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Found 22 results

  1. June 3rd I may of been exposed to Herpes. Performed oral and vaginal sex with a one night stand. A few days later, "felt off" and got tested on the 7th (negative for all stds, but not tested for herpes) Took a round of Doxycycline the following week around the 14th for a few days as I was feeling extremely Hot and urinating frequently. It seemed to help for an instant, however still feeling off. Tested again n the 28th - Negative for all stds including HSV igg however positive for HSV igm with an index of 1.14 (Positive being anything greater than 1.1) *approximately 26 days a
  2. anom1990

    Well… here I am.

    Hi everyone. I’m still trying to process this but I am a gay male in my late 20’s that was recently diagnosed with HSV-2 in October 2018. I haven’t been sexually active since 2015 and have only engaged in sexual activity with four people in my life. I’m feeling a lot of emotions because of this; sad, angry, confused, violated, ect. Thoughts like who would’ve thought someone like little ole me, compared to all of the VERY promiscuous people in the world, would end up with Genital Herpes ESPECIALLY when I’ve been abstinent and just focusing on myself for years. That was a gunshot to my soul
  3. cracked


    Hey everyone. I’ve read a lot of posts and have talked to some people from the forums who suffer in various ways from this virus. I’ve also heard the term ‘neuralgia’ being thrown around in posts, but have yet to figure out what kind of pain and its origin is for all the people that said they experience it. Please do me a favor and comment below about your experience with it and where it causes you problems and what kind of pain is it exactly? This might help some other newer members also understand. Thanks.
  4. I’m trying to get some answers from people who already have HSV (preferrably type 2) regarding my symptoms, but not a lot of people seem to be commenting. So i’m trying again with a more in depth explanation. PLEASE HELP ME understand. This all started when I visited India from June 20-July 22. I was completely fine and healthy prior to that. In the first few days after arriving I became very sick with bowel movements 5-6 times a day and lethargy and little appetite. I came back and was still suffering from this but my bowel movement I believe started getting better. I decided to have sex
  5. My relationship with the person I gave herpes to ended about three months ago (his choice). I was pretty freaking scared to date, so I just hung with my friends and the people I trusted. About a month ago, the brother of a close friend of mine told me he "had a thing for me" and wanted to see if we could date. I was petrified. (One thing I should mention is that I trust this person. To me, anyone I disclose to I want to trust not to spread the word, and to be kind to me when I disclose). I told him sure, I wanted to see him, but I had a couple things to tell him in person. I went over
  6. Does anyone know if systematic symptoms show up later after already having the primary infection? Diagnosed in August after losing my virginity and have had UTI’s nonstop, unable to sleep well, and feeling fatigued and overall crappy for 3 months now as you all know. No headaches, back pain, swollen lymphs, etc for this entire time, but now it seems like the various symptoms people point out about ghsv-2 are taking their turns on me. I had tender lymph nodes in my groin, under my armpit, and one in my neck last week. I got a colonoscopy/endoscopy last week as well for gastric issues I’ve never
  7. So I just watched this Sci-Show video on just how HIV crossed the species to species barrier, how incredibly quickly it spread, and how a cure is on the horizon. After watching and seeing that HIV came from SIV and crossed into human blood from chimpanzees after the first human was infected in 1908 to over 70 million people (just a little over 100 years) it really makes one think how widespread HSV must be since it’s millions of years old. Fascinating stuff:
  8. I’m really, really scared, freaking out, depressed right now, and need some help. A lot of you might already know my story, but herpes has me freaked the fuck out now. I’m 25 years old, have always been a highly active person all of my life, have always eaten right and healthy, and haven’t ever dealt with any major health issues. I’m assuming I do have GHSV-2, but don’t know for sure yet, but was diagnosed visually and with a igg of 2.0. Since 4 months now after coming back from being abroad I don’t have any appetite, feel like I have food in my stomach, pronounced heart rate, shortness of bre
  9. NanoViricides to Present Results On Successful Treatment Of Herpes-Induced Acute Retinal Necrosis at the Annual Meeting of the Ocular Microbiology and Immunology Group (OMIG) of the American... PR Newswire Oct. 17, 2017, 07:00 AM NanoViricides, Inc. (NYSE American: NNVC) (the "Company") will present the results of its anti-herpes nanoviricide treatment for Viral Acute Retinal Necrosis (vARN) at the 2017 Annual meeting of the Ocular Microbiology and Immunology Group (OMIG) of the American Academy of Ophthalmology to be
  10. cracked

    Is it just me?

    So is it just me or does anyone else notice we have an increasing number of people signing up each day on HC alone? Does this maybe suggest the rate of infections is increasing? Sucks to see more people being victims of this virus.
  11. Can someone please tell me what’s going on with me? I’m a guy and It’s been 2+ months since I was diagnosed, which i’m still not sure if it was a false positive or not and i’ve had what seemed like 4-5 UTI’s ever since. Had 4 urine cultures, 2 of the have been UTI’s with actual bacteria, 1 was contaminated, and 1 showed no growth. I’ve been on macrobid for the bacterial infection, but after finishing that i’ve been having severe UTI symptoms again. I can’t sleep, it hurts to pee, urine is cloudy, my head is hot (my temp shows to bee at 98F) each time I wake up, and now my body is aching. I’ve
  12. Okay everyone this is a very SERIOUS question and one of my biggest worries and stress factors after being diagnosed with ghsv-2 45 days ago. Ever since I was exposed I noticed the next day that my urinary meatus (pee hole) didn’t feel or look normal. I’m not being paranoid either. It almost seems like the skin from underneath was somehow pulled back and I can see inside the meatus now, which I COULD NEVER do before. I also know it’s not normal because when my stream ends the droplets at the end are large (like pea sized), which just scares me because they were always the size of say bean bag
  13. Hey everyone, I’m still a bit new to the forums and a bit to having herpes as well (~1.5 months since diagnosis). Some of you may have seen a few of my posts already, but I guess as much as I’m trying to overcome the fact that I am positive for it (and I intend on getting retested in a couple of months), it’s pretty damn difficult because of several things. This was my first ever sexual experience as a guy and as someone whose family is very against sex before marriage I am feeling regret, guilt, what i consider depression, and if I’ll ever feel ‘normal’ again emotionally and psychologically a
  14. Hi guys!!! It's coming up to a year since I contracted HSV2 and what a terrific day that was... Things have come a long way since then and I've managed to keep my OB's under control etc., but tbh it's still a constant psychological battle everyday. However, this might be down to the fact that I'm only 22 and I haven't had a relationship since my diagnosis. Anyway, I come here to ask what oral HSV2 symptoms would be, if there are any? Since my diagnosis I have developed a clicky neck, crackling and clicky ears, tinnitus, dizziness and strange sensations that radiate from m
  15. james7green

    gHSV-2 Penis Scarring

    Hi Guys, I am sure that this has been covered somewhere in the forums but I can't seem to find an answer. I thought I'd reach out to you and ask about what's the best way of tackling gHSV-2 OBs that occur on your penis. My OBs occur just below the head of my penis near the foreskin. When I get an OB I immediately start to take Acyclovir . Other than that Epsom Salt baths seem to help relieve the symptoms. I have has 12-15 OBs in the last two years and some of them are beginning to leave scars on my penis. This is highly distressing as I am only 32 and when I begin to think about how my p
  16. For those who have been diagnosed with having both GHSV1 and GHSV2, what are your symptoms like? I have GHSV1, and may have been exposed to GHSV2. I have not yet taken a blood test to confirm, but I'm having small symptoms that I can't identify as an outbreak. Curious to know how your symptoms manifest with this rarer diagnosis.
  17. Hi guys, I've read that GHSV-2 is very unlikely to be passed to a persons mouth by oral sex as this type prefers the genitals. Quite a lot of medical sites say that people rarely get hsv2 on their mouth. does anyone know how true this is ? Im also on suppressive meds
  18. CasperTheGhost


    Hello. Just signed up today because I didn't know where else to turn, so here goes nothing. I had my first sexual partner in almost over a year a couple weeks ago and we irresponsibly had unprotected penetration. On Saturday morning I noticed something was wrong and began searching online for an answer. After some searching, I figured it was a yeast infection and treated it accordingly. It only took a day or two for me to come to terms with the fact that it wasn't a yeast infection but something worse and the Internet agreed with me. I have not officially been diagnosed but I'm not foolin
  19. Hiya, I just wanted to firstly say how relieved I am that I found this community. The work you all have put in over the years is so impressive and you have collectively created an incredible resource. THANK YOU! I was wondering if I could reach out to all of you and ask for some help. I have been recently diagnosed with gHSV-2 but my first OB was two years ago. Each OB after the initial one took place while I was travelling and I could never get to a Dr in time for a definitive test. In a a way I am now relieved because at least I know with certainty what I have. In the last
  20. I was diagnosed with G-HSV1 in August of 2016. I received a blister culture swab that indicated I was positive for G-HSV1 and negative for G-HSV2. I have only had an initial outbreak, and I have not been on suppressive therapy since my diagnosis. I have recently learned that my only sex partner, who I had been with for 5 years, transmitted G-HSV2 to a woman in August 2016, around the same time of my G-HSV1 diagnosis. Realistically, my partner may have been infected with G-HSV2 several years ago and has never showed symptoms, or he contracted G-HSV2 just before August of 2016 through ano
  21. Numb22

    Another outbreak?

    I feel itchy and uncomfortable down there.. No bump/blister. Could I be having a outbreak?
  22. Mpj1307

    Cant take the itching!

    It has been almost a month probably longer and i am still experiencing symptoms from my initial outbreak of HSV2. I dont have any bumps, but the itching and skin irritation is so bad. My skin is also peeling near my bottom area and thatitches, sorry for the tmi...but have any of you experience anything like this?
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