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Found 30 results

  1. Hey friends, Haven't posted in a while - but I wanted to write a quick post, I had my kinda-5-year-herpes anniversary (got it on my birthday which makes it easier to remember) - and I'm happy to say that since then I've been in 4 relationships with non-herpes people (with a few short ones in between) and it has only gotten easier for me to disclose each time. When I was first diagnosed I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I would have to disclose to everyone I meet some horrible secret, because after the initial shock it didn't feel horrible at all... it just felt like a harmless thing I had to live with. So then I decided that that's how I was going to live my life - I tell people who I'm dating about it as soon as I can tell it's going well. Sometimes the night I meet them. And in five years I have not met a single person who has turned me away because of it. I truly, truly believe it's the only way to live with herpes - the more we keep it a secret, the more people will think it's something to be afraid of - which it's not. When I was first diagnosed, I met someone at the Toronto herpes meetup who sat down with me and told me that it wasn't a big deal - and that generally speaking, people don't care. Five years later and it's some of the best advice I've been given. I know there are exceptions, and I know from what people here have told me that it can be incredibly difficult to disclose, but I really hope that doesn't stop anyone here from trying. This is just my experience - but if one person reads this and feels hope, then I'll be happy. You're all beautiful snowflakes - David.
  2. I had a fiance. He was actually the first guy I ever had to disclose to after my ghsv2 diagnosis. And he accepted me and it wasn't a big deal and we ended up not using protection and pretty much had a normal sex life except when I had my minor symptoms. But there were many times in the relationship that I knew I should have left him. But especially in the beginning I admit, I was desperate and was happy to have someone love me. Looking back, all the times he yelled at me or made me cry makes me so angry. Because I know that it was the fear of having to date again with hsv that kept me there. Finally I am free (sort of) of him. Now he is harassing my friends and family desperately trying to get me back ( he is mentally unstable and codependent) but he has now gotten to the point where he is telling my friends (via one of my friends boyfriends) that I gave him herpes. Which very well may not be true, by the way. But very inappropriate regardless. Also, he gave me HPV ( no symptoms just an abnormal pap) , but he also was telling people I gave him hpv. Ahh, just wonderful, my desperate lying asshole of an ex. But, my point is, to anyone out there, do not stay with someone you shouldn't because they accepted your diagnosis. I am as happy and relieved as ever just to be away from his emotional vampirism. Is it a little scary thinking about future disclosure? Sure. But just remember you have a great personality to back you up and that is what matters. I know there will be a right person out there who will understand that the majority of the population has it. It's to the point where the differences between hsv1 and hsv2 are practically meaningless since they can happen in either mouth or genital and really anywhere on your body, so the statistic might as well be combined in saying that the majority of the WORLD population has either one or both.
  3. LemonDifficult

    A happy ending (or beginning?)

    I’ve been a frequent visitor of this site for awhile. The times when I feel down about my H+ status, I have come here to read stories of hope and happy endings, and I feel a lot better and reassured. So, I finally made and account because I wanted to share my happy story! I was diagnosed with GHSV2 about 5 years ago. While I’ve been with and disclosed to two partners about my status since then, they had already told me that they had been with women previously who had the same diagnosis, so I wasn’t nervous to disclose my status to them after finding that info out. Neither of those relationship panned out. When I felt like I was ready to date again the thought of having to have the disclosure convo to another person made me so anxious! Like sick to my stomach, losing sleep kind of anxious. What if my status is a dealbreaker? And all the other worst case scenarios. But I haven’t let this stop me from dating in the past, and I didn’t want to let that stop me from dating now. And I met a guy who is amazing: funny, kind, thoughtful, smart, understanding, and curious about me and what makes me happy. The more time we spent together( and the more I developed my interest in him), the more anxious I got to give the talk. We’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks and the physical chemistry is definitely there (kissing, touching over the clothes). But I would not let myself take it any farther with him until I had the disclosure talk. Heading into our date last night, I knew that I couldn’t wait any longer to have the convo I had so been dreading. When I felt like the time was right, I finally gave my “spiel” and I was so relieved to get it out of the way, I honestly didn’t care if he rejected me at that point. I was proud of myself for doing something difficult and flexing my integrity muscle. Well, He actually got emotional, thanking me for putting his health and well-being above mine and told me this doesn’t change anything, in fact he said that me being open about my status before being intimate made him like me even more! He asked questions about how H effects me and was even curious about my experience dealing with the stigma. It went way way better than I anticipated, and we have plans to spend this upcoming weekend together! Whether or not it works out with him, I’m proud of myself. For those that are even thinking about having this conversation ahead of time, you should be proud of yourselves too. This is not an easy conversation to have and it shows a tremendous amount of character. Thank you to this community for sharing your stories. Hoping my story can help others during times of hopelessness that I too have experienced.
  4. JoJo083

    Dating sites

    So what sites are you guys considering? I've been on PS for a few months with no luck. I've also been on OKCupid and Bumble but I find myself stalling to actually meet up for fear of " the talk". What are your experiences?
  5. I have been living with Genital Herpes for over a year. I know when it’s about to come ruin my week by the tingles and itches and I know when to take my antivirals. I have been dating and sleeping with one man since October. He knows I have herpes and our sex life has been wonderful and ALWAYS safe. Condoms and occasionally I take my antivirals when I feel an outbreak coming. No sex during outbreaks. Today he found a strange cut on his penis. It’s circualr. He questioned if it looked similar to mine but it’s hard to tell. Only one. He felt zero symptoms. Nothing. No pain urinating or itching. Like I said, nothing. He’s getting tested soon but I wanted to come here for some quick advice!! I’m looking for anyone who knows about a males first out break or any at all.. what are the symptoms? Compared to a female? Could I have given him this life changing STD? Please help soothe my mind. All opinions welcome.
  6. HSV. Everyone's favorite topic! If you read my other piece, you know about my struggle with Viral Meningitis. But now I get to share with you (because it was just shared with me) how I got it. As if I wasn’t already depressed, hurt, and confused, here comes the nurse from the hospital calling to tell me that one of the possible causes of Viral Meningitis is the Herpes Simplex Virus and they tested me for it when I was there. Surprise! I have the Herpes Simplex Virus type 2, or as I like to put it, Genital Herpes. I cried almost as loud as I did the day I got the severe headache from the Meningitis. I immediately thought, I am 21 years old and my life is over. I thought about all the cons, no more dating, the difficulties having children without infecting them, dating rejection, my friends judging me, having to worry about infecting people around me, every possible negative thought came rushing at me all at once. I can not believe this is happening to me. I had to mourn the death of the person I once was for a few days of course, but after coming to, I realized that although it is not curable, this is not a death sentence. I thought let me learn a little more about this before I just shut out the world and everyone in it. I found that 1 out of 6 people have HSV. So if you know more than 6 people, one of them most likely has some form of HSV. Some people know, some people don't, but they do. So yeah that is A LOT of the population. Some people get symptoms like itching, burning, and bumps on their genitals sometimes and some people can go years without having one single outbreak. There are Antiviral medications and even suppressive treatments to help lessen the outbreaks. To prevent the spread of the infection you can: Use condoms getting regular STI tests and ensuring sexual partners also get tested regularly reducing the number of sexual partners being in a long-term monogamous relationship with an uninfected person avoiding sexual activity during outbreaks of the herpes virus using anti-herpes medication daily if one partner has the herpes virus abstaining from sexual activity Source: WEBMD.com The best thing to do if you find out you have HSV is to contact your doctor so they can answer all of your questions and help you find the best option for treating the infection. On another note, I felt like although I could treat it to minimize outbreaks, dating is going to be a nightmare from now on. I thought, who would want to be with someone with Herpes, one of the scariest STIs out there. I immediately thought ok, well what if I find someone with herpes like me to date, I could possibly find a guy that way. I mean, who could turn away someone with the same condition as them? This notion, I soon found out was a problem. I signed up for a HSV dating site and I realized that I was scared to share too many details about myself and even post a picture of myself. I noticed that I was scared to reveal that I had herpes even on a HSV dating site. Odd, I know. I was struggling accepting my truth. I went on to search for forums, discussion boards, etc (as I did when I found out I had Meningitis). I was searching for people my age with HSV who were struggling in the LOVE department. I found them. I could not help but fully relate to every single person on the discussion board. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. One blogger expressed how she would never sign up for a HSV dating site, as it can influence people who carry the virus to conform to only talking to or being with others who have it which is crazy. She opened my eyes to understand that we are all people and should not live under the stigma that Herpes is this big scary monster thing and we have to alienate ourselves from the rest of society. After all HSV is really just a few outbreaks of uncomfortable bumps and itching. It's not to say you shouldn't be careful with your health, it is just that the stigma behind Herpes is that it's a death sentence and its not. The posts made me laugh and informed me of so much. People my age, in college just like me, everywhere, going through the same exact thing. One girl and guy on the board went on to say don't be afraid to disclose that you have the virus to people. The girl told about 50 guys and had only been rejected by about 5 of them or so. She had been in 7 relationships post HSV. A guy said the girl he met had it and he didn't really care and slept with her. All of this was good news to me, not because I just HAVE to be in a relationship or have sex, but to know that I don't have to restrict myself to find love or be ashamed of myself for my condition. I also learned to ditch the stigma because its not as bad as anyone thinks and is easily contracted. Anyone can get it and not even know it. I don't know if I am quite as ready as these folks to be as open as they are with HSV, but I can say that I had a huge sigh of relief that I can be if I choose to. Tip of the day is to not be afraid of rejection. Not everyone will reject you.Take a chance, try it, disclose to someone and be positive about it, because you won't know the outcome until you try! These are the two websites I went to to research: The first is the forum from the people’s stories that I used in my entry. The other is an article. I hope you find these as helpful as I did. https://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/8423/dealing-with-herpes-in-college The Overblown Stigma of Genital Herpes - The Atlantic
  7. TolkienNerd42

    Gave to Boyfriend

    Some background before I explain- I have not been formally diagnosed with herpes but I do get cold sores. It's been at least 2 years since my last one and since my life is very fast paced it's always the last thing on my mind. So when I got into my current relationship I had totally forgotten that I actually get them. My current issue is that I didn't realize I was getting a cold sore because I recently changed acne treatments and disregarded the tingling sensation as a reaction. I gave my boyfriend oral sex and that night after work saw what has now become a sore. I was up till midnight looking up all the research I could and type 1 can effect genitalia. So long story short I probably gave it to him and I feel like crap to the point where I think he should breakup with me. And he thought it was curable(he grew up in a bubble) which makes me feel even worse. I know it's not the worst STD out there which is putting my mind at rest a tiny bit but I still feel like a terrible person and a walking plague sack.
  8. Antoinette63

    Drunk Night without Disclosure

    I’ve been talking to this guy for about a month. We are not exclusive, by we hangout regularly. Two weeks ago, we went out and got really drunk. Like, I was in and out of sleep drunk by the time we got to his house. He ate me out 2 times, we fell asleep then he took me home. When I wokeup the next morning, I felt really bad. I try to disclose before sex, but I was too drunk that night. I still haven’t told him. We haven’t done anything since then. I don’t know how to backtrack and disclose. I normally tell before clothes come off. He keeps saying that there’s something I’m hiding but he knows it isn’t bad. I’m just afraid to tell him because he knows so many people at my job and in my community. Just need some ideas/help on how to tell him now that we’ve been intimate.
  9. Arianamiller

    Casual sex with hsv1?

    Everytime i read stories on here about disclosing to partners they have herpes they seem to be potentional boyfriends, so i was just curious if anyone on here has casual sex or random hook ups and how they handle that situation and some stories??? Especially young people because we all know it's almost impossible knowadays for young men to want anything serious.... (i have hsv1 genital) i'd like too hear some positive stories cause i feel like if i don't get back into having casual sex i might stay abstinent and alone for many many years lol thanks in advance!
  10. Hello everyone! Just wondering if there is anyone else on here from Ireland? Struggling to find any Facebook groups or anything for people here, probably because there’s such a huge stigma around it here!
  11. How hard was it to find love after being diagnosed with herpes? I have hsv-2.
  12. Amg17

    First Disclosure

    So I have not dated or anything since my HSV2 diagnoses... mainly for the fact that I didn't want to have to tell someone about my little problem. Well in the course of events over the past 3 months, I stumbled upon the most amazing guy I've ever met... literally just my luck that he comes along AFTER my diagnosis. I wasn't looking for anyone, I wasn't hoping to find someone I could potentially fall in love with but here we are & I am worrying myself into a tizzy thinking about how in the world I'm going to tell this person I care about that I have herpes & then what is his reaction going to be. I know he's serious about me & I was kind of hoping at this point I would have found something I would consider a dealbreaker, but this guy checks out 110%. I am terrified of being rejected and I am terrified of potentially driving away someone who literally could be my perfect match. Any advice is welcome, maybe a little pep talk is needed as well... I just need to get myself in the right frame of mind for this conversation.
  13. Hey, I’m new here, diagnosed in 2013 with HSV I get both oral and genital outbreaks (I think I have HSV1, I have oral outbreaks more than genital). I’ve been on Valacyclovir for the past two years. Haven’t really had any long term serious sexual relationships since my partner who gave it to me. After being mostly single for 2 years, I’m dating someone who could possibly be something long term. I’ve already disclosed, he was supportive and did some of his own research afterward. Now that we’ve started having sex I’ve been so anxious about passing it to him. I’m on anti-virals, but I keep getting I’m worried that I’ll miss an outbreak cause my genital outbreaks have never been all that severe. Like “is that just a zit or herpes” or “My vulva itches a bit” level. I just keep worrying that if I don’t know my body enough I can’t protect him from something that causes me so much stress and anxiety. Without antivirals, if I had a stressful day, you could almost guarantee I would have a cold sore the next day. (I have anxiety disorder as well so that doesn’t help much either :P). Looking for support because It’s been hard for me to fall asleep on the nights we’ve had sex and its messing with my self-confidence. I know that a lot of my stress is coming from the negative internal monologue I was telling myself for years. I like to think that I’ve gotten past that but it seems to be bubbling up again. How have you dealt with your negative internal monologue surrounding genital herpes? I always thought I could never have a fulfilling sex life, and this man is proving me so wrong. I don't want to be anxious about my herpes because I've finally found someone who is so awesome. Thanks for listening
  14. Hey all. It's been a while since I have been on here.. I have been having an outbreak, first in over a year and it has me extremely depressed and disgusted with life.. The man who gave me it is actually going to trial this month for vandalising my car a few months ago. LSTS, I got it from my first sexual partner ever. I still haven't gotten myself to move on in fear of having to tell someone about this. It's a painful disease and it's not something I would think most people would want to risk when there are millions of other women out there without it. I hope I don't offend anyone, I have the disease myself, it's just how I think. I feel very alone and isolated a lot. I would really really benefit by having someone local or close to my age, to talk to this about so I don't always bombard my friends, who have no idea how I truly feel.... Is anyone in this forum in Louisana? And knows of any herpes support groups? I would also be Interested in joining a private Facebook group. Flood my posts with positive dating experiences please. How did YOU tell someone about H? I could really use some happy thoughts.
  15. vitacoco

    Monsters In the Closet

    Hi everyone! Since my diagnosis my boyfriend has been pretty supportive, but I feel like I'm alone in the relationship sometimes. I thinks I'm treating him like a "monster" since he is the one who gave me herpes. I really don't mean to be, but deep down it's almost like I want to punish him for it. I know he didn't even know he was infected, and I love him very much, but I can't help but resent him for what he's putting me through. Any thoughts or replies would be greatly appreciated
  16. davidis

    Successful disclosure

    Hello friends, I haven't been on in a while as I've been busy with work and music and pursuing a career, but from what I've been reading - which seems to be stemming from a lot of fear and anxiety - I feel like it would help to tell my story, and that is one of complete transparency between me and friends, as well as sexual partners. When I first contracted ghsv2, I - like many of you - thought my sex life was over. The first year was difficult, feeling like I would only be able to meet people online for the rest of my life. After a lot of thought, however, I began to realise that I could either begin living my life the way I wanted to live it, or crawl back into a dark hole and disappear. I chose a regular life, and the way I did that was by focusing on improving myself rather than focusing on what others thought of me. I joined a new band, started a new job, and started meeting new people, and meeting people was how I discovered the easiest way to overcome herpes was by telling them on the first day the same way you'd tell someone you have a cold. At first it wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be - but that's okay. Trying things for the first time are always awkward, but eventually it became the most mundane part of my conversations. I told close friends, family, then not so close friends, then sometimes people at work - I would talk about the community around it, talk about how rewarding it is to help newly diagnosed people on message boards by letting them know that this thing really isn't a big deal. I would talk about it like it was laundry that I needed to do when I got home. I realised almost immediately that the vast majority of people don't even blink when you say it, and even more people ask you questions about it, which - in my opinion - puts you in a powerful position to snuff out the awful stigma around herpes. When it comes to sexual partners, I'll often wait for the moment before things get going before saying "hey, just so you know I get cold sores sometimes, so we should use a condom." This isn't meant to catch people off guard, it's just a way to express confidence in who you are as a person. By bringing it up as casually as possible, you take all power away from herpes by treating it the way it really is - a common, irrelevant virus. I have never been turned down because of herpes, but I have had people ask me questions about transmission, and I will always return to the same statement, which goes something like this: "Yep, no matter how many precautions you take there's always a risk - but that's true for everyone you'll ever meet in your entire life. At least with me, I know that I have it, which means I take precautions to keep people safe. It's so evasive that it's the same risk no matter who you sleep with." I guess the reason I am writing this is because I want you guys to know that despite all the negativity, the fear, the self-doubt, the stress, the insecurity, the low self-esteem that comes with having herpes (it happens to all of us) just know that you are as beautiful of a person as you'll ever be and that herpes is as serious as you make it. One of my favourite comedians growing up was Eddie Izzard, a transvestite, who believes that if you tell people your secret, it's no longer a secret, and therefore has lost most of its negative meaning. There is nothing positive about "herpes" as people understand it, so create your own meaning and tell the world, because in my opinion, the only cure we'll ever have in this lifetime is self-confidence and open dialogue.
  17. I'm smart, creative, beautiful and had an awesome future ahead of me. I'm only 21 but always am in a constant search for a boyfriend, to feel loved. By immature men. Through my search for love I contracted hsv-2 by a guy who never wanted to commit. My current bf of two months just ended and I think it might be because of the herpes. This virus is really hard on my self-worth. I've always wanted to get married, I don't want to be alone. I'm looking for empowerment, or similar stories. Life is beautiful, we all deserve peace.
  18. chainondoor

    New relationship confusion

    Hi all, I am a bit confused about a few things in my new 'potential' relationship, and I would really appreciate some advice. I met this guy a month and a half ago, on tinder, which maybe doesn't sound promising, but he seems like a genuine guy and has shown a lot of interest in me. He has pursued me a lot and wants us to be open and talk to each other about everything. I feel I can trust him. (though I could be wrong) I contracted gHSV1 last year this time. It was very traumatic. I already had a fear of stds, and after that I thought I'd be better off alone. I always told myself that before I disclosed to anyone, we would both get tested (before having sex), and then if he has HSV1, then it would make things a lot easier to either tell him, or keep it to myself. But there are a few added complications surrounding this: 1) We are fooling around and I am afraid he might have and give me HSV2 or something much worse- my experience with HSV1 was sooo terrible, I still get fevers all the time, so if I had them both it would be physically a nightmare. 2) I am not sure if we are exlusive or official yet. I think he still uses tinder and has many pretty girls on instagram. (i've been hurt a lot in the past) 3) We fooled around a lot. nothing that would have put him at any risk (i was more worried about myself though), but I almost had sex with him one.. he might be angry about this. SHORT VERSION I met a guy and we are dating more than a month. In what order do I talk about these things? 1) Are we exlusive? 2) Can you go get tested for everything inclusing HSV1 and HSV2? 3) I have GHSV1 4) I have a huge phobia of stds. I think telling him everything at once will scare him. Any advice here? Thanks.
  19. Antoinette63

    How soon should I disclose?

    I've been dating a guy for about three weeks. I really like him. We've gone on three dates, & we talk almost every day. The last time we were together, things got physical & we made out. So now I'm wondering when I should tell him I have HSV-2. The last guy I told threw it back in my face & said I was "lucky" he was even having sex with me. I don't want that experience again. How soon is too soon to tell this new guy? I know I definitely want to be honest and upfront and tell him before clothes come off. I need advice!
  20. Jack Blakeway

    UK TV Documentary

    Hello all, My name is Jack and I work for a TV company called Blakeway North based in Manchester. We create factual programming for all the major UK broadcasters but specialise in access documentaries, where we have worked with an array of institutions, companies and charities to produce critically acclaimed, popular, and award-winning content. We're currently working on a documentary for a major UK channel about dating with herpes and wondered if anyone who is single and currently dating would want to share their story with us? I'd love to hear from people who would like to take part in the documentary, telling us about their experience of dating with herpes and looking for love. We want to tell a positive story, so if anyone out there does want to get involved then please email me at jackblakewaytv@gmail.com. If you don't want to take part in the project but wouldn't mind talking to us about your experiences then please get in touch as well! If you have any questions at all (as I'm sure you do) then send over an email and I can send a little more information. All correspondence will be conducted in strictest privacy. Thanks Jack
  21. For those who choose to date with herpes and are in fear of someone coming back saying they gave them herpes, maybe a contract would be a good idea. The contract should require the person to get tested for herpes prior to sexual involvement, even kissing. (If that person has been with someone in the past 3 months, wait another 3 months and get retested to be sure). The person should also provide a copy of the results (don't just take their word for it). The person should acknowledge they are aware that you have herpes and you have full disclosed your status The person should acknowledge they are will to "risk" catching the virus (I hate the word risk now...fyi) The person should acknowledge they will keep your status confidential I feel this will save some people from guilt and possible lawsuits...just saying
  22. Not married but I do have a boyfriend, With KNOWN ghsv1 & ohsv + status, who is seeing another woman. This woman knows that we are together. Neither of them know that I know they are seeing each other at the moment, as his cell phone answers many of my questions since I found out what they are up to. I've been on this since the beginning stages of there encounters (it's been about a month now) He is the one who infected me an now he's up to no good. I want to tell her only because it will give me some evilish satisfaction, me being the one to tell her but MOSLTY because I WISH I was HER in this situation if I did. I could possibly keep her from acquiring this virus and altering her life forever like he did mine is she doesn't already have it I wish a women who he infected or who infected him was able to give me the heads up in our early dating stages. I mean there are pros an cons to this, I know that this will probably showcase our medical condition if she tells but I don't know if I could feel any worst about this virus then I already do. People knowing is the least and ACTUALLY having to deal with it for life is the most for me. S|B: Sometime I want to scream (I have H, take it or leave it! ) just to get it off my chest because I feel like I'm hiding everyday but he definitely don't want that, as far as I'm concerned he do not want others to know his status. An no he did not disclose to me I found out the hard way....
  23. I have HSV2 and am currently taking 500mgs of Valacyclovir daily. My partner does not have Herpes. He is aware of my status and we have always had sex using condoms. I recently went to a new ob/gyn and when discussing my current birth control she told me it was pretty safe for me and my partner not to use condoms if I am using daily suppressive therapy. Is this true? I feel like it would be so great for him to not have to use condoms, but I also want to keep him safe. Is the risk of him contracting it so low as to be negligible?
  24. So after many years of single after divorce, kids are grown and i am lonely. Met an awesome girl. Not easy for me to do. Hit it off...but just told me she is hsv-2, diagnosed 3 years ago, never an outbreak she knew of. Strangely enough, I did not have the urge to run the other way......so this must mean something. I have spent hours reading info online...much of it confusing and contradictory. I am not hsv2 pos. and I'm ready to move forward with the relationship, I just don't know the rules. Obviously no vag/anal intercourse during outbreaks. But she has never had one she knew about. Asymptomatic shedding scares me. From what i have read, i can receive oral from her with minimal risk, and passionate kissing is okay too....right? Should she be on daily suppressants? Sex with condom reduces risk some? I am almost 50....does age play a significant role? (immune strength) My head is spinning.
  25. My Story of HSV2, and why I need help now; Or at least some good advice :: I was diagnosed in 2010, with IGG test, I believe - some mail-order or blood sample test, if I remember right (probably administered by LabCore), and I'm near Chicago, if it makes a difference. I was in denial, because of the shock of it, and because I'd never had any symptoms, outside of a little itching and discomfort. Plus after numerous visits to public health clinics, and Doctors alike, All seemed to agree, I did not have herpes. Having a partner, I wanted to stay safe, and get on medication - even that was problematic - Dr or Derm asking, "Show me your outbreak". I did 1-year of acyclovir, after being prescribed that by a Derm, after seeing some redness. And hopefully kept my partner safe. For much of this time (last 5 years), I've really not been adversely affected by Herpes, or even noticed it. I have a new partner now, and she's dead set against using protection, for her own reasons. About 3 months into it, I started to feel some discomfort. I noticed some skin sensitivity (and this lasted over a month, and still ongoing). My thought - that's not herpes. I treated it with Hydrocortisone, and this was soothing, making it better, but it kept on coming back with activity. Irritation and Discomfort. Then a small pimple showed up, and I had notice a few small sharp pangs, sharp stinging, but it was temporary. My thought - that's HSV2 - Herpes. Partner and I have since taken a break (not seeing each other). Neither of us are happy with this outcome. And even though we deeply care about each other - it's a hard thing asking her to continue, with the potential consequenses. Chicago having excellent GUM Clinics - like CORE Center or Howard Brown Health Center - is nice, and I have used those. Since I'm on a plan with BCBS-IL now, I'd like to get a referral to a Dr (GP) who might have a specialty in the area. STD / HSV2 I'm looking for the best Doctor (medical professional) I can find, as well as any practical solutions that would salvage our relationship. Thanks in advance, for any replies.
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