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Found 9 results

  1. hpv and hsv are very similar viruses. And the drug for hpv can easily be a drug for hsv. But it is easier to seek a drug for HPV because the efficacy results of the drug can immediately be seen by the naked eye on the warts. The conclusion is: There are many more studies that have more precise conclusions about the hpv virus that we also can use for hsv. https://www.mdedge.com/pediatricnews/article/102139/infectious-diseases/expert-shares-treatment-tips-molluscum-contagiosum/page/0/1
  2. Hi all I had an unprotected exposure 14 months ago after 4 months after the encounter i saw a wart on my glans penis my doctor said its HPV and removed the wart with RF. He also said i have candida blantitis and asked to apply antibiotic cream for it ..After this i start getting some small red dots on my glan penis along with painful urination and tingling pain inside my urethra my doctor said i have NGU and asked me to get HSV IGG,IGM sero done ..The results were HSV 1&2 IGG 0.18<, he said its not herpes ..This was after 5 months after exposure ..These red dots used to appear on the glans penis and tip of urethra and disappear after few days ..In septmber 2017 again i had sex with someone using protection before having sex i had these small red spots on the glans and after sex next day they urethra become raw and reddish and when i touched it with tissue it was bleeding and my doctor said to do HSV1&2 again this was almost 12 months after last unprotected exposure this time the result came negative but with higher range 0.64 HSV1 IGG and 0.62 HSV2 IGG My doctor said it is not herpes but we don t have swab options in my country its only the blood test ..Now its been two months since the last test the red dots are appearing all around the glans penis in more numbers plus i also have very bad urethritis burning sensation on urination and sometimes tingling pain ..i am attaching the pictures here can someone tell me is it herpes or something else ..As i am totaly confused is it herpes or something related to the HPV i already have and if its herpes i just don t want to delay my treatment and i will restrain from having sex with anyone as i cannot take the guilty of giving this to anyone ..I don t even wish my enemy get this Herpes ..It just destroys your inner peace of mind ..Can someone here really help me looking at these pictures .. plzzzzz
  3. Current situation I am in. (It is so long, but I feel like all the details need to be explained, THANK YOU all so much for your time in advance.) (I don’t know what else to do.) Dec 2015 – noticed a mark on the left side of my penile shaft that I thought at the time looked like rug burn. Had protected sex, brief unprotected oral two weeks’ prior with female. Fast forward another 5 ½ months, this would have been Early June of 2016. I noticed this time that TWO marks showed up on the left side of my penile shaft. One being in the same spot as the first mark in December of 2015 and a second mark that sat a little above it on the base left side of my penile head. I did not know much about herpes at this time, so when I got back to my home state I went to the doctor to have him look at it. These growths/spots (for lack of a better word) were almost healed at this time, and we decided to get the whole set of STD Blood Tests. The herpes tests were type specific, CLIA, IGG’s. I tested NEGATIVE for everything. So I just put it all behind me. Fast forward to literally one year later, around the middle of May of 2017. I noticed a very little sore/mark/ break in the skin/ (hard to explain) that sat at basically the same spot on the base of my penile head that one of the spots from June of 2016 sat. This is when I really starting to think how strange that was that those spots sat so similar. I did have heavy condom usage around all three of these incidents, so I thought it could be a contact dermatitis or eczema type issue, but I wanted to get another set of blood tests done to make sure. So I retested through the same doctor with LabCorp again. Full set of STD blood tests, Herpes tests were CLIA, type specific IGG’s. I tested NEGATIVE again for everything. 18 plus months since December of 2015. I tried to put this all behind me again but I found myself still trying to figure out what this could possibly be. So that is when I got in touch with Terri Warren and got the Western Blot done as well for greater clarity. My results all came back negative. I was so excited. Then low and behold, AGAIN in late May of 2018, (so weird that these symptoms keep coming back once a year during the same few months of each year, MAY/JUNE,) I experienced some itching and redness in the same area on the left side of the penile shaft. This time I experienced red linage and markings that looked like an oval surrounding a prior spot that had previous sores/breaks in the skin years ago. So I had an infectious disease specialist in the area on call to help with a PCR Swab right away. Had the red areas swabbed very aggressively. Got good amount of skin off and results AGAIN came back negative. Did another IGG for amusement and again all negative. I do want to make this side note —NONE of my sores/breaks/marks have ever been blisters with fluid. I just thought it’s important to mention. With all that said, I have had 5 totals test done which include 3 IGGS/full STD panel, 1 Western Blot and 1 PCR and all have come back negative. I have worked with Terri Warren, an Infectious Disease Specialist here in my city, and a dermatologist, and they all keep telling me that I’m negative and to move on. I have gotten answers ranging from possible dermatitis to Fixed Drug Eruption as well possible penile psoriasis. I’m in limbo land. I believe my test results but also feel like my symptoms has some similarity to GHSV1. It is just so frustrating to not get a definitive answer on these symptoms. Maybe I’m too focused on HSV but i just don’t know a lot about other causes to explore. I know they are out there though. Skin is skin after all. Anyways, I just thought I’d share my story in hopes of some additional insight from others experiences to see what else this could be and to get greater clarity! I have a great team of specialists that I’m working with and wanted to add some additional help and knowledge from this great support team as well! :) Thanks again! All the best to you all!
  4. The International Papillomavirus Society has announced that Australia could become the first country to eliminate cervical cancer entirely. Good news on HPV..!!! https://www.sciencealert.com/australia-eradication-human-papillomavirus-vaccine-scheme?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Branded+Content&utm_campaign=ScienceNaturePageSign
  5. Not herpes related but this has been talked about for almost 10 years with trials already showing as having been successful using this HIV drug (Lopinavir) as a topical cream. Why hasn't this been made a product yet and available to people with HPV, even without a prescription? That just does not seem right.
  6. Not herpes related but this has been talked about for almost 10 years with trials already showing as having been successful using this HIV drug (Lopinavir) as a topical cream. Why hasn't this been made a product yet and available to people with HPV, even without a prescription? That just does not seem right.
  7. According to this article, its the first CRISPR trial attempt inside the human body, this one will be a good trial to follow as it may give indication of potential success/challenges for HSV. it looks like China is leading the way with the advancement. https://futurism.com/3-this-crispr-trial-will-be-the-first-to-try-editing-cells-inside-the-body/
  8. I am hearing so much conflicting information about HPV. Some say it is normally gone from people's systems within 2 years whereas other sources say it could be for life? I am so confused. Does anyone with medical experience or experience with HPV have any insight?
  9. Hello folks, I've read that suing for STIs and STDs encourage non-disclosure, and many advocates for people with STIs actively speak out against this, stating that it increases the stigma around STIs and STDs. Does anyone have any information on groups who are active in this field and what work has been done so far?
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