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Found 140 results

  1. Dontknowanymoreagain

    Dr's dont know what it is

    I have been going to Dr's for the past 3 years and no one seems to know what it is.. I get all kinds of answers and have spent hundreds of dollars on co-pays.. Please take a look at the picture and tell me what you think... Thanks
  2. Here I am writing a post I never thought I would write. This story is definitely a bit confusing but I wanted to share my positive disclosure story. The other day I accidentally disclosed my GHSV1 to my partner by sending a message I was meant to post on this forum (dope). I've been thinking of the right words for ages, where would be the right place and when would be the right time. Due to the social stigma surrounding the topic, I had been feeling super anxious about disclosing so I had been coming on here for advice/support. But as I say, I accidentally sent a paragraph explaining my whole situation to my partner. As expected, when he read it he was confused due to the technical terms I was using such as GHSV1 etc... So I rang him and explained the full story. At this point I knew there was no point beating around the bush as he already read the truth so I knew I needed to properly explain it to him. I am fortunate because he is so kind and understanding so he accepted my situation. He was not upset because I have herpes, but more the fact I had been keeping it to myself and making myself mentally ill. I told him the facts about GHSV1 and he said "I get coldsores so it's really no biggie". Perhaps I am lucky because he has OHSV1 but regardless I feel blessed that someone had listened to my story and not turned away. We love each other so much and even he said he wished I had told him sooner because herpes is a part of me and does not define me. I was worried that after disclosing my partner may think less of me or find me gross... But it has actually made us closer intimately as I don't feel hesitant about us doing things as he knows everything and is aware of the risks. He often says "there's worse things to have than herpes" and for a long time I didn't believe that but things are finally looking up. I hope people who are worried about disclosing find the courage and words because it is such a worrying process. Now I've been open it's such a relief that I have someone to discuss my problems with. If anyone ever needs support or just someone to talk to, please feel free to message me as I know all too well what it's like when you feel overwhelmed with your emotions. Take care everyone x
  3. So this is going to be a long one but please stick it out. I’ll be extremely grateful. So after going to my doctors for a general check up due to me having Molluscum (had during childhood, but reappeared when I was 19) he mentioned having a routine STD check. I thought nothing of it and accepted. Everything came back negative, syphillis, chlamydia, ghonnerea and HIV. What I didn’t realise is that herpes wasn’t a routine test and I started looking online about what herpes involved. I was scared and uncertain about my status now beings as the more I read. The more symptoms I believe I’ve had. starting in 2018 I had developed iritis which apparently can be a result of H. This however was during a stressful period of my life. Since my first sexual partner my posterior fourchette has always been weak and I have little tears (not serious) ever since. They heal within a day. However. Whilst itchiness, blisters, soreness is the typical symptoms for when people have it (and I have never had) I have noticed that I have had a very very thin, not deep, none sore (unless touched) cut on my inner labia a few weeks ago. Then three days ago I had a tiny tiny cut which resembled more of very thin tear I guess it closer to a definition, since the one on my labia was more of a cut ( but I would also say like a scratch) on the upper part of my genitals just where the pubic area ended. It was quite sore when touched but didn’t bother me otherwise. I have had this cut before however typically when my pubic hair is growing back. In around about the same area which goes away within 2-3 days maximum. Does this seem like genital herpes? further more, I now have concerns about my mouth too. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. And had occurred two days after I started panicking about this, so I would say I was extremely stressed. My tongue turned Pale and patchy with red indents on my tongue. Ulcers (eventhough they didn’t hurt) appeared on the back of the sides of my tongue. The sores then travelled all along the sides of my tongue to the tip of my tongue. (A few yellow patches still being on the back of either side of my tongue) Being in one place, then moving to another. I must say that I had smaller sores and then I had food poisoning which resulted in vomiting which then made the sores triple in amount. Also there are light yellow patches/dots on the back of my throat. I have been using salt water rinses and bonjella on the sores. It’s important to note that the sores don’t hurt or irritate me UNLESS I use the bonjela which causes them to burn a little. I have never had anything like this in my mouth before and this has lasted two weeks, And I guess I’m just extremely upset because I’ve only had two sexual partners. And have been with my current partner for two years. So for all of this to suddenly occur has created so much stress for me. I’ve already told him that there is a possibility since I wanted to be open from the very beginning, but since the COVID scares, anywhere I could get the cuts on my genital swabbed is closed and it’s already gone now. So I’m hoping I could eat some advice here .. when seeing my GP about my mouth she said it didnt look like herpes and was quite certain. She said it just looked like ulcers and said it could be down to the immense stress I’ve put myself under due to panicking. So... Is this thrush/stress/herpes??? Here are the links to the Reddit page I made showing the problems with my mouth as I unfortunately have no pictures of my genital cut. https://www.reddit.com/user/MegneedsHelp/comments/fql64p/is_this_herpes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf https://www.reddit.com/user/MegneedsHelp/comments/fql040/is_this_herpes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf https://www.reddit.com/user/MegneedsHelp/comments/fqkzlh/is_this_herpes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf THANK YOU
  4. Cwnohrts

    Just diagnosed

    About a week ago I had some slight burning , & itching a few days after shaving .. I figured maybe it was just razor burn or a reaction to soap or something. NO , within hours , full blown HELL had broken loose . I started googling symptoms , and finally decided to take a look "down there" In my heart, I immediately knew what it was . At this point the blisters had broken open , I was pissing fire , and just generally weak . So yesterday i see my Doc , he takes a look , His reaction confirmed everything. He says hes ordering test to check my IGG & IGM , my partner and I are being tested today. What are the chances we both have it? I honestly believe this isn't my first OB , In the past I mistook it for a rash because it went away in a few days. How can I keep him safe if only i'm infected ? Can we trigger OB in each other if we're both infected ? My partner has been so supportive . he says its just an infection and he loves me no matter what. I hope he isn't infected also , this has been a nightmare , when the sores first appeared I seriously contemplated suicide. I'm still processing , but , i'm more accepting that I have it. I haven't filled the script for the antivirals , I looked up potential side affects and i'm scared to death . I already suffer severely with anxiety , and depression. Can the sores heal without the medication ? I'm on day 7 now.
  5. Cwnohrts

    Recurring OB ??

    we have both been experiencing cold like symptoms , chills ( no fever) , cough , congestion , body just feels weak . Is this a ob sign ? no new sores have surfaced , except for some vaginal itchiness for me . ( may be a yeast infection from something i used to ease symptoms during previous ob)
  6. Hi All, As we know or read everywhere that 90% of people don't know about they have herpes because they don't get symptoms. If only IgG test getting positive and no symptoms then can we do the PCR test on blood sample?? As symptomless person can not be swabed specially male patient. How accurate PCR test on blood. If someone took treatment by considering IgG positive, if he want to confirm if treatment working or not can be confirmed by PCR on blood?? After treatment as well IgG may take time to go negative but can we check virus DNA particles in blood using PCR?? I have read on Mayo clinic that PCR qualitative DNA on blood are effective test for herpes Virus. Please share your opinion. If anyone did PCR on blood found positive?? Or PCR DNA on blood always comes negative??
  7. I'm a 28 year old male, uncircumcised, no history of STD's. Have only had one sexual partner for the past six years until recently. I'm including an extensive case history, but have also summarized the relevant questions at the bottom. On October 5, 2017, I engaged in kissing, mutual manual stimulation (no genital-to-genital contact), and received a couple minutes of oral sex from a ~25 year old cis-woman. On October 12, 2017, I engaged in kissing and mutual manual stimulation (including penis-to-penis contact) with a ~25 year old trans-woman. In between and immediately preceeding these incidents, I had also engaged in excessive and repeated self-masturbation without lubrication (because I'm uncircumcised, this is generally a non-issue if I'm not repeatedly masturbating in a short time). By October 13 or 14, I had noticed redness, swelling, and soreness along the circumference of my penis, approximately half-way down the shaft (an area that is only exposed when foreskin is retracted), approximately where my fingers would most firmly grip my penis for masturbation. At the same time, I had soreness and sensitivity around my urethra and penis head (glans) but no noticeable irritation. Sometimes would have a burning sensation around urethra that would find temporary relief after urination, which manifested in an urge to urinate. Thought I noticed a peculiar smell around this same time. On October 18, I masturbated for the first time (having already noticed the swelling which I assumed was from over-stimulation, I'd wanted to take a break). Immediately after the masturbation, I'd noticed that two of the red spots had become broken skin. These looked purely like an abrasion / broken skin / friction burn. Concerned all the same, I took pictures and started researching and fell down this rabbit hole. The abrasions were not at all painful, had no puss of any sort, and the skin was completely closed again within one day without any scabbing. All that was left were two spots of red skin. With redness remaining, and out of general concern, I visited an urgent care clinic on October 24. I explained my possible exposure, showed the Dr. the pictures from the 18th which she visually diagnosed as an abrasion (didn't even ask to see my penis), and collected a urine and blood sample for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV testing, all of which returned negative. Still plagued with redness in the same location on my shaft, I went back to urgent care on October 30 wanting to do all I could to ensure it wasn't anything else. Despite assuring me it was unnecessary, the same Dr. acquiesced to type-specific HSV 1 & 2 IGM and type-specific HSV 1 & 2 IGG antibody testing (2.5 – 3.5 weeks post- possible exposure). Labcorp processed the samples, all negative, numerical values not provided. On the evening (~7:00pm) of November 14, I returned to the urgent care with the intent to get the red spots that remained swabbed. I had masturbated once between October 18 and November 14, and noticed that the redness came back more visibly afterwards. I decided to masturbate shortly before the urgent care visit, to encourage the redness. There was no visibly broken skin afterwards, nor had there been any visibly broken skin since October 18 (4 weeks prior). Once again the same (increasingly frustrated) Dr. insisted it was likely nothing, but acquiesced to a swab sample. The sample was received by Labcorp on November 15, and entered the same day for HSV Culture and Typing. On November 17, the results returned as- “Abnormal: Positive for HSV type-1. Typing was confirmed by monoclonal antibody microscopic immunofluorescence.” This was the last thing expected, but I went looking and found something, huh? While I was there on November 17, I had the urgent care Dr. also take a swab sample of my lip for what I was sure was only a fordyce spot (though “sure” had become a very shaky concept), and that culture returned negative. The urgent care Dr. changed her tone from 'definitely isn't anything' to 'it's definitely herpes.' I requested another genital swab sample and to retest via PCR the prior sample, which she said was beyond the scope of an urgent care to order. This was enough to encourage me to finally find (after several years without) a local primary care physician to take over care moving forward. Upon my first PCP visit on November 18, I explained my case history to the Dr. (including the pictures from October 18 with the assumed-to-be abrasion) and he was confident that it was possibly a false-positive resulting from lab error. Unfortunately, he did not have the means to collect another swab sample in office. However, on the same day, he requested Labcorp retest the sample via PCR (we had already been in contact with the state virology lab, and were going to requisition the sample if Labcorp was unable to run PCR testing on it). As the first in a series of frustrating missteps on the part of Labcorp, the sample was instead entered on November 18 for a second HSV Culture and Typing test. The results for the second culture test of the same sample returned on November 27 as- “Negative: No HSV isolated.” (This was the same time we realized a PCR had not been run, and were thusly informed that the refrigerated sample was too old for further testing at that point.) While this was happening, on November 22 I had a single incident of dry skin peeling in patches from the head of my penis to half-way down my shaft, up to the point where the circumference of swelling had been mid-October. The dry skin washed entirely away with water that same day and hasn't reappeared. However, a day later I noticed some red skin on either side of the head of my penis (the glans) along with some lightly peeling skin at only those spots. This fully resolved itself within a few days. I also had an appointment with my PCP November 22, where I showed him the pictures of the peeling skin from that same day (which he didn't consider to be indicative of HSV or any other STI). He also ordered up a complete blood panel, and I requested that he include a full STI panel, including the same type-specific HSV 1 & 2 IGM and type-specific HSV 1 & 2 IGG antibody testing (6 – 7 weeks post possible exposure). The results for the complete blood panel returned all negative (numerical values not provided) on the same day as the Negative retest of the swab sample. Based upon all this, my PCP was exceedingly confident that the initial Positive culture was a false-positive. ALSO, the blood panel revealed that I was anemic and severely iron deficient (3% saturation where 15-55% saturation is the reference interval). This was not overly surprising to me, as I had been really under-eating for a couple months at this point (not intentionally, but as a result of being in an unhealthy mental/emotional space). The PCP considered this as further evidence that what I was experiencing was skin irritation related to anemia/iron-deficiency, exacerbated by my couple week period of excessive masturbation. (Also worth noting that iron-deficiency has been linked to more severe outbreaks, which seemingly would not coincide with what I'd been experiencing.) At this current point (December 7, 2017), my penis has pretty much returned to looking and feeling like normal. The only other symptoms to note are an occasional tingling/warmness sensory experience at times, seemingly primarily in my thighs (front and inside, less so outside and back), up through bellybutton and lower back, and sometimes as high as upper back/shoulders/upper arms. However, I seem to only 'feel' this when I think of it (take from that what you will), and almost only when I'm wearing clothes/ have something on my lap/ am cold. If I'm lying down naked/ at a comfortable temperature, any 'tingling' sensation seems to go away. I've always been very sensitive to tactile sensations, and I can't determine if this is purely psychosomatic, otherwise related to anemia/iron deficiency (which can also cause tingling sensations or rashes), or is actually prodrome. The last point worth adding before I abbreviate my questions is that I've talked to both recent partners about their status since these concerns arose. The cis-woman was last tested 6 months ago (including HSV) and was negative then, the last person she was physical with was her long-term ex-bf 4 months ago, and was retested after my concerns and was totally negative (including HSV). The trans-woman was last tested ~6 months ago (including HSV) and was totally negative, and had not been physical with anyone for over a year. The immense uncertainty I have remaining revolves around the following questions- 1) What is the likelihood of a swab sample resulting in a (real) positive culture, when the swab was taken of unbroken skin, 4 weeks after an abrasion on my shaft which lasted only a day before healing? It was effectively a swab of red skin. 2) I understand that a positive culture is much stronger confirmation than a negative sample. And I understand conceptually that a virus cannot remain indefinitely alive in solution. However, I've found scientific literature that states, “Comparison of the holding times between positive and negative cultures, up to 12 days, revealed no significant loss of positive cultures with time” (http://pubmedcentralcanada.ca/pmcc/articles/PMC271260/pdf/jcm00120-0136.pdf). In addition, Labcorp lists the Stability Requirements of a swab specimen for HSV Culture and Typing as being “7 Days Refrigerated”. The first (positive) culture was begun somewhere between 12-24 hours after specimen collection. The second (negative) culture was begun ~90 hours after specimen collection. Both cultures were begun well before the 148 hours (Labcorp) or 288 hours (above scientific journal) of sample stability. My PCP considers this a strong testament to the first culture having been a false-positive; I'm more cautiously uncertain. How do others recommend I interpret differing culture outcomes from the same sample? 3) Is prodrome likely to be so mild that it's only noticed when thought about? Is it something that is likely to only be elicited by clothing or friction, but otherwise unnoticed? And is it something that can reach as high as upper back and upper arms? I apologize for the excessive length of this. I have a very difficult conversation coming up with someone who I care about more than anything else. I just want to be as informed as possible, so I can best explain the situation at hand, and so she is best able to make the decisions that are right for her. I'm doing my best to eat well, stay healthy, follow up on blood work, etc., and hope to be able to have some certainty about my health at some point moving forward. Thanks for your time and responses.
  8. jcjc91

    Newly diagnosed with HSV-1

    Hey all-- So last week I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1. My doctor did a swab test. I really was not expecting the results to be positive for herpes, I'm still in shock, scared, and confused. What is really confusing to me is that my doctor while he was doing the swab test said he "didn't see any blister". What I have is very tiny and it feels like a tiny ingrown hair. It is very hard to see even with a flashlight. I went back to visit with my doctor to discuss the results and again he said what he swabbed did not look like a normal herpes blister, but it could have popped or broken, and the results of the swab were positive for HSV-1 so I have the virus. I am just wondering, if what I have down there is actually a herpes outbreak or something else. I'm wondering if I have had HSV-1 for a long time and because he swabbed my vagina/mucous membranes that's why I tested positive? Or I guess I'm asking is it possible to test positive via swab test with no presence of an outbreak? I'm wondering this because I'm not feeling any pain or itching etc. It's very tiny like I said I think most people would overlook it, but I'm pretty OCD about this kind of stuff which is why I asked him to swab test. I am also wondering, how easily is this spread to other people? I've been washing my hands like a crazy woman but really how worried should I be to pass this on to others? Can i still hug my family? Should I stop touching people? I'm just totally confused and I feel like the answers I've been finding all say something different. Please help ps I have been taking valtrex(or the generic version) since saturday 2Xday and have not felt any difference in the size of this OB. pps any recommendations for supplements, good things to eat etc would be appreciated
  9. Lovelylady1996

    Constant UTI Symptoms?

    Hey everyone, I’ve had ghsv1 now for about 4 years. First initial outbreak had the usual, flu like symptoms, swollen lymph nodes and sores. A swab confirmed it was Hsv1. Haven’t had any known sores or an “outbreak” since that I’m aware of. I take daily 500mg Valcy., vitamin C and lysine. However, it seems like I have almost constant UTI symptoms. Burning when I pee, urge to urinate.. little comes out, etc. General discomfort in the vaginal area. I went to the urologist and of course told them of said hsv1 diagnosis and she seems to think it’s unrelated. She believes it to be Interstitial Cystitis (painful bladder syndrome). It hurts in my pelvis to have sex, especially when my partner first puts it in. And no matter what, my vagina gets irritated afterwards and then come said UTI symptoms. It’s like every little thing I do irritates it but I never get sores, redness, or even small cuts, itching or anything other than discomfort. Anyone have similar experiences? Does anyone think it’s related? It’s got me worried that Ill never be normal. I had utis prior to the diagnosis but maybe once a year.. not once a week. I need advice please, feeling really down.
  10. Backdoor Nancy

    New Diagnosis: Gential HSV1

    Hello all, So a week after I noticed my first symptoms around my anus and made a post about it, I just got my swab test back positive for HSV1. Thanks to everyone who responded to my original post. I'm in a really good place right now, on the tail end of a painful outbreak. But now that I have a diagnosis, I'd love to hear other people's experiences about having HSV1 in their genital area. Specifically: I've heard HSV1 outbreaks are less frequent than HSV2. Is this the case? Is anyone on suppressive therapy for HSV 1? I had pretty major blisters up and down my right leg over the past week--is this something anyone else has experienced? When is it safe to have sexual contact after an outbreak? Anything else you wish you'd known! ESPECIALLY if there are other gay men out there with a similar diagnosis. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful, supportive community. I thank you in advance for your help! Best,
  11. So I was diagnosed with GHSV1 about five months ago. Even though I ended up disclosing to four of my amazing friends, I was dating a guy prior to finding out that I was a carrier of HSV (he’s not the guy who I got it from) and let’s just say he didn’t take it as well as I thought. Recently, this summer some guy who I’ve crossed paths with on multiple occasions over the last couple of years have come back into my life and we fell in love really quickly. Sadly, we ended up having sex prior to me telling him about this new chapter in my life. Thankfully I did end up telling him (just telling him that I get cold sores but not where because I haven’t had any outbreaks since my initial) and surprisingly he was still very willing to continue what we had going on. He recently got checked and surprisingly he doesn’t have it. How can I go about making sure I don’t transmit it to him? I do see us being together long term and want to do everything in my power to prevent him from getting HSV. Hoping to receive advice from women who have ghsv1 (and 2 I guess) and have been in long term relationships with a male partner.
  12. Ely

    My hsv story

    My wedding with virus, one day I was with my friends I get Drunk badly I end up with lady nice looking she give me a bj without protection, few day later I notice small bump red in color on my penis I thought it was nothig but after 10 day of exposure I went to clinic and made some tests I was negative to all but hsv positive igg not the igm before I get result I took azithromycin 4x250mg at once same night I get the pink eye both eyes blurry vision watery swolen tissue around eyes couple days after hm to be precise 18 days after exposure my glans was swolen I get balanitis with white chunks under foreskin, also bad inflamation of bladder urethra inflamation and pain in testicles i didn't have blisters or numbness tingeling nop i get swabed inside urethra and they took my urine they think is chlamidia or.. They didn't test me on herp, they find yielded moderate growth of enterococcus faecalis in my urine also in urethra is it possible that I already have hsv From childhood and I contracted another on genitals, or can this bacteria produce this problem after course of antibiotics all stops balanitis is wanish al pain, now I am waiting or reccurence or 12 weeks to test again is anyone know the difference
  13. Really bummed to see that excision bio delayed all their phase 1 clinical trials especially the HSV1/2 - they had initially been set to start in 2021 now delayed til 2023. I figured with the amazing news surrounding their HIV research that it would have sped up the process, not delay it. Thoughts/opinions on why they may have done this? https://excisionbio.com/pipeline/
  14. it’s coming up on a year since I was infected by HSV1 down there... I am very careful about who I sleep with and I ended up having sex with a fucking pastor... we did it once with a condom. And the second time we didn’t have one. He had no signs of an outbreak or ANY symptoms on his penis... but the night we had sex, I woke up in the middle of the night and immediately had burning when I peed. I thought it could’ve been the beginning of an UTI because I didn’t pee after sex (which I usually do)... but then the next couple of days I was very sick. Flu like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever... then EXACTLY two weeks later the outbreak started ... I thought it was a hemorrhoid or discomfort due to the diarrhea... (sorry for the details but I’ve never been able to tell anyone and I need to free myself of this) ... so then the bumps came and I went to planned parenthood. She told me it didn’t look like genital herpes and it was probably just irritation from wiping ... the night after I left the clinic it got worst and I immediately knew... deep down. But I still kept faith. Until I got the call. I had HSV1. On my asshole. He gave me oral and TRIED ago put it in there but I wouldn’t let him. I only felt comfortable to tell him. And when I did he denied it and said there was no ya I got it from him and that he’d prove it. I forgave him. We never had sex again but he helps me out financially here and there and we meet for lunch/dinner now and then. He’s tried to have sex again but I always avoid it and make excuses on why I have to go home. Sooooo now I haven’t got an outbreak ever since the initial one... until a couple of weeks ago. I was drinking and was drunk and he was trying to play other my .... he licked his fingers and was attempting to finger me, asking if we could have sex... UNPROTECTED. but I moved his hand and again made an excuse on why I had to leave. Now two weeks after that day I’ve had another outbreak. Which brought back very harsh feelings and memories so I brought it up to him again bd told him. He still won’t admit he has it. He told me he would get tested since last year and prove me ring with the results. Still nothing. IS THERE ANY WHERE WE CAN GO TO GET IMMEDIATE RESULTS? I WILL PAY! I don’t want to wait and I don’t want him to try to lie or cover it up. Please help me. All fingers point at him, I wasn’t with anyone else around these times... why would he try to risk having unprotected sex wither if it wasn’t him? Please I need any advice.... this is killing me inside
  15. Hello All, Almost 2 years ago I had protected sex with couple of prostitutes. It was always protected even including oral. After a 4 or 5 days, I experienced itching on my base of shaft and eventually some very tiny blister appeared below the mushroom. After a week after the exposure, couple of red dots appeared on the penis tip and after 4 days disappeared. I had flu like symptoms after a month. After 3 weeks of my exposure, I did some general HSV blood test which turned out to be positive. But everyone in this forum said it is useless test as it was not ELISA and type specific. After 7 weeks of the exposure, I did another type specific ELISA test which came negative for both HSV. After 11 weeks after the exposure, my HSV1 blood test showed positive with high level of 3.5 where anything more than 1.2 was positive. I did one more test after 8 months, it was again positive for HSV1. HSV2 was always negative in all these tests. My penis tip below the mushroom burns most of the time. Sometime burning is more and sometime it is less. But it is always there 80% of the time. The tiny blisters below the mushroom do not go away. I had typical outbreak once and that was after one year after the exposure. I had blisters on right testicle and near anus (also right side). But there were no blisters on penis. Unfortunately I could not see a doctor that time as I was in a foreign country. I consulted few good doctors but all say it is not herpes. They say it is pearly penile papules (ppp). But I’m sure these were not there before the exposure. They have run tests for Hepatitis C, VDRL (syphilis), KOH test (swabbed for fungi) and all are negative. I have not yet tried antivirals because doctors not prescribed them. I don’t remember having oral HSV1 from childhood. I may not have one currently. Most probably I have GSHV1. My concern is never ending burning sensation even though there is no sign of outbreak. Sorry for the picture. I’ll try to see a different doctor. But I need some relief from this burning sensation. Please help.
  16. 23year old Female; Been a year since a swab came back HVS1 positive on my vag! I’ve never had an STI in my life and Really compared to my friends have only had sex a handful of times.. so why me. *Tear sliding down my face. 6 partners.. 2 of which were after my first outbreak (unprotected one nighters - clearly didn’t learn my lesson) I didn’t tell them, is that bad of me? They didn’t ask.. and after all it’s just a cold sore nore was I having a flare up at the time I actually forgot I had it for a while! I have endlessly trolled website after website..most of them contradicting others, I feel like I know more now then any doctor ever could! On my year anversery of contracting this thing I had a nasty flare up. 5 weeks. To be fair though no where near as painful as my first! Had I of not left it four weeks to get the antivirals I feel like it wouldn’t have been half as bad - this makes me feel a little better knowing it’s not going to be as bad as my first although I do here you can get them in you wee hole *ekkkkkkk that scares me. Anyways.. I want to know anything and everything about your experiences! Triggers - food, sex, exhaustion, periods (or periods/ hormones effect HSV 2 more so)?? I just started a very physical job when I got my first and current reoccurance riding race horses in the saddle for 5 hours+ 6 days a weeks do you think irritation had somthing to do with it? I wasn’t sleeping well either so maybe I was exhausted? Reoccurance rate Do you tell your boyfriends Do you pretend your one of those people who don’t know untill they get a flare up - has that ever worked against you? Do you just say you get cold sores? If both has ghsv 1 can we have sex or will it still spread? I went to a sexual health clinic after the outbreak upset and crying.. I asked if my sex life was over she basically laughed in my face and went don’t be stupid, I wouldn’t even tell them you have it! The question is what if I was to have a flare up.. and with this new job I worried flare ups are going to happen quite often! After all it is just a cold sore. Thanks
  17. Learningtolivewithhsv

    Advice for GHSV-1

    So I made it to month four without a visible sign of an outbreak. I had a really bad outbreak in the ending of April and was diagnosed with GHSV1. My initial outbreak took about a month to heal and left scars (a lighter pigmentation from my overall complexion on my genitals). Sadly I have been ridiculously paranoid to the point I have taken two 7 day treatments of Valtrex. More than likely it was probably just yeast infections (I get them way more than I should, even before getting hsv). I also take lysine twice a day and three times a day when I feel like an outbreak is coming on. I’ve been applying tea tree to my genitals everyday since getting diagnosed to dry out any potential outbreaks that are present that I possibly mistake for an ingrown hair. When does the worrying stop? How often have anyone on this forum with GHSV1 get outbreaks? What’s are some good tips and tricks?
  18. June 3rd I may of been exposed to Herpes. Performed oral and vaginal sex with a one night stand. A few days later, "felt off" and got tested on the 7th (negative for all stds, but not tested for herpes) Took a round of Doxycycline the following week around the 14th for a few days as I was feeling extremely Hot and urinating frequently. It seemed to help for an instant, however still feeling off. Tested again n the 28th - Negative for all stds including HSV igg however positive for HSV igm with an index of 1.14 (Positive being anything greater than 1.1) *approximately 26 days after suspected exposure Dr. prescribed Valacyclovir 2x day. Started taking medication July 2nd. Pain and discomfort in the penis continuing. With sensations in the pelvic area and kidneys. Tested again on July 20th - Negative for all stds and HSV igg/igm. Tested again August 6th - Negative for all stds and HSV igg/igm. I have been taking valacyclovir since July 2nd 2x daily. I have felt just not right since the possible exposure date (or shortly after). My penis has gone through feelings of tingling sensations, heat, pain but not to touch, pain in my pelvis. Things seemed to of started with a burning sensation in the inner thigh. I feel as I am having shooting sensation in my legs and occasionally have an itchy/tingle around where my pubic hair is from time to time. Hell, today and maybe yesterday I've noticed tingling in my scalp. I tried again today to not take the valacyclovir and lasted until about 11:30 am after waking up around 8 am. My lips and the skin around my face starts to burn and the tingling around the pubic hair area of my genitals increase in its sensations. It's almost as a sleeping demon is waking up when I don't take the meds. When I take it, it takes about a day or so for things to get back in control. My penis/genitals have also not smelled the same since. It seems my scent has changed. Today is day 68 - is this how it's going to be forever? I am worried I have this all over my face as the burning is in the corners of my mouth and down my chin, as well as my nose. I have not shown any sores however I do feel my penis and scrotum has felt hot and sometimes red, typically on the head of the penis at the urethra. Multiple dr's say it looks normal to them. I am so lost and feel like I am falling apart physically, mentally and emotionally. I guess I just wait until week 12 (in a few more weeks) to maybe test positive... but then what?
  19. Learningtolivewithhsv

    First disclosure. PRAY FOR ME

    So I am new to the herpes world. I was diagnosed with ghsv-1 on May 17th. I was dating two guys at once (one I was sexually active with and someone else). The last person I had sex with, I am pretty sure he’s the one that gave it to me. I did disclose to all of my sex partners using text free because I was too embarrassed to reveal myself. But anyway, today I disclosed to the other guy I was seeing when I found out that I was gHSV-1 positive. We have been seeing one another one to two time a week and have planned basically our whole summer out. Even though he wanted to take it slow we are most definitely sexually attracted to one another and planned on having sex somewhere along the lines. This morning I decided to disclose via text that I have ghsv-1. I gave him some fact/transmission rates and have left everything in his hands. He’s currently at work and asked if it’ll be okay for him to call me when he gets off. Let’s see how this turns out. I am prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best. I will keep you guys posted.
  20. Hi! I just want to say how happy I was to discover this site! Being diagnosed can feel so lonely and absolutely NO ONE can even begin to imagine how painful this is. I just want to share the story of how I got diagnosed about 5 months ago and I’ve have three outbreaks since. I am not 100% sure how I got it because I had only been with my current boyfriend who was a virgin before me. I had an outbreak 5 months into our relationship and it was such a hard time because it was right when a very popular tv show I was on started the season. I was secretly having the worst time while all my friends and family thought I must be so happy to be on TV for this series. Prior to dating my current boyfriend, the last time I had sex was a year and 2 months before the outbreak. The doctors always assured me it was extremely unlikely I got it from that partner so I was left in a place of confusion. I have oral herpes on my vagina and no one knows who it’s from.. and also my boyfriend got testing and was negative. I stopped questioning where I got it from cause it wouldn’t make the physical pain any less. Now I live in fear of infecting my boyfriend and I would never wish an outbreak on my worst enemy. It would hurt me so bad to give it to him. After the initial diagnosis, it took me a little more than a month to completely heal. I’m currently going through a back to back outbreak. I JUST healed from one that was lower on my vagina and now I’m experience one where I’ve never had it before. It’s on the front of my vagina, right about my lips and the outbreak dominates a wide area. This is a very uncomfortable place to have an outbreak because it’s always rubbing against something . If anyone has gotten this far in this post, I’m asking if there are ANY solutions for the pain. There isn’t much knowledge that’s easily accessible on herpes on the internet and I’m sure it’s because of the stigma behind this virus, but it can happen to anyone and is surprisingly very common. I can never find actually useful information for the pain, but I will admit that when I had my first outbreak, smoking weed helped a lot. It stopped and/or lessened the pain significantly while I was high, but I don’t want to have to get high to numb the pain. I like natural remedies as well, I don’t like taking Advil’s unless I absolutely have to and I don’t take it for this cause it didn’t work for me in the past. If anyone else has GHSV1, (I’m assuming that stands for genital HSV1 cause this site is the first time I’ve seen that) please send natural remedies that have worked in the past for you. Anything that helps with GHSV2 would help too so feel free to share too, I’m just assuming something that helps the same exact virus as me might work best. Even if no one responds, it sure as hell feels good to just write me story and feel like I belong to a group of people who suffer the same thing as me. Forums like this should be recommended at the doctor cause no one ever talks about the depression that comes with this virus. Peace and love y’all! I hope anyone else reading with a current outbreak starts to feel better soon. This shit sucks but we in this together!
  21. hangirl

    Outbreak or Mind Games

    Ive have GHSV1 for two years and have not experienced an OB since my first initial one.. except for now i think. I was very stressed and worrisome, which caused me to get itchy down there, and now everytime i wipe i feel like there are blisters, but when i look there are none! im so confused and not sure if its just my mind trying to trick me, but i can sometimes feel them when i am sitting down, it feels like pins and needles.. has anyone else experienced this?? i dont know what to do! im trying to not think about it and 'think' my way out of this outbreak
  22. I was diagnosed with GHSV1 two years ago, i was in denial and still am. The doctor even said that what I had did not look like herpes. Dont know how or when i got it, and thats the worst part. I havent had an outbreak for two years, and i started feeling normal and honestly forgot i had it. I practiced safe sex but did not disclose my condition in fear of rejection. I have been taking Lysine and have been feeling great...until now. A former partner (who i never had sex with in any form), approached me saying he had gotten diagnosed HSV1, this brought back the stress, anxiety, fear, and depression I had gone through with my diagnosis. which then caused me to spiral into research and sleepless nights spent thinking how i will conquer this disease. After all the stress and research i am now feeling itchiness down there and pins and needles feelings, yet no blisters or rash. No clue if its my mind messing with me, or an actual outbreak (would be my first since my diagnosis). I guess i just need reassurance and consolation.. I feel lonely, no one knows i have this... The guy i am seeing now will not want me if i tell him... I keep convincing myself that if i take care of myself and continuously practice safe sex, i will never have to tell anyone until i meet my husband but i know that is not true... I have no where to go and dont know what to do.
  23. Learningtolivewithhsv

    HSV-1 genital

    So I was diagnosed with ghsv-1 about a month ago. I have been having problems with the lymph nodes in my neck. My outbreak on my genitals have cleared up so I am unsure why my lymph nodes are still in pain. Can I also have oral hsv-1? What should I do?
  24. Learningtolivewithhsv

    When should I disclose?

    So I just found out that I have herpes a little over two weeks ago. I am pretty sure I know who I contracted it from, but that is neither here nor there. I was dating two people (only sexually active with one). I no longer converse with the guy who I’ve contracted this from, but kept in contact with the other guy, let’s call him PT and we’ve been hitting it off really well. Sex isn’t really on the table for us because we both said that we wanted to wait for sex until we get to know one another better because we don’t want to rush anything. I can see something more forming between the two of us even though it’s still new. I want to tell him now, but I also want to get to know him better before disclosing this to him. We have a couple of dates lined up. What should I do? Please help
  25. ThoughtsBecomeThings

    Alkaline vegans vs arginine

    Hey everyone! Okay so I’ve been wondering for those on the site that may be alkaline vegan or have given that diet a try, how does the lysine/arginine thing work? I was looking up recipes and doing calculations and I noticed plenty of arginine in these diets and felt a touch frustrated. But then I thought: do people that are alkaline even have to worry about the arginine? I’m curious. Or do you just up your lysine supplements when you’re about to have something with plenty seeds and nuts for example? I’m not a vegan just yet, but seriously thinking about switching over. Now I only eat fish which is high in lysine but still acidifying.
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