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Found 25 results

  1. Sanguine108 believed in St John's wort combo therapy and I was looking for elements/actions that would give me everything to punch HSV2 from many angles and give me- 1. body that was alkaline since hsv loves an acid anaerobic environment. Apple cider vinegar or lemon/lime water minus an overload of carbs. Possibly Keto like Bethany. Fulvic Acid (thanks JxC) to keep it alkaline and get the much-needed minerals entering at a cellular level. 2. To build the immune system, I was short on DHEA. I will probably look into boosting immune system with the correct amount of vitamin A, B complex, E, zinc picolinate /quality zinc do not ingest zinc oxide, Iodine, extra vitamin D, 4000iu , extra Vit C possible liposomal ( or make your own because liposomal C and glutathione is so pricey) unless you take it to bowel tolerance, minerals like boron, magnesium citrate, (unless you want the Hershey squirts) Ashwagandha powder (1t) to get the thyroid humming perfectly, and Glutathione immunity booster, it is involved all our cells and our number one antioxidant. Take them as directed more is not better especially vit A 9 ways to boost glutathione https://draxe.com/glutathione/ 3. dissolving the lipid coating of HSV 2 with St. John's wort and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), an FDA-approved food preservative - I have only been using it for a week. Book -http://www.projectwellbeing.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/BHTbook-StevenWmFowkes-100903.pdf less than a gram/1000mg (more is not better) because it is less expensive or a combo of Brand-Lauricidin/ monolaurin on a lower dose because it is costly. https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/ask-the-doctor/herpes/ ... "Regarding the natural treatment of herpes infection, we can take advantage of the characteristics of the virus to impact its tendency to erupt. Since the virus is essentially a piece of DNA surrounded by a fatty layer, if we target this aspect we can largely “disable” the virus. Luckily, we have two substances which are known to target this tendency of the virus. First, the herb Hypericum perforatum, commonly known as St. John’s wort, contains a chemical called hypericin. It is hypericin that gives the red color to the oil glands in the leaves, and it is hypericin that selectively targets the lipid capsule of viruses. For centuries, physicians have valued St. John’s wort as a nervine, meaning a medicine that targets the nervous system. Thus practitioners have traditionally used St. John’s wort to treat depression and toothache. Remember that the nervous system consists largely of cells with fatty coatings, similar to the encapsulated viruses. The plant in its wisdom contains the active chemical hypericin in an oily base, and because oil only dissolves in oil, it penetrates the oily tissues of the body, that is, the nerve cells, where hypericin then dissolves the lipid coating of the virus. (wow, heavy claim) I generally prefer Mediherb herbal products because of their potency. The dose is two tablets twice per day, even for the very long term. I did not get that exact brand. The second characteristic takes advantage of the virus-disabling effect of lauric acid, the 12-carbon fatty acid found in breast milk fat and in coconut oil. Thanks to the work of Mary Enig, readers of this journal are familiar with the anti-microbial benefits of lauric acid and other short- and medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil. During digestion, the body breaks triglycerides (three fatty acids joined to a glycerol molecule) into di-glycerides (two fatty acids joined to a glycerol molecule), monoglycerides (one fatty acid joined to a glycerol molecule) and free fatty acids. It is the monoglycerol of lauric acid, called monolaurin, that has the strongest anti-microbial effects. For years, I counseled my herpes patients to eat as much coconut oil, as they could stomach. However, in the past year, I discovered a product called Lauricidin, which is a concentrate or pure form of monolaurin. One dose of Brand name -Lauricidin is the equivalent of taking many tablespoons of coconut oil per day, a practice most people find intolerable. I have been consistently impressed with the ability of Lauricidin to suppress herpes outbreaks, not to mention yeast problems like candida (monolaurin is also a potent anti-fungal agent), and allow people to get off their antiviral drugs. It is a safe extract, which can be taken long term. The usual dose to suppress the herpes is about 1/2 to 1 scoop, one to three times per day. It should be swallowed, not chewed, and always taken with some food. The dose should be increased slowly as tolerated and as gauged by its effectiveness. In addition, we must pay attention to the overall microbial content of our bodies, as we know that good bacteria actually synthesize antiviral substances. For most, this will mean following a nourishing traditional diet containing a variety of lacto-fermented foods; for others, a temporary GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet may be needed. The fermented cod liver oil is important at the dose of at least one-half teaspoon per day. With this regimen, most of my patients have been able to avoid both the conventional antiviral drugs and the painful symptoms of genital herpes..." ... 4. Reducing inflammation with turmeric/ curcumin and delivering oxygen to the system since HSV is anaerobic (without oxygen) Just like cancer. I like Fulvic acid; MSM and MMS, the two are very different- please follow the directions to the T and don't use with antioxidants or they will not work unless you take them apart!! don't use all these together. They have some of the same actions. 5. Sleep 8 hours in a dark room or mask the eyes so you able to manufacture melatonin and put the stress hormone to sleep while you sleep with Phosphatidylserine especially if you grind your teeth or can't sleep. 6. reduce stress by exercising (but not overdoing it) ...you fill in the blank. I use fluoxetine for sugar cravings and anxiety. 5 and 6 should really be 1. and 2. because nothing kills immunity like stress, sugar, and lack of sleep!!! thank you Cracked. 7. L-arginine L- lysine balance in foods. If you eat/drink foods high in arginine, take some lysine! ETA: I am experimenting with BHT butylated hydroxytoluene loved the book and reviews! ( don't take high levels) Unfortunately, I have family members who have had cancer and I really have a lot of work to do until I get in the habit. I can't just do a few things and get away with it! I don't know if I can do it all, but I really love the results that FeelingNormalAgain has and I also want a functional cure! Cancer victims work very hard on their protocol and I unfortunately need more effort in mine! If you actually got this far you are tenacious! I am going to a natural practitioner and they will be evaluating my blood under a microscope to look for inflammation, and how active my T cells are which will give them a picture of my immunity. There is one thing for sure, I can take all the lipid dissolving BHT St John's wort or monolaurin I want, but if my T-cells are not active enough to kill the HSV2 I will get outbreaks! Please feel free to add any links or tips! Many substances have the same actions and are just as good! They will also be evaluating my stress levels via inflammation (it looks like little hairs under a microscope.) I trust Dr. Axe, Dr. Mercola, and doctors in the Holtorf organization.
  2. MoniqueLow

    Genital transmission of hsv 1

    Hi, I have question regarding contracting hsv 1 through genital sex. Most cases of ghsv 1 are results of oral sex and genital transmission is not very well documented. Is there anybody who has contracted it this way? I am asking because I did and would like to know if I am such a minority and also I would like to know what are my chances to pass it to my bfriend. Thank you all. (AlsoI, if you don't mind, I would like to know how was your primary OB. I've read that sores tend to appear where the virus entered the body and for me it was at the entrance. I guess, if ghsv-1 is contracted orally, it affects rather area of labia and it's more spreaded).
  3. Hi. It seems like posts on this forum about Crispr/Cas9 in its potential to cure HSV 1 is limited. I have not found any recent posts on this subject. Also, I can't find updated articles from google on this subject either. What is the current status with this? I read about a hopeful research group lead by Dr. Bloom at the University of Florida conducting Crispr/Cas9 research to cure HSV 1 and possibly HSV 2, although I'm not sure if their information is updated. Here's the link to the professor's lab info: http://mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/faculty-home-pages/david-c-bloom-p-h-d/ So, what is the current progress with Crispr/Cas9 research to cure HSV 1 and/or HSV 2. Thanks.
  4. As discussed many times here, there is an article about reinfection. Maybe the old hsv info is going to change as per reality, finally. https://www.verywell.com/concurrent-oral-herpes-and-genital-herpes-infection-3132939 Despite knowing this, many people wonder if it's possible to be infected twice with the same type of herpes virus. They want to know if having a herpes oral infection caused by HSV-1 means they're protected from an HSV-1 herpes genital infections. Unfortunately, it doesn't. In short, cold sores don't protect against genital herpes. That's why it's very important to practice safe oral sex. This is particularly true if you have a partner with cold sores. However, many people have unrecognized herpes infections. Therefore, using barriers for oral sex is a good idea in general.
  5. Hi there, Long time lurker, first time poster, and I'll keep it simple and condensed. I've only signed up because I realize the depths of suffering some people are in, trying all sorts of desperate treatments, and I've basically been sitting on something that has taken me to near 0 outbreaks (hsv1 genital). When I first got infected some years back, I had an atypical presentation--no pain or itching, but permanently there. Bumps going up and down within the same day even, but pretty much permanently covering the head of my penis. Doctor swabbed it--came back hsv 1; he said it looked like it to him too. Now to the meat of it--rubbing alcohol. Its simple, and I'm pretty surprised that I've only seen it mentioned once here--a woman was talking about it, so I assume it works for girls too. I apply once daily, to once every 3 days, and that keeps me pretty much permanently outbreak free. It quite literally went from every day broken out for me to just about nothing. Anyway, to the what and where of it all... I use 99% isopropyl. 70% seems good too. I now have a spray bottle, but used to just dump it on the head and roll my foreskin up over it for like 20ish seconds--whatever process is actually happening, I like to think I'm facilitating absorption into the soft tissue by doing this and wreaking havoc on the virus. Obviously, you may have to do it a bit differently, genital depending. I've been doing this treatment for a few years now, so it has staying power. I read once that herpes is shreded by alcohol, so if true, I guess that explains it? However, iterupting regular treatment seems to have anecdotally, but not with great surety, made the herpes a bit less suceptible to the alcohol upon resumption. Yes, it burns terribly at first. Over time it gets better. Some days it still really burns, and in those cases I advise listening to your body and cutting the countdown short. Other than that, it feels really damn good to basically tell herpes to eff off. I don't know what kind of health risks there are. Or whether using a high % grain (drinking) alcohol would work / be healthier. I advise asking your doctor--afterall, alchohol is implicated in throat cancer. Who knows if 20-30 seconds daily on your junk can do something too. But for those who struggle constantly, I truly hope this can help someone other than just me. I also hope that this finds its way to the right forum. I wanted it in a place where casual, straight from Google, viewers would see it when they came here, and I'm hoping--and asking, please--that if I didn't get it in the right place, a moderator can instead. And, should it help as I suggest, perhaps even stickying it one day. I'm sorry in advance, I'm not a big forum person and don't come here crazy often. It just felt like something I should do for everyone else's sake. Hopefully you can excuse me if I'm an absentee topic starter. Thanks for reading, - Taylor Edit: I forgot to add in any negative effects I've experienced. Sometimes, if its burning more than usual and I leave it too long, it does make the skin pinker than it should be, and sore. The big question, what about loss of sensitivity? I worried that may happen, and its possible actually that I've lost some amount. But if I have, it wasn't even enough to remember when posting this originally, hahaha. Still every body is different, so I can only speak for me. But yes, for me, my sensitivity down there is still in great shape. Over the last few years I've on average had less stiff erections, and dysfunction, which I never had before. However, I've also been less physically healthy, I've been mentally disengaged and highly anxious around sex and sexuality (and when I'm not anxious, it often improves quite a bit), I read once that herpes itself can actually cause forms of ED, and I'm also now out of my 20's, so... Possibly related? But also very possibly unrelated to the alcohol. I'm biased though, both in mentality and my words here. So, perhaps consult a doctor if you're concerned. Cheers!
  6. Hello, Have any one is diagnosed by sharing foods or drinks?It is possible or just a myth.On google mixed information is available.Anyone have inputs regarding this topic.
  7. Hi everyone......i hope some of u remember me from the chat room I cried last night with pain and finally decided to write... i just turned 25 2 days ago......for the first time i didnt go out to celebrate..... My Exposure - happened on 4-Aug-2017 (Unprotected sex with a stranger i met via an app) My guilt - I let my lust take over my health.....i had no knowledge about stds other than HIV and Hepatitis u can judge me all u want but i am not the kind of person u would be thinking i am while u read this post.......i was very happy and healthy before this incident.. Onset of symptoms - 1 week after exposure (Chills, diarrhea, light fever, stomach ache, headache, skin tingling and wierd blisters on my skin, pain in lymph nodes, swollen lymph node behind ear, sore throat) I would like to start with the Outbreak....i started getting these blisters 2 3 weeks after exposure....they were fluid oozing blisters....pics attached below.... i had an outbreak recently on my leg below the knee....pics below I went to my GP and got some blood tests done.....(Everything was normal except increased bilirubin but it came back to normal after a week)....Report attached below Sep/2017 - I started getting headaches ...mild in start and now they are very severe....i got tested for stds after 2 months of exposure Oct/2017 - Still having a really bad pain in head and stomach with this wierd burning skin.....like something is pinching from inside of the skin.... Again i got the type specific test done in november...results below Nov/2017 - I never had cold sores in my life......whatever it is i was still fighting..... In the month of december i had a severe head ache and stomach ache......i got a std panel and blood tests.....i had an xray(normal) .... ultrasound (normal)....and an endoscopy (i found something)........please see the reports below Dec/2017 - If u could see those red red dots inside stomach....i had the same on my hands....blood reds dots Right now i m suffering from a severe headache which starts as soon as i wake up and grows up as the day go by i get the pinching/tingling/burning feeling on my head, eyelids, ears, hands, legs, back.....i have had obs at all these places... My life is completely changed ... i am no more the person i was before...i cant feel myself anymore except this pain.....i am a fighter but i think i am gonna lose this battle soon....day by day i m getting weaker....i have tried everything .....i have never been on suppressive therapy since it is not that useful and i m afraid of side effects.... i m thinking of quitting my job coz recently i started crying out of pain in front of my boss (got emotional)...:( this was my first experience with sex and i never thought id be suffering like this afterwards.... i have never said it before but i m literally begging from every person i meet....i m begging to this support group too ....please help me .... nowadays instead of hoping for cure i am continuously searching for poisons which would make me go away quietly and painlessly ...i cant suffer like this ...this is hell and my body is on fire... please if any cure comes i would like to be the first lab rat for experimentation .... i feel helpless and i dont have much money left...i m in india and these docs dont know what am i dealing with....:( not scared of death just cant deal with this suffering please dont think i m saying all this out of depression anxiety or anything else.....its just pure pain i m expressing to u people..... Hope u understand and sorry for the long post.....
  8. Hi all, I've had several strange symptoms that have left me confused and afraid, as well as several negative tests. My concern is HSV 1. One symptom that began a few months ago and has not stopped is this red patch on my buttocks that only appears and gets irritated/feels like it's burning when I'm sitting down. It then disappears shortly after standing up. Every now and then the patch can be seen further down my leg, and sometimes there is some redness on the right side. If this was herpes related, would it be red all the time (not just when I sit)? And if this was something to do with my nerves, wouldn't it not get red? I'm so confused. My dermatologist thinks I have hyper dermatographism but admits it's strange that it would only be in that area. I'm starting to experience burning feelings on my back, stomach, and thighs as well but they don't get red like this. I appreciate your opinions on this. Thank you.
  9. New&Scared

    Desperate for advice!!!

    Hi all, I'm desperate for advice as someone newly diagnosed who made a silly decision. Please don't judge, just hear me out. Following the first sexual encounter with someone I have been dating, I starting feeling weird down below. I had had a Hollywood wax 2 days before I had sex, so I attributed it to this, until it got worst. I went to the sexual health clinic convinced I had picked up some kind of infection from the waxing , but was diagnosed with HSV 1. To say that I was devasted was an understatement. I knew I had to disclose to my recent partner as I am sure that he had given it to me, but I just wasnlt in the right frame of mind. I remained 'normal' with him, although we did not have sex again with me making excuses. About 4 weeks later, I got a text from him letting me know that he had gine to a clinic and was diagnosed with Male UTI. My mind started spinning as I was convinced it was him who gave me herped when he gave me oral sex. I kind of left it and put it to the back of my mind. Fast forward to last tuesday, we had sex again (protected and I had no symptoms that I was aware of at the time). However, 2 days later, I am experiencing my second outbreak. Now I am freaking out again! Is it possible that they mistakenly diagnosed him with a a UTI? Could he actually have had herpes, but no lesions? Could I have now re-infected him after sex (although we used protction, I experience the tingling etc around my bum and thihg area too)? He also performed oral sex again. I literally sitting her going through my second outbreak and jumping at every message and phone call to my pone as I wait for him to tell me i've given him herpes. I just want to know whether it is likely that this has happened this time? I understand that the initla time, it may hve been me who gave him something without knowing I had it, but why would it pressent itself straight after having sex with him (the frst AND second time). I'm a bit all over the place, so feel free to probe if you need to know more. Yes, I know I should've disclosed straight away, but i'm having a hard time coping with all this. Appreciate any responses x
  10. Hi everyone! I’m a 24 year old female. I was newly diagnosed with hsv 1 gentially. I have been married for 6 months and my husband has been my only sexual partner (and I am his only as well). I contracted it after he gave me oral sex at Christmas. Neither of us had any idea he had it and he showed no symptoms. Around New Years I started to experience flu like symptoms and dull pain on the right side of my vagina only after sex. It would also swell and feel sore afterwards. There was a tiny red dot on the outside. The flu like symptoms and pain lasted a full month. I finally went to the doctor after a few weeks. I was diagnosed with hsv 1 which was a huge shock. The doctor told me it would heal and that I should just rest. A week later I had my period and right after experienced horrible pain on the right, external side of the vagina and one lesion. I could barely walk I was in so much pain. I was put on antivirals. The lesion healed within days. The pain lasted almost the whole month. I had my period again and right after I had the same horrible pain, but no lesion. I’ve been to the doctor about 6-7 times and haven’t had any luck. I’ve done several rounds of antivirals. My pain is beginning to lessen but my period is this week again. I’m starting to worry the pain will come back again. I can handled an out break and the lesion but this pain lasting for weeks month after month is becoming difficult to cope with. Our sex life is nonexistent and it’s severely affecting my daily life. Does anyone with hsv 1 have such horrible nerve pain? How long did it last? What can I do for it? My doctors seem dumbfounded, any advice is much appreciated. I am on birth control pills. I’m wondering if hormones are affecting the pain as it’s been getting worse after my period. I’m also unsure if I should still consider this to be my first outbreak since I’ve only had one lesion. I’ve been feeling down and loosing hope. I’m wondering if this will go away....
  11. LilLadyBug

    Tongue ulcers

    See I have known about my HSV1 for quite some time as I used to get canker sores here and there.. however, ever since diagnosed w hsv2 I have gotten some tongue ulcers in the back... Has anyone had these tongue ulcers & if so for how long have they lasted.. seems like I had one the week after my infection & a few more a few weeks after & it's finally getting treated however seems not to wanna go away?! Anyone w this experience?
  12. As discussed many times here, there is an article about reinfection. Maybe the old hsv info is going to change as per reality, finally. https://www.verywell.com/concurrent-oral-herpes-and-genital-herpes-infection-3132939 From the text: Despite knowing this, many people wonder if it's possible to be infected twice with the same type of herpes virus. They want to know if having a herpes oral infection caused by HSV-1 means they're protected from an HSV-1 herpes genital infections. Unfortunately, it doesn't. In short, cold sores don't protect against genital herpes. That's why it's very important to practice safe oral sex. This is particularly true if you have a partner with cold sores. However, many people have unrecognized herpes infections. Therefore, using barriers for oral sex is a good idea in general.
  13. Research goes on in China too. Happy to see that. http://english.cas.cn/newsroom/research_news/201711/t20171108_185823.shtml In a present study led by Prof. WANG Hualin in Wuhan Institute of Virology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the scientists found a novel monoclonal antibody (mAb), m27f, targeting to glycoprotein D (gD) of HSV-2, which also has cross-reactivity against HSV-1 gD. These finding will enrich the HSV glycoprotein D-specific neutralizing antibodies and will facilitate the development of vaccine design or novel therapeutic strategies.
  14. Hi, I have herpes 1 on my anus, nose and lips. I believe the HSV 1 virus reactivated during HCV therapy with immune suppressing drugs. That was 5 years ago and the herpes virus is debilitating me to the point where I am on permanent pain killers and cannot work. Actually cannot sit up for long because of neuralgia pain in between shoulders at that bony bit that sticks out at the area where the spine hits the shoulders. That area is numb. I also have peripheral neuropathy, malaise and urine retention, as well as skin splitting open randomly. I have not had an OB on my vagina (yet). I cleared my HCV last year in a second successful attempt (hooray) but it was gruelling and resulted in the OB on my anus and subsequent diagnosis of HSV 1 from a scarping of the sore. It's been unremarkable since that first OB on my anus until I think I got another one. (I identified it with a mirror myself, it looked like a sore). My immunologist put me on Valtrex and for a brief moment I was healthier than I had been in years. The perpetual sores in my nose cleared, my pain went and I was able to sit up for ages. Until the horrible side effects set in. My hair was falling out, I became aggressive and impatient, I had trouble taking a breathe, I felt shaky and nauseous. My nervous system went mad, crawling skin, painful skin, brain fog and numbness. I stopped the drug. I have now started on one Favir 125mg every second day to start, building up the dose slowly. I am not hopeful of being able to stay on it. It's only slightly different to Valtrex, both being polymerase inhibitors. I had them for a year previously on HCV medication. I have also ordered some L Lysine and will take 1000mg at least of that daily as well. I am so worried now, I need the drugs to work, so I can have my Quality of life back. I need also to look after my 2 sons, one is disabled and high heeds. I am going to wean myself on very slowly this time. I just need some strong advice and caring support. No one believes me that HSV 1 could make me so ill. But it has and the Valtrex experiment proves it! Thanks for reading my rant.
  15. My boyfriend had a sore on his lip (I believe he got it on Wednesday), but we weren't sure that it was herpes. Looking back, it does not match up with the looks of a canker sore. It was on his upper-lip, with a more scab-type appearance. He refrained from giving me oral sex just in case. Sunday at about 4 PM however, I gave him oral sex. It was not very long as it was immediately followed by vaginal sex, with a condom, which I now know only reduces likelihood of contraction by 30%. I also thought it would be safe because I had no signs of a sore. I noticed at about 6:30 PM (two and a half hours later) that I was developing a sore on the side of my lip. Upon research, I found that I could have still had the infection at the time of oral sex, as it can be present before an actual sore appears. It is now Wednesday, three days later. Last night I felt a pins and needles feeling in my vagina for about 20-25 minutes. This morning and afternoon, I thought I was experiencing itchiness but it may be my paranoia. My boyfriend is also not sure if he is itchy or if he is just working himself up. Both of us have not shaved in over a week because we are not trying to irritate the area more than it already may be, so that may be contributing to the supposed itchiness as well. I also noticed that I seemed to have more discharge than usual only an hour ago. I am not experiencing any pain. In your experience, from either a clinical or personal standpoint, what is the likelihood that I have contracted genital HSV-1?
  16. NicoleJordan23

    Cure for Herpes

    Only want people with clearly results of the herpes disease !! I want the pros/cons of programs, and all.
  17. I got tested in May, but failed to see the red flag of my results: HSV 1 IGG TYPE SPECIFIC AB 20.80 (Abn: H). I gave him oral, it lasted less than 2 minutes. Later we discussed showing our STD results (I know, we did this ass backwards). I sent him mine and he has been freaking out. I am 37 and I have never had a cold sore or fever blister. I had no idea that I was HSV 1+. Since seeing my results, he has been out of his mind. Per his request, I spoke to my doctor and they assured me I could have gotten it as a child, but he won't/can't get past the 20.80 and that I failed to notice it. I have not been sexually active for 4 years, so i may have failed to see it. Not excusing it, I just missed it. I have apologized, I am doing everything to calm his fears, but he swears he is clean and feels betrayed by me. He wants to wait 4-6 weeks to get tested, but I worry as he has said he considered killing himself. I did not do this intentionally. I cannot grovel any more than I have. Apologies cannot fix this. I hope when he gets tested it is negative and stays that way. We will go our separate ways. I am educating myself on how to continue with this, but I can't stop thinking how I have affected this man for the rest of his life. I have no one to talk to and he just keeps saying the same things over and over. He is allowed his anger and hurt and I want to get him through this. He is beating me up about it and I am beating myself up about it. It is all I have thought of these past few days since he brought MY results to MY attention. I am reading Ella Dawson's website, but I need help....
  18. Hello, I have a technical question regarding any vaccine in development (and hopefully available one day). If it is therapeutic vaccine for hsv 2 and I take it (I have ghsv 1) or if hsv negative person takes prophylactic hsv 2 vaccine, will we get positive blood test result (igg) for hsv 2 as this test is based on antibodies? If so, then I would be falsely positive for hsv 2 and persons who would take prophylactic wouldn't know if they get infected or if it's just vax result (and then how to determine if preventive vaccine works?). If anyone can answer please. I hope it's not silly question. Thank you.
  19. MoniqueLow

    Tricky HSV 1

    Hi, I have a question regarding variations of HSV 1. I have it in two locations now, unfortunately, but I know that this evil virus likes any location. Next variations are herpes gladiatorus and herpetic whitlow (also keratis, but my question is not about this one). If in a case of ohsv 1 (oral), virus hides in trigeminal nerve ganglia and genital ghsv 1 in sacral nerve root ganglia, then where it hides in a case of the mentioned variations: gladiatorus and herpetic whitlow? It seems to me it can invade any part of nerve system (and likes it there despite general idea it prefers facial nerves). What do you think?
  20. Superman2017

    Do you think this would work?

    It is well known that outbreaks occur more frequently when the immune system is low. Has anyone taken a vitamin & mineral test and supplied all deficiencies. Was there a substantial improvement?
  21. My ex had a blood text at my request. He says that he was exposed and has antibodies because of that but does not have Herpes. Is that possible?One interesting thing is that he said that he was exposed for HSV 1 and I know for a fact that I don't have HSV 1. I has not been willing to show me the results. Also I had what I believe to be my first outbreak. It was pretty severe. It's been 8 weeks since it started and my pain is just stating to get better. just left completely and I did a blood test. My HSV antibodies came back at 5.1 levels. Does that mean that I was previously enfected or it could have been I was just infected and because of my major outbreak, they build up quicly. The one thing that confuses my is that aI have had back problems for years now but I've had back problems for years. Last summer I had a strange numbness down my left legs and my calf started to hurt. It could have been from my lower back but is was kind of strange. I wonder if it was just my back or if I had been infected then and just got this massive outbreak now.
  22. Hello, About 6 months ago I went to a doctor because I had a couple of small, flat canker like sores in my mouth and on my tongue, which I've had before (never had a blister on my lip to my recollection), which coincided with one small flat "canker" like sore on my genitals (I'm a woman so I couldn't see it, but felt is and it was completely flat - not raised like a blister). I had IGM and IGG tests done (I know IGG are the ones to count). I am unsure how to interpret the results though - the first doctor said he thought the IGG was negative (the values below are shown as fractions as opposed to a ratio), and also you can see that my results are the only thing written in red, and the word 'negative' is written above the values in red too. I got a second interpretation from an infectious disease specialist and she thought the results "seemed to indicate" both HSV1 and 2, but she added that the description of my symptoms were not "typical" for herpes. So here I am about ready to disclose to a new person I have been dating, and I went back to look at my results and read the word 'negative' in red and it has sent me into a tailspin of doubt and anxiety... I've also been reading online tonight that there are other causes of 'aphthous' ulcers on the genitals, and something called 'non-sexually acquired genital ulcers" that often coincide with oral ulcers. I was also tested for Bechet's disease and results were definitely negative there. I don't want false hope, but can anyone tell me if the results below could be negative for HSV2 in particular? Could it be a false positive given I supposedly also have HSV1 and there can be cross-reactivity? Any help would be much appreciated. My results are below: Result
s: Negative Negative (Ref limit) HSV I, IgG, Serum 1/80 Titre < 1/40 HSV I, IgM, Serum <1/10 Titre < 1/10 HSV II, IgG, Serum 1/80 Titre < 1/40 HSV II, IgM, Serum <1/10 Titre 1/10 I am also confused about the fraction, because if read as fractions, 1/80 is LESS than 1/40. Very confused, and then the word negative written in red!
  23. melquestions93

    Second outbreak already?

    I just got my first outbreak of hsv 1 (genital) a little over two weeks ago. It completely cleared up probably 5 days ago. Today, I am starting to think I might be getting a second outbreak already. After my sores were all gone and scarred up, I decided to do a little shaving in my bikini area to make myself feel better about the appearance my vagina.....since I've been so down about it for the past couple weeks. I have always been prone to razor burn my whole life. So I want to believe that's all this is. But, I did think my primary outbreak was razor burn the first day before it got really bad. I'm having no pain while urinating, and I DEFINITELY had that the first time. Basically I'm just confused. Can I really be already experiencing a second outbreak only 5 days after my primary outbreak cleared up? Is it probably just razor burn? Could shaving have trigger this? Especially since I have hsv 1 I heard that future outbreaks occur much less often if at all. So I'm so upset and confused as to if this is happening again so quickly. Please give me some advice!
  24. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my situation/predicament. I'm hoping for some advice or feedback. I'll try to make a long story short.. I'm a 33 year old guy. About 3 years ago I caught oral hsv 1(cold sores) from some one. I had a pretty rough time accepting it, and I got one every month or so for a long time. The doctor put me on valacylovir for six months which helped, and I started eating really healthy and getting more sleep. they're getting less frequent now, but its only been 4 months since my last 1, and that feels like a long time. 2 years ago I started dating a girl, I was always careful with the cold sores. About 7 months into the relationship I was getting thoughts that she wasn't the one for me and I wanted to break up. But I didn't go through with it at the time, and then busy life "stuff" happened and months just rolled on by. In a way that was slightly forced upon me, she moved in with me. I would periodically think about how we have to break up, but never did it. Then, just over a year of being together, we found a blister on her vagina. I was devastated and felt I couldn't leave her like that. I researched hsv 1 genital a lot and decided to stay with her for a year to get her through it, and show her that sex and everything was ok, and that she might have 1 or 2 outbreaks then never again. But we started using condoms from then on. I should mention here that her English is not 100%, its not very very bad but alot of it is broken English and there's ALOT she doesn't understand, which is a very big part of the reason I want to break up. Also, she doesn't have much knowledge of STD's and she doesn't know the stigma of herpes... Around 1 month ago we found more blisters on here vagina. I decided the correct thing to do was get it confirmed at the doctor. I went with her and she got it swabbed. Then a week later we went for the results and she said it was hsv 2, and my heart sank. When we got home I decided to not freak out in front of her. I just played it down saying it was not ideal but it will get better with time and all that. I was sure that it was from me and that I was asymptomatic. So I went and got tested and it turns out that I'm negative. I was shocked because we'd had unprotected sex for over a year. I want to run away now but I can't just leave her like that. She's Asian and likes western guys so anyone she meets would know the stigma, I just hate the thought of her being rejected because of it, and she would be slowly introduced to it's stigma. I've said she should take suppressive therapy, I feel like the right thing to do would be to continue the relationship for a few months and then use one of the other reasons to break up so she would be let down easier, but I'm scared I'll catch it.....I've thought about it, and I think I would be with a girl who has it, if I thought they were going to be my life partner.....And the other thing is, I may have caught it already in the last 3 months, and we had sex not long after her symptoms were gone, and my test may have been a false negative. So that's my predicament. I don't know how to handle it
  25. Hi Guys, I am 26 male, sorry for my bad English. I had a sex with a women in 2013 who have a husband and 2 children and happy family. She is the 1st and last person with whom I had sex i feel gulity for that. In 2013 me and my friend was have had a sex with her. I was use condom but for 1 sec condom break during sex. After me my friend have had sex with her without condom. After 3 days of sex I feel burning sensation while pee. But no sore and no warts. But my friend have nothing no pain nothing. Then I was go to doctor. He gave me "Azithromycin 1g and antifungal cream" but nothing done. After 6 month I tested for HIV and VDRL both are come negative. Then I was go to a Urologest he examin me down there and give me some UTI relatived medicines and ask me to drink alots water. But UTI tablets was not heal me. After few months i goto a STD Doctor. He also examin me and tell me "don't worry you don't have std no sore no warts" he gave me "1g Azithromycin and doxycycline 100mg for 10 days" after this course as always nothing done. In 2015 I tested complete STD. 1: HIV : negative ( 0.26 ) 2: VDRL : negative 3: TPHA : negative 4: chlamydia trachomatic igG: negative (0.44) 5: chlamydophila pneumonia igG: positive (2.00) 6: HSV 1+2 igG : positive (>30) 7: HSV 1+2 igM: negative ( <0.500 ) 8: RPR: non-reactive 9: Culture & sensitivity (other) Aerobic automated: Nature of specimen : SEMEN Organism Isolated: no growth after 48hrs incubation at 37c Then doctor gave me "Valacyclovir 500mg BID for 10 days" But my burning sensation also not gone with antiviral I don't have any sore on my genitals from sex to now. I have done 2 time antiviral ( valacyclovir + doxycycline 100mg for 21 days ) course but nothing done still have burning sensation. My friend he is perfectly fine. He have nothing even no herpes. Please help me what I do ?? My symptoms 1: burning dentition while pee 2: pale yellow urine 3: pain before pee 4: pain in urthar 5: touch to hot. 6: mid pain in lower abdomen while full. 7: blurry eyes. 8: abnormal stomach. 9: irratitating fold skin 10: Frequently Urine with pressure Female with I had sex. She is perfectly fine and healthy and my friend he had nothing no pain no burning.
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