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Found 7 results

  1. Learningtolivewithhsv

    First disclosure. PRAY FOR ME

    So I am new to the herpes world. I was diagnosed with ghsv-1 on May 17th. I was dating two guys at once (one I was sexually active with and someone else). The last person I had sex with, I am pretty sure he’s the one that gave it to me. I did disclose to all of my sex partners using text free because I was too embarrassed to reveal myself. But anyway, today I disclosed to the other guy I was seeing when I found out that I was gHSV-1 positive. We have been seeing one another one to two time a week and have planned basically our whole summer out. Even though he wanted to take it slow we are most
  2. rgreen

    First Outbreak

    All, I know the first outbreak is the most painful . Is it preferable to suffer through it to allow the immune system to kick in and adjust and attack it or to take the antivirals to suppress it?
  3. I was just diagnosed. Doctor said because of my associated flu like symptoms it is my initial outbreak and he almost certainly gave it to me. Noticed a dry, scabby area on his penis last time we had sex before I started getting symptoms. He dismissed it as rough skin. Doctor said there is a chance he's had it for years and was relatively asymptomatic and truly doesnt know he has it. Also a chance he knew he had it but didn't tell me. I guess another possibility is he cheated but knowing him, it's the other two possibilities. How, in the world do i approach this with him? I am sad, scared and d
  4. Chris Taylor

    First outbreak

    How long did It take to get your first herpes outbreak?
  5. Hello!! I recently just joined this forum today. I'm writing this for all my fellows whom are going through the same thing as me. It's crazy, I could barely find anything on a site that honestly helped except from hours on googling and trying everything. Before I start, here's some facts about me. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, within the 2 years I had 4 outbreaks. I'm on my 4th one as I type. ***NOTE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, AND YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TALK TO A DOCTOR, THESE REMEDIES HELPED FOR ME AND MAY DIFFER FROM EACH PERSON*** I've googled and googled, what some people's triggers
  6. Hello to anyone reading this I am currently in my first ever outbreak, and was diagnosed on Saturday, although my symptoms started on Tuesday 11th and I was pretty sure it was herpes before going to the clinic. When the nurse looked at me she winced, so it know it is a bad outbreak, and when she took a culture from the tissue I screamed in absolute agony, I have never felt anything like this pain. I am suffering from pretty much every symptom.. flu, muscle aches, fatigue, pain from the blisters, burning sensations, tingling etc... I was given medication when I went, and the nurse
  7. Ok so i was recently diagnosed with genital herpes and I was prescribed medication but it doesnt seem to be working. This is my first outbreak which keeps spreading quickly and its getting worse, more puss, and even bleeding at times. It hurts to do anything such as sit, pee, poop, even walk. I feel as whenever I wipe to clean myslef its just spreading the virus out more and creating more sores/blisters. I need some advice on how to get rid of this discomfort. I cant even go to sleep right now because thats how uncomfortable I am, hence why I'm writing this post in hopes I could get some answe
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