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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there, Long time lurker, first time poster, and I'll keep it simple and condensed. I've only signed up because I realize the depths of suffering some people are in, trying all sorts of desperate treatments, and I've basically been sitting on something that has taken me to near 0 outbreaks (hsv1 genital). When I first got infected some years back, I had an atypical presentation--no pain or itching, but permanently there. Bumps going up and down within the same day even, but pretty much permanently covering the head of my penis. Doctor swabbed it--came back hsv 1; he said it
  2. Charla

    Two outbreaks

    Recently had my first big outbreak (I had a scare of what I thought could have been one last month but even though I got swabbed asap tested it came back negative). After about a week into the outbreak on my genitals I then had an oral outbreak (never had a cold sore before at least to my awareness). While I am on antivirals (taken the day the cold sore showed and the genitals have started clearing this oral one just seems to be getting worse. The nurse said it was likely HSV-2 but I am still waiting for my results. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to cope with this oral outbreak? I
  3. FIRST TIME TO WEBSITE. HELP.... Had a single small spot show up on my penis. Never had anything like it occur previously. Showed up the morning after having oral and vaginal sex with my wife, each of the two previous days, like 6 hours after intercourse. Went to my doctor the next day and he was unsure but suggested testing for HSV-1 and HSV-2 as precaution. Lab Test Results: IGG HSV-1 = <0.90 Negative IGG HSV-2 = 9.55 (>1.09) Needless to say I'm trying to wrap my brain around all of this.... Is it possible the above is a false positive? Have been tested in past a
  4. Hi All, Does anyone know if a genital herpes infection will show up in an increased white blood count?
  5. Hi confirmed genital hsv sufferers. I think one of the most confusing aspects of reading information about genital HSV and what Prdrome is about. Can you provide your knowledge of how Prodrome works? Is it localized to where outbreaks occur? Does it travel? Does it come and go or when it starts does it stay until an outbreak develops (I know sometimes outbreaks always manifest). Thanks in advance for all your experience with those that may be wondering what prodrome is so they won't confuse random symptoms with an HSV infection.
  6. Apparently I have HSV1 based on a blood test, I never had any signs of cold sore nor genial symptoms of any kind, Which is not uncommon. Let's suppose it is oral. I am dating a girl who had a swab test testing HSV1 positive in the genital area. Would me having HSV1 reduce my chances of contracting genital HSV1 from her? Let's now suppose mine is genital. Would having sex with her increase my chance of having outbreaks (which I never had). Any pointers to scientific studies on the matter or doctors' opinions would be VERY much appreciated. Many thanks
  7. eitak90

    Wait so... quick question

    I have HSV 2. In June I experienced some pretty gnarly systemic symptoms and had one lesion, and one red spot the size of a dime that eventually blistered. I had never experienced either before, and nothing since then. Does this mean that I was newly infected or could I have been carrying this for a while and only just had a primary OB years later? Would that make me asymptomatic? I've always been under the impression that the primary is when your body was not exposed to it until that point, and then the systemic symptoms are the result of your body attacking the virus.
  8. eitak90


    I had a two week checkup today from my initial dx of HSVII. My doctor initially didn't want to have me on valtrex daily, but today he decided that he wanted to keep me on it across the board. - does this mean I am less of a risk during sex? - any particular side effects I should be concerned with while taking Valtrex?
  9. I contracted HSV-2 from a friend last year with whom I was sleeping casually. He has since apologized, as he was not aware of his status. That part doesn't really matter. My first outbreak was in July 2016. I am currently experiencing my second outbreak, and although it is only three days in, I really want to minimize the irritation as quickly as possible. I am currently still experiencing itchiness, but also some pain. I know all the standard relief agents, but my situation comes with a few problems : 1. I am unable to take salt baths twice a day, even though I'd like to. Our coun
  10. Hello, I very recently, unfortunately gave my partner oral herpes. We think it's genital herpes on her mouth. She's got the bumps/clusters and now it's starting to scab. I'm wondering if we engage in (mouth to mouth, closed and open) kissing, can I get it.... worse? Meaning - I have only noticed tingling, itching, stinging on my mouth but no noticeable bumps/clusters small or large, no pus or bleeding, etc. Or is it kind of like, the infection is what it is and I already have it/it can't 'pop up' in a new or different way...? Thanks for your time.
  11. Good Day, I was diagnosed with HSV-1 Jan2013 through blood work, and subsequent tests have confirmed. I assumed I had oral HSV1 because I always used to get a small red patch above my lip as well as small swelling on the lip from time to time treated with abreva. Sept. 2015 I had what I would identify as a small coldsore with 4 little blisters on the corner of my bottom lip with the usual tingling I have heard described. No scabbing, treated with abreva to numb area. My question stems from an experience I had Dec2014. I woke up with a sunburn feeling, Ive heard it described as, on
  12. calinicole

    what the heck!!!

    So I've had HSV2 for about 6 months now, going on 7. I had been getting one small out break like maybe 2 lesions max, once a month. But just these past two weeks I'm on my third lesion and feeling a 4th coming on. What in the fuck is going on? I thought it was suppose to get better as time passed I feel frustrated, annoyed, and in pain. Does anyone know why this might be happening all of the sudden? I don't feel more stressed then usual, diet and sleep pattern is the same.
  13. If a person(male) has Oral HSV2, how easy is it to spread to a partner(female): 1) Through Kissing 2) Through Oral Sex 3) Through Vaginal Sex
  14. Hey you guys! So I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes type 1. I contracted it from a partner who had an active cold sore. We didn't think anything of it at the time. I got the diagnosis on my birthday. I was super super super depressed for the past month. My OB is completely clear now. But my question is: is having type 1 really all that awful. My doctor said it was way better than type 2 in the sense that it doesn't reoccur near as often, sheds less and is less severe. She also told me with type one if I'm not having an active OB or any symptoms that I don't necessarily have to disc
  15. Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with herpes - both oral and genital (mostly likely HSV1, although this has not yet been confirmed by lab analysis). I took 2000mg of Valtrex on Tuesday afternoon, another 2000mg on Tuesday morning and have since continued taking the drug with a dosage of 500mg twice a day. It has been almost three days and my symptoms seem to be getting worse ie. new sites have appeared and previous, smaller areas of infection are spreading. Is this normal? At what point should I rule out Valtrex as an effective tool to manage outbreaks? Thank you
  16. Hey everyone, I've been rather bummed about my diagnosis lately. I'm 2months in and was "ok" for a little while and since me and my partner (who gave this to me) have broken up, I've been really upset. He was kind of my secrurity blanket. I loved him, he gave this to me ghsv1 via oral sex, and he didn't view me any different after my diagnosis. I guess I got use to the reassurance and comfort. But ANYWAYS, (sorry for the little rant) back to what I saying. I would like to hear some stories for those of you with hsv1 genitally and how it's affected your life. I've heard both ends of the spect
  17. Hello everyone.. I am in a profession where i work with abandoned children often (and its also likely i picked up my HSV1/oral from one of these kids) and next 6 months i would be working with a lot of kids ( which is very very stressful). I had been asking my doctor if we could do something to reduce the frequency of outbreaks and invisible shedding. She prescribed aciclovir 200mg 1 tabet a week and 800 mg Lycin everyday! 1 tablet a week seems to be a very small dosage, should i get a second opinion from another doctor? And on a similiar note, for the past couple
  18. Am I the only person on here who believes it's not neccesary to disclose either type of hsv1 oral or genital since it's so common?
  19. Please help me out someone. Okay, so I know I have herpes type 1. I was diagnosed via swab about a month ago. My initial OB wasn't really that bad at all. I experienced no itching, no burning when I peed and the only discomfort was when I crossed my legs and could feel the 3 ulcers. Just uncomfortableness. Was prescribed my 10 day dose of Valtrex and sent on my way. I currently have a 30 day bottle of Valtrex incase anything happened. (It's really crazy how incredibly expensive this medicine is!!) Keep in mind that I also suffer from pretty bad eczema down there, on my face and hands that t
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