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Found 3 results

  1. ThoughtsBecomeThings

    Alkaline vegans vs arginine

    Hey everyone! Okay so I’ve been wondering for those on the site that may be alkaline vegan or have given that diet a try, how does the lysine/arginine thing work? I was looking up recipes and doing calculations and I noticed plenty of arginine in these diets and felt a touch frustrated. But then I thought: do people that are alkaline even have to worry about the arginine? I’m curious. Or do you just up your lysine supplements when you’re about to have something with plenty seeds and nuts for example? I’m not a vegan just yet, but seriously thinking about switching over. Now I only eat fish which is high in lysine but still acidifying.
  2. Hey everyone! I am a 24-year-old woman that was diagnosed with genital herpes two on April 8. I have decided to take the holistic route in treating in this condition. My problem is that I have been pescatarian for five years now and my diet before the diagnosis has heavily relied on fish, fruits, greens, nuts, seeds and vegetables (such as potatoes and squash). What are some alternative things that I can use to make flour? I miss bread, cereal, porridge, etc. I know there must be someone on this forum that has the same diagnosis but has figured out a loophole around the rules. Thank you so much!
  3. Hey everyone. I'm new to the site, but I've unfortunately been getting cold sores (orally) since I was very young. (Presumably contracted from a family member as a child/baby) This past year I have had 6 outbreaks. (Usually I have 1 or 2 max a year.) I've been under a lot of stress, more than usual, but now it's just getting too much. I have been suffering from clinical depression for over a decade and an anxiety disorder for about 6 years, and even through all of that, my OB's never became more frequent, until this year. I take Lysine daily, Vitamin C, try any foods to boost the immune system, especially those high in Lysine and low (or no) arginine, as well as a Virulite system, which actually did seem to shorten my last OB. (Usually they last about a week or sometimes even 2 or longer, using the virulite, my cold sore had come and gone in exactly 4 days. Suffice to say, I was absolutely elated.) I was just wondering if anyone can relate to a highly stressful life (I'm a full time carer to a very stubborn, disabled family member, hence the high stress) and has had any luck with preventing outbreaks? If so, how? I'm in a long term relationship with a very carefree fella, who has HSV-1 also but doesn't ever seem to get outbreaks. (The boy just never stresses haha. But I don't want to be giving him unnecessary cold sores or worse, spreading it to him through oral sex.) Just looking for some tips on either dietary, natural or medical tips and tricks that have worked to keep the virus dormant for others for more than a few months. Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks all. Warmest greetings, LillysMum
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