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Found 7 results

  1. I am experiencing a lot of nerve pain, numbness, shooting pain, back pain, leg pain, pain in my butt cheeks... and I found some studies on nerve pain & HSV... https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaneurology/fullarticle/795486
  2. thunder

    Do I have HSV1 & HSV2?!

    I have been struggling with bad pressure headaches in the back of my head since september, and in january found out I had Lymes, was put on antibiotics, got a little better and headaches came back. Got tested for lymes again and my neurologist said I probably don’t have it anymore so he tested me for West Nile and Herpes 1 & 2. West Nile was negative and my herpes 1&2 blood test came back positive which was taken on February 28th. And the blood test showed I recently contracted it. Now I have never had sex, or have been given or received oral before. But the first weekend in february I
  3. Any hsv2 folks get very bad headaches, to point of getting out of it?
  4. Confusedmw


    Anyone experience headache and chills?
  5. I’ve been having the below for the last ~2 days: 1. Dexterity loss and weakness of hands. 2. Headache, Dizzy and hazy, feeling weird. 3. Drowsy. 4. Legs feeling weak. Is this neuralgia and will it pass or be permanent? Has anyone had similar that can comment? Thank you.
  6. I will start by saying I have not been diagnosed yet but have been suffering for the last 3 weeks with various symptoms. Suddenly today I’m having a very bad head ache and notice my hand/finger motor skills seem off along with feet tingling. Has anyone had similar during a first OB if either HSV1 or HSV2?
  7. jt10101


    Been having a full blast prodrome/outbreak combination on my eyes, lips, nose, and genital accompanied by headache. I'm not sure if the headache is herpes related. I just know that the prodrome/ (tiny) outbreaks are starting to calm down, headache started 2 nights ago and it's been happening once a day. I've never experienced nerve pain before but I've read about neuralgia.. trigeminal nerve... not sure if I'm making the right connection. So I was wondering if it's possible, but most importantly -- to anyone who have had this headache, I wanted to ask what kind of natural remedy you've used
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