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Found 17 results

  1. I am from Nairobi,Kenya. I have searched and searched but can't seem to find any form of Support groups from where I am. I think in Africa generally, HSV isn't something talked about much or tested that often so most people do not know they have it. For us who do know, it feels very lonely. I am not looking for a hookup. I just want to see if I can connect with people closer to where I am. If you are in a similar position, from whichever country, please feel free to share your experience.
  2. Count your blessings and not your problems. Realize that yesterday is gone, today is here, and tomorrow is beginning. Let it go and seize the day while you still have it. In the end, you will find your true self and love them even more. Trust me.
  3. Cambrini12

    Life goes on

    Hey guys!!! I was diagnosed with HSV 2 last August. The guy that gave it to me denied it and was an asshole about it. I thought my life was over. Sunked into a deep depression. (Read my posts from last year). I got breakouts every two weeks. Miserable!!!! I don’t know if they ever will find a cure for this. But there is still hope. This year I’m at my healthiest point. I workout eat healthy. I met an awesome man. He knows my status and loves me past it. Litterally worshops the ground I walk on. With God anything is possible. So cry it out. You might hate life. But It GeTs BetTEr!!!!
  4. There are only a few things that keep me from ending my life. My son, God, and my family. I can't understand why we get so much false hope. Researcher claim timelines for cures that may never come. It hurts!!!! Yes, I got myself into this situation, but I would love to believe that one day I could be free of this virus. I'm afraid to work and even hug my own child. Then there is the question of how long have I had type 1 since it is not tested for in the standard panel. My mind can't take much more. @Hansje I love the post that the moral body is what has this virus and in the after life it wil
  5. https://www.archyworldys.com/in-russia-developed-a-dna-vaccine-for-herpes/
  6. https://www.change.org/p/give-rational-vaccines-a-moment-to-speak-to-congress-about-the-burden-of-herpetic-disease?recruiter=659087102&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_petition
  7. Hello all! I often times feel bipolar regarding herpes. One day I'm highly optimistic and the next I am ready to have a King Kong moment and destroy everything (figuratively) of course. Today, I was thinking and daydreaming. I could imagine everyone in their homes waiting for the a press conference about the hsv cure. OMG! We would all cheer as if our favorite football team won the Super Bowl. News channel after news channel reporting the breakthrough. Happy tears and chocolate cake!!! Maybe we are not that far off from this breakthrough. At least, that is my hope. For those of us w
  8. Good Morning All! I just watched a CBS video about medical advancements in 2017. Crispr was mentioned....not related to herpes, but it was mentioned. Just wanted to share. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/medical-innovations-to-watch-for-in-2017/
  9. Hello all! I have a question regarding CRISPR. Please do not hijack this thread with information regarding other research. Please and thank you. I was on the website for Excision Bio and was reading their projections regarding revenue for 2022-2031. The company is projecting $152 billion dollars in revenue for HSV-1 alone. Maybe this will attract investors. http://media.wix.com/ugd/54ec3c_3112b20d6166454e88ef391b14e9c21a.pdf Based on another article presented in another thread about potential treatments, Kamel Khalili Ph.D is forecasting that the product may be available during t
  10. YammyTea

    The Past and H

    The Chronicles of Yammy: Many of you know that I am struggling to come to grips with having herpes. I would have never associated my name with the virus...ever. Here I am, broken and trying to rebuild. I read this somewhere and it was very helpful for me. I have posted this in the Christian Circle section, so please refrain from negative comments. Thank you. “Do not…ponder the things of the past.” Isa 43:18 NAS Overcoming bad memories To overcome bad memories you must: (1) Reframe them. Looking back, Joseph said, “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for goo
  11. Hi All! I found this on Dr. Halford's blog. I must say that I agree with him...not so much the tone, but I agree with the statements. See below: Herpes sufferers cannot have it both ways……everyone wants a cure ASAP but is unwilling to go public and bring a face and a voice to the problem. The simple fact is the herpes community has gotten exactly what it deserves….noone speaks about the problem, and so none of the decision makers are pressured into addressing the problem, which they generally do not know exists. If you want to solve the herpes problem ASAP, then quit hiding in the s
  12. Now that scientists feel that they've found an off switch will this speed up the clinical process? If...let me say when Crispr is used in vivo (human patients ) will that patient still test positive on an IgG or Western Blot? If the answer is yes, because of prior exposure, how will one know if they are cured? http://www.sciencenewsline.com/news/2016123011560037.html Just thinking
  13. YammyTea

    So...now what 2017

    Hello Honeycombers, Happy New Year and all that jazz. Last night I went to bed full of hope and optimism. Within the last hour, I have been filled with despair, regret, fears, and anxiety. There really should be a reset or rewind button to life. If I knew then what I know now. I would have never kissed a soul and surely would have stayed a virgin until marriage. I honestly have no clue where my life is going at this point. I feel as though I've wasted my opportunity to have a great life. To be young and dumb. I never thought anything like this would ever knock on my door. No one real
  14. It's been about 6 years since I've posted on this forum and I wanted to give some hope to those who are newly diagnosed with HSV-2. I was in full panic mode when I had my first outbreak and spent countless hours researching and trying different treatments. I even called a university and spoke with a scientist specializing in herpes research. He told me I should have taken Acyclovir at first sign of trouble instead of toughing it out and going the natural route. He said that by not fighting it off with drugs, I exposed myself to a larger viral load and could be more prone to frequent outbrea
  15. I'm really concerned about my ex-boyfriend not accepting the new HSV+ me. I was diagnosed with G&OHSV1 in August. He left town 10 months ago, assuming opportunities would be greater for him now He's doing great and we've always kept some contact since he left. He has been asking me for months to consider relocating. I was stubborn, the type to only think about leaving the city when I'm outside of the city but HSV has really changed my whole outlook on life. We were together since 2011 and I've always imagined when things get right and stable {we are still young} he would be
  16. Createss Galore

    Who Am I?

    So what if my life has changed? It's still a part of ME. So what if I'm not the same? I'll be the best I can be. For deep in the soul of ME, I've never ever changed. I rise to the ME I am, The same and rearranged. I know of the things that I love, The things I like to do, The things that make me laugh, That chase away the blues. Inside I can reach deep down, Enjoy the WHO I am, Let flow forth a different life, Yet infused with WHO I am. <><><><><><><><> CG
  17. I have signed up not to rant, but to spread hope. Here is something from by blog I'd love you all to read, if you feel like your life is over. http://clomyquad.blogspot.com/2015/08/an-open-letter-to-individual-that-gave.html?m=1
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