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Found 11 results

  1. So.... I was driving to one of my many doctors appointments these days and I came across this and it had me stunned! It got me thinking why can’t some of us come up with a quick few impacting words to put up on a billboard in our local cities and fund something like this for HSV? If it can be done for HIV, then surely HSV deserves recognition too? I’m willing to get it done in my city if people want to pitch in with funding. We need to get the word out!
  2. So I just watched this Sci-Show video on just how HIV crossed the species to species barrier, how incredibly quickly it spread, and how a cure is on the horizon. After watching and seeing that HIV came from SIV and crossed into human blood from chimpanzees after the first human was infected in 1908 to over 70 million people (just a little over 100 years) it really makes one think how widespread HSV must be since it’s millions of years old. Fascinating stuff:
  3. I want to reserve this topic as a humorous/sarcastic corner to sort of see how many things users can find online that had a crazy amount of funding or used tax payer money, which could’ve been used instead for things like research, cures, awareness related to diseases or serious medical problems. Hopefully it’ll be a way to just blow some steam at things we’re not very happy about or find funny. I’ll start: This is just unneccessary and the money could easily have funded research for HSV or helped people that are homeless or even helped Texas get a better sex-ed program
  4. More CRISPR use for HIV...which can only lead to helping the people with HSV soon... “It’s like hiding a book in a stack at the library, and the book has instructions to build a nasty bomb. To get rid of that information, you need to get it back out of the library. We’ve never had the technology to do that inside the living cell until CRISPR came along. It’s the first efficient way to do that inside living cells.” http://m.sfgate.com/business/article/How-CRISPR-gene-editing-tech-can-fight-HIV-12294985.php How CRISPR gene-editing tech can fight HIV Oct 21, 2017 Researchers at UCSF have received a three-year, $1.6 million grant to advance their work using novel gene-editing technology to make human blood cells less susceptible to HIV infection. The grant, from biopharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences, a global leader in sales of HIV treatments, will fund a team of scientists working to modify the DNA of a type of white blood cell to make them immune to HIV infection. The cells, called T cells, have long been a focus of researchers seeking to improve HIV treatments. T cells help the immune system fight many diseases, including some cancers and flu viruses. They play a unique role in HIV because the virus targets and destroys T cells, and HIV-positive patients whose T cells become too depleted by the virus will progress to AIDS... ...It is the first research initiative that Foster City’s Gilead, through its philanthropic program, has funded that involves using CRISPR as a tool in HIV cure-related research. While $1.6 million is not a huge amount, it comes with fewer restrictions than many government grants. The grant will fund a team of five researchers for three years.
  5. Potentially good news? Now that the last missing piece of the puzzle has been found, this could help HSV also get some speedway I’m hoping? Scientists Now Know HIV’s Complete Structure, Clearing Path To Cure A recent discovery from the University of Alabama at Birmingham may provide new inroads to combating the HIV-1 virus, the retrovirus that can cause AIDS. Researchers have solved the last unknown protein structure, called the cytoplasmic tail of gp41 protein, of the virus. Thanks to the tireless work of countless researchers, we now know the complete structure of HIV-1 which could provide important insight on how to properly fight the virus, as well as others with similar structure. https://futurism.com/scientists-now-know-hivs-complete-structure-clearing-path-to-cure/
  6. Below is a link to a good article with a wealth on everything Genital HSV-2 (some Genital HSV-1). If you're giving advice on this site, definitely a good read. Topics: Epidemiology (manifestations/symptoms), Diagnostics, Treatment, Genital HSV Shedding, Genital HSV-2 Infection & HIV Infection Connection, HSV-2 Vaccines, and Molecular Epidemiology https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4771215/ Conclusion section from article Genital HSV remains a highly prevalent infectious agent with a significant impact on sexual health and risk of HIV infection. We now understand that HSV-2 infection is not characterized by latency with occasional outbreaks but that it is a dynamic infection with frequent, often subclinical, shedding throughout the genital tract that results in inflammation. Detailed natural history studies that rely on highly motivated participants have contributed to this enhanced understanding of viral shedding and inflammation. We must translate this knowledge into interventions that fully suppress shedding, which will likely be required to prevent transmission and to disrupt HIV/HSV-2 interactions. Novel strategies to prevent or suppress HSV-2 infection such as prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines are urgently needed.
  7. http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1410649 http://www.ukzn.ac.za/UKZNonline/V4/14/s2.html My local uni... and these stats don't look as encouraging imo as in the first link Do you think I can find any Tenovir? Nyet. That's probably cos the SA govt is involved in developing it.
  8. Hello folks, I've read that suing for STIs and STDs encourage non-disclosure, and many advocates for people with STIs actively speak out against this, stating that it increases the stigma around STIs and STDs. Does anyone have any information on groups who are active in this field and what work has been done so far?
  9. Hi Everyone! Just got a call from the doctor that everything is good with my labs. Please everyone, get screened from everything else including Hep A, B, C. Get a CBC. Take care of yourself.
  10. Hi all, Do we have an "Other STI/STDs" section? In any case, I found this cool article about HIV treatments - how within 10 weeks of infection, anti-viral medication may lead to a "functional cure". As well, an interesting development in using a bee toxin for HIV treatment http://news.nationalpost.com/health/hiv-curable-if-caught-in-first-10-weeks-study-suggests-plus-component-in-bee-venom-may-kill-the-virus-on-contact?__lsa=a44c-70c3 Exciting stuff!
  11. Many of us on here have high hopes from CRISPR, a gene editing technique, to cure HSV. While scientists like Cullen/Bloom research its use with HSV, many other scientists are using CRISPR to try to cure other viruses, such as HIV. Here is a open source link to the study below and a link to the story itself. There's still a long road ahead for this to be ready to test on humans and there are many issues that have to be dealt with. HIV and HSV behave differently, each with their own challenges. PS: if people generally aren't interested in non-HSV research please let me know. I'm posting this because I have a personal interest in the technology but can appreciate that some people may not be interested if it doesn't apply to HSV specifically.
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