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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I need advices from people who have experience with ocular herpes. 3 years ago I had a few meetings with an asshole liar that denied to have any disease. Despite my being careful, I could not avoid to get infected because of his careless attitude. 2 days after one meeting I developed a small peripheral corneal ulcer in my left eye; my doctor didn't relate it to sexual diseases and after a few days of wrong treatment (she told me to put gentamicin cream in the eye!!), it went away. I believe that I may have touched my eyes carelessly, as it was late and it was my normal behavior from getting tired. After another meeting with the guy (about 1 month later), I developed blisters in my genital area. It was a large outbreak, like a primary one. I couldn't see the area well, but I think there were more blisters one near the other, very painful. They caused a large single ulcer which took 3 weeks to heal. I went to a STD ambulatory but the doctor, by looking at it (the healing ulcer), said that it didn't look like herpes. I asked for swabs. To my bad surprise, she did not even make an herpes test and she told me later that it was not tested in her hospital (!!). I have never had such a painful and long outbreak again later, but only very short and mild ones. 2 months later the blister in the eye came back. I went to an optic and he prescribed me antibacterial drops and steroids. About one year later I had a diagnosis of HSV1 in the urethra, which increased my suspects that that person had HSV. He still denied everything and when I asked him to get tested, he blocked all my contacts (I'm still considering how to report such a person). For almost 2 years my eye didn't have any problem, even if I went into a lot of stress (relocation, new job, a person toying with my feelings and poor sleep periods with anxiety, lots of exposure to sun, ...). I also had several vaccinations (HPV, Hepatitis, Tetanus), which I have recently finished (and they make me wonder if they made any good to my immune system). At the beginning of this year the problems with my eye started again. The first time I had small blisters in both eyes. In my left eye it's almost always in the same place. My right eye was never affected before. The second time I had again blisters in the left eye, this time after not much sleep and a day on the snow. Then in the right eye. I started visiting an ambulance for eye problems; every time I had a bad case of red eye, I went back to show it. In total I have been looked by 7 people, both when I had blisters and when I only had a bad red eye. Some of them stained my eye with pigments and watched through the lenses. Every time they told me it was not looking like herpes; probably they expected to see the typical branching lesion caused by herpes. Some of them said it was bacteria growing on my eye lids, some said I had dry eyes and my oil glands were obstructed. So most of the time I had indications to treat it with artificial tears or antibacterial drops and steroids (lotemax, prednisolone). One doctor once gave me acyclovir eye gel, not being sure if it really was herpes (after my indication). During the last visit (red eye only with no visible blisters, after a week end in the sun), I asked if I could get a swab. So they took it and they tested both chlamydia and Herpes. Both were negative. Despite their recommendation to use steroids, I applied also the acyclovir gel. I was surprised by the prescription of steroids without having properly tested for herpes. It is known that steroids reduce the immune response, that causes a proliferation of the virus and could make the infection worst. I applied the gel only to the affected eye. The redness would decrease significantly after 1 day and after 3 days it was almost looking normal. 1 week later after the start of the redness, the symptom appeared in the untreated eye. So I started to treat that eye in the same way. Then back again to the previous eye. And this continued from the beginning of the year until now (7 months). The redness is often accompanied with pain in the same side of my head. Often it happened after sun exposure (in summer period), biking for long, swimming training. Sometimes the affected eye has a small morning discharge near the lacrimal gland (yellow). Sometimes when I put artificial drops, I get some white patches on my eye lids, like if the tears are bringing out of my eye dead/dried skin. Many of these things are still making me suspect of herpes. So I would need some suggestions from people that have had the same problem. Can you relate to my symptoms? How did you get diagnosed? Is a swab a reliable test, or does it have many false negative? Did you get so many recurrences of red eye? And what did you do to stop them? I'm really depressed for what is happening to me and all the limitations that this is imposing me to my life. And also by the fact that I can't seem to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Thank you for your help. L.
  2. The first episode of keratitis on my left eye happened in the summer of 1985. The doctor diagnosed it as a viral keratitis and successfully treated it with Oftan Idu eye drops. The first recurrence happened in a year and a half. Since then it recurred more and more often. The keratitis affected my right eye as well. Ten years later the recurrences happened almost right after I stopped using Oftan Idu. Hospitalisation in the eye clinic didn’t help. When I realised that medicine was unable to help me, I tried to find my own solution. I applied my own eye drops made from honey and aloe vera juice but they didn’t work and relapses continued. It occurred to me to use garlic which has anti-viral properties, but how to apply it safely into the eyes? In 2000, using a small plastic jar and a rubber tube, I made a device for blowing air into the eyes through the finely cut garlic in the jar. With one hand I kept the eye lids open while holding the jar in the other hand and blowing the air from the mouth into the jar through the rubber tube. The recurrences stopped, so I was on the right track, but the procedure of blowing air into the eyes was quite unpleasant. But I believed that it was a necessary trade-off for solving the problem of applying the garlic safely to the eyes. Once I happened to go away on business and left my device at home. What to do? I bought a clove of garlic, sliced a piece of it, moistened the cut with some water and tried to rub it over my eye lids. It is necessary to dilute the garlic juice with some water to improve its penetration into the skin. That was how I discovered a simple way of safely applying garlic to the eyes through the eyelid skin. I had been using garlic in this way for ten years and I had NO recurrences of keratitis. Then I tried to stop the garlic applications. In a week the keratitis relapsed. Oftan Idu drops were unavailable, so I treated it with Virgan eye gel which contains ganciclovir as the active ingredient. This experiment showed that garlic was indeed suppressing the herpes virus activity in my eyes for 10 years. Three years ago, to improve this treatment even more, I started using a garlic solution on alcohol (vodka). This makes the preparation much easier, the solution can be used for 7-8 months, it’s much easier to apply and doesn’t leave the specific garlic smell. The recipe of the garlic solution in alcohol (vodka, 40% alcohol) is as follows: crush 4 pieces of garlic and put it all in a 30 ml medicine jar (5 pieces for 40 ml, 6 pieces for 50 ml); fill with vodka. It can be used straight away as this solution is just a diluted garlic juice. The application is simple: open the jar, press your finger to the opening, shake up and apply the liquid from the tip of your finger to your eye lids. The amount of garlic for a single application is minute, so there’s no garlic smell. When you have no keratitis symptoms, you have to apply this solution at least 3 times a day to both eyes EVERY DAY. If the keratitis is starting to relapse and you get symptoms like eye reddening or tearing, the solution has to be applied every 1-1.5 hours during the day and 2-3 times during the night until the symptoms disappear. My own experience and the experience of other people showed that the eyes return to normal in a day or two. I have been using garlic for the last 15 years and had NO keratitis recurrences. A few times some symptoms started to appear and were successfully treated before turning into a full blown relapse by applying the garlic solution every 1-1.5 hours. The long-term use of garlic is safe as the 15 years of using it did me no harm: I have normal eye lid skin and healthy eyes. This treatment can also be used for cold sores. If you have herpes infection in the eyes or on the lips, you can simply apply some garlic solution to the closed eyelids or the lips according to the above instructions. For those who know that modern medicine can not prevent herpes recurrences, this treatment sounds fantastic, but there’s nothing fantastic in using garlic which has anti-viral properties as the modern medicine itself has acknowledged. This treatment is 100% effective in preventing herpes relapses.
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