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Found 5 results

  1. This question is for all the Genital HSV1 positive people that have had genital to genital sex and or received oral sex after your diagnosis. Has anyone transmitted the HSV1 virus to any of your partners, to your knowledge? Or has anyone been infected with HSV1 from genital to genital and/or giving oral sex? Did you use protection? I’ve seen all the statistics on Genital HSV1 transmission and shedding rates. I wanted to hear from the community about their experiences with transmission.
  2. Hey everyone- I find this site so refreshing because it's the only place I actually feel understood and safe lately. My friends are extremely supportive but that only goes so far, you know? I know we're all strangers but it's nice to think we're all in this together at least. Anyway, I was diagnosed with genital hsv1 four months ago and I had a really hard time learning to live with that. I got the virus from a stupid drunken one night stand. Despite this, the guy I had been seeing for a while at college was supportive and told me he still wanted to have sex despite the diagnosis. Which is great, but I'm TERRIFIED of transmitting to him. I know everyone says it's rare to transmit genital hsv1 but I'm such a hypochondriac and so paranoid. I've read some horror stories of it happening online which hasn't helped. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or advice? I haven't had sex sine my diagnosis so I'm scared to death of getting back in the game. I found a red bump on my vagina yesterday and popped it and now I'm worried it's a mini outbreak. I keep feeling like my thighs tingle occasionally sometimes too. I'm not sure if I'm just finding excuses to stay celibate because I'm so scared of transmitting or I'm just being the right amount of cautious. I can't tell if it's all in my head or not! Thanks!
  3. Hi, So back at the end if October 2016 i had sex with my then boyfriend as well as oral sex. A day later I had excruciating ovary pain and a bit of discomfort down below. I was checked out by my gyno and saw nothing and even did a sonogram of my ovaries and nothing. Then February of 2017 i had a new partner who also performed oral sex on me and same thing happened only I did have irritation down below and well as the ovary pain 2 days after oral sex. I also had paper cut like sores that m6 doctor swabbed to be negative for herpes. Now comes to this past weekend I received oral again and this time again the ovary pain always on right side. And this time my lady bits hurt bad and I am peeling from my clitoirus and have alot of itchiness. My vaginal are at the opening so super red. And also on the inside of the labia majors is super dry and flaky as well as shiny. I also have a bit of a few cuts a bit above the cilotral hood. Could this be genital hsv1 occurring everyone I get oral sex performed on me? Is this normal. I Have yet to confirm this. I Have had blood test done which have all been negative but I'm aware herpes test miss 1 of 10 hsv1 infections. Does anyone with genital hsv1 get recurrences after oral sex?
  4. kansaskitty

    Typical GHSV-1?

    Hey all! I'm hoping some may be able to shed some light on my issue. I was visually diagnosed almost 3 years ago with Genital Herpes. Two weeks ago after experiencing outbreak after outbreak I took a type specific blood test that showed I'm positive for type 1 and not type 2. My outbreaks don't look like any herpes pictures I've found online. They are characterized by long cuts down the sides of my labia and around my perinium that sting, itch and bleed when I wipe after urinating. There is never any scabbing or blisters that I've seen. My doctor never took a swab because she said if it's been after two days since the OB started the swab won't be accurate. These usually happen twice a month or more even when taking antivirals every day. It's so discouraging. I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone else has had this much trouble with type 1 genitally? I was told since type 1 prefers the mouth area that it wouldn't cause too much trouble genitally. I have NOT found that to be the case for me unfortunately.
  5. Newtothisandscared

    Phantom pain feeling

    Hi Everyone, I am over my first outbreak and although i am 'healed' i still have bouts of what feels like phantom herpes pain. I would describe it not nerve-wise, but almost an awareness in my mind-wise, like the tenderness, itch, etc. is still there at times, but then disappears, or changes location in my genital region. Can anyone else relate?
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