpes so that when I get told I do, (my doctors did a swab), I'm not in too much shock. However ... I have no symptoms apart from the few days of painful urination and a bit of blood, that to me seems like period blood. I have no lesions on or around my vagina or anywhere else, not that I can see, no pains in my lymph nodes, no flu like symptoms , no body aches, nothing else that seem
  20. Thatguy604

    Newly diagnosed confusion

    Hi, I've been recently diagnosed with herpes. I started dating my gf in early august of last year and starting experiencing nerve pain in my leg by January. I got a test done and tested negative. Fast forward a year and a few months later and I have herpees under my foreskin. Now my confusion lies in where my gf said she has never had an outbreak. She went to the dr and the dr refused to give her a test because she has no symptoms. The dr said you can only pass it when you have sores and doing a blood test would be useless. So what now? Idk how else I could have got it...I have a strong feel
  21. Does this look like any sort of blister/pimple on the urethra ? Am I looking to much into It? One side it looked reddish but then let go and didn't look red anymore.
  22. Chris Taylor

    Does this look like herpes

    Does this look like herpes. On my thigh , 4 inches from my knee. Stayed the same for 3 weeks , no blisters , sores, or lesions just this.
  23. Bar_Wench

    Hsv1 and Hsv2

    Welp, here I am...a herpes support online forum. I got the call today that I tested positive for HSV1 and HSV2. The nurse did not say if they were oral or genital specific. My doctor prescribed me the generic for valtrax or however you spell it and I took my first pill tonight. Rewind to almost a year and a half ago when I went to the doctor while I had an outbreak in my nose! They did a complete blood work up on me and she said I came up positive for both simplex 1 and 2. I was DEVASTATED like threw up from crying so hard and went home from work lol. The doctor knew how hysterical
  24. So recently I've been having some urinary problems. I noticed that it only hurt after I'm finished peeing, not during. No discharge, no lesion and the pain was moderate at best. I went to the doctor and did a urine sample for stds like gonorrhea and chlamydia he prescribed me with antibodies and it did get a little better, but there was no trace of any bacteria. So then I went to the urologist and they didn't find any bacteria either. So i went back to the original doctor and got a blood test for all stds including hsv1 and 2. So a week later the doctors office called back and said that i was
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