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  1. This is my second outbreak in more than four years apart from the first. Or at least that the symptoms are noticeable enough. The first time I was prescribed acyclovir but this time I was prescribed valacyclovir (generic for valtrex). I'm on my third pill and just developed a mild reddish rash not itchy in my forearms. Has anyone experienced something like this?
  2. Hello everyone. I've never joined a forum before so I am curious to meet you all. Here's some background: My ex-bf gave me genital herpes back in 2010 - it passed from his cold sore through oral sex (neither of us had any idea that this could happen - we were only 20 years old). I was diagnosed with GHSV-1. I had really awful symptoms this first time - I was really ill for around 10-14 days with muscular pain, tiredness and huge lesions on my vagina (even the doctors were shocked when they saw it!) that have even left some scarring. I initially went through all the feelings that everyone else on here has described: anxiety, fear, shame, guilt... I was very depressed, upset, "why me?" etc. When my boyfriend and I broke up (for unrelated reasons) around 9 months later, I became very sad and scared again that I would never be able to meet anyone else that would want to sleep with me, let alone be my life partner. As I started educating myself, however, I felt a little better about it (GHSV-1 is milder, reoccurrences are rarer, they get less severe with time etc.) I was told by the sexual health nurse that if I didn't get a second outbreak in 1-2 years, the likelihood was that I would never have another one again. I got on with my life and started to forget about it. I am fairly open about having herpes when it comes up in discussion with friends, passing it off as something happened to me back when I was 20, but isn't part of my life any more. Now, exactly 8 years on, after spending the weekend at a music festival (so running on low batteries and lack of sleep), I've gotten another outbreak. Smaller and less severe for sure, but tender, painful, very itchy and uncomfortable... and I am in total shock. I'm worried about the following things: - Has this 'opened the floodgates'? Will I now start getting more outbreaks more frequently, or is the likelihood that I won't get another outbreak for another 8 years, or more? - I know the outbreak occurred when I was run down.. but really, no more than I occasionally get two or three times a year (from working too hard, going out too late etc.).. so why this time? Will this happen every time/more often when I go to a festival or something from now on? - This outbreak has been accompanied by quite bad lower back pain and constipation (although this could also be because I started my period at the same time) - has anyone else experienced these symptoms? I'd love to know if anyone out there also had a break of around 5-10 years with no symptoms - and whether their next outbreak after that was sooner or later than that. Thank you to everybody for your input and support. I hope I can help others too with info about my story.
  3. Hi guys I am worried if I got herpes. I have gone to the doctor and they have all said I am fine, I recently had Oral sex from a girl I met. I had it done two times. The first time I was fine and the next time, I felt pain in my urine. Uti tests and stds tests expect for Herpes was done and I was good. The pain went away but I have these red sores and I am confused if they are anything? The doctor said they are normal but I just want some feedback. Thank you guys please comment. My pictures are there https://ibb.co/mV8jbp https://ibb.co/jqnubp https://ibb.co/fGze99 https://ibb.co/dP6gNU https://ibb.co/m9Sz99 https://ibb.co/jcfK99 https://ibb.co/nbg4bp https://ibb.co/kxv82U https://ibb.co/enKCU9
  4. Locs

    I gave my partner herpes

    I gave my partner oral herpes but I haven’t told him yet. I was just diagnosed 2 days ago. A little background, I’m a normal 20 something year old. I have been having sex with my partner for about 7 months now. When we first started messing around it was more so of a thing that “just happened” (protection was used) around this time he was also talking to another girl as well. We eventually just started hanging out more and we got closer. We’re together all the time, even though we never actually said we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Back in june I was raped by my boss ( he didn’t use protection) I told my partner and we’ve been working through the problem together. My roommate also told me after 2 months of living together that she has type 2 herpes. I was only frustrated with her because she didn’t tell me before we moved in. Not that it would have changed anything, just that I would have taken better precautions because we share practically everything. I was open with him about me feeling sore down there before I went for a check up. We both thought that I just had gotten a cut from rough sex. He performs oral on me often and he told me how he saw the “cuts” as well but he still proceeded to perform oral a little until i told him it felt too uncomfortable. After that incident we haven’t been having sex until I felt better. (I’m pretty sure that’s the moment I passed my virus on.) I took it upon myself to look at my “cuts” in a hand mirror and it looked too serious to just be from rough sex. I’m not sure if my roommate, him, or my rapist passed it on or maybe I have had it and not known. I just really don’t know how to tell him. The hardest part about having this is that I can pass it on. I just feel so low. And now all I can think about is my rapist and how he could have possibly gave it to me. I ruined my partners life and I’ve been trying to build the courage to tell him.
  5. helpme12345


    Hello everyone, I am curious to know what is going on with me. I tested positive for hsv1 about a year ago when i went in for a std check just cuz i was curious, which is no big deal. My docs and I believe it to be oral and i dont think my body is that amazing at suppressing this either if i did have it in the genitals since im also a chain smoker (my immune system sucks), and when i was a kid i remember having sores in my mouth that burned and stung like crazy. Also my family gets cold sores every once in a while. But something odd happened and im just curious. my gf and i are doing long distance. she came to visit me for a week in aug where we basically had sex everyday, twice a day. oral, vaginal and anal, all unprotected. Please dont try to convince me that my gf is also cheating. Anyways, a little after she left back in august i switched to E-ciggs and have been smoking that a lot to the point where i had cotton mouth and dehydration. When i pee in the morning it would hurt a bit, nothing crazy, mostly since pee is concentrated in the morning. A week later while playing computer games, it was really hot and humid and i had an itch on my scrotum. I guess i was really frustrated i lost the game so i took it out on my itch by pulling the skin through my boxers and i was left with an abrasion that my doctor took a look at the very next day. My doctor told me it was a simple abrasion and if more pop up or doesnt heal within a few days then come back. well, in about 2 to 3 days it healed up with no scab. After two weeks and still having some burning urination, i still masturbated thinking it was nothing. While masturbating I guess i didnt want to finish and i squeezed my penis while it was on the verge of ejaculating and my cum went up and down and then i shot. It left this throbbing feeling in my urethra, and again thought nothing of it and went to sleep. The next day my urethra was super itchy, it was for a few days until i had white discharge. Got seen by a urologist and my test came out as negative, nothing and said it was NGU. I asked my gf to take an std test and she did. She was positive for HSV 1 IGG and also had BV ( common in women), ureaplasma urealyticum, and mycoplasma hominis. I found out through some research and my urologist that it can cause ngu and rarely/uncommon for ngu to be caused by herpes and i dont think it was in my urethra otherwise i would be in extreme pain. I also had Ureaplasma U back when i was in Korea and took two weeks of doxcy. my urologist gave me 7 days of doxy, while taking the doxcy it took about four to five days for my symptoms to clear up, but i still had some burning urination. I also still dry masturbated and felt some friction burns under the helmet of my penis next and thought nothing of it and took a shower. I used this exfoliating soap by dove that contained micro beads( at the time i didnt know), lathered it in my hands and washed my penis with it, which afterwards my penis helmet was pink and had some bumps and a cool burning sensation. This was gone the next day after flushing it with cold water. But stupid me i kept masturbating and it really irritated my penis. I feel like the soap stripped my penis of its natural oils and dried out my skin. But somehow i didnt feel like the doctors were helping me. So after a full blood test for HIV, HSV 1 & 2 IGG, hep B, C, and syphilis, all negative except hsv 1, after 6 weeks. and seeing 5 general doctors, PCP, and 2 urologists that tell me im fine and its friction burn and burst blood vessels under the helmet of my penis, which are called petechiae( not too sure), im going nuts. Im hyper aware of every little movement thats going on down there and its driving me crazy. Also i used this lube from tenga (sex toy company) and a fleshlight so i dont dry masturbate and it seemed to have made it worse. does any of this or these symptoms say i have ghsv1? I do have some burning every now and then and some pee that hurts every now and then, (still didnt give my penis a break from masturbating btw) but i dont know if this is all in my head or just something else. My doctor and a friend who has hsv tell me you would definitely know if you have it in your urethra and herpes arent going to stay teeny tiny there going to swell and cluster. I also am fully aware of some of the symptoms hsv cuz of a scare that happened a few years ago and i did some crazy research and went to about 12 different doctors, which ended with i just tore some skin off my penis while pulling off the condom. Could these broken blood vessels be the cause of my burning sensation near the tip of my urethra or under the glans? does herpes have pain for a few hrs and no pain for a few hrs? cant seem to pin point where the actual pain is coming from. Is this contact dermatitis or allergic? also the glans of my penis seem to be pretty red, or from what i see but my doctors say im fine. please help me, its driving me insane. just to add, i didnt have flu symptoms, no initial out break ever or so i recall, maybe a pimple or two in my pubic hair area, which actually looked like a pimple and went away in a week. i was cold but not to the point where i was shivering, i guess its due to my anxiety and stress and i check my penis like every day or so, did have back pain in my buttocks and behind my knee, but i sit in this cross leg position dont want to be sexist but how usually women sit with there legs crossed, for hrs. also no blisters or sores other than that one abrasion which healed up and never came back and broken blood vessels that look like red dots examined by the doctor, i mean its tiny tiny purple dots. Sorry, one more thing i also did a urethra swab but apparently the doctor who did it, said it was the wrong one after a few days, but by then i didnt have symptoms since the doxcy cleared it up. that urethra swab was extremely painful and pee that came afterwards was nothing ive felt before. it was worse than breaking your collar bone. Male in my late 20s. thanks guys!
  6. Kristenmjp

    Freaked out my partner?

    I've had a grant total of one sexual partner and from him, I contracted genital herpes. I made sure to tell him immediately upon being diagnosed, but just recently (it's been a few months since the diagnosis) we had our first real discussion about my herpes. He started to freak out a little bit, and he was scared since we had sex without a condom, that now he has it, and he's wondering how the heck he got it, and just generally he was bugging about it. He never even knew he had it until I contracted it myself, so I guess he's still coming to terms with it? Anything I could do to help him?
  7. Curious1998


    So I have been diagnosed with Ghsv 1 and I was wondering far as sex goes should I use condoms for now on ? I know I shouldn’t have sex during any breakout of course. But after everything heals (far as breakouts) will I still need a condom ? Can I still receive oral or what? I tried looking up things online far as Ghsv 1 goes but didn’t get the answers I was looking for.
  8. I contracted GHSV1 from an ex over a year ago. I haven't had an outbreak since the first one. My doctor told me the first year is usually the worst & prescribed me Valtrex 500mg, which I take, but not consistently everyday...I have missed at least a week. Especially since I do not have outbreaks, or have sex I just choose not to take it every day. So here is my problem, and I feel really terrible. I've been dating this guy who works in the medical field...we had a discussion about herpes one day, and he said it wasn't a big deal to him. That would've been the perfect opportunity to tell him, but I was scared. So fast forward I spent the night at his place...one thing lead to another we ended up having sex. He got up to grab a condom, but I didn't find out until after he was done that he decided not to put the condom on. Then afterwards he says ", You better be good, because I just got tested and everything was negative." Which is true, minus herpes because his doctors have never tested him for it. So its been on my mind ever since, and I don't know how to tell him I have HSV1. I'm such an idiot..I should know better. I thought he put the condom on, and that just makes everything much worse.
  9. After recently getting the silent treatment after disclosing to a potential new partner, again, I did a lot of thinking and have come up with an idea to create a way to disclose, educate, and hopefully help break the stigma of ghsv1. I would LOVE some input and suggestions on this project. This wouldn't necessarily be a way out of the talk, but more of an aid. We forget things or don't have all the information or maybe the person wants more information. That's what this is for. I am a web developer. I want to create an engaging and informative site that can be used to help people disclose and/or help inform new partners. Obviously, this has to be done in a way that is not overwhelming to the user and gives them information from reputable sources. There's a bonus in doing this. I can track where people are leaving the website, how many pages they view, and other statistics about how people are using it. This would help us gain better insight into how people view this topic as well as how the website performs. And I would be more than happy to share the data excluding any personal data that may be collected. So, my question is: Do you feel like this would be beneficial to you? Would you use it? And what would you like to see/say about dating and ghsv1? Any thoughts any suggestions are welcome. Please leave a message even if you think it's a waste or time or stupid.
  10. cracked


    Hey everyone. I’ve read a lot of posts and have talked to some people from the forums who suffer in various ways from this virus. I’ve also heard the term ‘neuralgia’ being thrown around in posts, but have yet to figure out what kind of pain and its origin is for all the people that said they experience it. Please do me a favor and comment below about your experience with it and where it causes you problems and what kind of pain is it exactly? This might help some other newer members also understand. Thanks.
  11. I'm a 29 yr old male, otherwise healthy. Exactly 6 weeks ago I made a regretful mistake, and received unprotected oral sex from a stranger of unknown status. There was no genital to genital connection, only me receiving oral, and she was a worker. Approximately a week and a half later, my urethra started to burn consistently. Just always, all the time. Not really a painful burn, just a constant warm discomforting feeling. It did not burn more during urination, and actually in some ways felt relieving to urinate. At 2 weeks post encounter, I got a full panel of STD tests, everything came back negative EXCEPT for HSV-1 which showed 3.67 HSV-1 IgG. I would add that a little over 4 months earlier I tested negative for HSV-1/2 IgG. Naturally I was freaked out and convinced that they were related, but other than the constant warm feeling in my urethra I had shown no other symptoms at all in those first 2 weeks. Doctors at the clinic did a digital rectal exam, said my prostate was enlarged/sensitive, gave me Bactrim and sent me on my way. Unconvinced, I went to a urologist who did another exam, agreed on the diagnosis, dismissed this as new herpes, and told me to continue my treatment. The burning started to subside a bit on bactrim but not completely, so I went back and they figured I had acute bacterial prostatitis and gave me doxycycline. The burning started to subside and is now almost completely gone. Though occasionally it creeps back up on me still, even today, depending on the position I'm laying in or sitting in. Additionally I developed a few small bumps on my thigh, but they all had hair follicles in them, doctors said folliculitis which is not new to me, and told me if it was then it should clear in a day or so from antibiotics. Woke up the next morning and they were all gone. During this entire period, I've also had itching and tingling in my groin and thighs that has lasted for the entire 6 weeks, but seems to subside with jock itch cream and powder, before sneaking up again the next day. I've also had pereneal pain and a red rash, no blisters, lesions,or sores present anywhere on my body in 6 weeks. At this point, I still itch, I have pain and pinching in my thighs when sitting, and I have an urgent need to urinate whenever I lay down or sit for long periods. The urgency increases at night. I feel an occasional mild burning in the tip of my penis which comes and goes for the last few weeks, and still no visible signs of outbreak. I took another IgG at 5 weeks, my hsv-1 was still basically the same, 3.7 now, still negative for 2. I'm freaking out, trying to make sense of this. Has anyone experienced new herpes where the only symptoms are a swelling in the urethra, without blisters, prostatitis, and urinary urgency and frequency with small or zero urine coming out? Is it possible to turn positive on IgG tests after only 2 weeks? Or is it more likely that I got some other type of infection from this and that my HSV is older, possibly oral, contracted in the last 6 months? Please help me make sense of this
  12. Trial and potential vaccine sale information Click on the link below for the full article Rational Vaccines: A case study in pharma deregulation. As the debate picks up steam in Washington, Rational Vaccines is fast-tracking its live attenuated vaccine for the herpes simplex virus (HSV) to the market — wherever that may be. Enrollment will soon begin for trials in Mexico and the Caribbean, following a single Phase 1 study of 20 patients in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. “Mexico has about a four-to-five year window for sales if the trials go as we think they’ll go,” Fernandez said in a recent phone interview. “We’re doing trials in the Caribbean as well and we’ve been approved for sale in a couple of jurisdictions in the Caribbean.” The move is less about rebelling against the FDA and more about getting to patients as soon as possible, Fernandez said. The U.S. won’t be ignored, but it’s a much longer path-to-market. http://medcitynews.com/2017/03/rational-vaccines-pharma-deregulation/
  13. Genusflower

    Does Ghsv1 leave scares

    I was diagnosed with GHSV1 about 2 weeks ago. The others is gone but I now have white scar looking things where the blisters were. Is this normal? Is this another outbreak?
  14. SmithM

    Not sure how to proceed....

    I found out about a month ago that my new husband has "Genital Herpes" (he doesn't know if its type 1 or 2). He didn't disclose .... despite me asking point-blank 3 times .... and we have been having unprotected sex for 13 months. After learning of his diagnosis, I read everything I could to try to learn. I read that the risk of transmission was lessened if my husband wore condoms and took antivirals. But we had already had unprotected sex for over a year ... so if I already had it, no point in all that. I went to my doctor to be tested and he knew less than I did ... even said that there was no test for herpes. I asked for a IgG antibody test for 1 and 2. The results are in a screenshot below. Type 2 was definitely negative but type 1 was 1.09 ... which says Equivocal. Does this mean that I have it or not?? I'm thinking that he has type 1 of the genitals because he says he's had it over 30 years and only has a mild outbreak once every year or two. He was married twice prior to me (once for 13 years and once for 5 years) and didn't tell either of his previous wives. He says that they never developed symptoms. My husband wants to resume our sex life. I want to avoid genital herpes if possible. I think my husband should be tested to see if he has type 1 or 2. If its 2, he should then take antivirals and wear condoms to lessen risk of transmission to me. Right?
  15. a little over 3 years ago I was dating and living away from my home town with an ex bf (I am female) and started experiencing some very uncomfortable symptoms down there which i thought was an intense yeast infection or bacteria infection. Since my OBGYN was 3 hours away in my home town, I went to a local urgent care. The physician at the urgent care gave me a visual diagnosis of genital herpes and took a swab for testing. I was completely destroyed, suicidal, and believed my life would never be the same. In the next week while I waited for my results, I started telling friends and family about this recent traumatic diagnosis and was relieved to find out how common it really is! Then my test results came back and they were negative for all strands of herpes! I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulder and was told the visual diagnosis was maybe not accurate and to keep an eye on things. Well, 6 months later I broke up with the guy i was with and moved back to my home town and saw my OBGYN. I decided to do a blood test at her office and the results showed I was positive for HSV 1. My obgyn said that my situation was still likely herpes but she couldn’t confirm. Since both of my parents have oral HSV 1 (cold sores) Theres a change that maybe I contracted the virus from them a long time ago and it was laying dormant. I tried to let go of this trauma and continue living as if it had never happened because the 7 days that I thought I had genital herpes was a dark time. Fast forward three years, I have not had one outbreak or anything. I’ve had 2 new partners (short term) since 2015 and I chose not to disclose and nothing happened and I just really believed the thing that happened in 2015 was not an outbreak. Now, I just started dating a guy who I’ve had a huge crush on for a while and who i see a real potential future with. We slept together once last summer unprotected and I just saw him again about 2 weeks ago and we had unprotected sex. Well, about 4 days ago I started having some uncomfortable symptoms down there and couldn’t figure out what it was (I thought a hemrroid bc it’s not on my actual genitals or butt but rather in between). Well I took a clear pic on my phone with flash so that I could zoom in/investigate and it is definitely herpes. I can’t believe it and all of these feelings I thought I’d never feeel again are back. Most importantly and why I am here is to inquire about how to go about telling the new guy? I want to tell him and I also know I have to but how? I feel so ashamed and I’ve been reading forums all day for advice but felt it was time to post my full story for some input. I want to tell him pretty much everything I wrote in this post and also convey that I never wanted to hurt him or put him in a risky situation. I just feel terrible and plus the guy and I are long distance and I’m afriad that once I tell him I’ll truly never see him again. I still to this day don’t know who I got genital herpes from and I just feel so worthless because of it. Any advice would be so appreciated, thank you
  16. Hi all, A week ago I was diagnosed with GHSV-1 as I got my first outbreak. I've been taking Vaclovir 500mg 2 tablets twice a day for 8 days. I'd love to hear about other ladies first outbreak and something I suppose to put my mind at ease... I got mine on the inside, just in the vagina. I've read all of the side affects you can get like flu and things and I've had not many of those. But the symptoms still around are a weird tingly/burny feeling not actually on my sores but on the top of my pubic area... and the sores, which don't burn or hurt at all anymore. I know it's only been 8 days but it feels like they are never going to disappear. Especially since I don't feel any pain down where the sores are. Is this normal? Does it mean they're healing or just not popping? Is it possible for sores to never go away or stay for a very very long period of time? Does anyone have tips or tricks for faster healing? I've been taking vitamins and tried putting coconut oil on my sores today. Sorry for the long message, just still trying to process it and every day I see the sores still there I get more upset about it. Any advice, stories and tips anyone has would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you
  17. I've been diagnosed via swab for ghsv1 about a month ago. Since then I have been taking acyclovir 2xs daily and have been so itchy all over. I wash my hands as much as I can remember to throughout the day. But yesterday I started feeling a small burning in the corner of my lip. Today it has been tingling on both sides of my lips. Do you think it's possible I caught oral at the same time I contracted genital?
  18. livinlearnin428

    Have you disclosed after sex?

    I recently was confirmed that I have herpes. I had a scare over 3 years ago and was told that it likely was not herpes. Some blood work showed that I carried the HSV 1 virus but my doctor said since both of my parents have cold sores to only worry about it if I ever start showing symptoms. Ive been seeing this guy long distance and we slept together last summer. We recently started talking again and we slept together about 2 weeks ago. This past weekend I had a genital herpes outbreak and now my obgyn confirms that I do carry the virus and have genital HSV-1. I need to disclose to the guy I just slept with but am so scared. Does anyone have any advice? Im so fearful of rejection and I feel so depressed this was the only place where I could put my true feelings out there. Please help
  19. So I have just been diagnosed with Ghsv1 and I’m curious far as sex and oral goes can I still perform these actions after my OB Heals? If I use a condom is there still a risk of passing on this virus? I need help lol
  20. I told the guy I'm dating last November that I have genital HSV-1, and he said it wasn't a big deal (he gets cold sores). So today it gets to the point of almost having sex, and he makes a comment about being skeptical about getting genital HSV-1. I told him it's hard to infect another area, because you body provides some sort of protection. Right? I felt pretty bad about what he said. You have herpes too, but because mine is in a different area it's worse? He said he needed protection so I don't get pregnant (STD's checked and clear, and I've been on birth control for the past 2 years, and he knows this). He's just scared to get genital herpes. Fine. I understand. We ended up not having sex, and now I don't think I ever want to have sex with him. So for my future partners I want to be able to provide more factual information about having herpes. I have genital HSV1, lets say my partner has oral HSV1 can he still get it on his genitals? I don't have oral HSV1, but lets say I kissed him with a cold sore can I still get HSV1 in mouth despite already having it in my genitals?
  21. Stg20

    antivirals work?

    I was wondering if the antivirals even work to stop the outbreaks, and this itchy burning feeling all over my body. Cause I know they cause damage in the long run. Any advice would be great, I was thinking about trying it at first.
  22. Loveme1997

    HSV- 1 Genital

    So I found out I have hsv 1 in my genital area and my boyfriend have hsv 1 in his mouth so my question is what are the chances of me giving him hvs 1 in his genital area??? Another thing may sound dumb I know you shouldn't have sex during an outbreak but just curious what would happen if I had sex while in my healing process of my very first outbreak??
  23. Justmyluck07


    Hi there, I was diagnosed with HSV-1 only (down south) about a month ago after having my first breakout. It started as what I thought was a yeast infection, since I’ve had one before and didn’t have any bumps-that is until after I used monistat 1-day treatment...then i was experiencing the worst pain of my life. All of my symptoms lined up with negative side effects of monistat which included painful blister like ulcers on the affected area...but anyway! The doctor put me on valcyclovir 1 gram tablets and after the 10 day treatment they were gone. I haven’t had any new ones show up since (that I can see at least) but I’ve noticed this tingling itch every time I try to be intimate with my fiancé....I was just wondering from those with more experience or maybe that just know more about it, is this normal??? Along with a couple other unfortunately timed events, this crap is putting so much stress and tension on our relationship...what can I do? thanks to any and all responders justmyluck07
  24. LalaJade

    Outbreak EVERY time I have sex

    I am at wits end. Everytime i have sex I get a ghsv1 ob the following day. I have been Valacyclovir 1g for over four months and still this is happening. I have graves disease (a type of hyperthyroidism) and after having my thyroid destroyed it stopped for about a month but now they are back weekly like clockwork. I have tried to cut down on stress, exercise, taking lysine daily. My Dr says there's nothing else I can do apart from live with it. Any ideas?
  25. brave_heart

    Every other day cold sore

    Please advise. its been two months now , I am having cold sores near lip, nose every other day. I am on 400 mg aclovir once a day along with also am taking lysin 3000mg and Vit C 1000mg but nothing helping me. please help, am frustrated with this virus.
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