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Found 11 results

  1. WildFlowers92

    My Outbreak Story

    Hello, So I finally bit the bullet and decided to make an account. Since I'm a newby who's been dealing with HSV2 for about 10months I thought sharing my story would be a good ice breaker. So I was celibate for 1 1/2yr and I was minding my business at the DMV waiting in line to take my driver's test. When this guy came up to me and asked me how I did ( I failed!!!!). Instead of making me feel like a loser he encouraged me and we had a few laughs in then he asked for my number. While texting I quickly learned we're both scorpios and the sexual tension flourished quickly... After a few dates it happened and it was everything I thought it would be. Well not everything... fast forward a month later I was getting ready for my cruise and i decided to see him a few nights before I left. So I hopped in the shower and shaved my life away and accidentally nicked the tip of my cliterious. (If you're wondering yesss it hurt like hell). But after sitting in the shower for 15mins I mustard up the courage to still go and that it only felt a lil irritable. (BIG MISTAKE) Now I'm in Miami boarding my cruise and felt horrible. All I wanted to do was sleep my life away. I was also cramping b/c SharkWk was in full motion. My lympnoids swelled and became painfully infected, I had a burning sensation when I used the bathroom, and began having flu like symptoms. Finally I decided to get a mirrior and look at my lady bits and seen a lesion on my cliterious and left side lip. I thought it was just infected by my razor. Ignored his texts for the rest of my vacay b/c I didn't know what to think. I waited until my Gyno visit where by 1st sight she already determined it was Gential Herpes. I laughed and told her no way these have to be infected razor bumps. But my Gyno gave me a blank stare and that's when fear seeped in. She swabbed me and 1wk later it came back positive... I told him and he was pretty shocked. I ask if hes been tested and he said yeah but not for HSV2. He felt horrible and wanted to see me that same day but I couldn't. I was too upset at myself, at him, and at life. I thought my world was crumbling and felt like things were unfare. I'm still unsure on who gave it to who. In the beginning I was having 2 break outs per month which lasted 3-4days . Then I've researched my life away and looked into taking natural supplements. So far I've taken Oil Oregano, Spirilina, and Black Seed Oil. I'm only taking Black Seed now and it's making my. OB almost nonexistent. I'm just trying to find ways of making things easier and staying positive along the way no pun intended.
  2. I apologise if this is too detailed but I really need to know if this is to be expected every time I try to please myself. I was diagnosed with HSV2 in March this year. The outbreak happened right at the bottom entry of my vaginal opening. Originally I thought I had a vaginal tear from sex (well I did) and it turned into a herpes infection. After my first breakout I have had two more small ones. Both outbreaks occurred after having a clitoral orgasm initiated by using a vibrator on myself. Never have I inserted anything in my vagina yet my outbreaks keep occurring in the same area near the bottom of my vaginal opening! I'm so confused as to why this is happening especially since I am not rubbing on the area where the outbreaks are popping up. This is so disheartening because now I fear that all intimate pleasure with myself or anyone for that matter) will result in an outbreak. How can I make this better? Of course I take valtrex when the outbreaks happen but I don't want to takev them on the daily. I've been supplementing with 2000mg lysine and 2000mg c-plus citrus bioflavonoids. I have been a big believer in holistic healing so any advice in that realm would be helpful as well. I'm just really curious if anyone else out there is having these same issue and if so did it persist or is this just going to eventually subside?
  3. Ms Minni Mouse


    Im a newly diagnosed and need some advice. What creams are okay to use on the affected areas on my genitals? The doctor gave my a numbing cream but its not very good. Can i use petroleum jelly? Or E45 cream? Or Savlon? Please help me. XoXo Ms Mini Mouse
  4. Hello! So I have been having minor UTI symptoms that come and go. A little urgency to pee. But nothing crazy uncomfortable. And a small tingling feeling in the vagina. That comes and goes. Again nothing that causes me to wanna take meds. I got tested for UTI, and it was negative. Than I noticed this in the shower this morning. It doesn't itch or hurt. Just a little sensitive to the touch. Its on the right side of the area where the anus and vagina meet. Please! help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi expert, I'm currently awaiting muy swab result but meantime I'm nervous to know if these symptoms are herpes related: 1. Feel something crawling on my vagina and I feel itchy from it 2. Burning sensation inside vagina and feel painful too 3. Feel swollen on my vagina lips and inside of the vagina. Painful and red vagina.. I feel very raw skin 4. No obvious sore/ulcer found inside or outside the vagina I went to my doc and after she examine she told I do not have ulcer hence she insist it was not herpes. But she dignosed me with trich as she mentioned I had frothy discharge. After finished 5 days of antibiotics symptoms does not go away and swab for trich came back negative. I request my doc to swab me for herpes this time. Is my symptoms likely to be genital herpes? I'm so in pain and uncomfortable down there. Can't wait another week for my swab result.
  6. I am a female who was diagnosed with HSV 2 in October. I had abstained from sex until then as I was not seeing anyone consistently and wanted to stay on the safe side. I was getting quite of few outbreaks in November (not on suppressive meds), but I would only take valtrex at the first sign of an outbreak -for three days as it was prescribed to me. Luckily, December I did not get any and over the weekend I had went out. I was taking valtrex 500 mg 2x a day off and on during the week leading up to Fri. Long story short, Friday I went out drinking and ended up having sex. At first, I insisted on a condom which was used initially, but then we had sex one more time after without one and now I am so scared that he may have got something from me. I don't really know this guy, he is a mutual friend, but the thought of giving him something is killing me. I know my diagnosis is fairly new so I'm not sure how contagious I am right now. I really try to eat super healthy and exercise regularly. I hardly go out, drink or do drugs...only occasionally and this was one of those occasions. Extremely scared. Please help. Thanks.
  7. I was diagnosed with hsv2 the otherday, I thought it was just thrush so it came as a shock. I didn't know anything about the condition at all. Having a severe outbreak and feeling physically and emotionally drained. I'm finding it hard to cope with my diagnosis and it's really not sinking in yet
  8. Hey Guys Quick question for you From what I have read OB's can be triggered by your period has anyone tried other methods of birth control that stops your period and seen a difference?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and my official DX of HSV II was on 7/5/17. I'm curious how many of you realized something was wrong down there before you went and got tested. I'm also curious of the symptoms you experienced before your primary OB. For me, I had the: body aches fatigue generally all of the flu-like symptoms, but chalked it up as my period and being tired from working in a hospital. Then I realized I had two spots that were uncomfortable so I went against nurse practitioners orders to "just use monistat" on the spots, and came in to see her anyways. As I waited for the results, I watched these spots turn into sores that looked like cuts. Three nurses, and an ER Dr. all told me "It doesn't look like herpes". Well, the next day after an extremely painful trip to the ER and a bullshit DX of PID, I saw what I was dreading: the little cluster of blisters. I'm still having the tingling, which I can't tell if it's prodrome, like more sores are coming (I'm new with no knowledge of this still, so forgive me if that's the wrong term), or if it's just some nerve pain I'll have to live with.
  10. Does anybody know the statistics on genital herpes prevalence among white females in their forties?
  11. After a few months of issues, with what seemed like yeast infections or BV, I just got my blood tests back yesterday and was positive for herpes 1. Ive been reading a lot about herpes, and read that genital herpes 1 typically has less frequent/ less severe outbreaks after the first one than type 2. I was wondering what were your experiences with this and everyone's outbreaks and recurrences. And what I can do to help make them occur as least as possible. Thanks!
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