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  1. Hey everyone! I've seen a various posts across various forums regarding disclosing (or not) and have seen a bit of a trend in people thinking that it's 'hard to pass' with one encounter (lol) condoms make it impossible to pass, blah blah blah. So let's just try to compile some short & sweet answers to some basic H transmissions stories and questions...Could be helpful in many ways to lots of people! 1. Did your giver: show symptoms / asymptomatic / disclose H to you? 2. Protected or unprotected? Oral/vaginal/anal? 3. How many encountrs with giver? (time frame of encounters ie. one weekend of several months?) 4. How were you diagnosed? (swab or blood test) 5. Are you a symptomatic carrier (showed signs ie. outbreak) or asymptomatic (never showed signs, diagnosed by blood work) 6. How long from sexual exposure did you start to show symptoms? 7. How long did your primary outbreak last? How frequent have your recurrences been? (ie. one a month/year?) 8. How long have you been H+? 9. Are you on antivirals only during outbreak or suppressive therapy? Or have you gone the natural route? 10. Words or wisdom/support for newbies? ********** I'll go first... 1. No visible signs of H. Asymptomatic carrier not diagnosed with at the time so no disclosure. 2. Unprotected vaginal/oral. 3. 2x in a weekend (Friday night and Sunday morning) 4. Positive swab test during terrify primary outbreak. 5. Symptomatic HSV2+ 6. Friday/Sunday sex; initial first symptoms started Tuesday and quickly got aggressive. (in hospital by next Sunday) 7. OB lasted a few weeks. Cleared up, then I had a couple minor recurrences due to alcohol in following weeks but MINOR in comparison (just more annoying not excruciatingly painful) still working through this ATM. 8. I was infected Mar9/18 - diagnosed with Mar23/18. 9. Antivirals during primary OB; lots of supplements and vitamins every day now and have changed my diet. 10. It does get better. Not back to normal better, but better. Take care of yourself and do whatever it needs for you to heal physically and emotionally. Find a good friend/family member/counsellor to confide in to help lessen the burden you are carrying. Get wine drunk with a friend and cry all night. Go to the top of a mountain and scream at the top of your lungs. Amazon shop till you max out your credit card buying things that make you happy. Hope this can help some peope! Love & light everyone! x
  2. life is not easy , Guys Vertrans from long time pls advice what to do , any experience are most welcome , Functional Cure where one can leave in peace
  3. Guys trying a New Way to take herpes Down , Detox Liver & Purify Blood will help just started a new way to tackle this , it's a 8 week course will update
  4. Any one has Tried Ayurudevic medicine , Had a Word Doc Told their is a functional cure on long term ? Anyone tried or aware specially from India
  5. Hi All Has anyone tried Ayrudevic medicine to suppress & got any results pls update or Share ur experience
  6. cracked


    Hey everyone. I’ve read a lot of posts and have talked to some people from the forums who suffer in various ways from this virus. I’ve also heard the term ‘neuralgia’ being thrown around in posts, but have yet to figure out what kind of pain and its origin is for all the people that said they experience it. Please do me a favor and comment below about your experience with it and where it causes you problems and what kind of pain is it exactly? This might help some other newer members also understand. Thanks.
  7. Hey Y’all.. so ive had herpes for a long time now and recently I’d been taking antibiotics for tonsillitis and got vaginal thrush.. so I took medicine (about a couple of weeks ago) for that but I have this weird rash on my mon pubis.. top of my lips kinda rash.. it’s like raw skin??? and it’s hardly itchy but I’ve had it for 4 weeks or longer and I dunno wtf is it???? Someone help me pls
  8. Hi Friends , If a person having Cold sores gives a Blowjob for A , Does A will have hsv 1 or hsv 2 , Second Can Hsv 1 spread from utensils or Clothes
  9. Continous Itching in whole Body when exposed to little heat , Pls suggest who to manage & Stay free from it
  10. All Seems to be ok , Only every time I pee their is burning sensation which settle after some time , anyone having similar probs , pls share remedies if any
  11. Today is my first time being on honey comb. Finally more like minded individuals who I can talk to! I was diagnosed with herpes in February of 2018. I haven’t told anyone in my life except my mother. I’m too embarrassed to share my diagnosis with anybody. Why am I embarrassed?! Because I always thought I was careful. I wasn’t being promiscuous so I couldn’t understand why me. When the doctor first told me, I was in stock. She knew what it was before she swapped my skin. I never heard anything back so I thought again I was in th clear. But no! At my prenatal appointment, my midwife actually told me that they had my results and I was indeed positive for herpes. My FIRST OB!!! In February, a few days before the OB happen. My body was feeling wierd, like I knew something wasn’t right. I had just been in the hospital from having a abscess on the inner left side of my vagina. (PAINFUL AS HELL) . But I started getting little tiny bumps in the inner lips of my vagina. Next after the bumps came the blisters!! That’s when I knew I had to get to the clinic. It was itching, tangling, red and swoll. The clinic doctor prescribed me antibiotics. I begin to do my own research like what natural oil or something could I use along with the medicine so it could clear up quickly as possible. Within 3-4 days it healed completely and it GONE!! Today is June 25, 2018 and I have a small area OB in my buttock. I am praying it’s NOT as bad as the first OB!!
  12. I started dating this girl in December and ever since then ive been going through the worst events. First my left testicle felt like it was being pulled out of my scrotum, the tip of my penis was in the worst pain, its hard for me to start urinating, I have a rash on my shaft, but it looks nothing like herpes, my tailbone and butt crack has been itching for weeks with no break out, I got pearly penile during all this, tingle crawling sensation under scrotum, no outbreak, frequent urination, and the worst depression ive every had. She said she was positive for chlamydia and i was treated for that but was never positive. Please has anyone gone through any of this? Im entirely to close to the edge. These symptoms have been going on for 6 months. Ill attach the picture below, the rash only just recently started. Please help...
  13. Trial and potential vaccine sale information Click on the link below for the full article Rational Vaccines: A case study in pharma deregulation. As the debate picks up steam in Washington, Rational Vaccines is fast-tracking its live attenuated vaccine for the herpes simplex virus (HSV) to the market — wherever that may be. Enrollment will soon begin for trials in Mexico and the Caribbean, following a single Phase 1 study of 20 patients in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. “Mexico has about a four-to-five year window for sales if the trials go as we think they’ll go,” Fernandez said in a recent phone interview. “We’re doing trials in the Caribbean as well and we’ve been approved for sale in a couple of jurisdictions in the Caribbean.” The move is less about rebelling against the FDA and more about getting to patients as soon as possible, Fernandez said. The U.S. won’t be ignored, but it’s a much longer path-to-market. http://medcitynews.com/2017/03/rational-vaccines-pharma-deregulation/
  14. I have taken information from net & Some doc that their is a Hostalic approch in Homepathy if some one is on this Pls share ur Experince would be help
  15. Dear all, I have created a group on Facebook called Theravax HSV1 & 2 as a platform for people to share their experiences from the Theravax Trails. This is a closed group. Please avoid any negativity as we already have enough of that in the outside world and we don't need it here on this group. You can share your experiences on the consultation, pre and post travel as well so that it helps every one make better decisions. Members of this group can also help each other to travel together to get the vaccine (Not necessarily by means of funds) but just support as it's not always easy to go to a new country for an objective as strong as this. This group is for support. We are with you. <3 I urge the aspiring participants and the people who have been selected for the trails to join the Group and share their experience. I uger
  16. Daily Feeling like tingling sensation & Slow Pain daily , Just wanted to check if anyone having similar probs , What precaution & Medication or natural Remedy u guys are trying pls suggest
  17. I am on Monolaurin & Shilajit , Not sure about homepathy, Is any one here on Homepathy, Pls suggest , Taking Hyperisince from Biogentica not sure it work or not , Pls Advice , Burning sensation on penis in the day , By evening it feels ok , Next morning same , Guys pls help
  18. Little bit of a background story, had sex about a year ago with a woman i didnt know just a one night thing. She performed Un protected oral, then we used protection after words. Ever since strange symptoms appeard like currently, started off with a single red small bump, then a rash looks like it moved its way to my foreskin after a few days. Did a hsv IGG test at the 6 month mark came out negative. Doctor insist on saying it balanitis & wont let me take another test. But this is the second time this occurs and i am un sure if this is balanitis... or herpes just need opinions idk what to do. Currently my foreskin where i peel back(yes im un circumsised) is red/inflamed and burning and my glands had red spots for the second time. Doctor gave me cream to put on. And just feels unconfortable. Had my calfs cramp up before, had my thighs be extra sensative where it hurt a few months back where anything like boxers irritated my thighs. Also never had any blisters down there though. Its about to be a year and still no clear answers. :'( any advise or opinions would help. Also i am un sure of how to upload images here. Im assuming thats possible for this wesite. Thanks.
  19. Kentai17

    Is it herpes

    Male here. So recently I had unprotected oral but protected vaginal sex, Didn't think much of it. 3 weeks later I got a cold during high allergy season. At first I didn't even realize I had a cold. 3 days into the cold, I get a fever. Not uncommon. I break the fever, and the cold has been steadily going away. Then I get two blisters one on the inside of my leg and the other on the foreskin near the base, where hairs grow. I've gotten in grown hair before (or at least so I believe, only happen if I don't shave/trim pubic area or just do a sh*tty job) and I haven't been keeping regular upkeep recently due to stress and just not having regular sex. The one on my leg I drained before it was ever a problem a little pus and some blood behind it, and I'm pretty sure I pulled out a follicle. The one on my penis, whole other story, it's not multiple bumps, it was one and then because I did nothing the lymph node behind it grew too. I was waiting for it to just drain on its own, but it was getting so bad because of rubbing, and so I lanced it to drain it, pus and blood but the lymph node hasn't gone down yet. It hurts like crazy and I couldn't sleep much last night because I was worried and I started getting itchy it random places, arm, leg, cheek. That could be from stress and just being a hypocondriac. I can't get to the doctor until next week Friday. And it's not like I have multiple blisters in that area or any area. It's just the two in completely different areas. And I'm worried. Mind you in the pictures it's white and red now but that's only because I popped it moments ago. Before it was almost the normal skin shade. https://ibb.co/bDYV6J https://ibb.co/j193RJ https://ibb.co/k1Qoty Any help, and advice on what to do to get it go away as soon as possible, before I go to the doctor. I'll get the blood work done. But I need to know if that's hsv blister or I'm just freaking out.
  20. Swollen lip, painfull when underwear rubbing. mucus on top of sores dose not hurt to pee or have a bad odour what do people think??
  21. I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2 a little over a month ago. My symptoms weren't as bad as they could have been because I went straight to Planned Parenthood and they gave me medication and saved my life prettymuch, it only lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. Anyways, since then, I've had pretty much a non existent sex drive... I used to want it constantly before all of this. Has anyone had the same experience? Is it because of the HSV? Or is it a mental issue? I feel so bad because I haven't had sex with my boyfriend In over a month and he knows i have this, (he does not have it), but he still thinks it's because of him... I'm just genuinely not in the mood, ever. Which isn't normal for me... I just need answers, and anyone who tells me their experience might help me. No matter how much I try to think about having sex, or to get myself in the mood...it just seems like a chore to me... it's really depressing.
  22. Hi guys, I can't sleep or eat at the moment because I have something that reminds of HSV-2 and wonder if anyone can help me. Background: for 12 days ago i had unprotected oral sex, but protected peneration sex. This was a one night stand and I didnt see any open sores or anything in the girls mouth. On my penis shaft, I had a lot more with "tumbs" that looked like acne all over the left side (seems like it has gone down) On my foreskin i have this red rash, with two tiny paper cuts on it (it seems) On the 12th day, I woke up to peeing with burning sensation and also masturbated that also had burn. Regarding the masturbation, i also did that the day before (i always do it in the shower). When I peed in the afternoon, the burning sensation was gone and i tired to deliberetely to have some urine on it (didnt feel anything) - felt a little burning at the night, but not that it as plaguing me. I also jumped into the shower to have hot water stream on the specific areas without any pain. I tried to squeeze all the acnes and the rash without pain (even though the rash feels sore) Now ive been reading up and down on the "internet". Self inspection "rocks" :(. And I'm just super nervous. My real question is that, is this 100% or 90% sure that it is herpes outbreak? Please help me to calm my mind Thank you
  23. TolkienNerd42

    Gave to Boyfriend

    Some background before I explain- I have not been formally diagnosed with herpes but I do get cold sores. It's been at least 2 years since my last one and since my life is very fast paced it's always the last thing on my mind. So when I got into my current relationship I had totally forgotten that I actually get them. My current issue is that I didn't realize I was getting a cold sore because I recently changed acne treatments and disregarded the tingling sensation as a reaction. I gave my boyfriend oral sex and that night after work saw what has now become a sore. I was up till midnight looking up all the research I could and type 1 can effect genitalia. So long story short I probably gave it to him and I feel like crap to the point where I think he should breakup with me. And he thought it was curable(he grew up in a bubble) which makes me feel even worse. I know it's not the worst STD out there which is putting my mind at rest a tiny bit but I still feel like a terrible person and a walking plague sack.
  24. HerpNeutral

    Trouble getting diagnosed?

    Hello herpsters, I am wondering if anyone else has had any trouble getting diagnosed? I’ve had symptoms since early December (discoloration on penis and itchy scrotum) that just seem to get worse. I’ve been to my PCP 3 times, a dermatologist once and a urologist twice and all seem to think it’s something else. And the blood tests (igg and igm) come back negative. The reason I think I have herpes is because my symptoms (tingling, pain, and itching) are exacerbated by arginine. Months after treating my alleged jock itch with a steroid cream I developed a small lesion on my penis the morning after intercourse. I applied this Man 1 Man Oil lotion thinking it was a dry spot and then over the course of two weeks I had lesions all over my penis and scrotum. It turns out one of the main ingredients of the lotion was arginine. That was when I went to the Derm and she said it was eczema where I was prescribed another steroid cream. Fast forward two months and I have symptoms again that appeared following the use of a lotion on my genitals that also turned out to have arginine in it (I need to start reading labels before I use things) and have since had Pain and redness on my genitals on and off for the past month. All of this has been accompanied by a sore throat that seems to get worse when I eat foods with arginine in it (nuts oats coconuts etc.) I have had tests for all sorts of other STDs and they have been negative, I just really wanna figure out what’s wrong (get diagnosed with a type of HSV) and get treated My PCP won’t prescribe an antiviral until my blood tests say I’m positive. So until then I’m stuck with general discomfort. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had such trouble figuring out what’s up. Thanks for reading. TLDR: I can’t get medicine until I’m diagnosed via blood test or swab despite having recurring symptoms.
  25. Im 19, I don't know how this happened but it did. I have not got my results back but I am 110% positive i have herpes. There are bumps lesions and open wounds everywhere, and i show all symptoms. At first I was very suicidal on the fact that I could be HSV2 positive but my mom calmed me down.she told me, it is what it is, and that I can still manage to have a normal life despite this. Im very scared as of right now. Im over the fact that it is herpes but i am in terrible pain. I can't sit i can't lay down i can't stand, walk or move. I had to sleep sitting up last night. I am scared to go pee as it burns tremendously. The doctor could not give me medicine until the culture comes back from the lab so Im hoping i can get an antiviral in my by tomorrow. I read that garlic helps so I've been taking garlic pills. Is there anything i need to know. Is there anything i can do/take to ease the pain. I tried pouring water on me when i pee but that did not help. Im just scared, i don't have a support group in person. Im in college and am embarrassed to tell anyone. Only my mom knows and she's across the country because I'm an out of state student. please help ! I'm desperate
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