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  1. Hi everyone I hope this will be useful to many of you. The following measures have rapidly healed my obs. If you'd like to skip the details, scroll to 'Methods' below I've personally been experiencing incessant hsv-1 (I think) outbreaks, originally localized to the mouth, but I believe I spread it to the rest of myself so I experience obs genitally now as well. If you experience traditional obs and simply want to speed healing the following should greatly enhance your quality of experience. Since my obs are incessant and aggressive I've only been able to mitigate the pain and appearance to almost nothing but have to be on top of it multiple times a day. Unfortunately I remain contagious since I haven't yet identified the underlying issues. Methods: Topical liquid Colloidal silver: Sovereign Silver 10ppm is the only one I've found to work (besides a homemade batch from a local woman in my area who discontinued selling unfortunately) I also used ACS colloidal silver gel to double up with if it was a stubborn ob. I applied with q tip to affected area. Every couple hours (resolved in 1-2 sometimes 3 days ) or at first prodromal signs which suppressed the ob entirely. Try to keep the liquid localized to just the ob so as not to spread the virus to other cells This worked wonders orally for a year and a half before steeply tapering off in effectiveness. Bear in mind I was applying it daily to prevent obs, otherwise they would manifest within hours. If you get occasional obs that do resolve, your body likely won't adjust like mine (at least as quickly) There's a lot of ineffective brands out there but those 2 have were reliable for me. 15-20% Ionized liquid zinc sulfate: Same procedure. Rapidly regenerates new cell growth. This i had to reapply hourly which was not sustainable (because my symptoms are absolutely ridiculous) but in studies daily usage over 3 months not only eliminated symptoms but reduced recurrence for participants and they were only using 2% Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3730471/ There are several other studies on hsv & zinc sulfate Low Level Red Light Lazer Therapy: I was desperate and dropped money on red light Lazer. Very effective for healing. Since my body adapted to colloidal this is my one salvation for now. Originally I bought This 660nm Lazer: https://energyhealersteve.com/product/cold-laser-therapy-pen-ltp-100p/ Because It was the same strength as the Lazer used in an Australian study I found. Held it 6in from ob for 5-15 minutes depending on severity. Ob would either never manifest or resolve Since I've begun breaking out genitally and my symptoms have grown more agressive overall, I invested in a much higher grade light therapy kit: BIOMAX 300 from PlatinumLED, which I sit in front of 15 mins a day am/pm which allows me to function day to day. my lesions have begun to manifest intravaginally though so time will tell what I'm going to do about that. I have tried lysine, every antiviral herb under the sun, copper, oreganol, various mushrooms, red marine algae, ashwagandha, etc etc etc. Acyclovir and valacyclovir 500mg 2x a day have been ineffective. I'm attempting to get approved for 10 pass ozone, have begun taking 4000iu D3 supplements, considering doing a long fast and doing the dr. SEBI cleanse. (I know, probably bs, but I'm out of options and some women claim it healed them. Also looking into Squaric acid 2% but am struggling to find any sources, even to mix myself. If you have any leads on that it would be so welcome.
  2. I had one night stand with a condom with a condom and 24hrs later I had this bump and 5 days later the second. I am prone to razor bumps, please help
  3. I tested positive for HSV-2 about 2 years ago during my initial outbreak. During the time my outbreak was only near and in my mouth. I haven’t had an outbreak since however after some 4 play 3 nights ago (no sexual penetration or oral sex whatsoever) I woke up the next morning with a stinging pee. I went to urgent care Sunday and the Dr. decided by the symptoms it could be Clamyd., or Gon. He gave me an antibiotic inject and 7 day oral round to help. I woke up this morning and for the first time since my initial outbreak noticed vescicle looking bumps on my penis. Is this normal after an initial outbreak?
  4. I've been having bumps appear on my face around my mouth for a couple years now. They usually take several weeks to disappear but these current lesions have been here for months now and don't seem to be healing at all. I've been applying salicylic acid and oil of oregano twice a week but am having no luck and it appears to be getting worst. This has completely destroyed my self esteem and I've given up on trying to date... I've attached an image if anyone could help me out with a diagnosis or some type of regiment to help make them go away i'd be forever indebted! Thanks
  5. Hi everyone it's me again. I am really concerned if this is a canker or herpes sore. I got the sore yesterday and it wasnt too visible and I thought potentially it would go away today. I was wrong, it has gotten worse and more inflamed. Please I just need to know what this is. Is this a canker sore or something else.
  6. Hi everyone it's me again. I am really concerned if this is a canker or herpes sore. I got the sore yesterday and it wasnt too visible and I thought potentially it would go away today. I was wrong, it has gotten worse and more inflamed. Please I just need to know what this is. Is this a canker sore or something else.
  7. Hi everyone. Yesterday during the afternoon this sore popped up in the back of my throat/tonsil. I was hoping maybe today it would be gone, but it is still there and I have a worry it may be herpes. It is improving, but it hurts when I swallow. Also it is really red and irritated. Does anyone have an idea if this is a canker sore or something else?
  8. Hi, I am in a state of freaking out currently because around 2 days ago a red cut formed on my gums, randomly. Then the next day it began to become sore. I have been sexually active in the past but I have never had a cold sore. Please can someone help if this is a canker or herpes sore. I'm terrified
  9. Hello everyone, First thankyou so much for taking the time to read/reply. I could use your help so badly. I had sex unprotected one year ago. A week afterwards I had some itching of the foreskin so went to the doctor, and was advised it was Balanitis. I got some cream and it went away within a few days. Since then I had a full STI panel of Chlamydia, Gonhorrea, Syphilis, HIV, and Hepatitis - all negative. Last week I had sex with someone new. She was a virgin, and we used a condom. Now since then, for the last 6 days I have had burning down my urethra - not while peeing, but just in general. I went to the doctor and they advised that it could be more Balanitis, so I got more cream. However, the woman I slept with now has flu, enlarged lymph node in neck, and a sore throat. I have also noticed these tiny tiny bumps or marks near the opening of my penis (pictured). I am not sure if I have always had them or if I'm just seeing them now. Would these show a year afterwards, right when I have sex again (and with a virgin, with a condom)? Are my symptoms in line with Herpes? Thanks for your advice, there's not much info on the internet.
  10. Had unprotected sex like 2-3 months ago. For a long time nothing came up. The I saw bumps appear between my thighs, thought it was razor bumps. Then my skin started shedding a lot, kinda like when kids cover their hand in glue and peel it off if that makes sense. I scratched/picked at some of them (and those were the only ones that “popped” and they were like open sores. Now they just go through this cycle of scabbing the the scab gets peeled off by my clothes or whatever and it starts all over. They don’t hurt, it tingled here or there, and I wouldn’t say it’s itchy but I’ve had the urge to scratch around it recently but I wouldn’t say it was often. And something similar formed on my elbow. I’m trying to get in to get tested ASAP but it’s hard. Any help? Input?
  11. Does this look like herpes? Sores appeared last Friday & been freakin out ever since. Thanks in advance
  12. Hey, I have been effective by herpes simplex virus for 21 days. And l still have the pain and lesion. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago, she said that ”is getting better, there is no lesion in the area. ” and l had sex with my boyfriend while using a condom. After that l got the pain and lesions again. Last night l checked and l didn't see any lesions and didn't feel any pain and we thought it's gone. We had sex and now l have the pain again. My question is when l get rid of this pain and lesions? Is it bad to have sex before lesions still in there even l barely see them? Also, my period started today. Do you think it will get worse?
  13. https://i.imgur.com/FVU9q0m.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gMlwgkm.jpg
  14. _josafeen_

    Brooklyn support

    Wondering if anyone in Brooklyn is interested in chatting? Meeting up? Or just share info about OB management, lifestyle tips, support groups etc. I'm brand new to this & looking for some connections to help me (& others like me) not feel so alone.
  15. It was on the 12th of August, 2015 when I realized or had my first out break. Few days before that day (August 12th), I went to a friends birthday party, I had so much alcohol, I was happy then I met this girl, she was kinda alone and me! Feeling like a superstar wanted to cheer her up. So we talked and I gave her some alcohol, she was so much excited and we danced, hugged and even cuddled while dancing. Then she told me she was tired she needed to seat she asked if we could take a walk away from the party. Whom am I to say no, after all she is very pretty and sexy, I took her to a nearby uncompleted building, she asked if she could smoke? I said yes sure feel free. She smoked we had some more drinks, then it happened. We had unprotected sex in that building, although I deed the withdrawal method, hoping and feeling everything is ok. To cut short the story, I started noticing some bumps like objects on and around my penis. To be honest, I was so scared there was nothing that didn't Cross my mind including HIV. I browsed the net for clues or similar symptoms, I became all the more confused. The out break and symptoms lingered for weeks, on the 4th of October I summoned the courage to see a doctor, he examined me and suggested a couple of test. I ran the tests and it was confirmed, I had been infected with Herpes Virus. He then prescribed some drugs for me, which I bought and took according to the prescription. 1 and 1/2 weeks later the symptoms cleared and the itching stopped, I took the complete dose just to be sure and it seems like all was ok. By the end of November I noticed a fresh out break again, I went back the doctor he asked me to buy the same and continue the medication, he added that that's herpes for you, just when you think they are gone, they reappear. While taking the drugs the doctor adviced me to avoid alcohol and other substance that may weaken my immune system, it then means I was also suffering from weak or low immune system because as at when I did the test, my white blood cell count was 5700 it was a bit low. This means I had to take my drugs regularly to keep the out break away. To sum up my story, I travelled to the village on the 23rd of December for a burial arrangement. In the course of the event I was discussing with my uncle then I opened up to him and shared my experience. That was when he mentioned moringa leaf and seeds to me, he went into his house brought out a small plastic can filled with moringa seeds, he said I should eat about 4 to 5 seeds three times a day, then take about 3 ounces of dried moringa leave add to a kettle and boil, after boiling I should just drink it like a normal green tea. I spent my remaing days of the festive season in the village, while taking my moringa seeds and tea. I returned to the city with a hand full of seeds and leaves and continued my moringa therapy for the next 3 months. On the first week of April 2016 I decided to take another test, the test result came out and this time my white blood cell count was 8600, although the HSV is still there but I haven't noticed or had any out breaks since I started taking the moringa seeds and leaf. Today is the 27th of July, 2018 and I am glad to say that I havent noticed any out breaks since then and I have not been taking any HSV drugs as well. more so, I am proud to say that I am a father to a lovely beautiful baby girl. Although at first I was scared if my girl friend had been infected because I didn't have the nerves to tell her and she was begining to get upset of my frequent use of condoms. So I stopped using the condoms and we had intercourse, and the result is a lovely beautiful baby girl, while we were at the hospital I requested that a test be carried out on her, LO and BEHOLD she was and is still HSV negetive. So my dear lovely people, please don't beat yourself over this, it is most certainly not the end of anything in your life, all you guys need to do is boost your immune system naturally to fight the virus from the inside. Anywhere you find yourselves, please kindly look for moringa seeds and leaf, chew at least 4-5 seeds a day and if you can get the leaf, take two cups of the tea in the morning and two cups in the evening and all will be well with you. Thank you all, remain bless hendrick.laama@gmail.com
  16. I had sex with a girl I didint know very well and woke up with 2 medium size bumps the next day idk if it’s herpes or not thinking about getting tested it’s been 3 days .
  17. hello, i was here in june with what I thought was maybe an oral ob. At that point it had been post exposure by 4 months and i ended up testing neg 1&2 igg. i just tested again and was neg for both, no new contact. Monday night my nose all of a sudden became EXTREMELY itchy in just one nostril. the next morning and day all of these white bumps popped up all over it. I put abreva all in my nose. this morning i woke up and it was irritated but all the white bumps were gone. I calmed down but then i just looked and it looks like there's little erosions inside my nose now. The dr refuses to swab. Does this look like herpes? I'm attaching pics of my nose with the blisters and with the erosions, I circled the erosions. Also including a pic of my lip from june for reference. Sorry for the image quality of my nose, one is scarily detailed and the one of the bumps is very blurry. hard to get a good nostril shot as it turns out maybe i have a false neg hsv1 test result? Feeling so defeated it is frustrating to not know what is going on and i feel humiliated by the drs who think i am being crazy for suggesting herpes.
  18. Former Great

    Lemon - good or bad for cold sores?

    Are lemons good or bad for cold sores? I love my water with some juice from fresh lemons but recently came across an article on livestrong.com that actually says lemons are bad for cold sores? Anyone have any feedback on this?
  19. Hi All, Me and my wife positive for hsv1 igg with value 2.1(wife) and 3.9(husband) tested four times in a year range not changed. We both do not have any symptoms of hsv1. We do not have hsv2 which is always negative. We are trying for baby, and had two miscarriage in the time spawn of 1.4 yr. Is there any relationship between hsv1 positive igg leading to miscarriage?? Anyone faced same issue with hsv1 and miscarriage.
  20. my dog was sick for a week and die suddenly , during that week left nut started hurting me and then a red bug bite looking rash appeared on the head of my penis, i itch sometimes but i havent had sex since january ive googled herpes and none of the pictures look like this is it herpes?https://imgur.com/a/h1he2Zs
  21. Hello. I've already been diagnosed with genital herpes. But now I'm nervous I may also have oral herpes. I've been getting what I believe to be pimples around my mouth (not clusters, one little dot at a time), but I got nervous it might be oral herpes so I went to get tested. Hopefully they can find out. For now, I'm preparing myself for this new normal and trying to treat it like it is, without taking the medication. I'm nervous about washing my face and putting on makeup and transferring it to other parts of my face. I do wash my hands obsessively, but I know that won't always help. Any advice on face washing, showering, or proceeding with the day to day?
  22. So I went for a culture swab for HSV2and it took 2 weeks for me to get my results back. I got a call from the nurse practitioner who took the test for me and she told me it was negative. They were just razor burns, I should stop shaving, etc. as I previously mentioned in a post weeks before. A week later I get a call from a doctor who’ve I havent met or who didn’t take my test saying my results were positive. Im so confused, so I went down there to get my results and it says isolated, which he explained meant Iam positive for HSV2. I asked for a retest since I was told two different results, but he explained since the blisters are no longer there, there is nothing I can test and a blood test isn’t always accurate. He prescribed me a 7 day ascylovir three times a day and told me to not have unprotected sex. I feel like my sex life is no longer normal. I also feel as if I should get a second opinion, as I spoke to my sex partner about it, he states he doesn’t have any type of blisters around his gentials, he also will be taking a std test. Should I go for a second opinion, I dont know what to do! Iam freaking out
  23. Hi All, As we know or read everywhere that 90% of people don't know about they have herpes because they don't get symptoms. If only IgG test getting positive and no symptoms then can we do the PCR test on blood sample?? As symptomless person can not be swabed specially male patient. How accurate PCR test on blood. If someone took treatment by considering IgG positive, if he want to confirm if treatment working or not can be confirmed by PCR on blood?? After treatment as well IgG may take time to go negative but can we check virus DNA particles in blood using PCR?? I have read on Mayo clinic that PCR qualitative DNA on blood are effective test for herpes Virus. Please share your opinion. If anyone did PCR on blood found positive?? Or PCR DNA on blood always comes negative??
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